Tickets now available online for Sunday

Hot on the heels of confirming that Sunday’s NFL semi-finals would take place at Croker, the GAA have now made tickets available online. For those who prefer traditional methods in relation to such matters, tickets will also be available at Croke Park on Saturday morning.

After some early hesitancy about getting my tickets as a pdf email attachment – an A4 printed sheet didn’t look much like a ticket, even if it had “This is your ticket” clearly printed on it (prompting thoughts of “Sure they’re not real women, Ted, they’re only nuns”) – I have to say that I’ve been won over by the online ordering process. It’s fast, efficient and it works, unlike, say, the health service or electronic voting. I’m still not sure, however, that I’d feel 100% confident of gaining admission were I to find myself approaching The Holy Ground on All-Ireland day with only my pdf printout in my pocket but that’s one for another day.

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