Ticketing details for semi-final

Mayo flag All-Ireland final 2013

I just got back this afternoon from a long-haul work trip and we’re off out the door heading for Kerry in the morning (I really don’t know if I’m coming or going at this stage) so this needs to be a quick one. Which it is, as it’s just to remind you of the ticketing details issued by the County Board for the All-Ireland minor and senior semi-finals against the Kingdom on Sunday week. As is now standard practice, separate arrangements will be in place for ticket sales to Cairde Mhaigheo members and for everyone else – full details are here.

8 thoughts on “Ticketing details for semi-final

  1. Anyone impacted by lack of trains on sat sun.Dont think luas or dart running either.Thanks Irish rail…dont know why gaa supporters have to suffer.

  2. Got sorted with my Cairdre Ticket during the week…Lower Hogan section 330 so all good 🙂

    The fact there are no trains will mean much extra traffic on the road to Dublin. I usually drive right into the city but I know plenty who park in Maynooth and get the train in who won’t be able to do that.

    Remember those of you taking the N5, the Longford marathon is starting at 8:30 that morning too so allow extra time.

  3. Crikey had not realised strike was next weekend.That is a low blow.
    Traffic will be wicked . Anyone any ideas how to beat it? Corduff travel will be very much in demand!
    Could Kerry lads park out near the Red Cow and run in the rest of the way- sure aren’t they as fit as fiddles? Or maybe Kerry should wait for the final seeing that theyre going to ace the Semis anyway?

  4. I may be wrong but I don’t think the Luas is affected by the strike as it’s not part of CIE.
    Maybe the Kerrymen [and women] could run as far as the Red Cow and take the Luas in to town.
    Notice too how those nice CIE people did not bother striking for the Donegal v Dublin match. No trains to Donegal anyway. The two all Ireland finals are in their plans, however.

  5. I have me season tickets and seats in section 304 secured, but wanted to avail of the “bring a friend” option. Long story short, I missed the deadline, so I caled HQ. The girl was nice and all but she told me that even if I had met the dealine, and got the “bring a friend”, my tickets would all have been in the Davin stand, section 714 i think she said…not that the davin is bad, I was there for the final last year and had a grand view, but she said they are expecting a big crowd…the only seats availabe in the Cusask are upper tier.

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