Thumbs up for new jersey, what about naming rights to McHale Park?

The people have spoken (well, 63 souls have over the course of the last seven days) and their message is clear enough. By a margin of 65% to 35%, the new design for the Mayo jersey has been given a fairly resounding thumbs up.  I still haven’t seen it in the flesh but I should take a trip down to Elverys in Croke Park one of the days to give it the once over.  As I said when the jersey was officially unveiled a few weeks back, I think the new design is fairly inoffensive and I’m sure it’ll grow on us (or we’ll grow on it, given middle-age spread and all that) in the months ahead. A few stirring performances in the shiny new geansaís wouldn’t go amiss: the 2009 Tim Kelly Engineering Floodlit Cup Final could well be the first one to watch out for in this regard.

Right – seeing as that one was such fun, here’s another one to test the pulse of the Mayo GAA confraternity (with thanks to ontheroad for suggesting this one): where do you stand on selling the naming rights to McHale Park?  I’ve made this one a bit more nuanced than the jersey poll by providing for a “maybe” option as well as the more black and white variants.  Alright, then – fingers on the buzzers …

4 thoughts on “Thumbs up for new jersey, what about naming rights to McHale Park?

  1. Vote away, Ronan, it’s not restricted to Mayomen! An Spailpin fairly nailed the issue alright, in his usual eloquent and inimitable way.

  2. Was off the net for a few days, the old computer conked. Jesus I hate being a wet blanket all the time Willie Joe but like the jersey I fail to see why we must mess with our history. McHale Park was called after a man that wouldnt get a hearing in todays crazy world but he was a saviour of the poor and downtrodden in the tough times long ago. Bishop John McHale stood up and was counted when the ordinary Joe wasnt able to. We will wind up probably calling it Elvery park or some other corporate title. Tuam was always Tuam to me, similarily Salthill is still Salthill or the Markievitz is…you guessed it. McHale Park will always be McHale Park.

  3. I think it always will, ontheroad, and you’d have to wonder whether or not the County Board will get any meaningful offers for the naming rights, given the times we now live in. The poll’s quite interesting though – I expected to see strong opposition to it but that’s not how the votes are stacking up.

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