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Ray Dempsey has another quote in The Mayo News today concerning the issue that’s uppermost in the minds of Mayo supporters at the moment – Aiden O’Shea’s thumb – and, I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m beginning to get the faint whiff of the Ger Loughnanes on this one.  Daniel Carey says in his report that the Breaffy man has a broken bone and the simple fact is that if this is the case then there’s no way he’s going to be able to take any part in proceedings on Sunday. Ray mentions nothing about broken bones but instead says the following:

We won’t know until very late whether Aidan will be available to take part in the game. It will be down to a medical decision, to be honest. There’ll be a team named due to programme demands, but we won’t know our starting 15 until later in the week.

I know we’re veering towards reading the tea leaves Chez Raymondo but I think our man knows a whole load more than he’s letting on and is using the doubts about the fitness of O’Shea and captain Shane Nally (who now appears to be okay) to sow confusion in the opposition’s ranks about what our line-up is going to be on Sunday.  From the above, it looks as if we’re not going to know for sure what the team is until just before throw-in.

The same article mentions that a secondary dribble of tickets is on the way to some (though not all) clubs.  I still haven’t anything nailed down but there’s still plenty of time left to get sorted.

3 thoughts on “Thumbs, teams, tickets and things

  1. Just had a quick look at the Independent and read a short three column bit by Donnacha Boyle in which is totally devoted to Tyrone minors. The word Mayo is mentioned once. Now if that fails to fire us up…I will eat my hat. Before Tyrone ever arrived on the nations psyche we were the kings of minor football. Time to reclaim the crown and what better scalp to claim than Tyrone. Away the lads .

  2. We’re definitely coming into this one completely under the radar and there’s hardly any discussion anywhere about it. Hopefully we’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards!

  3. funny thing is if Kerry had beaten us and made it through to the final they would without doubt be getting the media coverage and less of the underdog tag.
    It’s probably best to arrive quietly and no widespread hype or expectation – as we did against Kerry in the semi.

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