Tickets are on sale for Sunday’s game

Tickets went on sale online for Sunday’s game inside the last hour. The link for this is here.

I’ve no idea how many tickets have gone on sale or when they’re likely to sell out. For all I know they may be sold out already but if you’re interested in getting to MacHale Park on Sunday then you’ll need to move fast.

35 thoughts on “Tickets are on sale for Sunday’s game

  1. Got a couple of tickets about an hour ago,they were still on sale then,seems easy enough to get them.Getting them for Connacht final (If we get there) will be like an all Ireland ticket scramble!

  2. Not sure about the rest of ye but that was a major pain in the ass dealing with ticketmaster and the GAA all at the same time. Anyway, job done and thanks WJ for the heads up. See ye all there……..

  3. Cant believe I got a ticket, thought they’d be snapped in mins , they’re still available . Absolutely thrilled to be heading west for a game .

  4. Managed to get tickets thank God. It will be great to be at a match again

  5. Ya can’t believe I got one… Absolutely buzzing. I’m like a child waiting for Santa now

  6. The statement doesn’t say they have covid , it says a number of players are in isolation as a result of been in close contact with some9who has covid

  7. yep, sorry , i misread that which is a vital part, listening to rumours all day in fairness , seen headline and just assumed rumour was true. should of read report in full. apologies WJ in advance

  8. Thanks lads. I got the WhatsApp message this morning. Was really hoping it wasn’t true.

  9. Jaysus.
    I’ve said it before, if we didn’t have bad luck we’d have no luck at all.

  10. Ah might not be too bad. We will have to wait and see what they say tomorrow. We have a strong squad to beat leitrim regardless.

  11. Not a massive big deal,we should have enough squad players to beat Leitrim.They’ll all be out of isolation soon,would be serious if it happened before Galway match.

  12. Does anyone know what the rule is re COVID cases. If a county has COVID within panel and players isolating do they get to postpone the game if certain number aren’t available.
    From what I hear we will be playing, just some team changes. Let’s hope the statement tomorrow confirms that. And some changes may give game experience
    Based on what I have heard within clubs in Mayo, Galway and Sligo and players isolating I think we could be in for an unusual championship

  13. @FW agreed. Those isolation will be fine for the Connacht final. Mayo will still beat Leitrim comfortably.

  14. If this continues championship could be called off, remember it is the younger people that are at most danger now due to lack of vaccination. Safety first

  15. Today’s Indo has confirmed Lee Keegan story and another debacle on trying to sneak someone into Sligo game.

  16. Just seen the Examiner and Mayo are not expected to forfeit the game like Sligo last year.

    It is either a large number of players or that is a sensationalist line.

  17. This is the second time an incident has happened with the Mayo kit van. Liam Moffatt needs to stop this happening again fairly rapid. Will we ever see a year with Mayo that we can fly under the radar and prepare away from the spotlight? And before people say “oh we’re box office” we’re not that’s rubbish the youngest person alive to see us win Sam is now 70 years old. Dublin and Kerry are box office if such a term truly exists in GAA.

  18. Full agree backdoorsam. We are an embarrassment with news of that van. It’s just a joke. What county has a van in the news twice in the space of seven months?
    Furthermore, the statement from Mayo GAA regarding covid is as clear as mud. They are brutal for this sort of stuff – they create a vacuum of information, which is then filled by every rumour going.

  19. Supermac – I don’t think it’s online but it’s included in a Colm Keys piece in the print version of the Indo. The story references a shoulder injury, which is what was rumoured since last weekend, and says Lee is out for Sunday and is ‘a doubt’ for the final, should we make it that far.

  20. the kit van ban is annoying, why do we always end up in the headlines for stupid reasons? Agreed with backdoorsam, any chance we might just keep our heads down and get on with our business quietly without always being in the headlines for nonsense?

  21. To have a second incident with the kit van is unforgivable and a Liam Moffat level decision to be taken ‘independent ‘ of the mgnt amd backroom team.
    The objective is to win Sam.
    Horan had great bluster on removing the bullshit from Mayo football.
    Horan is in charge of the backroom team.
    We are in the papers again for this crap.
    Liam Moffat should step in direct and lay down some law to the manager on how the backroom team should operate.
    We’re big on the high performance talk. Look quite light on our behaviours to make that a reality.

  22. The entire Mayo setup is badly tainted by that breach of restrictions in respect of the van. Piss poor and sets a really bad example. I’m disgusted with that.

  23. Morning all, cant wait for Sunday ,, putting aside the news this morning on possible Covid in the camp and Lee.
    I purchased a pod of 4 for Sunday € 120 , work is taking a hold of my life this weekend and I wont be able to head to McHale , I am happy to sell to any takers for € 100 for the 4 tickets
    thanks everyone

  24. Colm Keys just on RTÉ radio (Claire Byrne) to outline our nonsense with the van. We talk a lot about setting standards, but this is a desperate let down.

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