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  1. Where are they on sale, WJ? I have drawn a blank on Ticketmaster.ie and Connacht GAA only has details for Connacht final 2018.

  2. I logged into Ticketmaster @ 09.00 – i kept refreshing until 11.00 and I got 4 lower Cusack @ 11.01 (I’d 16 minutes to complete the purchase then) – you have to set up a GAA account to buy tickets too…..

  3. Tickets purchased – got lower Cusack 303 – was almost as exciting as getting an AIF ticket – this COVID-19 business has sent us stone mad – don’t ever recall excitement at getting a Connacht Final ticket before ?

  4. So we had to go to croker for 18k instead of 3.5k in Mchale which i have no problem with…however the U20 game on Wednesday only 4 days earlier can only have 500 at it instead of 3.5 in the same stadium!!! Its an absolute joke and trying to find out where to get the u20 tickets was like one of the secrets of Fatima…very poor form from Connaght Gaa,…


    Lads I was in that queue with 1700 in front of me,I rang a friend who said there was no queue for her and she bought her tickets,I told her my situation and she went back on while we were on the phone and picked up another 2 for me in about 60 seconds.There seems to be some confusing over Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster GAA,i dont fully understand it buy this is the link se used

  6. I also used that link and it took me 90 minutes to get tickets.
    Crappy tickets too.
    Whomever gets through out of ourselves and Galway will be up against it to get any tickets for a semi vs Dublin…..or Kildare !

  7. From talking around 35€ have priced plenty out. How can one travel as a family at those prices then factor in fuel, food cost and for some accommodation.

  8. I get into the ticketmaster site and try and buy the tickets but when I do that a blue square comes around the sign and doesn’t let me purchase them
    Anybody willing to give advice?

  9. Maybe you are trying for a pod in lower tier ?
    Only seem to be available in upper tier
    That selection is lower down screen

  10. I think upper tiers is all that is available now Mayoman6789. If I try now for lower tier I get nowhere.

  11. Can’t offer advice but did set up new gaa account,/ticketmaster as suggested by mayo13bg. The queue fell to 4 from 2, 400.

    My problem was with Pods. Can’t remember ‘blue squares’ but they did not even have a Pod of 2 or 3 as far as I could make up.

    Gave up for now. Upper Tier could be better than Lower.

  12. €35 for an 8 year old in the lower davin.
    With the amount of money being generated by the Connacht Council for coaching and the availability of a dome in their centre of excellence it really is only a matter of time before Leitrim and Sligo are up in division 3.

  13. I got two tickets after about one hour queuing. section 311 in lower cusack stand. I hope the weather has cooled by next sunday .this heat will not suit aidan o shea.

  14. Jimbo, I’m not really worried about Aido. I’m worried about the guys who didn’t play the last day, and if they will be available on Sunday.

  15. It reminds me of a cycle event I did in Clare a few years ago. We set off from Ennistymon in what could only be described as a sprint start. Full tilt all the way to Lahinch, same out to Liscannor and out the road heading for the Cliffs. The first stiff climb we hit just after that soon put an end to the sprint for 90% of the field!

  16. Why is there two different Ticketmaster sites and the main one also has a GAA section????

  17. i. KM, I am confused too. FW has a link above as I missed the ‘am’ part of address.

    I give up. Thought I had it sussed. The jelly fish got me today. Near sea.

  18. Got section 727. Horrible tickets but beggars can’t be choosers so I’m just happy to be sorted. It’s understandable they need to space everyone out.

  19. If the match is anything like the Ulster championship matches and the hurling matches at the weekend then the admission fee to Croker will be well worth it.

  20. Loads of tickets left. Might not sell out at all. Delighted to go and really not afraid of covid in a big open stadium but I guess an awful lot are scared to death. No surprise with the doom on the news every day!
    Really feel we’ll need the support in this game. Need to make it a very loud support for Mayo!

  21. Some worried about Aido and the heat. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. He’s never looked as trim and shape in his life. Bring it on I say.

  22. No tickets now for the lower tier in any pod size.
    Only tickets for Upper tier even for a 2 adult pod. We will see more of the game on TV, I will give it a miss.

  23. @Willie Joe, speaking of cycling events, did you ever consider cycling from Dublin to East Mayo, some would like to try, can it be done inside 16 hours ?

  24. It’s something I’d like to do some day, though I doubt I’d aim to complete it in a single day. I know a few fit lads who were doing Dublin-Foxford and they did an overnight at Tarmonbarry but they did it comfortably on two gos. It depends completely on how hardy the cyclists are and how long they’re prepared to spend in the saddle, bearing in mind the need to refuel, which would be a big consideration given the distance. Choosing a day with a stiff wind blowing from the east would help too!

  25. Excellent call by the Connacht Council playing the game in Croke Park. There would be some very disappointed people today if only 3500 could attend.

  26. I met a lad last weekend on the Ballyhaunis road outside of Claremorris on a bike. I stopped because I thought he had puncture or something as he was standing by the side of the road against the bike. He said he was just resting and he asked me how far was he from Westport, I said to myself your not from round here so I asked him where was he after coming from. The M50 was the reply ! he was doing a straight run and was returning on the Sunday (that was Friday)…He’d be walking like John Wayne come the Monday !

  27. Still tickets available and youd hazzard a guess at this stage they will still be available sunday morning.

  28. Mayo88……..You’ll easily do that cycle in a 2 day run…….Myself, the brother and two mates did a Keem Bay to Kilcoole Bay ride (361km) in 2 days last September…….Just over 15 hours total cycling time……..As WJ said, taking care with the continuous hydration and snacking along the way to ensure we were fuelled…….

  29. Hello,

    Mostly Davin Stand tickets all night available

    Anyone having difficulty getting on to Ticketmaster, note the 3rd and 4th comment on this thread particularity the Link. am. precedes tick…… in the address.

    You can buy the tickets but will not be able to Checkout wlthout a gaa account.

    Had a problem because I forgot password and they did not forward a reset link. Had to use another email to create account. A nightmare trying to beat the 16mins allowed.

    It is easy to delete your Offer and go again.

    Good luck and be patient!

  30. Have a strange suspicion that lower tier tickets are being withheld and might become available later in the week I’m taking a gamble on it, the upper stand is not for me, was up once we never again.

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