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With no sign of any team news before the programme sellers go on duty prior to the throw-in at Pearse Park on Saturday, the only news to report is that relating to ticket prices.  The Longford GAA website has all the details and with prices of €20 for the stand, €10 for the terraces and chisellers free of charge, it’s hard to quibble about value for money.  And that’s before our lads start to put on what we hope will be an exhibition of football. (Well, we have to hope, don’t we?).  Cash will, I understand, be heartily welcomed at the ground on Saturday.

The Longford lads are, meanwhile, working themselves into a state of high excitement about a possible upset on Saturday, as this piece in the Longford Leader demonstrates.  This assessment of Saturday’s contest had me a bit worried there for a while – until, that was, I came to the bit where the writer muses about a possible Tom Parsons/BJP midfield pairing for us the next day.  Personally, I think there’s more chance of myself and An Spailpín Fánach lining out in the engine room for the Green and Red on Saturday than there is of seeing Tom and Billy Joe there but, with no team announcement being made in advance, you’ll really have to get to Pearse Park yourself to find out for sure.

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  1. I will be there on Sat evening and, as usual, roaring like a lunatic for the auld red and green. And god knows we just might get something to shout about. What I want to see is a bit of pride and passion and a ferocious desire to set the record straight and shup up the critics of Mayo football…..at least for a while.
    A good win coupled with a wholehearted display would start the road to recovery. The one good thing is we actually have a chance to put things right this year, Waiting for the FDB is not what Mayo need right now!

  2. Hi WJ suprised you havent done a piece on the late great Dermot Early, a true gentleman and a great sportsman – but I’m sure you will, remembering the time the Mayo footballers carried him off the field shoulder high as he had announced his retirement, a lot of rich memories from his playing days – they dont make em like they used to may he rest in peace.

  3. Its sad really. At this stage ( 4 seasons and counting) we should be able to pick the bulk of the Mayo team. Look at Kerry and Tyrone. Generally speaking the key spots are tied down and change is minimal. We could field any combination and bluff ourselves that it was our first xv. Number 14 for example.A O Shea, Big Barry or Freeman? Midfield ? Parsons, McGarrity, S O Shea, Harte, BJ, Big Barry, Paddy Bluett? Lets try the half back line then. Vaughan, Cunniffe, Gardiner or two out of three with Howley or Andy the engine back there? I could go on, Ronaldson or Varley or Conor or all three. We are like bits of timber bobbing in the water. The frighning thing is that we could pull the ultimate bluff. Beat Longford by two/three points, draw Leitrim, Waterford, W/Meath , Clare or someother sad outfit and the whole charade would take a new life. This is the worst Mayo squad since the sad 1970s. It needent be but for it to change everything must change. Me? I’ll be below clearing the allotment and fingers crossed for the minors.

  4. Hi Nally Stand – unfortunately I haven’t had time to do anything on the late and very great Dermot Earley as I’ve been utterly swamped with work all week and I’m away most of next week, with the match sandwiched in between tomorrow night so, to be honest, I don’t think I will be doing anything specific to mark his passing. There’s no slur intended – he was a hero for everyone of my generation, I reckon – but it’s just there aren’t sufficient hours in the day for me right now. In any event, I think Topo d Rite’s eloquent tribute on the site here the other day said it all.

  5. I agree Willie – Joe Topo d Rite did a great job in his tribute to Dermot Earley. He said it all.

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