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  1. Thank god for the Croke Park season ticket. No hassle chasing tickets, just open an e-mail and off you go to the stand. For €85 it has been a godsend the last few years.

  2. A Limerick person told me to stay away from the covered (Mackey Stand) as the view is terrible. Not the first time I heard that comment either. Not trying to put ye of but just passing the info.

  3. Tickets.ie only selling terrace tickets at moment. Disaster re bringing youngish kids to match. GAAconcerned about young supporters my a.–e.

  4. Don’t forget the clampers will be in operation and usally takes two hours to exit the jetland on match days. Woodies a no go and minimum on street parking with disks. On street without disk or on grass and you will get clamped.

  5. Listening to Alan Milton on newstalk…my blood is boiling. This is the GAA sticking two fingers up to Mayo. Simple.

  6. Quote from Liam O’Neill in the Times –

    “The history of it is that people initially question, then they accept the decision and get on with it. I’m sure that Mayo are long enough in the game at this level to know that it’s in their best interests to get on with it and play the game and qualify for the final and hopefully, for them, end their barren spell.”

    I didn’t think my anger levels could rise, but good man Liam, you’ve achieved the impossible. It’s a downright ignorant statement to make and should be pinned to the wall in Limerick on Saturday.

    Basically we don’t give two continental fucks about Mayo.

  7. Wow what a patronising statement;

    “The history of it is that people initially question, then they accept the decision and get on with it,” said O’Neill. “I’m sure that Mayo are long enough in the game at this level to know that it’s in their best interests to get on with it and play the game and qualify for the final and hopefully, for them, end their barren spell.”

    The Mayo players should pin this to the wall of the dressing room, this is what your President thinks of you!


  8. I would normally be one to overlook much of the GAA’s somewhat hairy arsed approach to stuff, but this is a display of breathtaking arrogance that is quite remarkable even by Liam O’Neill’s low standards.

  9. Does anyone know if there is time for mayo to appeal lees red card to a yellow before sunday?

  10. So bloody angry about this. I know we should just be focusing on the game and getting the win at this stage, but I am fuming. What an ignorant, petty statement from O’Neill. Breathtaking arrogance from HQ on the back of a year of stupid behaviour.

  11. Thanks, Mick – was just about to post how to do this. Alternatively, a direct link to yesterday’s audio is here. I also put links to the audio reports in along with the match reports in the results section of the site so you’ll always find them there too.

  12. I certainly agree that the ruling elite in Croke Park need the reins tightened on them. Unfortunately counties have surrendered their influence and Central Council is now just a rubber stamping body with all decisions being made by small elite committees selected by the President. And when you get a President as arrogant as Liam O’Neill this is what you get. He has already tried to screw Scor making changes without consulting anybody involved in Scor down the years.
    It is essential that motions be introduced by clubs at county conventions next winter preventing 1] TV rights for any games being sold exclusively to pay TV stations like Sky. There might have been a case for Sky to serve exiles in the past but with the launch of GAAGO [at the same time as the Sky deal] it no longer exists. If Sky want to show the games fine but let them share the rights with non pay TV.
    2] Croke Park being leased for non GAA events which limit the use of the grounds for GAA games for the months of July/Aug/Sept.
    It is up to each one of us, in whatever club we are involved in, whither in Mayo or elsewhere, to get the issues raised within our club and on the agenda for the county convention.

  13. No seated tickets available on the GAA website – absolutely no consideration of the young or elderly from the GAA. What an absolute shambles, taking everyone to a shithole stadium for such a big match. Shameful shameful stuff from the GAA.

  14. http://cdn4.independent.ie/incoming/article30533698.ece/684c1/ALTERNATES/h342/GAA001.jpg

    Nobody on here are anywhere else question the heart and passion of these bunch of lads. If you do you are fools and not worthy to be from Mayo. I was paging through the Indo this morning in the Skylon and was shocked to see my face. I t just encapsulates to me the very essence of what it means to be a proud Mayo man. I was lost in that moment after Cillian took that penalty. I was for that moment free of everthing. It could have been anybody and I would feel the same way. Every fibre that I possessed in that moment was released from some depths inside I will never understand. Those bunch of lads out there yesterday draw out me all tjhe awkwardness and insecurities and replace them with a sense of freedom that has been captured in frame.

    A primal roar.

  15. Incredible statement, very unprofessional and totally disrespectful, especially given his position. I agree we need to turn our full attention to the game now. Good to hear Cillian on the radio looking ahead already. Sure, this decision, statement, etc, could act as ammo for us for Saturday, but I wouldn’t linger on it too much. I am sure that the players have moved their full focus away from this already.
    On the football side of things, Kerry brought an edge to this game, and fair play to them for doing so, especially in the first half. I’d fully expect that our lads will be fully intent on settling any scores (fairly) from yesterday. I thought Boyler was really targeted for a good part of the first half. I believe this is the type of energy we need to be bringing on Saturday rather than letting ourselves get too distracted by things out of our control. The game should be our total focus now. We have lots to get right still if we’re to progress.

  16. Time to forget about the venue disappointing as it is.
    Huge match in 5 days time. Need to ensure we outnumber them on the terraces like yesterday. Great times to be a mayo supporter. On a separate note, Liston wrote awful shite in the independent today!

  17. In fairness the Gaelic grounds is a good venue and the playing surface is great so its not a shithole. The game is happening there now so lets get on with it and pack the place full of green and red jerseys. I think we will outnumber the Kerry fans again!

  18. O’Neill is in a league all of his own. He has a love affair with the camera. He is always promoting the Corporate line in relation to the organisation. His disposition is highly arrogant and insulting. Clearly he has already forgotten the people who backed his appointment to his current position. Most of them were ordinary decent GAA folk that had the best interest of the association in mind and deserved better from their appointee. Instead he shows no regard for the people at the coalface. The army of small communities and volunteers who backbone his organisation. Does he remind you of anyone in politics in Ireland?

  19. If anybody is familiar with the Gaelic Grounds and able to give accurate information re parking facilities / parking fees etc it would be appreciated by a lot of people, I am sure. Hopefully anybody parking at or after 4 pm in the vicinity and paying should be ok.

  20. Peter46 I would be surprised if we are not heavy outnumbered on Saturday. In the short periods I spent in Limerick I have found that half the population of that city is made up of people from Tipp, Kerry, and Clare. The Yerra’s in the north county are only across the road from Limerick. They are well prepared for the best seats, and parking around the ground compared to ourselves. They got a wakeup call on Sunday afternoon from a game Mayo side and will be looking to even up the battle for the 16th man IMO

  21. Listening to second captains revivew of match Shane Curran for president of gaa would put it up to corporate mandarins that now run croke park an entity that is completely separate from grass roots members.

  22. I just watched the match on the telly. I think we will have learned bigger and more important lessons than Kerry.
    1. The biggest of them is that we need to play without fear, inhibition or undue caution or respect for anyone.
    2. Win the middle third of the field
    3. Figure out how to cope with the long ball into the square – I’m afraid Caff got a bit of a roasting throughout the game.

  23. That’s for sure Willie Joe.

    These bunch of lads out there. I have no words for them. When all the stats and cribbeen is all stripped away. This is what it means. This is what it meant to my father all those years when I was too young to understand. The flag he’d put up in the garden. The hole is still there, though we are all gone. “Is she straight Mam, Is she flying straight”

    I’d love to tell him, to let him know up there, “She’s flying straight Dad and she’s flying true and I know now what you meant. You’d be proud Dad of these lads of that I’m sure.

  24. I see some twits [and probably some twats] are pointing out that the American football has been organised for up to a year. Maybe so but All Ireland semifinals have been organised and dates set for several years now. Unless somebody is totally incompetent replays must be factored in also. Is it just coincidence that the American football is fixed for next Saturday, not the following one. That would involve inconveniencing the Dubs if they were in a replay so you can be sure that was ruled out.

  25. Let’s get on with it . Club agms are the only way to get motions through . Let’s turn Gaelic pk into a big piece of Mayo for the evening . Get in early and go crazy from 4.30 on .
    Hon mayo

  26. Well, we have survived again, only just. It has to be put on record that the second half
    on Sunday last was probably the finest performance of any Mayo team for fifty years.
    and with fourteen men.
    For me there is one basic problem still with this team, and that is the Full-forward position.
    Too many balls arrived in that position and there was nobody home to fetch it.
    Like Donnaghy did for Kerry, only once, and that was enough.
    Maybe it is time to give Barry Moran a chance in that position, after all James Horan has tried a few others.
    Cathal Henry.

  27. Well put Joe ruane, i think we all shared in a magic spell yesterday! The supporters should be proud of the team and themselves, it was awesome stuff!

    As Joe brolly ( he’s not all bad) said this game will get Mayo back into battle mode, which wasn’t there this year.
    Abandon the sweeper and go for it from the off..

  28. I am so angry that the Mayo and Kerry County Boards are so spineless and indifferent to the toll that a 6-day turnaround will have on their respective players. The GAA appears to be a club of ‘yes men’ where you dont rock the boat – close ranks and to hell with those whom they serve – now what other organisation would that remind you of?
    My main concern is the 6-day turnaround however another disturbing factor is the preferential tratment being afforded to Dublin and Donegal by guaranteeing them a replay in Croke Park while banishing the Culchies to Limerick. Whatever happened to parity of esteem in the GAA?

    Where is the players representative organisation when it is most needed – does it not purport to have player welfare as its raison d’etre?

    Wake up people and boycott next Saturday’s farce – hopefully the players will take the lead from all of us concerned for their welfare – the evidence suggests the GAA hierarchy dont give a damm.

    Attending next Saturday for me would be tantamount to going to the Colosseum – no way.

    Finally my graritude to the other ‘Mayo exile’ for the gracious response to my post yesterday (Sunday)

  29. If donaghy starts or is brought on then Barry Moran starts or is brought on. Barry’s sole purpose is to mark
    Him. Caff just cannot compete with him in the air. Brady did a Job on him in 06 when he was in his prime. Barry can do the same. None of our current backs can compete with him in the air. A mid fielder has to track him. Simple as that. Anything else and we will
    Be in trouble again. He is going to
    Go to the edge of the square. We cannot make the same mistake again.

  30. – Venue does not matter, it’s a field with grass, white lines and goal posts. There are mechanisms for the County Boards to ensure that two Provincial winners are never treated like this again but that is for another day. No excuses about the venue.

    – Referees rarely actually change the result of a match, the only team that were robbed by a brutal refereeing decision was Louth again Meath when Joe Sheridan got that “try”. No issue with Reilly or really any referee they have a tough job and they will get calls wrong but they rarely if ever cost a team a match. No excuses on the refereeing front.

    – A 6 day turnaround is the same for Kerry as for Mayo there are no more hours in the Kerry day than in the Mayo one. No excuses on the 6-day turnaround.

    I watched the full match again this evening as you know how you miss things when you are actually at the game. Anyhow confirmed my initial thoughts that
    – Donnacha Walsh played hell for the first 50 mins even with Leroy was on the field, he got too much ball.
    – David Moran was left free time and time again, whoever is marking him the next day needs to mark him and track back. Two great points but not a hand laid on him.
    – Aidan O’Shea must have been fouled about 25 times and no yellow cards issued for any of the fouls on him ??
    – Donaghy as predicted on this blog came on and while he did not score a goal he made one. Plan A for him did not work, Plan B and Plan C needed. You could expect to see Sheehan also get a spell in at FF the next day.
    – Andy needs to start, he has more Authority than Alan F.
    – Caff was in trouble with cramp before Donaghy ever went into the FF line so that should have been sorted a bit quicker.
    – We are the better team
    – We had the best support
    – Go for it in Limerick and let’s take over as much of the terrace and stands as possible and start that Mayo roar at 4:30 so those guys in the dressing room hear us before they see us.

  31. Guys, this replay will have caught a lot of people out (planning wise) who may have other unavoidable commitments this weekend. Anyone with season tickets, please don’t opt out of this match. If you cant go, please give your ticket to another Mayo supporter. We need to take over the gaelic grounds next Saturday! There are 4400 season tickets/cairde and that will fill the covered stand (which I believe there is a very poor view from as seats are not steep enough) Tickets have sold out in one of the other stands all ready, buy early and buy often!! Make sure also to bring a #seaofgreenandred

  32. I just watched The Sunday Game now as I didn’t get to see it last night. I thought that our lads seemed to be more up beat in the post match interviews. Eamonn Fitzmaurice looked more disappointed. We were down to 14 players and they couldn’t beat us so surely that must give us a psychological boost. I reckon we have more room for improvement as well. A lot more of their players played close to their best than ours did. This game will really stand to us in terms of moving up to another level. They have already got up to a higher level than we have this year in the game against Cork so we have a great chance to move up another gear in the replay. The winner will be all the better for the extra game, in the final, fingers crossed that will be us!

  33. Mayo mock. Thanks for putting me on to willie joes audio. I had an image of willy joe as a judicial old gent who wouldn’t take any bullshit but when I hear him speak I hear a no nonsense young gent who won’t take any bullshit. It’s a confident voice that tells me were going to eat Kerry this time. Up mayo

  34. Hi All,
    I will probably be killed for pointing this out and I honestly do think its a disgrace that you are not playing the replay in Croker but the last semi final to be played outside of Croker was the Dubs v Cork in 1983 and we played it in Cork (and I just have to mention we won). I will never understand why that replay was not at a neutral venue but that is not important to you all as you are rightly annoyed by the venue but don’t forget one thing…..Kerry actually don’t have a great record over the recent years playing in that ground….best of luck and see you in September I hope.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  35. Actually in shock that a poster would recommend boycotting the game. so proud of the lads and support on Sunday. replay will do us the world of good. get all our ducks n a row for the 3rd Sunday. on another note, thought gibbons had a v. poor performance, lost alot of simple ball. Fair play to Horan, thought he got the subs spot on! delighted with the reception dillon got leaving. looking at all our backs, feeney really seems like the best replacement for leeroy if the card sticks. Delighted to see mikey sweeney get a run. final point…. barry moran is a brill club mid-fielder, unlucky with injuries and sometimes struggles with inter county pace imo, any game he has played ff for mitchels, well it hasn’t worked. yes he’s a giant, but not a natural forward. to suggest him as man marker for Star, I.e. full back….. I’ve heard it all! Mayo by at least 5, can’t wait!!

  36. Yes, all focus now in the game and positive stuff!:))

    Where do ye think we need to improve? Fact is we played well below par in 1st half, credit must go to Kerry for that too though. I’d expect bigger games next day from the Doc and Kev. Need to see freezer be more aggressive. He’s at his best when he really goes all out!

    Will Chrissy Barrett come in produce a performance like Tyrone last year? He was well off the pace in his last outing for us but granted he was rusty.

    What about gibbons? Looked off pace too? He can do better.

    Caff…needs his mojo back! C’mon Ger… We all believe in you!!

  37. Think Barrett and Parsons will start this time. Any word on the Keegan appeal?
    By the way, thought Donnacha Walsh’s behaviour last Sunday was appalling. He made David Coldrick’s mind up for him and he should be ashamed. If Lee had floored Buckley or really hurt him, then maybe he could be excused, but seeing as how Buckley certainly wasn’t hurt and never reacted to Lee’s indiscretion, Walsh’s behaviour was inexcusable.
    Very confident that Mayo will finish the job this Saturday. Donaghy going up against a fit Cafferkey might be a very different story!

  38. Just read an idea someone mentioned on FB, all mayo supporters bring big red cards, maybe ( sneak a few green as well ) and point then at O Neill, ( could also be used instead of flags #bringthecolour #bringthenoise. #isfeidirlinn

  39. Up until I found out who the ref was, I believed that Barry Moran would be the best man to mark Donaghy but apparently Reilly has a long memory and this might include Barry. Would Gibbons be a better option ?

  40. I got two tickets for the Clare end. I did not see any tickets for sale that involve a seat? Yet this is supposed to be a suitable alternative to Croke Park? I am glad we are still in it but this and the late throw in will not make for an easy day for Mayo supporters. Hope we get the result this time.

  41. Mayo Exile,
    With the timing of fixtures a six day turnaround is sometimes inevitable. For example if Donegal and Dublin draw next Sunday they have to replay the following Sat, the evening before the hurling final. If a replay is postponed until the following weekend then the winner has only a week to the final. So what’s sauce for the goose etc. However having to go to Limerick because of an American football game is the real joke. For many business people in Limerick having over 40,000 people arriving for a football match on a Saturday afternoon cannot be something they will welcome either. Some Munster people I spoke to today were of the opinion that Thurles would be a much better venue with better facilities all round. It would however be much worse from an access point of view for Mayo people. They did not however have any complaints about the view from the Mackey Stand. Makes one appreciate the comfort of MacHale Park with its all seating set up. It is I believe the only stadium in the country other than Croke Park and Aviva which has that facility

  42. AndyD coonagh shopping centre at the roundabout on the way in would be the best if you plan on going straight home after the match you have a choice of going straight back onto motorway or if traffic held up go straight across by the flying club and onto the motorway if you plan on going into the city probably be best to park in the city and walk get a bus or taxi out to Gaelic grounds.

  43. @horans brigade…..I agree with you on Donacha Walsh, it was despicable and thuggish behavior in itself!
    But , Ger is no match for Donaghy, he couldn’t handle Geaney fcs. Take a gander at the stats I posted on MOTM thread, you’ll see.
    Long story short, if Donaghy plays or is introduced, it changes two thirds of how we setup.

  44. Bought a ticket on tickets.ie for the Clare end terrace last night and will get my Cairdre Ticket too. Anyone have drums? Lets create a carnival atmosphere. Get in there early and make our presence felt.

    I truly believe us fans play a part in helping the team over the line.

  45. Has anyone bought tickets for the North Stand yet? Seems like they haven’t been released as they could hardly have sold out that whole stand already.

  46. The stand tickets are being issued to Cairde and season ticket holders as well as the Kerry equivalent.

  47. GBXI – I would imagine north stand tickets are being held for the clubs. Only a certain number of tickets go on general sale.

  48. Liam, I’m talking about the North Stand across from the roofed Mackey Stand (which is where the Cairdre and season ticket holders will go). Steve, that must be the case all right, forgot that they didn’t all go on general sale.

  49. Hi all… long time reader but first comment!! Just got an email from pigsback.com for deal in Auborn Lodge in Ennis 1 night b&b for 2 people for €69… might be handy for anyone who do not want to travel back the whole way after the game!!

  50. Yep lets go with this now and make it a mental occasion , drums, bodhrans, fog horns, smoke bombs , banners, flags, noise , noise and more noise. Im convinced crowd helped the team last sunday, lets double the effort , if nothing else sure it ill be mighty craic.

  51. North stand tickets came up on tickets.ie about 1 o’clock yesterday but have disappeared since. If they aren’t taken up by clubs/cairde, will they go back on general sale? More Mayo in Clare or City End?

  52. Hi everybody, Its great to be still in the championship, but its hard to listen to bullshit, Where did Liam O’Neil get his geography lessons from? Limrick borders Kerry and Mayo fans onl;y need to travel trough the second biggest county in Ireland ‘Galway’ and then ‘ Clarre’ to get there, ‘Half Way’ my arse! Still I’ll be there in the ‘Gaelic Ground’ and its a very fine ground, if not quite Croker! Lets have the same state of mind as the team displayed following ‘Leroy’s ‘ sending off. Fair play to the youngsters from Mayo in the lower Cusack last Sunday, who acted as cheer leaders to get the whole Mayo Crowd into a crescendo of noise. Great to hear it, all we were missing was ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’ for an encore. Lets hope they are as farmilar with that song in Limrick as no doubt they are of ‘The Rose of Tralee’ Of course she (The Rose) is supporting Mayo now as well. Back to the football, both Andy Moran and Alan Dillon showed the nation last Sunday their are far from finished. Fantastic to see it, They had their doubters earlier in the year, I was one of them but am delighted to see them put up a display like they both delievered last Sunday. Two questions. Will ‘Leroy get the red resended? if not who will replace him? Feeny? Any Takers!

  53. Well there are about 6 options for the no. 5. Kevin Mc worked well & he started off playing there for Mayo, Chris B or Harrison maybe the most mobile of the specialist backs but there’s a case for Keane also. Richie I think has mostly played in the forwards in recent years & as lads coming back into team (Parsons excluded) have shown, top 4 intercounty is at such a fast pace the last 3 years it’s hard to get the head up to speed so I’d be inclined to go for Barrett who wouldn’t be under as much pressure as in the corner, otherwise Kevin Mc who’s totally up to speed & great marauding potential with Feeney or Gibbons or A.N. other in the half forwards.

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