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We’ve still a fortnight to go until we square off against the Dubs but the minors are down to play Meath in their All-Ireland semi-final at HQ tomorrow week (throw-in 1.30pm) and the County Board have now issued the usual information on how to get your hands on tickets for this match. Details are as follows:

  • Tickets (for both Cáirde Mhaigheo season ticket holders and everyone else) are available from the McHale Park ticket office this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 9pm;
  • If any Cáirde Mhaigheo season ticket holder is unable to collect their ticket, they need to contact MacHale Park ticket office on (094) 925 0487 or email secretary.mayo@gaa.ie to sort out payment details and where to post the tickets to;
  • Tickets cost €40 for an adult stand ticket, €25 for the Hill and €5 for kids. There’s no discount for Cáirde Mhaigheo ticket holders as this isn’t a match involving the senior team.

Full information on this is available on the Mayo GAA website – here.

20 thoughts on “Ticket information for next weekend

  1. I hear the dubs are claiming that Alan brogan is very doubtful for the Mayo match. This is a load of bull. Alan brogan is flying in training and this from a Mayo lad playing his club football in the capital.

  2. Why minors are not on with seniors is a joke why can’t they have both match on 2 sept good luck mayo hope you win

  3. Sorry if this is not the right thread to post this on but just wanted to pay tribute to a great Mayoman and loyal supporter Christy Feeney who has passed to his eternal reward. Christy has been a great friend of Mayo (and Ballintubber football) and Mayo football owes him and his family a great deal. A truly inoffensive yet stoutly committed man. WE have one great supporter now in a higher place. Sincere condolences to his family and the extended Feeney family who have had to endure a lot of tragedy in the last few years.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a ainm dílis.

  4. I will go into the minor game next week, i think everyone should go that can.

    The senior game the following week, it is vital we get support in there, we need a presence in the crowd, i can’t stress how vital i think this is . Ive been in Mayo this week, where as it has been the topic of conversation (the game) , there is little hype, it is two weeks though i suppose.

    I think the support at the Down game was pathetic, the worst i ever seen for championship Mayo in croker.

    The Dubs will have 50-60k there, screaming and booing, obviously we can not match them but imo there are things we can do to make a difference, i have asked everyone i know to bring a flag, that might sound so trivial (childlike even) but i firmly believe it would be worth a point to Mayo for the players to see an extra couple of thousand flags when they are parading.

    Bring a flag and roar your county on, they’re out there on the pitch for our county, let us be in the stands for them.

  5. Hope mayo win will support both but am disappointed with tipp today what was Corbett at any one see it

  6. Its difficult to ourshout the Dubs. We managed it occasionally in 2006 because the supporters of the other teams there that day, especially Meath and the Rossies, got full square behind us. THe comeback that day was down to the players on the pitch and not due to supporters raising the team.

    I heard that things are quiet in the west over the match but enough on this web site give out about “hype”. We cannot have it every way.

  7. Oh i give up, i tell you what mo chara, we should just bring no color, same amount as Down game and we wont bother to roar them on either .

    Mayo support base defeating the team since 1951.

    Seriously though it was embarrassing in the Down game, people outside of Mayo were actually mocking our miserable support, it was no better than Cork, 2k -3k max. Horrible turnout, you do me a favour and just take not at the body language of the players the next day when they run out if it is similar to the Down game, they do look about the ground you know and they deserve better.

    There has always been a negative attitude amongst some in Mayo to the team, i remember reading in a book once, when Mayo won their first all Ireland back in 36, the team got back to Claremorris and were as good as told to move on away as there was a fair on in the town, some people seem to still have that attitude.

  8. I fully agree and hope that we turn up in force on the day and of course it makes a big difference for players to see the support. You’re correct about the poor support we have bening getting in Dublin in recent years. Without wanting to turn into an amateur psychiatrist, the heavy defeats in 2004 and 2006 appear to have affected the supporters more than the players.

    I remember the way the county went in 1996 and 1997, the support was mighty. However there are those who would blame the same level of support and exeburence for the defeats over the various years. I dont agree with this hype argument, other counties have coped with this level of expectation and still won. Clare in 1995 for example.

  9. Calm down there Sean – your original point was just being responded to, no need for a hissy fit.

    The support for the Down game was poor enough, I’d agree, a bit like the numbers that were there for the quarter-final against Cork last year but a big crowd then showed up for last year’s semi against Kerry and there’s no reason to think that the same won’t happen again this year.

  10. Hi Willie Joe,

    Earlier in the year you published a table showning the statistics for all counties that had qualified for the All Ireland series since the new format was introduced. Details included success rate in quarters, semis & finals etc. I have been searching the archives but cannot find it. Can you guide me towards it please? I would like to see the stats now that we are into another semi.

    Well, the local club have confirmed that they have my tickets. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to the match against the Dubs. We have won back to back Connacht titles and qualified for a semi final for two years in a row. Now, can we beat the reigning All Ireland champions for the second year running? I think we can, but it will require a massive effort from the team.

    We will see the Dubs back to their lethal best and our well organised defense will have everything thrown at it. James Horan has impressed me this year with his quick switches in defense if something doesn’t seem to be working (e.g. Vaughan/Keegan on Mulligan). Another aspect of the Mayo defense that has inproved greatly this year is the ability to deal with the high ball with Cafferkey and Keane dealing brilliantly with one to one aerial challenges. I would expect the defense will revert back to a much tigher unit compared to spells in the Down game.

    Our midfield should have a fully fit Aidan O’Shea being partnered by Barry Moran who is having the championship many midfielders must dream of. But the Dubs will bring a new level of physicality to the middle of the park, and will test our twin towers (as they were called in ’09). I expect that they will cope with the football element and hope that there is no straight red cards issued, as I have seen teams try to “rise” or provoke both of these players to nullify their threat.

    Our forwards of course have been the subject of much discussion and debate since the Connacht final. They have scored 7-58 in three championship games. No a bad return for a team “with no forwards”. No Andy Moran for the remainder of the series is indisputably a massive loss, but four weeks to prepare knowing that he is not available will be plently of time to get his replacement and the team prepared for our next test. The Dubs will have a plan to deal individually (as best they can) with Dillon, McLoughlin, O’Connor and so on? They must however, be wondering what Andy’s absence will do to our player selection and game plan for the forwards. That must make it difficult to plan specific defensive tactics. A failure to plan is a plan to … and all that.

    Great to hear that there was no serious injuries after the club games last weekend. I don’t think Geraghty’s shoulder was too bad or we’ve have heard about it I suppose. James Horan therefore has a good panel to prepare with and some of the players are peeking at the right time. I trust him to have plan A, B & C well practiced and the team as united as ever.

    Sean Burke, I’ll have the hat, flag, headband and ’04 jersey all proudly on display, and I’ll cheer the team on ’til I’m hoarse!

    C’mon Mayo!

  11. Speaking of the Dublin fans, a majority of the ones who turn up to matches (barely) are an embarassment to the game, with their jeering and general hostility. I know some neutrals who normally go to games like these who aren’t going because they are sick to the teeth of having to be surrounded by such a terrible atmosphere. They bring the game into disrepute.

    @ Seanie, I’ll take my big flag that’s normally outside the house to the match!

  12. Sorry that should have read 7-50 above. That’s an average of 2-17 a game. Our average for last year’s championship was only 1-11, I think.

  13. Are you sure it was a table I produced myself, Mc, or just a link I provided to one produced by someone else (like that noted GAA numbers man Martin Breheny for example?). I think it may be the latter as I don’t recall producing such a table but I’ve only been able to have a rummage round now using the iPhone so I’ll have a proper look tomorrow and see if I can locate anything in it.

  14. Thanks for that, Roger – I was out this morning, didn’t have a chance to look for it. I think that must be the one, I can’t recall any other piece on the topic.

  15. Tom: A special train leaves Ballina at 8.50 a.m. and one leaves Castlebar at 9.00 a.m., the two connecting in Manulla. Train arrives in Heuston Station at 12.15. Return train leaves at 7.15 p.m.

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