Throw-in time for Dubs match moved to 6.30pm

The campaign launched by @maigheoforsam that I mentioned yesterday appears to have borne fruit: Mayo GAA announced on Twitter earlier this morning that agreement has now been reached with Croke Park, Setanta (who are showing the match live) and the Dublin County Board to shift the throw-in time of our NFL Division One match with the Dubs at McHale Park on 11th February forward to 6.30pm. This means that the match in Castlebar should be finishing up around the time the rugger gets going in Paris, which makes sense all round. Well done to all involved.

It’s also been confirmed by the GAA that the throw-in time for Davitts’ All-Ireland Intermediate club final against Kerry’s Milltown-Castlemaine at Croke Park the following afternoon (12th February) will be 3.45pm. This match is set to take place after the junior club final between Tyrone’s Derrytresk (who have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since the fracas that broke out at their semi-final against Kerry’s Dromid Pearses last Sunday) and Galway’s Clonbur which will throw-in at HQ at 2pm.

12 thoughts on “Throw-in time for Dubs match moved to 6.30pm

  1. super stuff! well done to all concerned! Not sure Derrytresk will have a team to field based on what i read in todays paper….awful stuff indeed.

  2. Campaign was not started then! It was a process started by the Mayo County Board weeks ago! But the help in pushing it is much appreciated!

  3. I’d gathered as much but think he deserves credit all the same for ramping it up. It’s a good outcome for everyone (including, one assumes, Castlebar’s publicans) – well done on getting it sorted.

  4. Good to see “Mayo GAA” back on board – hopefully now we will get answers to the questions that PJ Monaghan asked a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Wow…a guy starts a campaign and succeeds fair play to him, though if we lose another Gavin Duffy I for one would not be happy. Instead of giving the guy the credit for what was essentially small potatoes anyway, in comes the Mayo GAA to wrest the kudos back. Plenty of !!!! to let us know. Well done sir or madam!!!!!!

    Seeing as I bared my soul to this board for different reasons and stuck up my name recently, perhaps the Mayo GAA might humanise their corporate front and let us know who speaks for them in future posts.

    Perhaps if the followers were informed on the various sites of what was going on by Mayo GAA then poor old Maigheoforsam would not feel he simply won the consolation prize whilst others won the big teddy.

  6. Good points and all noted. The reason we could not say anything about this until it was 100% confirmed was as a result of a request from Setanta Sports which was fair enough from them. They didn’t want any mention of an earlier time in case it led to confusion until it was absolutely confirmed.

  7. “Wow…a guy starts a campaign and succeeds fair play to him, though if we lose another Gavin Duffy I for one would not be happy.”

    I for one couldn’t care less who the Ireland rugby team play or what time they play at, therefore I totally concur with John Cuffe’s comment. I must be the only person baring these sentiments. I couldn’t care if the game was on at 6.30, 7.30 or 8.30, I’ll be in McHale Park following the Mayo team.

    I wonder if we’ll have those new jerseys by then as well??

  8. the change in time suits the ever bulging pockets of the people like mick byrne etc. give credit however where credit is due to our much malighed county board, as common sense has prevailed.

    watched our lads training in prenty park last week , counted 12 people in red jackets (i.e mentors physios, county board etc) . is this a good or bad thing? cooks and broth etc.

  9. its a good call glasshalfull, no doubt. The bigger the crowd the better the atmosphere and the more dosh that will be taken in to help clear off the debt. Whatever your views are on the debt crisis and what/who caused it i think every mayo man/woman just wants to see it cleared off as soon as possible. Great also to be able to get and see the rugby but think there is more chance of a victory in castlebar than paris( without BOD !).

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