Ticketing details for the weekend’s matches

Mayo GAA have provided handy links for ticketing information relating to all three Connacht club Championship games featuring teams from the county that are taking place this weekend. That’s here.

The Ballina/Corofin game on Saturday will be shown live on RTÉ1 and the Kilmeena/Monivea Abbey match is being streamed live on Sunday (match passes €10) – the link for that is here.

Midwest will have radio commentary on all three matches and we’ll obviously be all over it on the podcast as well, starting with a preview show featuring Kieran Fitzgerald, former Corofin player and current Garrymore manager. That pod will be up on Patreon in a bit.

65 thoughts on “Ticketing details for the weekend’s matches

  1. Starting our championship so late makes a mockery of the split season.
    Who are we accommodating, is it the small number of players that go to America to play football for the summer?

  2. Great ball – there’s no need for that, aiming abuse at a player has no place here. I’ve deleted that comment and please don’t post in that vein here again.

  3. An interesting aspect of this weekend’s Connacht club championship matches featuring three clubs from Mayo and three from Galway, is that of the six teams involved, five come from what could be described as rural areas. Ballina being the obvious exception. In this era of the town teams getting stronger, this is refreshing to see. Best of luck to all the Mayo teams.

  4. Another new pod up on Patreon, in this one Mike looks ahead to the Ballina/Corofin match with Kieran Fitzgerald, former Corofin player and current Garrymore manager.

  5. @Great Ball Aidan O’Shea is an amateur football player who has devoted the last fourteen years of his life to mayo football. He has been their since 2009. A lot of people forget that. I’ve been following mayo for a long time and O’Shea has always given everything in every match. There has been times when he hasn’t been great and times when he’s been excellent. But he’s always given his best. I find it disgraceful that some mayo supporters scapegoat him when he has given so much for us. He owes us nothing and yet still gives everything. A real icon of Mayo Gaa

  6. @ Great Ball
    It’s an article that is, about an article, about a podcast, where the word in the header was selected from a shortlist of words that are deliberately chosen to incite a reaction. The reason being to you anger enough to share it with the entire world. It’s the cold calling of the modern times

  7. Unfortunately, to be classed as a legend of football means one has to have won a few All Ireland’s, not fair I know but it’s a fact, Sport can be cruel, but football has been so cruel to Mayo especially since 2013 as we all know.

  8. There is something special about Mayo players that keep at it, keep going, trying to get over the line, it’s remarkable especially in O Shea’s case, I think we all forget this sometimes. They have given us some of the best days for over 10 years.

  9. I think you are done, Great ball, if that’s the kind of stuff you’d say about someone who has represented his county with distinction for fifteen years.

    I asked you specifically not to post in that vein again and what do you do? Not once but three times. So not only have you no respect for the player in question, you don’t have any for this place either.

  10. Aidan probably won’t be fully appreciated until he hangs up his boots, but he is fully appreciated by me, for one. The way some people go on, you would think that he is soley responsible for Mayo’s failure to win Sam. It is bad enough that he has to be constantly put down by the Bernard Flynns of this world, but to be continuously slated by some of your own, after all you have given, quite honestly I don’t know why he bothers-I don’t think I would-it’s an absolute disgrace. He has given 15 years of unstinting service in the Mayo jersey, put up with all kinds of abuse, on and off the field, always gives 100% and hardly ever misses a game. Some people would need to have a long hard look in the mirror.

  11. Aiden o shea has been great servant to mayo its awful he gets so much abuse from people within and outside of mayo ..and that’s from people who have probably not kicked a ball in their life!

    It takes a lot of commitment for gaa especially inter County. It’ll be a sad day when he retires he was part of the team that’s given mayo some of the best days over the past decade some counties would only ever dream to get to a quarter final and how many semi/finals aidan has helped us get to ??

    yes no all Ireland but its just a game at the end of the day and there is no room for abuse at players that’s not what the gaa is about !

  12. The thing with criticism directed at AOS is I can never work out exactly why he’s always targeted and scrutinised when we lose .

    I still don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more outstanding performance from a mayo player in my 40 years watching than his performance v Donegal in 2013 . Oh I know after the praise came the “ohh Donegal we’re still celebrating from the year befor “. Absolute rubbish , changing narratives to suit your argument is beyond the pale when it comes to GAA . Aiden was sublime that day , flawless .

    Very doubtful he’ll get an all Ireland medal at this stage but the harsh reality is we don’t win all Irelands . He’s been a wonderful personality for Mayo GAA and many a young lad has dreamed of being AOS in Mayo and that means so much to help keeping the fires stoked . Great ambassador and forever a legend in Mayo GAA along with a lot of the players from that era .

  13. Have been following Mayo football since the 60.s, we have always had a star player going back to Joe Corcoran, John Morley, J P Keane, The Mort , K McDonald and now Aiden O Shea for the last 14years. Aiden has been abused by our own supporters as well as supporters from most other counties . He has been fouled and pulled and dragged all over the field by opposition players and never got much from any ref just because he is a big strong man. He never complains about the abuse and after each game has plenty of time for the young fans ( when allowed ) One of the best ever to play for Mayo and will only be appreciated when he has stopped playing.

  14. Yes culmore we usually have a star player and often Aidan O’Shea has been voted Man of the match or close to man of the match on this site but not when he’s playing in Croke Park. Since voting started here Aidan has played 32 times in Croke Park, only once did he get a close second, most of the time he has not been in the top five.

  15. I think it goes on in most counties. Knocking fellas.
    Another guy I could never understand the stick he used to get was Liam McHale. I remember being at Galway Mayo games in the late 80s early 90s and he was an incredible player. For a couple of years virtually unplayable, then you factor in the service he has given his club and the wider county as a coach it really is strange that he gets criticism.

  16. If that’s an accurate stat, Lucero then it’s a really fascinating and interesting one. I’m following Mayo as closely as Sean Burke has been and we are pretty much the same vintage 🙂 – I agree Aidan was immense in ’13. The problem is he has never really delivered in any of the finals. In some he has done ok, but I don’t think he has ever been more than a 6/10 maybe 7/10 performance. That’s the great shame. I find in most years, his influence in games declines as the season progresses. I still hold out hope (don’t we all!) that he will produce some magic at the latter end of a championship for Mayo and we get over the line. In reality that can only happen if he is in around no.14 or employed in some new defensive role. He hasn’t the legs or mobility to operate at midfield in Croke Park against the better teams – he hasn’t in years.

    There’s no doubting his dedication to the jersey. I don’t think that can be denied. When he hangs up the boots I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t go down the management route. He loves reading about and analysing sports and i think he could potentially be very good on the line.

    He has 2 or 3 years left in him playing for Mayo, imo, if he stays injury free. He may get one last chance at the big one. It would be some movie, if it ended in success.

  17. Aidan has been a great stalwarth for us.
    The only critique I’d have is that mgmt should have been using him as a sub coming in.

  18. I have great time for Aido but unfortunately him and a few more have a lot of mileage and indeed heartache on the clock.
    Aido coming in as a sub would lift the spirits as Cillian did against Kerry this year.
    We have a tendency to look for perfect footballers but we need a few bold lads around the field.
    Name me an all Ireland winning team that didn’t have a few enforcers on board.

  19. It’s amazing how I and others actually forget what happened in the Mayo All Ireland finals over the years.
    Because of the terrible blanket defensive football we witnessed in Croker by all teams this year, my Son and I decided to watch back the finals of the past, 96 replay,, 97, 12, 13, 16, 16 replay, and 17.

    To judge a player this is a good place to start.
    The O Shea’s and Parsons won midfield in 2017 by at least 70 : 30,
    A O Shea’s was instrumental in 2016 replay in setting up that move for Keegan goal.

    Maybe people should think about the guys that gave us such great days, they are now retired but A O Shea is still working at it.

    Lee Keegan
    Tom Parsons
    Keith Higgins
    Andy Moran
    Seamus O Shea
    Donie Vaughan
    Jason Doherty
    David Clarke
    Ger Cafferkey
    Chris Barrett
    Alan Dillon
    Kevin McLoughlin
    Maybe a few others that I forgot to mention,

    Even pre 2012, add in
    Colm Mortimer
    David Heaney

    Maybe we should focus more on all other games that guys have played in, league games and all other games excluding the All Ireland final.

    As someone mentioned in a previous post, it will be a very sad day when A O Shea retires from the County scene.

  20. Bate the Blanket – Aidan was involved in a lot more scores as well. With two and three people hanging off him in most finals – what plan had we to utilise our free players.
    Also what is the scoring returns from play in the finals from the remaining forwards – outside of Andy I’d say it was very poor.

  21. The very best wishes to Ballina, Kilmeena and Lahardane this weekend. Three tough assignments but ye can all do it. Regardless of the results, if you leave everything on the pitch no one can ask for more. Good luck all 3.

  22. The problem in plenty of those finals was having our hand fully played on 60 mins.
    Wed have won one of those finals in my view with something left field like Aidan coming on in the 25th min. The score likely having us within 2pts and us bringing on a player able to takeover the game.

  23. JP – you’re right. We rarely got any kick from the bench – we were depending on the starting 15 to carry us through the full game. As good as that Dublin team were – our first 15 could match and better the Dublin first 15 – but the 3-4 subs they had got them over the line.
    Shows how good these Mayo players were when they could match that Dublin team

  24. I could I have forgotten, Colm Boyle another brilliant performer over the years and that should have read Conor Mortimer.

  25. not even a smell of an All Star tonight, shows how low we have gone. The Rossies even got one. to run it in.

  26. How Jordan flynn didn’t get an all star that’s a smack in the face the rossies getting one and we didn’t even get one haha!

    I think it definetly shows our really poor championship this year. Ah well i wasn’t expecting much to be honest I’m not that shocked really .

    Next year we will bounce back and be at our best onwards& upwards ( we can’t be any worse then this years championship ha! )

  27. Well deserved of course to the rossie player . I’m just surprised that Jordan flynn didn’t get one or diarmuid for that matter .. but sure anyway not the end of the world!

    Good luck to ballina tommorow I’ll be there cheering you on !

  28. How oShea from Kerry got an all star is a mystery,as is only 1 Dublin forward.
    Derry overrepresented.
    DoC scored nothing in the county or club championship.
    Our dismal second half performance against Dublin
    Ended any hope of all stars.
    Great to see Connolly and Keegan enjoying themselves,2 legends

  29. Congratulations to Roscommons Enda Smith, fully worthy recipient of an All Star award this evening. I did’nt think Connacht would get any All Star to be truthful about it. All Stars can be very strange players like Kevin McLoughlin one of all time best never got an All Star. Connor McManus was particularly unlucky not to get one this year I felt.

  30. @JR very good post your so right our 2nd half v dubs really did end our hopes…. I still remember I was in Paris on the way back from versailles at half time going oh we may have a bit of come back here following on twitter but no… and the cursing out of me on the train back haha …

    Great that keagan.. was enjoying himself !

    Really feel that ballina have a great chance tommorow .. ballina by 2 or so !

  31. @ Clare I will be following Ballina on TV tomorrow.
    It will be great if they win.
    I think they have a great chance.
    County finals are for winning not for entertainment.

  32. Ballina great value at odds, Corofin have some youth but the age profile compared to Ballina would lend you to think Ballina will have the legs on them.
    Sice in full forward at 39 wouldn’t fancy tracking Callinan out the field, if Ballina go with Sam as the man marker, as opposed to leaving Cafferkey on him.

  33. @Clare Enda Smyth deserves his all star he’s a class act and most importantly can score. Diarmuid is a class act too but doesnt score I dont think he got a single point in this years championship for either club or county. Jordan’s day will come

  34. @Glorydays never said enda Smith didn’t deserve his all star !

    And thanks here’s hoping ballina pull it off today as I said really have a feeling we will pull a surprise as we are the underdogs but think ballina will feel confident after finnally getting over the county final after so long !

  35. Just a slight doubt around Corofin age profile but expect them to have too much for Ballina but whether they could beat likes of Kilmacud. I will be delighted to see Aidan O Shea retire as it weakens Mayo and what more does a Galwayman want. He was unlucky not to win an All Ireland and as that ship has sailed you would think it’s the love of Mayo football that keeps him going.

  36. @chesneychet thats a horrible comment to make on a mayo gaa blog we respect aido he has been great servant to us and he certainly doesn’t weaken mayo at all.

    He always has time for the younger fans who look up to him after games and signs every single autograph for them. He gets far to much abuse from people people jeed for a comment like that .

    I still think ballina will do it tonight …

  37. @chesneychet apologies I may have missed read that comment half asleep ha . But to say you’d be delighted to see aido retiring is still a bit much haha ..

    Sorry for double post !

  38. The ould ship is revvin up a bit @Chesney but maybe not sailed just yet. There’s always a spot down in the engine room for an experienced old sailer who’s dealt with choppy waters before.
    Similar sentiment here with Mr.’s Walsh & Comer.

  39. Well done to Enda smith on his all star and more impressive as Roscommon didn’t even get to q/f. Also interesting to read comments from Brendan devenney / Aidan o Shea about a shift in Gaa culture. Where both agree that the social element is gone out of the game. I tend to agree, there’s no characters anymore in the game, maybe this as stemmed from managers who are trying to every inch out of at the end of the amateur players

  40. Brian Fenton robbed of the Player of the year last night. David Clifford is the best footballer in the country on his day no doubt about it,but he did not deserve the POTY on his performaces this year.

  41. That is a toxic comment @Chesneychet, I don’t know why Willie Joe allowed that to stand, it’s totally against the rules here, from what I have heard on a few occasions.

  42. Agree Sam og. Clifford seems to be unctiticisable. ‘Not his day’ in the final according to RTE. Imagine if that was Aidan O’Shea. In the semi against Derry he only came to life when Kerry had overhauled Derry – he didn’t do the heavy lifting.

  43. I wouldn’t agree that comment was toxic, Bate the Blanket, and would view it instead as a back-handed compliment of Aidan. Not one couched in very good taste but not out of order either.

  44. Fitzsimons and McKaigue proved this year he can be curtailed especially if you limit the amount of ball coming into him out the field.
    I think Sam Callinan is well able for the task to mark him in the Kerry v Mayo fixtures in the coming years.

  45. What’s the issue with Chesneychet’s comment? I would say the same about Shane Walsh, and would expect Galway people to take it as a compliment.

  46. The weather will play a huge part in the game wouldn’t be surprised if ballina go defensive again the wind is unreal here haha

  47. Who was the Connacht Council clown that picked Pearce Stadium as the venue, lord Gaa administrators are some clowns.why could they not have played it in Tuam , Corofin or Athenry.

  48. Win the toss and decide to play against the wind , perhaps I’m not up to date but since when has this become the right decision ?

  49. Thanks Willie Joe. Totally a compliment to see Aidan retired would give Galway a better chance as he is a great servant to Mayo. Crappy Pearse Stadium again today but Corofin had enough to see off Ballina.

  50. Ballina performance just somes up the state of Mayo club football lots of carrying of the ball with long solo runs with no runner on the shoulder and lateral handpassing and poor kickout strategy while Corofin move the ball through accurate kickpassing if its on and carry with men on the shoulder if its not.very smart when working the ball very close to goal when playing against the breeze.

    Basic skills from Ballina were poor, turned over numerous times from not been able to handpass with the left hand in certain situations, bad handling, high solo technique and poor kickouts taht all led to bad turnovers.

  51. Corofin better on the day and certainly adapted to conditions better than Ballina. The loss of O’Hora, Thornton and Cafferkey made a difficult task almost impossible. Corofin are a good team and Ballina will learn a lot from this………..Is there anything more boring than an RTE commentary of a GAA game. Bloody sleep inducing, cliche laden drivel.

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