Ticket information for Sunday

The Covid restrictions have been lifted, it’s back to full capacity at sporting grounds and the National League starts this coming weekend.

Definitely time, then, for information on ticketing for the Donegal game at Markievicz Park on Sunday (throw-in 1.45pm). Mayo GAA released some information on this very topic earlier on today – that’s here.

As we’re constantly being told, the the post-Covid world will not mean a return to the status quo ante and this is as true of GAA matches as it is about so many other things in life. So the new normal – for Sunday at least, though probably from here on – is that the match is all-ticket, with tickets needing to be got in advance. There won’t be any option to rock up to Markievicz Park and purchase tickets at the ground on the day.

Season ticket holders (both Cáirde Mhaigh Eo and standard season tickets) need to log into their ticket account to access their ticket(s). The plastic season ticket of old is no more – you now have to get each match ticket from your online account and either print it off in paper form or else download it onto your phone.

Tickets for Sunday are now available to obtain from your online account. I’ve just got mine downloaded onto the phone and Mayo GAA are encouraging all season ticket holders to get their tickets sorted in good time ahead of the weekend.

Other tickets for Sunday can either be purchased online (here) or else in physical form at selected SuperValu and Centra outlets. Tickets cost €15 with U16s allowed in free.

Match programmes will, according to that Mayo GAA communication, be available inside the ground on Sunday.

If you’re planning on sitting this one out, TG4 are broadcasting the match live and Midwest will have radio commentary on it as well.

49 thoughts on “Ticket information for Sunday

  1. Really looking forward to getting back to games and cheering on the lads.

    Hopefully all the negativity of the last few months can be put behind us and we can look forward to the season ahead.

    The main objective for the next 7 games is to retain our division 1 status, find some new players and keep our players injury free.

    2022 will be a good year and im ready to buckle myself in to the emotional rollercoaster that is Mayo football.

    See ye all Sunday. Up Mayo!

  2. Just printed out my 3 seaon tickets, the beginning of another adventerous journey!
    The new normal now for season tickets, my name is on all 3. I have no way of telling which are the juvenile tickets, anyone else have this problem?

  3. WJ- just putting you on notice that a story is breaking about a high profile player leaving his club in acrimonious circumstances after it ousted his father from its management structure. Maybe the story won’t make the papers and may be things will be patched up..but it happened in the last 24 hours.

    This raises a question….if a player is not registered with a club in the county then can he play for the county?

  4. Ya spotlight Iv heard and read the same things and because of the player in question it’ll most probably be another media circus for us the last thing we need , but as you said hopefully it might be nipped early in the bud and sorted out with out fuss

  5. Thanks for the heads-up, Spotlight (and for not naming him). I’m not sure what the story is with club registrations, though you’d imagine most players would be registered by now with their clubs for this year.

  6. Just as I thought it was safe to return to comments ahead of the new year and looking forward to a year of talking about football. See ya’ll in a few weeks!

  7. It will be a circus for a few days but it will calm down it always does but why can we never fly under the radar.

  8. The player in question deserves to get the road if the reports are anywhere near accurate.

  9. What a build up to the start of the league this is turning out to be – the drama! One things for sure we are always in the news one way or another!

  10. If memory serves me right. One has to be affiliated with a club. A few years back Seanie Johnston wanted to play for Kildare he had to play hurling with a club in Kildare in order to play with them.

    Mean while he played football with his club in Cavan.

    So, if this member stays as a member of his club in Mayo it entitles him for county selection.

  11. Circus or not…you would get sick of some shite every year with mayo…
    Still looking forward to the league

  12. Markievicz Park is a disaster for parking but if you’re there early try Carraroe Retail Park at the roundabout on Pearse Road. Go shopping first and conveniently leave the car otherwise you can be prepared for a long walk.

  13. Who will take frees from the right hand side on Sunday?
    I personally don’t like seeing right footed kickers kicking off the right side , Ryan O’Donoghue has done well on them last year but they are still high risk, would like to see Aidan Orme of his left on them, hope he gets his chance Sunday in right corner forward.Any word on Mark Moran, could he be the playmaker we lack in our half forward line at present ??

  14. It has absolutely nothing to do with Mayo Fans what a player does regarding his own club. Several players have changed clubs within Mayo in the last 40 years with little or no comment. It is not helping for genuine Mayo fans to be fanning the flames. Several Players in all clubs in Mayo and i am sure in every County in Ireland have had disagreements within their own clubs.” The comment from the contributor with the NAME ”It Means Nothing to Me” is deplorable. For instance Donnnie Vaughan left Ballinrobe and there were no such remarks

  15. Just a general query regarding the Croke Park season ticket holders. I’ve downloaded my 2 season tickets for Sunday’s game, and it says General Admission. In the past the season ticket holders were always given admission to the stand at the relevant ground/stadium in question. Is anyone else curious about this or do you think/know if season ticket holders will be given access to the stand at the following games?? Maybe it’s just for the game in Sligo. If memory serves me correctly the stand in Sligo is very small and low and I think your nearly sitting below pitch level.

  16. Total overreaction by some posters here and it is ridiculous, any rumored issue between and player and his club should not be let creep into the inter-county set up or the mood in the county, there is 40+ lads from all different clubs within the panel.

    The rumored issue is between the player and his club and not between the player and the mayo senior panel or management. Unless the player doesn’t line out for his club come the club championship i think the speculation should be put to bed now and focus should be on the mayo team for the season ahead.

    Its like some people enjoy the drama more than the football and at every opportunity want to stick a knife in the players and managers backs. I cant imagine what sort of negative comments we will see on here Sunday evening if we lose to Donegal,

  17. The same posters believing,sharing and gossiping about silly WhatsApp drama are the same ones who in the next breath call Mayo football a circus.

  18. FW – that’s exactly it. People around the country couldn’t care less about petty club arguments in Mayo. We’re the ones making it into a circus and complain when it gets national attention!

  19. FW but sure Mayo football is a circus you have a manager that wont take advice from his selectors in an all ireland final in his 7th season as manager and umpteenth all ireland final as player and manager , a man being played in the forwards that hasn’t scored in 7 all ireland finals, a half forward line that cant score either and look like they never met. a lionhearted player that would go through a brick wall for mayo left on the bench,a team playing their home games away from home when there are perfectly good grounds available in Ballina, Crossmolina, Charlestown to name but a few and business in that area that support Mayo Gaa that are crying out for business.

    actually your right its an insult to the circus a circus has a degree of organisation to it

  20. @Glorydays
    You shoehorn the same tired points into any argument.No matter what anyone says or what the topic is you’ll do the same thing.
    I think that’s becoming more and more obvious to posters on here and I’d be a fool to engage with you.

  21. @Glorydays – don’t forget the County Secretary giving out to the mayo fans after the All Ireland and embarrassing us all with his “cut”at the Dubs! Yet no one thought to appeal Mattie’s 2 game ban. We will definitely miss him in these two crucial first games, he would be a definite starter. Of course we are all interested in the goings on in a club situation, especially when a high profile player is involved. It will be interesting will there be anything new tried out in league and what team is announced for Sunday.

  22. I think it’s best if everyone could shift their focus away from the current breathless tittle-tattle (the facts about which, I’m reliably informed, are completely different than what’s being alleged and taken by some as gospel).

    We’ve a match on Sunday so it’s time to focus on that. That’s what we’re doing on the podcast where we’ll have another bonus episode for Patreon club members online later today (featuring audio from and chat about James Horan’s press event for local media last night) with the match preview episode, which will be free to all, online tomorrow.

  23. Hurray, Willie Joe – can’t wait for the podcasts.

    Am excited about the game on Sunday. We’re back in Division One, in with the big boys, and we’ll be flexing our muscles, sinews, shooting boots, hand-eye coordination, and long range laser vision. We’re chasing that win.

  24. Having been involved in club football for years during which I dealt with several transfers, the following is my take on where a player stands in representing his county.
    1. You are registered to one club. Even if you leave, the GAA will only record your departure if you transfer to a different club. Getting de-registered from your first club without transferring to another is nearly as difficult as leaving the Catholic church! I don’t have any experience of anyone doing it. You are entitled to play for your county unless you specifically transfer out of the county AND declare for another county.
    2. If you were registered to your first club as an under 12 or over, you are entitled to line out for the county in which that club is situated. Under the GAA rules, this is called your first county. You continue to be entitled to play for your first county, even if you transfer to a club outside this county. Clubs register lists of players at different grades every year with the Co Board to ensure that they are playing at the correct level and that they are covered by insurance. Once a player is on the list submitted by their club, they can play for their first county. Again, I have never heard of a club amending its submitted list of players unless the player subsequently transferred from the club during the playing season.
    3. If you move county, you must play in senior championship for a club in your new county before playing senior for that county (the Seánie Johnson rule).

  25. @O SULLIVAN: What are you blathering on about? I didn’t name any player, nor did I go into specifics, and nor did I specifically mention the county set-up. Nor will I, out of respect for the house rules here. And please note the caveat, “if the reports are anywhere near accurate”.

    And by the by, if you think that Donal Vaughan’s switch didn’t attract any comments here and in other places, I can only assume you were living under a rock.

    @ Louis Gunnigan: I was a club secretary for a few years and unless the rules have been changed since, I believe you’re spot-on.

  26. Reading now that Offaly CB are signing a sponsorship deal with Glenisk believed to be worth €750,000 (over 5 years) Wow! Double what they got from Carrolls. Michael Duignan and his crew are some operators for the Faithful County.

  27. Louis Gunnigan… Very informative and true… except it’s easy to leave the catholic church…
    Not interested in gossip or stories…the only story I want is to see Mayo doing what we love to see them doing… winning matches. Come on Mayo.

  28. On another topic, anyone want to hazard a guess at team for Sunday?

    I’ll have a stab at it – could be miles off the mark. Would love to see Mullin midfield, but may need more physicality for Donegal especially with Ruane out

    Hennelly (would rather Reape or Luke Jennings get a chance, but unlikely)

    O Hora, Harrison, Callinan
    Durcan, Coen, E McLaughlin

    Mullin, Jordan Flynn

    Connell Dempsey, Diarmuid (needs to find his best form again), Boland
    Brown Thomas, J Doc, Ryan

  29. Should have added that I would like to see Jack Coyne get a go at corner back – a bit of a tiger, and that is what’s needed back there.
    By all accounts, Callinan is not a corner back. But he is apparently going well and may get the start. Again, he could be a weapon going forward & hopefully will secure a position further out the field in time.

  30. @mayofocus

    Have not seen much of Jack Coyne and he doesn’t seem to be starting with UL so potentially coming of an injury ?

    I can see the likes of plunkett, bryan walsh and conor loftus being involved early in the league.

    Is there anything to be said for trying diarmuid at full forward for 20 mins at some stage ?

    Does anyone know if kuba callaghan from ballaghaderreen is invloved with the senior set up ? He had a good club championship.

  31. 1.R Hennelly/C Reape
    2.P O’Hora/E O’Donoghue
    3.B Harrison
    4.L Keegan/ S Callinan
    5.P Durcan
    6.S Coen
    7.E McLaughlin
    8.O Mullin
    10 F McDonagh/F Boland
    11.J Doherty
    12.E Hession/ C Dempsey
    13.A Orme
    14.R O’Donoghue
    15.T Conroy

  32. GMIT team v Trinity in Trench cup tonight at 7pm

    1.Jack Livingstone Breaffy
    2.Johnny McGrath
    3.Aaron McManus
    4.Shea O’Donoghue Belmullet
    5.Jason O’Malley Louisburgh
    6.Sean Keane Mayo Gaels
    7.Jordan Shields
    8.Liam Costello
    9.Conor Raftery
    10.Ryan Brogan
    11.Warren Seoige
    12.Niall Treacy Davitts
    13.Eoin Mannion
    14.Aidan McDermott
    15.Ross Egan Aghamore
    Mayo Subs
    Cillian Finn Kiltimagh
    Conor Reid Moy Davitts
    Martin Ball Louisburgh
    Aaron Moran Parke
    Conor McDonnell Parke

  33. Bonus podcast episode now online on Patreon for club members. Rob, Mike and I chat about the mood ahead of the start of a new inter-county year and we’ve also got audio from James Horan’s press briefing last night for local media.

  34. Jkel88. Diarmuid to full forward is a call I’ve been making for a long time. The lad has alot of football played. He would be better in there than aos. A more natural forward than aos.

  35. Is Aidan OShea available for selection.
    Also I would expect Conor OShea to play a part…he was OK against Galway.
    What happened to Mikey Murray he played a few years ago against Armagh….not seen him since

  36. @ Craggy Boglands

    Agree i think sometimes when players are given new positions / role in a team they get a new lease of life, take sean kavanagh and cathal mcshane as examples. It is certainly worth a shot in the league even for 1 half and it might be the boost that diarmuid needs to get back to his best, it almost feels like he is lethargic and going through the motions in his current role within the team. He is still a young lad (just gone 27) with plenty of football left to play.

  37. Diarmuid has always had a goal poachers instinct too. Definitely should be tried full forward for a spell.

  38. It’s time for a new man to fill diarmuid s role of chasing and covering back. Possibly callinan or hessian or boland. All being fit my forward line would be. Cillian diarmuid and Ryan. Conroy at 11. 10 and 12 are up for grabs. Remember the goal against kerry in the league final. It’s a no brainer and a pity it wasn’t tried against Tyrone

  39. Craggy Boglands putting Diarmuid in the forwards doesnt always work. I recall him being there vs Dublin in the super 8s in 2019 and it was fairly ineffective. I’m fairly sure he was playing in the half forwards that day against Kerry too, but Kerry’s defense were poor enough at that stage and their Keeper wasn’t great either as I recall.

  40. Carr will play over Orme.

    Dempsey lad is being hyped to the hills but unlikely to be physically at it yet.

  41. @Louis Gunnigan, a former Dublin player was not affiliated with any club but was a member of the Dublin Senior County team, this was only 10 years ago

  42. @Glorydays, you are right in many ways, Mayo should play their home games in Mayo.
    I still cannot get excited about 2022, more of the same.

  43. There’s a strong likelihood, Mayo88, that the crowd on Sunday could be in excess of 10,000. No available venue within Mayo can host a crowd of that size, that’s the reality.

  44. @ Mayo88. Yeah I remember that one. However, if I recall correctly, that was a row about a transfer, where the first club lodged an objection. I have had one of those in my time when a home club was pissed off when one of their players wanted to leave and they held up the transfer. However, a phone call to the home club resolved it. Had it not, the player would have been in limbo, no longer living in his home county but unable to play for a club elsewhere. That is what I meant about the difficulty of getting deregistered. If the home club digs in, it’s a problem.

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