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It’s time to start thinking about tickets for Sunday and our All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin (which, if you were to believe the debate on NewsTalk’s Off The Ball tonight, will be solely for the right to come up against and get beaten by Donegal’s supermen. We scarcely got a mention in this debate, by the way, with most focus on what ‘the Donegal/Dublin final’ will be like).

Where was I? Yes – tickets, the salient info about getting your hands on same is as follows:

  • Tickets are on sale tomorrow at McHale Park from from 10am to 9pm and on Wednesday from 10am to 6pm.
  • Entry is €40 for adults, €5 for kids, €25 for the Hill, if you’re insane enough to be considering this option. Usual concessions apply.
  • Clubs that have ordered tickets need to collect them on or before 6pm on Wednesday and any clubs who haven’t asked for their allocation yet or want more should email secretary.mayo@gaa.ie pronto.

Further details on the tickets issue are available here.

6 thoughts on “Ticket information for Sunday

  1. By the sounds of it Mayo,Dublin are playing for the honour to meet the unbeatable Donegal final. In regards to Sunday’s game it doesn’t look like it will sell out like the 2006 semi final i guess ticket prices and recession are to blame?

    55,000 at yesterday game 65,000-70,000 this Sunday??

  2. Good Luck to Mayo on Sunday, we will win if we play the game simple
    and direct, and attack Dublin from the start, never letting up, and definitely
    not to solo the ball to death.
    It cost us before ,I hope not on this ocassion.
    Cathal Henry.

  3. Just cancel the semi now and give sam to Donegal.

    Re sunday, I know we have the ability to beat the dubs, but when was the last time we played to good games in a row at HQ.

    Dublin will improve and A Brogan will give them more options further out, so i’d imagine Lee k, might get a role here. I’d love to see McGarrity come in for A Moran. Good hands, good distribution and can take a point.

  4. Mayo will need to be 100 mph from the go on sunday because brogan x2 are going to be flying. No doubt in my mind about it. Macgarrity would be a good man at full forward, tall and very awkward to play against, he has a definite roll to play on Sunday. We are in a perfect situation to do the business this year, donegal are favorites and could believe the hype, Dublin are Dublin, very beatable, Laois had them but did not have a man to kick a point when needed, we do. Lots of them score a point a game which should make mayo a nightmare for the either Dublin or donegal.

    I will sign off til Sunday evening

    Mayo. 2 14
    Dublin. 1 12

  5. Tickets seem to be in a good location.

    I see the County Board have a draw for tickets in a fund raising effort for the Senior,Junior and Minor Teams. The Prizes are good. But one would have thought that the date of the raffle would be on the ticket for the raffle that was authorised by the authorities.

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