Ticketing details for Wednesday and Sunday

Just a quick one to point you towards the ticket links for Wednesday evening’s U20 match against Sligo and Sunday’s game against Roscommon, with tickets now on sale for both games.

The ticket link for the Connacht U20 Round 5 match against Sligo, which takes place at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park on Wednesday evening (throw-in 6.30pm) is here.

The ticket link for Sunday’s Connacht SFC semi-final against Roscommon at Dr Hyde Park (throw-in 4pm) is here. Tickets for this one are also available from selected Centra and SuperValu outlets and season ticket holders should by now have received the usual pre-match email inviting them to purchase their tickets.

22 thoughts on “Ticketing details for Wednesday and Sunday

  1. Interesting. On my season ticket was only offered uncovered stand and terrace for purchase but not the covered stand. The forecast is good for Sunday so may not matter but to me this is more evidence that they want to get rid of season tickets. Although good that they are offering the option of cheaper terrace ticket.

  2. Bit of a bummer that season ticket doesn’t give you the option of buying a covered stand ticket for Sunday. Only terrace (€20), and uncovered (€25) available.

    You can go onto ticketmaster independently and buy good covered stand tickets for (€30), but with the new T+C’s you must buy 6 championship game tickets through your season ticket account to qualify for your All Ireland ticket .

  3. Yes definitely a bummer. When do tickets for Sunday go for sale on Ticketmaster?

  4. @Ontheditch
    They’re already on sale.
    Looking likely that the stand sells out.
    You can manually select your seats and it looks like roughly 80% are already gone.

  5. If our suspicions are correct , i wonder what the logic is behind the powers that be wanting rid of the season ticket ? Isnt it an awful culture to think so little of loyal supporters .

  6. Just bought two from my season ticket account there.
    Covered stand
    Open stand
    All still available, the seating is designated for the new stand.

  7. Asked to put in my card details to purchase ticket and after I put in phone details the ‘Submit’ button is greyed out so can’t purchase ticket.

    Sick to teeth of that Ticketmaster site- it’s rubbish.

    States that season ticket is for covered stand.

  8. 5500 seats just installed in a redeveloped stand replacing old concretely seats, sloped up to covered stand. On a dry day they are best seats in the stadium. Looking forward to the banter and atmosphere Mayo bring, if it’s a close game best atmosphere in Connacht. Not much confidence in Rossie land this year though, unlike last year when we knew the 6 day turnaround gave us a great chance. Safe travels.

  9. What is the official capacity now borfer rossie , has there been an increase on the 18,890 listed on wiki ?

  10. 23,000 for this game, rising to 25,600 when turnstiles and toilets completed. (plans in place but that will require further funding) Great job done on new stand in fairness, but need to get final phase completed to compare with McHale or Salthill. .

  11. BorderRossie – In my opinion McHale park and the Hyde are a level above Salthill.

  12. Thanks for the info, BorderRossie. Between the new pitch and the stand works, there’s obviously serious development happening at the venue, well done to all involved. Looking forward to seeing it on Sunday.

  13. No, all part of next phase, but a big open space there to be developed, Old dressing rooms still there.

  14. Attendance at the Leinster matches have been very low.
    Less money will drive a change of format or reduction in TV coverage.
    GAA not mentioned in RTE sports coverage this morning.
    Also on their podcast last no Connaught team named as an outlier for Sam.

  15. Quick question if bringing kids under 7 i presume you buy 2 juvenile tickets for them, but when trying to buy i don’t see seat numbers just rows, how can you ensure all together, just get there early and try get seats alongside each other in the assigned row you bought for. Is each individual seat not numbered?

  16. Very poor they couldn’t put on a game before senior game.
    Surely that u17 game between Mayo and Ros that was played in an empty McHale Park could have been put on beforehand
    Also with designated seat numbers – a lot of people could leave it to the last minute to go in which will create its own problems.

  17. We have 2 tickets (seated together) for the uncovered stand for Sunday as we now cannot attend the game. They cost 25 euro each but will sell for 20 euro each. Can meet in the Headford / Ballinrobe area or can send the PDF version by email/watsapp. Let me know if interested. thanks

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