Ticketing details for quarter-final

We should know later on this evening who we’ll be facing in the All-Ireland SFC quarter-final at Croke Park tomorrow week but ahead of this the County Board have issued ticketing details for the game (three games, in fact, with the minors’ quarter-final against Armagh throwing in at noon, followed by the senior match involving Kerry at two and finally our one at four).

Full details on how to get tickets (both for Cairde Mhaigheo members and for others) are here.

14 thoughts on “Ticketing details for quarter-final

  1. Cork are absolutely shite, if we dont beat them by ten points I will be amazed

  2. Terrible game…Cork better than on Munster final but how many time did Sligo give the ball away? Shocking.
    I would never underestimate Cork but If we bring our A game it’s hard to see us bring beat.

  3. We need to cover their short kick-outs – and deal with, O’Neill, Kerrigan and a couple of their more experienced players who love Croker.
    But agree with you Corick Bridge, they shouldn’t seriously trouble us next weekend if our backs continue to improve, we select the best midfield pair and JH lines-out the best available forward line from the start.
    Wyes lady presenter on Sky just called it an “impressive performance” from Cork – will please for the Barbie Doll fan club!

  4. Wouldnt take Cork for granted.Arrogance is not a good trait…Cork did well against a poor Sligo but you can only beat what is in front of you.
    Think Rachel Wyse is awful and it grates you have to have Sky to see games.

  5. Corrick bridge if we beat cork by 10 points I ll be amazed. Cork did what they had to do won pulling up and if we approach this match in such an arrogant manner we will be out in 8 days time . Hopefully our team and management will not be so arrogant and if we approach this properly we should win. Our past record against cork would suggest we would be foolish to take them lightly. Perfect result from cork perspective today.

  6. I think to win just once galway are showing that mayo are not so bad, just have faith, I dont see what jh or mayo has done wrong so far, we may not be good enough, but I think we wont be far away

  7. I actually enjoy the sky coverage, beats the Punch and Judy show on RTE any day. Cork are not a bad outfit but I’d expect us to overrun them around the middle third, over confidence is to be avoided though. Does no one any good. Cork will set up defensively against us and try hit us on the break. We need to get ahead early and draw them out of that formation because unlike Roscommon and Galway, O’Neill, Goulding, Hurley and Kerrigan will not kick silly wides from scoreable positions and let us off the hook on counter attacks.

    Doherty and Kevin Mac will be crucial to win midfield breaks and keep the pressure on cork. Galway demolishing Tipp, could they trouble Kerry next week??

  8. Galway turning it on this evening.

    I like their forward movement and first time kick passes in.

    We need a lot more of that and with Freeman and Sweeney inside with Cillian showing for first time balls. That would be heading in the right direction v Cork.

  9. Hope to be there next week I think we will win but I would be cautious of cork I think it will be close 2 – 3 points

  10. Go easier on Rachel, Mayobornandbred. Would you rather look at Pats helmut head or Brolly in the corner salvating like a weasel in heat. We need to to come out of the cave man and stop dragging our knuckles against the earth. That aul knuckle dragging stuff cost me a clean fortune in hand moisturiser but me pinkies are as soft now as a babys behind. Just ask Rachel.

    Hi, My name is Joe and I’m a recovering knuckle dragging caveman.

  11. Joe, you’re a soft touch!
    Barbie looks and soft hands aside, I bet she was never at a GAA match until she started researching for the Sky Interview and it shows.
    Even the Dubs wouldn’t rate Blackrock as a heartland of the GAA.

  12. Cloud9, I’m just having the craic on a lazy Saturday evening. I know that Rachel wasn’t chosen as a presenter based on her GAA background. I’d be surprised if she even passed within a country mile of a GAA ground in her entire life time.

    Look Cloud9, if you email your address I will forward you some hand moisteriser and an open invitation to the next Knuckle Dragger Anonymous meeting. It only works if you work it.

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