Ticketing details for semi-final

The County Board have issued details on ticketing arrangements for the All-Ireland semi-final, full details here. The ticket office in MacHale Park will be open for orders from clubs and Cáirde Mhaigheo members from next Monday (August 12th) with tickets going on sale to the general public the following Monday (19th). Stand tickets are priced at €40 (€5 for juveniles) for the semi-final, where, of course, both the minor and senior teams will be in action on the day.

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  1. Got mine immediately after the 1/4 final. We had them ordered before we had even left Croke Park!

    Hopefully Mayo can get a good following inside the stadium for both games. Once again I felt we were hugely outnumbered by the Donegal fans last weekend and after that performance the Mayo players at both levels deserve to have the fans behind them cheering them on all the way

  2. Yep,we were outnumbered again last Sunday,almost as much as last September.We sure did out shout the Donegals though but that wasn’t hard because of what was unfolding on the pitch.I think we should be able to outnumber Tyrone at this game.If you are in a position to go to this game and dont then you can never consider yourself a Mayo Supporter.Every Mayo team deserves our support but none more than this,Andy Moran himself let it be known how much it means to the players.With the Minors playing as well there is no excuse.If you cant afford it,fair enough (i can afford it either or last Sunday but made adjustments elsewhere to make it happen) if you have family issues/commitments then again fair enough.Otherwise,get yourself to Croker.

  3. Got my ticket for Croker ill be shouting my heart out.And i managed to get a Galway man to come up with me and cheer us on .If anyone knows these Galway men you will know i done well to persuade one of their own to cross the line.I wonder would it be pushing it to get him into s mayo jersey ? 🙂

  4. 40 Euro and 5 for under 16s is not bad value for a day out especially with the minors there too. I had 40 euro gone in the pup in 3 hours a couple of weeks ago and nothing to show for it only a sore head. ive had alot of people ringing me who havent gone to a match for awhile looking to go to this one so i think we will bring a good crowd. Tyrone have good supporters to so they will be out in mass.

  5. Got my tickets 2 weeks ago. If it was possible, i would have bought tickets for the final as well.
    These players are in it to win and I’m with them every step of the way.

    I believe, Do YOU???

  6. Hope everyone goes.Mayo players deserve that.

    Dont much like Liam Hayes but his article in paper today is timely. Basically he suggests A.O.Shea should avoid nightclubs and keep it low-key. Now Aidan deserves his night out but lowkey might be wise from now on.
    Also expect more crap from turncoat Brolly. TYrone welcome to his advice- with friends like Brolly who needs enemies. THey can ‘talk to Joe’ all they want now that he is their bosom buddy again.

  7. Hayes is at it again, im startin to wonder did he find some buachaill from belmullet in his bedroom some night playing board games with his wife??

  8. hahahahahahaha Juan lovely way of putting it 🙂 I dot really care what anyone says . The pundits can say what they want other teams can say what they want. The lads are professional they wont be boddered by what anyone outside the camp thinks.

  9. Did anyone notice , as my son pointed out to me last Saturday night, not one Mayo player was on twitter all week. I checked on Sunday night and quiet a few were back on. These lads had their minds on the job in hand. When they are on it they never mention football except to thank the fans. No distractions it appears.

  10. Got my tks on tues,or should I say my good armagh wife got them. Can’t wait for 25th..those tyrone bucks will be a tricky opponent all that shite brolly started will only make them more determined to go all the way,but as somebody said in an earlier post our boys don’t look at or care who is in their way.step aside or be pushed cos mayo are in no mood to be stopped.17 more sleeps,will Aug 25 ever come? MAIGHEO ABU…

  11. Liam Hates slated us as going nowhere in spring of 2012 and we got to a final. He sounds like he knows what he’s on about but he is quite controversial and often gets his predictions arseways.

    I don’t think we were that outnumbered last week. The yellow jersey of dgal certainly stands out far more than green n red. They shouted louder(initially!) ..as they did last sept but I think alot of our supporters were gripped with fear…, u gotta remember dgal went into hype overdrive last sept ..way more than Mayo did…this was reflected in the way they supported their team.

    Time for us to lose the shackles and shout with self confidence! As Anthony Daly said during the week when asked aboutClare in 95/97…that get Loughnane told them to embrace the fans excitement and hype. Enjoy days like this.

  12. Every fit and healthy man, woman and child from Mayo should be there on the 25th. We were outnumbered last Sunday. You could see how much the place emptied as the Dohertys and Mchughs and Bonners drifted away well before the end of the game and headed back to the hills. The red hand will travel in big numbers too on the 25th. We will need as many troops in the trenches as possible. Dont worry about Liam Hayes or Brolly or big fat bumbling Des. Thankfully they have no influence on the matter at all. They will have to watch on like the rest of us from the sidelines as we force Tyrone to indeed step aside and make a path for us as we are coming through to the final. With focus and correct attitude we will not be stopped. Discipline too. We must not allow ourselves to be dragged down to the gutter displayed in many ulster matches this year of mass brawls and a free for all at half time etc. Very short fuses on them boys from “norn iron” i’ve noticed over the years.

  13. The upper cusack is on stand by and will open if necessary.so the more demand the better.Hope to see huge crowd for match

  14. All the Way……….I loved your reflection on ’89 on the previous thread.

    Like you, I was in the Canal end in ’89….I recall the sheer excitement of that weekend and the craic in run up to it. That was our first final since ’51…..I lived near Dublin, and got the oul fella and me two good Hogan tickets. Brought him up the night before and the two of us headed to the local for a few and to savour the ‘up for the match’ special on Mayo and Cork.

    Because the Da had been there and gloried in the double win in 50/51 (…..and had given me the two mint match programmes which I now pray to most nights !!) I was caught between secretly gazing, proudly and sentimentally, Mayoman to Mayoman, son to father, at the expressions of delight on his face as he watched the various flashbacks, and actually watching the show myself !…..I was purring like a kitten, believing that the next day, come 5 O’Clock, we’d be hugging strangers, as they say…….Little did I know that the quest would go on another two decades……But that night was special, when Johnny McEvoy came on and sang a rousing rendition of The West’s Awake, I looked at the tears going down the oul fella’s face, clenched the fist under the table, and the hairs stood on the back of my neck !!……..That’s my recollection of ’89, regardless of the loss……A pure ’emoto-fest’, caught up in the thrill of it all………..Now imagine if we won it !!!!!!

  15. FW, the reason we appeared to be outnumbered on Sunday, the Kerry supporters were also there, and the difference with the noise levels this time out, our supporters had more to shout about – as against those so called loyal Donegal followers, who berried their heads in their hands – so much for lifting their team.

  16. Lovely post martyk, your words brought back some personal memories to me, a tear to the eye. Great post.

  17. See Pearce Hanley is flying in Australia. Thankfully it looks like we won’t need Pearce this year. If we are lucky enough to win it this year what’s the chances in persuading him to come back to help us to retain it!!!! Now that would be something special.

  18. Great post Marty. Brought back a lot of memories. Tyrone believe they can win this one, I feel it’s ours to loose. Any man woman and child available needs to be there on the 25th, let’s be heard.

  19. Tyrone will be hard beaten.

    They are tough and seasoned but also have absolutely nothing to lose. All the pressure is on us. I thought we would win in 89,96,97,and last year and was hopeful in 2006.
    Still think we can win but only if we play it cool and one game at a time.
    Interesting Jimmy Barry Murphy warning Cork fans about hype- there is little or no hype in Cork.
    We MUST be careful.

  20. I was amazed to see Hanley tweeted saying he didn’t to watch the game v Donegal. I know id be tuned in regardless of where i was.

    As supporters if Mayo GAA our only concern should be with the lads who remain available to play for the green & red. I’ve given up worrying about fellas who’d prefer to earn a living overseas rather than avail of an opportunity to win a SamMaguire for their county.

  21. Re: Jim flag

    Every fit man, woman & child …..

    Jim don’t know if you have noticed but over the last few years money has been very hard to come by in the whole country but especially in Mayo. Following Mayo is a luxury these days, a luxury that a lot of families cannot simply afford. So it’s great that you will be in Croke Park on the 25th but let everyone else support this team in ways which best suits them. There’s enough financial pressure on families these days without adding to it.

  22. Fantastic posts All the way and Marty K … Wouldn’t it be amazing if our children had these memories in years to come …. Did u see my Dad on top of the clock tower behind ye by any chance 🙂 ? was in the hogan stand surrounded by cork supporters was a bit of an overcast day i think my first trip to HQ I rem the ticket situation was crazy and didn’t think I’d get to go … Can still see the smile on my Dads face when he gave me the golden ticket that morning …. Im sure he would have got it from the club and the canal end ( God knows where that one came from ) for me but he wouldnt let me In canal end by myself ( no place for a 16 year old girleen) Don’t think he knew then what a fanatic he had created …. Is it nearly the 25th yet????

  23. Me only being a young gosser, I unfortunately have no such memories of ’51, ’89 or ’96. I have had to relive these from the point of view of my father. In fact, my earliest ever memory was when I was four. We were heading up to Croker to see Mayo face Cork. The family was divided – my dad from mayo, my mother from Cork. Much of that day was and is a blur to me, however the one thing that stands out to me is the sheer, overwhelming shock that first hit me when you see Croker in the flesh. This has to be the year.

  24. Sorry I’m new on this blog but I have to ask: is this THE Willie Joe Padden doing the posts?

  25. Some great memories and great posts about 1989 and it’s no wonder the County went mad after all those years in the wilderness. It was the rebirth of mayo football as one poster noted. For a lot of us,it was our first experience of an All-Ireland final.

    Coming out of the barren 70s – no Connacht title between 69 and 81, it was great to win 4 Connachts ( should have been more ) in the 80s and get to that final in 89. The excitement was incredible and even in defeat we were so proud of that team for getting us back to the top table and igniting the dream again.

    Like yourself Marty K, my father was at the 48/50/51 finals and all the recent finals up to last year. I had him at the Castlebar matches this year and I’m hoping if they reach the final ( which I think they will ) to get him to come to Croker because I firmly believe that this is our year. He’s 87 now so it would be great after all those years to share one before he heads for the hills.

    What comes across from the posts is great passion, pride and humour and how much football means to Mayo people and how it’s passed on like the faith ( used to be ) from one generation to another.

    Ah nostalgia, it isn’t what it used to be !

    Where oh where is our John Cuffe ? I miss your wonderfully written musings. You must have something for us ?

    BTW – a point well made and taken,Exiled – times are certainly tough.

  26. Just to add to the 1989 memories, I have a copy of the 1989 Mayo GAA Yearbook in my possession and the back cover has a great crowd shot, in which there’s a banner that reads “The Red Army Falls to Paddenstroika”.

    I was there, in the Canal End, in ’89 but as I was out of the country at that time it was the only match I saw them play that year and I missed all of the hoopla surrounding it. As some others have noted, it was one we could have won but Cork pulled away easily enough after the scare we gave them with the goal we got and the one we didn’t get. The one searing memory I have of the day was the sheer amount of Mayo colour in Croke Park – we’d had support there in 1985 (I was away for ’88 too so I very know little about the Meath semi-final that year) but it was nothing on this scale and and wasn’t anything like the colour we brought to HQ in ’89. Losing it didn’t seem like the end of the world either – getting to a final was such a huge step forward for us then and being part of the big day seemed to be enough in itself. Innocence, eh?

  27. Folks,

    Thanks for adding to ’89 nostalgic flashbacks…You have me shivering now with expectation !!

    Forgive for my emotive recalls there, but I’m soldering with the Da since the early 70s on the Mayo trail…..We talk of little else !!
    He’s in his 80s now, hanging on in, but sadly not in great physical shape and unable to travel to matches with me now (….our last
    “..hugging strangers…” episode being the immediate aftermath of the 2006 semi after Ciaran Mac put over the winner against the
    Dubs)……..My dream has been not just to win an All-Ireland, but to do it while he’s still with us……To make that call home on the
    mobile under the unbearable din of the Mayo faithful screaming their heads off…

    Forget the millions….that’s truly the lottery I’d like to scoop………that most precious of calls on the mobile….”…business done
    Dad..” !!!!

  28. opt2misteek….how is what I said ‘out of line’??

    A previous poster (Chisel) made reference to Hanley..i merely offered my opinion that our sole concern should be with lads who make themselves available to play for the county. Lads who’d prefer to be playing for Mayo than working overseas. What I said is in no way a reference to lads forced to emigrate due to financial reasons – an entirely different matter.

  29. Think Mayonaze you are very hard on Hanley. He too has to make a living and I am sure he would love to be at home. The Hanleys are true Mayo followers and perhaps you should rethink your post. I take your point about concentrating on the lads on the panel and that is correct but we can do it without running down others.I believe you meant well but perhaps the enthusiasm is getting to us all.

    Chisel- Maybe we should win semi final first before talking of retaining All Irelands? That was a leap O Shea s would have been proud of!

    Marty K- fair play-Class!

  30. Mayonaze you’re out of line by insulting an individual that emigrated to find work,a fine footballer who served club and county and country well, in the jersey.If you are/were county standard and stayed without a job, then fine…but dont look down on people that would love to but cant.

  31. I’m sorry if you feel my opinion is out of line and/or insulting. Firstly, I never said anything insulting. However, I firmly believe that Hanley has (to date) failed to show the same commitment to the county cause as other GAA players. In fact, I think that is abundantly clear from his actions.

    Ive already said that those who emigrate due to financial pressure at home etc, that that is an entirely different matter. Now unless you’re telling me that Hanley had no job/financial prospects at home? A fella lauded from his teens to be the next great hope for Mayo football (alluded to by Colm O’Rourke in 2006 in the Sunday Independent when Hanley was voted ‘player of the tournament’ in the international rules u-17’s – a tournament Shane O’Rourke also participated in) and a clearly fantastic athlete would, in my opinion, have absolutely fantastic prospects.

    Hanley was fully entitled to go to Australia to play a professional sport. However, in doing so I believe it’s fair to “suggest” that his enthusiasm to play for his county is not comparible to someone like Michael Murphy, Seán Cavanagh, Kyle Coney and Ciarán Kilkenny. Now, whether or not all or any of the lattermentioned would have been as sucessful as Hanley is also debateable but all of them, for whatever reason, opted to stay at home and do their utmost to win a Sam Maguire for their county.

    Now, I’m not naive enough to think that these guys weren’t incentified from a financial point of view to remain in Ireland. On this point, I believe the county board failed the county in letting the greatest potential Mayo footballer of his generation and perhaps of all-time, slip away to Brisbane. I believe that if we fail to win an All Ireland while Hanley is still potentially available then Keith Duggan will have another chapter to add to The House of Pain.

    Ive been accussed of being selfish in this argument in the past. Am I selfish? Yes – I am. I’m a fanatical Mayo football supporter. Ive travelled to New York..to London…all over the country…come home early from a J1 in San Fran to get make sure I was in Croke Park in 1999 for the semi…why? To support our team and in the hope to see my county win an All Ireland. I’m a staunch Mayo football fan who wants what’s best for the Mayo football team. Hanley at home is best for my team. So that’s why I firmly believe he should be here.

  32. Absolutely accept youre a fanatical supporter and fair play to you.
    Your points are well made but you actually agree Hanley is entitled to go away and do what he does.I and a lot of Mayo people are very proud of his success. You could be too.Playing for Mayo brings its own rewards.Time to move on.

  33. Of course I agree he is entitled to go away…if I didn’t think that then I think i would be supporting the restriction of freedom of movement. But there is a massive difference between an entitlement to go and an opinion on whether he should have gone.

    I’m sure he is a decent lad and comes from a nice family and all that but, i care as much about his success in australia as i would a lad from swinford climbing the corporate ladder in a commercial enterprise in Melbourne. Not a great deal.

    To be honest, the reality is that a lack of success on his part would in all likelihood result in his return to Ireland and subsequently a return to playing for Mayo. So you can draw your own conclusions from that.

    We’re all Mayo fans right? We all crave an All Ireland yeah? Hanley in a Mayo team adds significant weight to our chances of this. Especially when we are within touching distance of it(its arguable that if he hadnt left we eould have won last Selt!). So from that point of view, any Mayo fan happy( and im not accusing anyone here of being happy that he’s gone )that Hanley is playing for Brisbane and not Mayo, well I would suggest that that person’s passion for the Mayo team mightn’t be as strong as should be.

  34. But yes John… I agree time to move on. I’ve said enough. Over and out on this one.

  35. Wouldnt keep digging that hole if I were you.Support Mayo your way and let Hanley and all others do it their way.Being proud of Mayo extends to more than just winning sam though we all want that too.To begrudge him success is silly.
    Look you are a great supporter….maybe dont be so hard on people you dont know.

  36. This Mayo TEAM is not dependant on any one player. This Mayo team is a team in the true sense of the word There are no prima donnas on this Mayo team. They are all from 1 to 30 parts of the Mayo engine. It is not helpful to look wistfully to the past and the what might have beens. This Mayo team are moving forward and will collectively leave their mark and make us all proud.

    Mayonaze is some supporter and a credit to the county. Hanely made his choices and it will be his loss when all is said and done and the dust has settled and blown again from this great time for Mayo football.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  37. Mayonaze……………Who would you drop from the present panel to make way for PH ?
    Obviously you are lucky enough to have the means to flit from west coast cities to croker and not the need to leave the place and those you love permanently to earn a daily dollar. Mayo supporters are of a varied group and no one is better than anyone. we all simply love the Green and Red even if some can’t afford to support it to the degree that others are privileged to be able to do……………………….
    As a supporter, I am extremely proud of this present Mayo, it is without doubt the finest side I’ve ever witnessed (my blogs of the last 2 years on here will stand to that) and I feel its pedantic and extremely selfish to only want 1 return from this side…………….Am sick of this ‘they have won nothing yet’ brigade…………..Appreciate them, for we’ve been without their like for decades. MaighEo Abu

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