Ticket swapping and sorting zone

As was suggested a bit earlier, I’m putting this post up as a place where, in the comments, people can post ticket requirements, offers, swaps and all that.

Obviously what people do in this respect is strictly a peer-to-peer activity and I can’t warrant anything about validity of offers made and all that. From previous experience, however, those who have used the blog to arrange ticket swaps have done so successfully, as those posting offers have all been above board. Which is, of course, how it should be.

Feel free to post whatever contact details for yourself that you’re comfortable with making public. If you’d prefer not to post this information then I’m happy to put people in touch via email so make sure when you post a comment that your email details are correct (these aren’t made public when you post a comment) to enable me to make contact that way. Please note that I might not be able to respond to such requests during weekday working hours.

Best of luck all in sorting that precious ticket for Saturday. Up Mayo.

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  1. there are no tickets for sale on done deal. I know it is a longshot but if anybody has a spare ticket i would love to buy it off you .I was wondering do people think there will be any tickets outside croke park on saturday, I got a ticket outside croke park for the 1996 final(draw),1997, and 2006 finals. The season ticket had been a godsend since 2012.I think I will head up on saturday anyway. I will be there with my sign and my mayo hat and scarf on me.

  2. Amazing thanks for offering this facility Willie Joe
    I am badly stuck for one.
    Anywhere in the ground doesn’t matter
    Didn’t get drawn in with either of our season tickets or club memberships.
    We have attended all games together for over a decade and it will tough to have one there and one outside the gates. We are travelling anyways so will take one at any stage of the week.
    If I get one in the meantime I will update here so that anyone who might have me in mind can give it to someone else.
    Here’s hoping 🙂

  3. Willie Joe my last comment is in moderation as I posted using my new email address in case anyone wanted to get on touch
    It’s the gmail one
    This yahoo one has been closed but I kept posting under it as I liked the mayo avatar I had

  4. Desperate for a ticket too. I am a season ticket holder since 2012 but unfortunately no luck in either draw.
    Would travel anywhere in Mayo (or further) to get one.
    It’s hard not to feel pretty gutted at the way loyal season ticket holders have been treated this time around.

  5. Hi, looking for two tickets for myself and my Mam. Have had absolutely no luck at all in any draws or lottos or with my club. If anybody could help us out, we would be so grateful!

  6. Willie Joe, what a fabulous idea this is and kudos to you for facilitating it, now folks have a one stop post to come to for ticket related stuff with proper Mayo fans! Great stuff, thank you Willie Joe! I understand that an awful lot of Mayo (and Tyrone) fans have not got a ticket yet but something tells me alot more will start to surface over the next few days (as these bloody raffles and draws are get done!) I’ll get the ball rolling on this, I’ve managed to bag a ticket for the weekend, it’s a hill 16 ticket. I’m looking to swap this ticket for a stand (preferably hogan) ticket. Along with the hill ticket, I would abviously pay the difference in cash for the stand ticket if anyone would be interested. Maybe some folks have friends/ family going to the hill that they would like to be with. Thank you!

  7. Just to say thanks Willie Joe for setting it up,it was very successful last time (although I know you didn’t specifically set up a thread for it,it just kinda happened!)
    I’m lucky enough to have got a ticket but still feel the anger and upset for fellow season ticket holders who haven’t yet.
    I always thought if I didn’t get a ticket if buy one off a tout for whatever I had to pay,with the way the tickets are set up these days there’s no way to even do that safely.
    Good luck to all and I’ve already sent this link to a few who don’t know about the blog but might want to swap hill for stand,plead their case,unexpectedly have a spare arc.

  8. I’m in the same boat, have been a season ticket holder since 2014. Would take a ticket anywhere in the ground. Can collect anywhere!

  9. No luck here either in the ST draws. Am flat broke playing lottos. If I win a jackpot I’ll exchange it for a ticket!!!!!!!!!! Alternatively I’ll pay face value and make a donation to registered charity of sellers choosing in their name.


  10. People need to be very careful when they buy tickets over the next few days.
    Most of the tickets this year are emailed out to people and are then printed for scanning at the gate. A tout or scammer can easily print off multiple copies of these tickets and sell them on. The first person who scans this ticket at the gate will get in – everyone else when they get to the gate will be refused. Just be careful and buy from a genuine source.

  11. Looking for one (or even better 2) tickets. Season ticket holder since the scheme started but had no luck in the draw.
    Feel very let down by the way the rules were changed unilaterally – surely a breach of contract.
    Anyway, my mobile number is 086 6028930 – living in Roscommon town but will travel to collect if available

  12. How are the lucky winners of the Season Ticket draw sorting out the one ticket per account between multiple people on the one account?
    How do you choose who gets the golden ticket?

  13. On a separate issue. I received an email from Mayo Gaa lottery today announcing the winner of the tickets in last nights draw. No name included. Anyone else get it.

  14. Hi all, same here re season ticket, would be really grateful if anyone has a spare ticket, my no is 0868532795. Thanks

  15. This is probably a shot in the dark but really desperate for a ticket have been to every mayo final since 96 and a season ticket holder also, would be eternally grateful if anyone has a spare ticket, mobile number is 0833070435

  16. Sorry all,

    I meant it the other way around, I have a Nally ticket and looking to swap it for a Hill. Contact me on 087-0551620

  17. JP stuck for a ticket. But only taking a ticket from here if NiallMc sorted before me with any ticket. Niall sorted me for a ticket for the semi. If a spare ticket will donate 250 euro to Mayo Roscommon hospice. I believe in that kind of pay it forward. Pjbrady1@gmail.com

  18. I hope everyone takes notice of what southmayo exile said regarding buying tickets, this year is way different, I would not buy off anyone you do not know with the exception of this blog, be very careful.

  19. Remember my first all ireland like it was yesterday. Coming out under canal with Mayo supporters, and not a word spoke, but a look on how did we draw that game. In adjacent exit, could hear the Meath supporter bouncing off wall. Been lucky to have been born a mayo man. Been extremely lucky to follow Mayo team, with honesty of effort and no little skill. Would love to be there on Saturday, to see team win. But as week goes by, my optimism on getting the few golden tickets waning. But as Mayo supporter, glass always half full.

  20. Hi, just got word of two tickets available not sure what part of the stadium. I need to know before 9 o’clock as I have to get back to the person selling them. I live in Celbridge County Kildare and they can be picked up on the way to Crome Park on Saturday. Val 0857779802

  21. My brother and I are flying from JFK on Friday night. We are hoping and praying but are also realistic. We attended 2017 and said at the time “for as long as it takes, for as long as we are breathing” Rob interviewed me in NY about my journey discovering my heritage and my love of Mayo on the podcast.

    I had a 2 for 1 on Aer Lingus so we have saved the cost of a seat. I’m willing to swap that cost for 2 tickets. Hill 16 would do just fine. I’ll even give you my favorite stock tip so you can multiply your proceeds!!! 1-203-509-8319. I’m coming to collect that pint you promised me in 2019 after the Galway game in Limerick WJ!!!!

  22. Been at every mayo game since I was able to stand on 2 legs
    Looking for 2 tickets but one will do at this stage

  23. I’m a season ticket holder with Mayo since 2014. I haven’t got a ticket yet for Saturday. I was unsuccessful in the season ticket draw. If anybody has a spare ticket to give away I hope you consider me. My mobile no is 0861907922.

  24. It really is awful to see some of the long term posters on this board that still have no tickets. Stalwarts of Mayo GAA that have been on here through thick and thin, commenting on underage game and FBD games.
    If they aren’t genuine fans then what is.

  25. Feel really sorry for all the genuine supporters on this blog that cannot get a ticket people that I’ve been reading posts from for years that know their football inside out and often are the first to tell us of good club players that might make county. I know it’s cold comfort but Ballina chambers of commerce are organising an event with big screen at 5 pm on Saturday I think you need tickets for that too as numbers will be limited best place to get them is probably their Facebook page

  26. I was lucky enough to get one along with my mother who’s been to every single final since 89 for the Hill on Saturday. Good luck to everybody looking this is our year

  27. Hi all, long time poster, first time desperate ticket hunter. like many others above am ticketless season ticket holder. Would take one ticket anywhere in the ground!! God be with the days where you could sit on the roof of the nally! That would do nicely!

    Am happy for WJ to give my email address to a prospective seller. Think people seeking tickets need to be careful with sharing numbers as touts could get on here and call selling fraudulent tickets. Maybe I over estimate the IQ of the tout! Apologies WJ if that’s an inconvenience, We all appreciate your mad busy this week!

  28. Unless a ticket falls out of the sky I’ll be roaring us on from in front of the TV.
    That’ll do me fine. There’s loads of bloggers on here and fans around the county and country that would be far more entitled to be in Croke Park before I would. People that hardly ever seem to miss a game. Amazing fans. These are the people I would love to see getting sorted with tickets.

    I hope many of yea get sorted, and I do agree with what someone said earlier, I think a number of tickets will begin to surface in the next few days. I hope that’s the case.

  29. Similar boat to many above. Season ticket holder since 2011 but really stuck this time. I remember walking the roads around Croker in 06 with the brother looking for a ticket, the morning after a stag. Finally we got one between us (off P Joyce oddly enough). I won the coin toss to go in but that was the last bit of luck that day. Thankfully the brother is sorted but I’m still on the hunt.

  30. All – I think Our Time has Come has a point. It’s up to yourselves as to whether or not you post details of your mobile number but my offer to put you interested parties in direct contact via email still stands. With tickets having gone digital, it would be naïve not to think that touting hasn’t gone in the same direction so everyone owes it to themselves to be careful in that regard.

  31. Thanks very much for a great blog Willie Joe
    And great idea for getting tickets
    Long time reader
    Do not post very much
    Hope as many mayo supporters as possible can get tickets this one will come down to the wire and all mayo voices and support will be badly needed to get over the line
    Up mayo
    Of course like every one else hear looking for a ticket any where in stadium
    087 9275080

  32. Desperately seeking 2 tickets for my son and I. Attended all mayo finals since 1989 and the semi that year v Tyrone.
    We will be travelling over this weekend and will be close to Croker just to be there when we win.
    Hope all loyal fans gets a ticket and witness the greatest day for MAYO since 1951.
    Looks like we have a full pack to pick from Good Luck to al that is Green and Red.
    Thanks again WJ for your brilliant service.

  33. Nephin , you will find the winners name on their facebook page ,

    ps don’t forget all the numbers you put trying to win two tickets this week go into Mondays lotto draw so don’t keep putting your lucky numbers on each entry

  34. Disclaimer – I’m not advocating this but get to the turnstiles of the hill, get in line, have a nifty ready come scanning time, if it works great, if not down a few quid.

    All you need to get past the awful access points are a old Ticketmaster A4 paper ticket, wave at security, good eye stare and say “it’s ok, I know where I’m going, the hill” walk purposefully.

    Make sure you know the right entrance to the Hill!

    Again, I’m not advocating this!

  35. I’m in quiet mode all week, no reading about the game, no listening to podcasts or no writing on this blog. Too much info can be a bad thing.

    I’m in Mayo as we speak, never seen so many flags up around here. People that were never into football have flags up. The banners that read “there’s only one plan” are gas.
    I have two choices, one is hopefully secure a ticket for Saturday or the other is to watch it on TV or better still a big screen.
    Surely there should be a big screen say in the Mall in Castlebar.
    Anyone looking to offload a ticket, please contact me.

    Another part of me says to stay put for the homecoming as winners, will the team travel back on Saturday night or Sunday?

    What is the plan ??

  36. I have experienced the search for tickets on the week and then day of An Ireland football final with Mayo many times . If the day comes with no ticket in hand then the ticket wanted sign and a good chat with the seller to verify your credentials has worked many times. However a Saturday final is an added hurdle as Dublin goes about its normal weekend business and fans seem to make their way faster to the stadium. The late kickoff time means many from around the country arrive into Dublin and head straight for the match . No swirling around the Gresham . Good luck to all looking for a ticket come Saturday (me included) but be aware of the miserable nature of the experience If you are left stranded at 4.30
    Thanks for the amazing service of the blog. Up Mayo

  37. One thing to add, the big Companies in Dublin are getting All Ireland tickets, I’m hoping to get a ticket from an Employee in one of those.

    Never in all my life have been as laid back in the run up to the All Ireland, it must be the Mayo air or heavy rain as earlier this evening.

  38. Like plenty other posters I’m a season ticket holder unlucky in both draws. Go to every match without fail. Had a Mayo themed hen!! Been from Newry to New York supporting this team and would be heartbroken to not be there when Aidan lifts that cup.
    Would love two tickets anywhere but would be delighted with one!


  39. I am Lucky to have got a couple of tickets today from someone that has nothing to do with the GAA.. As a double season ticket holder I feel we were treated Very badly for this years Final.

  40. Thanks Willie Joe for setting this up, to help us out! Especially this year with tickets so difficult to come by. My email details are correct.
    Looking for a golden ticket also, like so many others, a longtime fan of this Mayo team and the blog.
    Living in Meath on Dublin border, can arrange pick up where ever suits!
    Please keep me in mind, of Course the most important thing is that Mayo bring Sam home!

  41. Yep looking for tickets one or even better two for anywhere in the ground been up and down the country and even new york following the green and red probably missed only a handful of games over the years ..
    So if a ticket becomes available keep me in mind..??

  42. I really want to get tickets for my mother cause she’s originally from Tyrone and she goes to all their matches but she couldn’t get any tickets for the All Ireland. If anyone has any for sale please let me know

  43. Long shot here. But have two upper Davin (beside Hogan) and looking to swap for two lower anywhere. My Dad is with me and Mom is a wheelchair user so on lower level.
    Hope all those looking get sorted. Season ticket holder for years and nothing from them. Even have a tile like an eejit.
    Hon Mayo


  44. Hi my name is Paul I have searched all avenues and entered every draw all I want is a hill ticket if anyone has one I would be delighted to buy it off you.


    Please just text as coverage bad and il call you.

  45. Following the blog since 2011 and here is my first post ten years on! Please consider me if you have one ticket to spare. Willing to travel anywhere in Ireland to collect tomorrow, Friday or Saturday morning. My email is willbrow20@hotmail.com. Thanks to WJ and all on blog. Some community and some journey we’ve been on together. Hopefully we reach the Promised Land this Saturday.

  46. Like everyone here, looking for a ticket for Saturday. I have had the ST for 7 years but no luck in the draws 🙁

    I live locally so can be there quickly if something crops up (long shot I know).

    For those that are there, enjoy every second and shout for us! Maigh Eo Abu!

  47. Would love either a ticket or even a room in the croke park hotel to feel the atmosphere so if anyone wants to give a room away I’d be happy to take it!
    Also willing to travel anywhere in the country for a ticket

  48. This is a cool place to communicate. I sincerely hope everyone is sorted on this page. Real, genuine fans here. #UpMayo

  49. My uncle and namesake played in goals in the first game of the 1951 Championship against Sligo. He let one goal in but we still scored more the other end. He is 96 now and thankfully still with us!
    My father attended the final that year and drove the long journey from Foxford with his good friend whose son went on to fire home a famous goal for Mayo in the 1985 semi-final against Dublin. They are both long gone now. One of the prize possessions at home though is a copy of the menu from the team dinner in Barry’s Hotel on the night of the final signed by all members of the victorious team.

    What can I say, like for a lot of us, this goes deep… !

    Contact me on 087 799 1427 if you have a ticket to spare as I missed out on any of the tickets from the Season ticket draws.

    I’d like to be there on Saturday evening when this effing “curse” is consigned to history.

    Maigh Eo Abu

  50. “Deperately seeking one ticket to see Sam been lifted by Mayo” I am a genuine supporter my first visit to Croke Park was aged 11 in 1985 Mayo v Dublin Semi final when John Finn got his jaw broke. I have been to all the games around the country & Croke Park since I was a child never missing a day. Unfortunately I have no ticket & have been unsuccessful so far in any draw that has taken place. I would be so happy to be in Croke Park on saturday Mayo Abu ????

  51. If your uncle played championship for seniors that would entitle him to an option of buying a ticket

  52. Sad to see some really recognisable names on this blog begging for tickets. I also did not get lucky in season ticket draw. Really shows that current system of distribution of tickets is flawed as we will be at home and a lot of new faces in crowd for just the final.

    Best of luck to everyone on search and don’t get ripped off on tickets going on done deal after the raffles. I feel this year a lot of people will be scammed for big money.

    Also hearing a lot of neutrals from other counties are keeping tickets as they want to be in crowd if Mayo win. I think that’s wrong but I guess I’m privileged to have been at so many all Ireland’s in past with this great Mayo team .

  53. Lads and lassies I’m putting this out there again, I have a hill ticket, I’m looking to swap for a stand ticket. I will pay the cash difference. If anyone is interested, please comment here and I will get in touch. Thanks!

  54. Well done on this WJ, brilliant idea.

    Mention of the ‘Barrys hotel from poster further above has triggered long forgotten happy childhood memories of going up there the morning of finals where my dad always got hooked up with a ticket, good times.
    ‘The Hut’ in phibsboro used to another good spot to get a last minute ticket, the owner in there always ended up getting a few strays on the day

  55. I have a lower davin ticket for Saturday 11/9/21
    Looking to swap for lower hogan ticket

  56. Try again Seamus – Mayo county board announced very recently that all previous Mayo players who had played in the championship are entitled to a ticket

  57. A long shot I know but no ticket for Saturday. If you hear of any going I’m prepared to pay more than face value for it

  58. @Sams coming West. If you don’t get a swap for that hill ticket and can’t/don’t want to use it I’d be more than grateful if I could buy it off you.

    Will be around Dublin or can arrange to collect it Mayo.


  59. @ Our time has come, I have contacted the CB again just now. Thanks. I am not overly hopeful of a positive response, but like someone else’s handle on here “live in hope”.
    “Our time has come” is an apt handle as well!
    Maigh Eo Abu

  60. Best of luck to all involved – hope everyone gets home in one piece. I have 1 Lr Hogan ticket Section 324 Row N and looking to swap for 2 Hill. 087 138 4822 . Maigh Eo abú!

  61. @ seamus thornton. That’s a very serious mistake. your uncle is definitely entitled to buy a ticket for the final. I think his club is supplied with the ticket for him through the county board allocation for past championship players .I checked the results archive and saw that was his only game for mayo .Did he receive a connacht and all-ireland medal ?. What club did he play for ?. If you are near castlebar it may be worth going to the county board offices tomorrow and point out the anomaly to them.THERE will be tickets floating about the office on friday morning with extra tickets coming to mayo. IF you get 2 tickets let me know and i wil buy one from you for whatever price you decide. best of luck seamus and i wish you uncle the best as well. what a great man your uncle is.

  62. As a long-standing ST holder I too am very disappointed but not supprised with the way the draw was made. They made a point of 3600 st but failed to mention that a third of those are juvenile tickets which left only 2000 adults in the draw which have been catered for. As well both draws contained the same names even if a winner in the first. I think for fairness if it had to be a draw then the ST holders (like myself) who have no other option for tickets should be entered This could be done quite easily this year as email address is used for ticket allocation so if an st member got one elsewhere it would show. Sure those that make the decisions have never a problem with tickets anyways. But Mayo4Sam. – Mayo 2-15 Tyrone 0-14

  63. No problem @seamusthornton, happy to help and hope your uncle gets what he’s entitled to. That would be right and just. If you do happen to come across an extra ticket along the way, I’d very gladly buy it off you. WJ has My email. Good luck. I believe my handle is now appropriate after years of being wrong!! Maigh Eo abú is right!

  64. May as well throw my hat in the ring. ST holder since they commenced. Thought the days of begging and ringing for favours were behind us but here we are. What this week has made me realise is how grateful I am for the ST. The stress of this week is not something I missed and hope will not have to face again.
    If anyone has a spare ticket I would love one – Will take one for anywhere in the ground.


    Maigh Eo Go Deo

  65. Mike I’ve no hill to give you but happy to buy the davin ones after having to give my ticket to a priest??

  66. Recently received a message on my phone , have no idea who it is from but it was pointing out someone in Monaghan is trying to sell a ticket for the final on gumtree for 700 Euros , who ever that person is needs the full force of the Garda and the GAA down on him or her

  67. Anyone not up to travelling / fall victim to sickness or any other reason that they cannot go to the final, send your ticket to me for cash payment.

    Big screen confirmed today in Ballina, but now in Claremorris, what about Castlebar ?

    Will the team travel on Saturday night if victorious, imagine, watching the game outdoors in Castlebar enjoying a few pints and them the homecoming well into the early hours, anybody else here up for this ?

    I am confident on the win but remain very cautious at the same time.

  68. Hello to everyone, travelling from London tomorrow with my bro. On a wing and a prayer on the ticket front but hoping some kind soul will grant us our wish to be in croke park to see Sam being lifted high by the green and red and the saw doctors blasting it out around the stadium. Witnessed it all since 96 it would be unreal to be there when it finally happens. If anyone can help it would brilliant. If not we’ll have the almighty craic anyway. Thank you.

  69. @jimbo. My uncle played for the Garda club in Dublin so I’m not sure what recourse there is to get a ticket directly from them. As for his Connacht and All Ireland medal, he didn’t receive either. I think the concept of a panel was a lot looser back in the early fifties! Even the starting fifteen on All Ireland day had to wait months to receive their Celtic Crosses in the post from what I’ve heard previously. He seems to have quickly fallen out of favour after the Sligo game in any event when the more regular goalkeeper, Wynne, came back on the scene and only played one other game for Mayo – a league game against Longford. As for myself I’m based in Dublin too so won’t get to McHale Park. Thanks for the suggestion though. By the way my thanks to Willie Joe for verifying a lot of this with his meticulous results archive! Maigh Eo Abú…

  70. All the raffles, draws, and phone calls, to beg for elusive ticket, have came up in big duck egg. Still excited, and work a drag, well more than usual. Off point, the RTE ad for match Saturday had hairs standing at the back of neck.

  71. Hi folks, looking to swap 2 Cusack Uppers sitting together (Sect 702 Row J) for 2 Hills if theres anyone here interested.

  72. Hi All,

    Long shot here may but I’ve two lower Hogan section 326. Willing to swap for two upper Hogan or upper Cusack.

    Can meet in Dublin before match.

  73. Im looking to swap a lower hogan for a lower davin
    So i need a lower davin and in exchange i give a lower hogan

  74. Theres simply nothing going anywhere , i swear ive exhausted every single possible avenue i can . im sick to the pit of my stomach , have to admit its spoilt the occasion for me . gut wrenching stuff

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