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Those of you heading over to New York for next Sunday’s Connacht championship opener against the Exiles – where throw-in has been set for 2.30pm local time, which translates to 7.30pm back here in the Old Country – no doubt have your homework done already on ticketing arrangements for the game. I’ve had a few enquiries, though, on this issue and, with perfect timing, the New York County Board have provided details (here) on how and where to get tickets for Gaelic Park and they’ve also included some other handy info about local transportation and so forth.

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  1. So much for the 1st round of the Championship being free on the season ticket. Why was there no mention of the $15 surcharge entrance fee when we bought the season ticket? What is the Connaught Council directive? I know it is only $15 but it feels like a “shake-down” with the attitude being “sure they’ve come this far they are not going to grumble about $15 on top of all the other expenses!” Do we even bother bringing the season tickets for scanning, and, is it $15 per ticket, or per head?

  2. I would advise anyone heading over to buy a weekly MTA card for about $29. Get the 1 train uptown and hop off at 238th st which is only about 2 blocks from Gaelic Park. If your feeling a bit thirsty after the journey uptown, the Punch Bowl is at the bottom of the steps of the subway! I’d also advise everyone going to the match, things work a bit different over there, they make a day of it. Gates open at 10am, first match at 10.30am. Get there EARLY, its a small ground and they WILL close the gates when full! If its anything like 2009 too, bring sunscreen, I got scalded burnt the last time!

  3. I agree with mayo.mick…..and yeah the metrocard is great value. What day is everyone heading and for how long? I know a few who went over this weekend. Heading Thursday morning myself and 3 others from Dublin on the united flight to Newark at 9:00am and back the following Friday…looking forward to it.

  4. Ah ye’re making me sad.was there in 04 and 09, but with two sons weddings only months apart, will have to give it a miss.
    Thankless twits, no consideration .

  5. I’m heading over on Friday morning, back Monday night so a flying visit unfortunately. I fully anticipate being a broken woman by Tuesday!

    Fully agree with you Pebblesmeller on the above – and Croke Park explicitly said only a matter of weeks ago that this game was covered with the season ticket, so I’d love to hear their take on this “Connacht Council Directive”. The New York fixture is obviously outside the remit of the championship proper in the eyes of both parties, as the Connacht Council are responsible for pricing, yet they obviously can’t set rogue pricing for games in Ireland. I don’t, however have the inclination or energy for another battle with HQ 🙂 Definitely bring the season ticket though – that $10 is better in your pocket!

    I reckon they did the sums and calculated just how much they’d be missing out on by not charging season ticket holders. The thing is, It’s not that I begrudge the $15, or even the $25 – it’s the poor communication that gets to me. In this day and age, there is no excuse for the confusion and it’s led unnecessarily to bad feeling. Again …

  6. yeah I agree Anne Marie…as you said, its not the 15 bucks however they could have made that clear early on. Plus I think it shoud count as attendance for those who are season ticket holders.
    On the bright side of things…I’m dragging three of the kids with me, and they get “free” admission. Great value, considering they are very “loud” supporters and dare I say it “cheerleaders ;- )
    We’ll be on the lookout for the club 51 contingent. Weather here this week is dodgy..unsettleed up to Friday…but the weekend looks grand, 60’s with a chance of showers.

  7. Fond memories of 09. Ya bring plenty dollars and throw them round sure by the time you’ve had the few beers and burgers after the match, the admission fee will be like small change. Was there for the SF last Aug and paid $20 a head for 5 of us to watch it in E Rooneys pub .. cheap in aint!

  8. Regarding season tickets and admission to the NY game, as I recall in 2011 there was free admission to the second Mayo game of the championship [first actually played in Connacht]. It would be most unfair to the vast majority of supporters who cannot travel if the NY game was the one which counted for free admission. I wasn’t in London in 2011 either and don’t know what the position for admission was but I do not think that either Connacht, London or NY could afford free admission while Croke Park would not be for giving anything extra to Connacht over other counties.

  9. AndyD, both the London and New York match’s were always free as was the next championship match Mayo are in. In 2009 we got in free in Gaelic Park, in 2011 we got in free in Ruislip, (and again in 2012 I went over for the Leitrim match, got in free with my Mayo season ticket!) As Anne Marie said, its the lack of communication that bugs me. I don’t begrudge them the $15 either! Can’t blame them really, 2500 season ticket holders expected there. Lot of bucks to be loosing out on if Croke Park are not reimbursing them for the season tickets!

  10. Ah the Punch Bowl…..I had a great evening in there in 2004. Was completely buckled by the time I came out then up to MacLean Ave for more punishment. Pace yourselves……firing back bottles of beer is easy compared to drinking pints, but all of a sudden it will hit you

    And another thing, cops are not Guards….any backchat and you’ll find yourself a free bed for the night…with some rather unsavory cell mates (this happened to a few “hardy bucks” in 2004 and I would hate to see anyone else get caught out)

  11. Flying Thursday morning and back on Monday night. Should definitely bring the old ST Pebbles, or you will be paying the 25 dollars!

  12. Not going! Have never been! And unlikely to ever go! All I can say is sh*t.
    Enjoy it lads and lassies………….and ah …….don’t forget to bloody win the damn thing!
    Bon voyage.

  13. AndyD,
    “while Croke Park would not be for giving anything extra to Connacht over other counties”
    You are right, however, at the same time they bend over backwards to accomodate the Dubs by making the HQ of the GAA the home venue of Dublin football (whatever happened Parnell Park?) and handing over GAA funded centres of excellance to the Dublin county board???
    Beyond the Pale again lads, I think.

  14. Thanks Digits and Anne-Marie. I will bring the ST so. Anyway, it’s not like going Ryanair where you are weighing the breakfast you eat that morning for fear of being charged for overweight!! Plenty of room in the big case when you consider all that’ll be in it is a spare pair of jocks and a toothbrush 🙂
    A tip for anyone travelling. The old trick of tying a Mayo wristband to the handle of the case for identification purposes will have to be rethought, every second case coming off the carousel in JFK/Newark will have Mayo colours on it.
    To those not making the trip over will ye keep an eye on the place while we’re gone and make sure someone is throwing a glance in at Hyde Park every now and again, those hoors will be licking their lips come June 8th.

  15. Ha Ha Pebblesmeller…..I’ll have to take the Mayo wristband of my case, I never thought of that.

  16. Lucky hoors. Cant go. 2 many trips abroad already planned this year. May go to Tullamore on Saturday instead! I cant help but like our neighbours despite what they may think of us!

  17. Good tip Pebblesmeller, I was only thinking of that last night!
    I have solved the problem already by adding two 😛
    See ye in NYC folks – safe travels to those of you taking to the skies today – have the place ready for us!

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