Tickets on sale for Monaghan and Cork games

Tickets are now on sale for our upcoming matches against Monaghan and Cork, details of which are as follows.

First, the All-Ireland MFC quarter-final match against Monaghan, which throws in at Páirc Seán MacDiarmada, Carrick-on-Shannon, this coming Saturday (10th June) at 5.15pm. This is a double-header, with the Derry/Galway quarter-final on first, at 3.30pm. Tickets for this one are available to purchase here. Under-16s are free and do not require a ticket to enter.

Next, the All-Ireland SFC group stage Round 3 clash with Cork, which is fixed for the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, on Sunday 18th June at 2pm. Tickets for this game are available to purchase online here and are also available at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets. If you’re a season ticket holder you should by now have got an email letting you know that your ticket is available to purchase.

109 thoughts on “Tickets on sale for Monaghan and Cork games

  1. Did you try reading the post you commented on James? It’s written there:

    “Next, the All-Ireland SFC group stage Round 3 clash with Cork, which is fixed for the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, on Sunday 18th June at 2pm”

  2. To be fair to Willie Joe, the posts are always factually accurate, teams, referee, venue, time.
    Just think it’s a pity that there is a full round of Mayo club league games this Saturday in opposition to the under 17 quarter final in Carrick. Have been to all the under 17 games to date but the clash will affect the support because so many players, mentors and supporters will be involved in club games.

  3. Rober, it will affect attendance alright but not that much.
    Outside the family’s and friends of the kids playing the number of impartial supporters is quite small unfortunately, I’d guess it’s possibly even smaller since the change to U17.

  4. Rober – it’s been known for three months a round of club league fixtures were fixed for this coming weekend. We can’t be chopping and changing club fixtures.

  5. Thanks Tubberman for your help in directing me apologies i didnt notice the headline

  6. €25 per head regardless of old, young, student, child or gasur, maybe I’m alone on this but that is lunacy to me. Same in Kerry v Louth game. So we we have 2 grounds capable of holding over 20,000 each where we really need to fill them with at least 5,000 kids in each at a €5 a head but instead we go the whole hog…..and continue to pretend they ain’t really dead rubbers and 15,000 patrons at €25 a head will arrive….amazing.
    Perhaps they will open they will release the terrace stands at a lower price after the stiff the Mackey stand buyers….will hang out to see how that goes

  7. richardmgd. It’s €25 for adults €20 for oaps and €5 for kids. I doubt there will be any reductions if they open other sectors. McHale Park was €25 general admissio. At a guess I’d say they think the Mackey stand might cater for everyone.

  8. Galway and Armagh have requested change of venue to Croke Park 😀

  9. They should be told where to go – this isn’t even a knockout game.

    Croker wont even be a quarter full, absolutely dead atmosphere. Obviously Galway in particular have an ulterior motive here – to get more Croke Park experience – so I see where they are coming from, but the economic benefits to a town like Carrick on Shannon would be massive and the ground would be rocking

  10. That’s a load of balls , how in the name of Hill16 do Dublin manage to get croke park every single time they request it , including home league games .

  11. Don’t see why galway vs Armagh, should get switched. Possibly should have been placed in larger ground capacity in first place. But once decision made, should be stuck too. Can’t be opening CP up for every match, that not way it goes.

  12. €25 is too much for these Round Robin games especially if you have to sit through a bore fest like the Mayo v Louth game. I think that is to blame for the poor turnout also. Could not believe how bad the surface in McHale Park is after the amount of money spent to replace the old one. How much will it cost to put it right this time?

  13. Just trying to print my tickets and of course the tickets are not popping up. Pop up blocker is disabled. Such a terrible system, go forward then go back and then find the tickets are still not appearing. Is it not possible for someone to design a system where the tickets are presented in a straight forward way. And I operate a computer every day. What is it like for inexperienced customers. The bottom line is we are unappreciated.

  14. Sinabhuil – agree with you re printing tickets. I am not an expert on computers – but have reasonable experience.
    I always seem to have problems printing tickets – surely an easier system could be developed.
    There should have also been an option that if you bought tickets and attended the first two games – you should automatically get a free ticket to the third game – reward rather than screw the loyal supporters should be the motto.

  15. Any decisions by The GAA these days are Money Money Money based Only.
    Screw the Life long Supporters.
    Why people don’t speak out is beyond me.

  16. It’s not just the cost of tickets. It is a whole series of things which is impacting on attendances. Start with the cost. It is expensive for a ticket. Maybe 50€ for the 3 round robin games is enough. An away day is even more expensive. All counties ( I am not sure about Dublin) have 2 away games. Then there is the lack of do or die games. With 3 qualifying out of each group the games lack the competitive edge. Then there’s the TV coverage. Most stronger counties will be live on TV or Gaago for at least 2 of their games. Then there is the quality of football.Mayo v Louth wasn’t the only negative game in the last few weeks. In fact seeing 2 teams really going at it is a scarce sight. And the of course there’s the cost of living. All of these things are playing a part in keeping crowds low. I expect things will improve when the knockout stuff kicks in and if your county makes it to the AI final, there won’t be a ticket to find and the cost of living crisis will be at end.

  17. Ridiculous decision not to switch the Galway v Armagh game to Croke Park. People talking about Galway wanting experience in Croke Park, yes of course they do and why wouldn’t they? Dublin get it for pretty much every game. It’s an absolute joke.

  18. It’s funny that league games back in January and February were attracting way bigger attendances than we are seeing now in the middle of June. After 7-8 months without intercounty games, supporters, myself included were craving some action well before Christmas. I think there is an element of burnout with supporters after a hectic league schedule followed so quickly by an even more frantic championship. I think there has to be a total rethink and overhaul on how the split season is run and scheduled. For me it would make way more sense to play our intercounty championship from the 1st of June to the end of October. Nothing beats warm summer days, a fast pitch and our best players strutting their stuff against the best teams in the country. It would mean a total restructuring of how our intercounty championship is run. Firstly, scrap the national league and the provincial championships as they stand. Run the championship off like the league with 2, 8 team divisions. Top teams straight through to semis with 2nd and 3rd teams playing off in quarter finals. Bottom 2 teams in each division drop to the Tailteann Cup with 2 teams coming up in the opposite direction. Plenty of jeopardy to spur teams on and also gives more meaning to the Tailteann cup. Run the club championships off from the start of February to the middle of May. This is a longer time frame from which it runs off currently plus it gives club players a shop window to prove themselves to the county manager just before the inter County season starts. The split season as it stands is back to front in my opinion. Starving the supporters of inter county football in spring will ensure bigger attendances in the summer. A structured league style championship will ensure that games can be scheduled months in advance, eleminating the current bullshit of scheduling games and venues 10 days before the games. I think it’s a shame and a travesty, that in the current format the majority of teams will be out of the championship by the start of July. Watching league games in the depth of winter in horrendous conditions is just crazy and does nothing for the development of our game at all levels. We have a magnificent product, let’s sell it properly (15 euro max + u16’s free) and ensure our best players get to showcase their talent in high summer when soccer and rugby is in hibernation.

  19. @Mayotillidie totally agree with you ! Was the right decision by gaa to deny the request. If they granted it then guarantee everyone else would want to be switched to croker …

    If Galway want more experience in croker maybe they should try winning more big games to get there and get that experience:p haha ( which they are winning more now then previous years ) but every other qualifier match would asked to be switched to croker if gaa hadn’t denied so def right call.

  20. That’s fine but I don’t care how repetitive or boring my stance is but Dublin should not be allowed use croke park more than any other team & this adds further weight to my argument.

  21. Morning fellow Mayo supporters. Haven’t posted in a while! Do we know what venues the quarter finals will be played at? Keep up the good work Willie Joe. Great to have this forum.

  22. I’ll guess Carrick on Shannon won’t even sell out for that Galway v Armagh game. Anyone know if Mayo v Cork will be on TV or GAAGO ?

  23. @sean Burke I agree that the Dubs shouldn’t be allowed to use croker as their ‘home grounds’ they should use parnell Park as their home ground & training sessions 100%.

    Part of the reason they won 6 in a row was cause they had huge advantage if using croker as their training sessions & home matched very unfair but sure what’s knew in the world of the Dubs.

  24. @Sinabhuil , they should bring back cash payments. I am also savvy enough with technology and have almost given up trying to use for tickets for several matches. No reason to continue it there should be at least one cash stall at every game. 11k for the Louth match is poor, but most people are struggling these days with price gouging from energy companies etc.
    Imagine a full house last Sunday for that game. Worth at least 2 points to the lads on the pitch.

  25. Hi Joe. G. – thanks for pointing it out, I couldn’t see the kids option yesterday but can today.Right no excuses so but to fill car

  26. If Galway Armagh had been fixed for Croke Park in the first place people would have been giving out as well that it was a money grab , bringing supporters across the country blah blah blah
    No games were fixed for Croker. The correct decision and one which people had been calling for .
    Proper decision also not to agree to request.
    All quarters are in Croker so Galway Armagh would have had an advantage then
    Cute enough ….

  27. So its likely we’re going to have a team qualifying to the knockouts without a win in the group stage (Kildare or Sligo)

    If that doesn’t sum up this awful format, I don’t know what does

  28. @KM79 your spot on they would have had an advantage for sure they were being cute enough haha ..

    I’ve feeling Armagh will beat Galway haha

  29. One side of the argument says the GAA is a money machine – €€€ is all that counts. If that’s the case, why then has the Association (and the Association is the members deciding at Congress), taken the decision to abandon August and September, its traditional high-point-of-the-championship months? The answer seems to be that it has been decided to allow the clubs centre stage, and the clubs are the heartbeat of the GAA. The GAA is a grass-roots democratic organisation and that is what it (we) wants.

    I don’t like it, I may add.

  30. It was Armagh, not Galway, who applied to move their game to Croke Park. Galway didn’t object but it wasn’t their proposal

  31. @Grainne uaile I think Galway wanted it moved to it was a joint request as far as I know!

  32. Ciaran – if you go back a step further – in both Sligo and Kildares last four championship games this year they will have lost 3 and drawn 1 – and can still make the quarter finals.
    Far too many chances for teams in the current format. At a minimum have only two teams from each group going straight into the quarter finals.

  33. Regardless of who requested it, I’d be shocked if Armagh even come close to Galway, they look a complete busted flush who were blessed to beat Westmeath, and will be without their main scorer and talisman

    I’d expect Galway to do a job on them and Armagh to go out tamely in the preliminaries

    Its crazy SouthMayo Exile, they’ll surely have to move to 2 only qualifying next year

    Teams battling to finish 1st over getting a preliminary just isn’t enough of a draw for the general public, I’d be surprised to see any sort of sizeable crowds at next week’s games

  34. Yes @ catcol, the current split season is badly thought through. I am all in favour of clubs getting a significant window to play off their championships but abandoning August and September to the clubs is an own goal in my opinion. A major rethink and reset needed to both fix the split season and the current all-ireland format. Supporters are voting with their feet. I hope the GAA and GPA are smart enough act before the next Congress.

  35. I don’t know Armagh could still bounce back they are always tough to play against Galway beat a Tyrone team who look on the rocks and a 14 man Tyrone team by 3 points..they aren’t blowing teams away .Armagh might surprise though every match seems to throw some surprises so far ha!

  36. That’s for sure Clare, I expect a response from Armagh but they will need goals V Gaillimh to get the 2 points

  37. Is that an error by Mayo GAA social media pages advertising the game for next sat or has it changed. ?

  38. @Bonni boyler yes I expect a response also from Armagh! I certainly wouldn’t want mayo to be playing them next week ha!

    I hear the kerry v louth game is not been shown at all live on rte or gaa go hope our game is being shown on gaa go at least? Or else it’s Midwest radio for me as I can’t make it ha!

  39. Hi Clare
    Mayo V Cork is scheduled up on Gaago already, sometime Midwest can be better though!

  40. @Bonni Boyler thanks for the info! Yes your so right I am actually going to mute the comentary on gaa go as they annoyed me the last time haha I much rather Midwest radio commentary to ! : )

  41. As much as I dislike it Galway have a team fit to win an all Ireland.
    However they never seem to get all their stars in tune on the same day.
    They got an easy passage to the final last year and when it was there for the winning in the last 6 or 7 minutes they failed to throw caution to the wind and go for it.
    Has their mindset changed??

  42. I became that convinced JR I actually backed them yesterday, I couldn’t bring myself to write out the bet myself so I got her indoors to do it for me . So there ya have it 200 yo-yos on Galway to bring Sam across the Shannon for the first time since 2001 . The few quid will help me drown my sorrows I suppose .

  43. Say it’ll be some atmosphere in the cork game .. Still going mayo for the win and come bouncing back with a statement performance after louth game .Cork are a good team not taking them for granted at all but be shocked if we loose ha..

    And it’s obvs Gakway for sam :p to above comments haha

  44. Watched back on the full match last night, For all the talk about the blanket, Louth were leaving pockets of space in defence throughout the game yet Mayo didn’t exploit it enough and mainly chose lateral passing instead and for normally pacey team they showed little pace in their attacks last Sunday making it all too easy to defend.

    Not sure what way Cork will set up but they have Kevin Walsh coaching them but one has to focus more on the Mayo performance as it was poor last Sunday and against a better side than Louth they would have lost.

  45. @Mayomagic i don’t know why but we always seem to do magic performances against the big guns kerry/dubs etc but then the lesser teams we get complacent .

    Though you could put into the facts the diarmuid o Connor was a huge asset that was missing against louth he does soo much a key to this team. As are paddy, hession and cillian ,Tommy c when the 3 bar cillian of course came on we played so much better .. mayo for the win next win ha! Let’s hope cillian us back next week a guaranteed scorer he really inspires and gives good experience to the younger guys I think !

  46. Are we really as much in the driving seat as we think. I feel the louth game was a failure in terms of putting up a big score so that cork would have had no chance of topping the group. We now have to get a result against cork. Kerry will beat louth by a big margin I believe because unlike mayo they will kick in over the blanket to Clifford and force louth out to the forty to try and block the delivery. We could have made this so much easier after the heroic s in Kerry. I really hope we don’t end up in the preliminary s.It can happen very easily. Form has been out the window in these groups

  47. If we cant beat Louth without Diarmuid O Connor then god help us, Durcan, Hession and Conroy were on the field when we were 5 points up and let it slip too one and if there was a few minutes left we would have lost it. Same old story when we are expected to beat a team we flop , when we are given little or no chance of winning we can turn it on, what is wrong. ?????

  48. Well you’ve been saying it here and elsewhere for the past couple of months Sean, so I don’t know why writing it on a betting slip was such a challenge.
    They’re a good team, but they haven’t done anything to set the world alight – lost to Ros and ourselves in league, drew with Donegal, beat 14 man Tyrone and westmeath in round Robin…
    I dunno why people on a mayo blog keep talking about them, it must be some inferiority complex some of ye have

  49. @culmore it’s pretty hard to beat a blanket defence when the full 15 go in front if the goal fron the off no?? Parking the bus like..

    Like we saw it in rossies v the Dubs. Dubs were looking like they were flat out then hammered a decent kildare team in an open game not so long after…

    You can’t deny that diarmuid o conor is a key asset. Same way as David moron is a huge loss for kerry.

    In fairness hession , conroy and durcan are recovering from injuries not fully fit yet but we did def start to play better in my opinion after they came on and you need to give them game time to. Did hession not get a wonder goal in the league?.. you can’t blame a 5 point slip just on those guys coming on…

    But I agree with you when we are expected to beat a team we flop and then when we are totally written off we produce magic performances that answer is pride i think mayo players get fuming when they hear it from media etc then maybe just complacent ? I don’t know…

  50. I agree with Clare that DoConnor is a big player for us but he faded a bit in the second half against Kerry.
    I agree Louth was a missed opportunity to nail our place as top seed
    Not sure Kerry will get it all their own way against Louth.
    We must look after our own business and beat Cork.
    Following Mayo since the time of the Galway 3 in a row, I must have a great heart with all the heart break I witnessed.
    Off them all I think Mayo loosing to Sligo in the 1975 Connaught final set Mayo football back the most, we had a very young talented team that year.

  51. @JR agree louth was a missed opportunity but I was always iffy about it from the start ..

    I think louth will test kerry for sure they might even beat kerry and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did tbh.

    Saw Lee keegan wrote an article saying David Clifford is the only one keeping kerry in any hope Atm and holding them together…

    @JR you do have a great heart! We will get their one day for sure ( I love I’m hope) haha much my dub mates me saying it haha.

    Looking forward to next week we will see a different mayo team then was v louth !

  52. Aah @ Clare The fact you are going to Pay for a service and then avail of the Free service of local radio to listen to it, really sum’s up why The GAA can do whatever they like with any Coverage. as they will always be individuals who will accept anything they offer.
    For the record I can get to the Match this time ,
    If I could not I would be listening to it on Mid Radio only.
    After 40 plus years supporting Mayo.
    I will never pay for Gaa go go go.

  53. Louth beating Kerry would be one of the greatest upsets in chship history

    Not a hope it’s happening and Kerry will absolutely eat up the score difference too, meaning a loss to Cork and we could incredibly find ourselves 3rd

    A 3 point Cork win would do it

    Not outlandish is it when you read it like that. We fluffed up badly not putting Louth properly away

  54. @Mike H well in fairness dont see the harm in doing that I don’t mind paying for the gaa go ticket it’s a rip off but I want to be able to see the game. Also thought about it less then what you’d pay for a ticket to go see the game don’t agree totally with gaa go but am willing to pay for it. Also what’s the harm in me wanting to listen to Midwest radio instead of their commentary ? Wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing that haha..

    @ciaran louth could well beat kerry

    kerry are average bar the Clifford’s holding them together. Louth have a very hard defensive system that’s hard to break down. cork won’t beat mayo but each to their own opinion of course :p ha

  55. If Louth beat Kerry, that will put them both on 2 points. If cork also beat Mayo, that would mean only Kerry and Louth on 2 points and Louth would go through on the head to head.
    Not a hope in hell Kerry would allow that scenario to be a possibility

  56. @Tubberman haha you never know sure kerry said not a Hope they want to finish 2nd in the group and loose there home record to.. anything could happen :p haha

  57. In 2009 kerry in the back door were a David Kelly missed penalty away from going out of the championship and went on to win the all ireland. Nobody would have predicted that and lesser teams stopping bigger teams is becoming more common with the team structures now. Having said that I expect kerry to have a few points to spare.

  58. The trouble with muting GAAgo and listening to MWR is that the sound is ahead of the picture. The radio can be shouting that the free has been kicked over the bar while on the TV the free has still not been taken. Very disconcerting. Anyway the commentary on GAAgo is usually by Mike Finnerty, an excellent commentator who is no streanger to MWR. At the risk of being controversial, I think GAAgo is excellent value. I bought my pass last January for €59 and that entitles me to all the matches covered by them for the whole year and they’re offering a bargain price again at the moment. Even if you buy one match for €12, it is still an awful lot cheaper than going to the match – ticket €25 plus travel, meals etc. GAAgo is a boon to those who, for reasonds of age, ill health etc., can no longer travel to matches.

  59. @Grainne Uaile ahh really yeah never thought of that! Thanks for the info !

    maybe I’ll just listen to the commentary on gaa go then! They aren’t so bad it was more the kerry commentator was so unbelievably biased towards kerry I got annoyed haha

    I agree I am starting to come around to the idea of gaa go it’s not as bad as I thought originally!

  60. Kerry are 1/16 to beat Louth, by comparison mayo are 2/9 to beat Cork. The former has absolutely no chance of happening, the latter much less unlikely but still improbable

    “Average” is all relative, when all is said and done no Louth player would start on that Kerry team

  61. @ciaran fair enough . They wouldn’t cut in the kerry squad but there’s been plenty of upsets so far in the round robin and louth beating kerry could well be one of them . No one thought cork would come near kerry either.

  62. Hope you enjoy the commentary Clare. The Kerry commentator you refer to was Marc O’Shea, the former great Kerry footballer and brother of Tomás and Darragh. He, naturally enough, was biased in favour of Kerry but he also heaped praise on Mayo’s performance.

  63. We had Marc Ó Sé on the podcast after the Kerry game and he was excellent.

    Derry well up on Galway here in Carrick: 1-5 to 0-2 ahead, close to half-time. The rain is still falling and the conditions underfoot are fairly greasy.

  64. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on Marc o se haha I guess I naturall to be biased for your own county .

  65. Derry closing this one out. Galway now down to 14 (Ross Coen picked up a black while already on yellow) and Derry lead by 1-8 to 0-4. Galway’s insistence in keeping a 13-man shawl in place while losing kinda sums up the predicament the game is in right now.

  66. But in saying that they are only minors at the end of the day ! Hard luck to them. Sorry for double comment!

  67. Two things that struck me about mayo against louth. Very Rochford like football. Possession football and like his era just scraping through. Horan got slaughtered on here for never changing anything. Against louth it was exactly the same. Two big men listed at 13 14. Why not leave them there and kick in to aos and carr. The second thing was aos. Is he in .. is he out… we need to have him for the throw in… I get that but after that he needs to go in and stay in. Minor s we’ll beaten. Silly errors too.

  68. The disparaging of Louth’s tactics from Clare and numerous others isn’t really on. Louth have 3 All Irelands, same as Mayo. They’re equally as successful as ourselves and given that they’re primarily a soccer county, you could say they’re more successful. Both of us are well in the bottom half of most successful counties. Until the fact that we’re lower tier is dealt with and accepted, then progress won’t be made. The county has the potential to lift itself fully up into the proper tier of serious football counties but we have to grasp that nettle ourselves and not treat similar counties with disrespect. The potential is there but I’m not sure the mindset is yet

  69. Stephenite – I don’t think anyone was debating the historic success that Louth and ourselves had. Of course Louth are free to play however they wish, but over 10k Mayo supporters spent their bank holiday Sunday in MacHale park watching an absolute dreadful game.

    People aren’t just going to pretend it was enjoyable.

  70. @Stephenite I think it is fair enough of me to say how I felt about louths tactics. I said fair play to them for getting the tactics right but I won’t give them credit for setting up the way they did.

    It was an awful game to watch so boring &flat I nearly felt like turning it off to be honest .

    Also I was not disrespecting louth either . I said before the game that I was iffy about it because of how louth would set up.

    If louth actually want to come and play proper football without parking the bus and putting 15 in front of their posts from the off I wonder how they would go against us in an open game? Louth are no where near mayos talents of players let’s be honest. Apart from sam mulroy who’s a really good player and could walk onto any team.

    This defensive style of football is totally runing the game as loads of people say it to not just me ..

  71. This defensive blanket as they call it is totally destroying the game.personally I do not want to spend good money on watching this rubbish.Gaelic football was a great game to watch but now in the main all we have is this over and back across the field boring the living daylights out of everyone .the gaa would be better served trying to find a way to change this rather than enacting the ridiculous playing format we have at minute.i suppose Louth are as entitled to bore everyone in the same manner as Galway might well win an all Ireland playing this mind numbing rubbish.of course it will be said it’s all about winning but when people start voting with their feet then the powers that be will act

  72. The Gaelic Grounds look savage today, packed to the rafters for the hurling. How many will be there, I wonder, next Sunday? Hard to see it being any higher than 10-12k.

  73. It should be pointed out that Louth had one week to prepare for a game against a top team who they had no previous experience of playing against.

    I don’t really think that Louth could have realistically been expected to setup any differently.

    IMO the fault lies squarely with the GAA. A two week gap would have allowed Louth the time to recover fully, analyse Mayo properly and train to exploit mayo’s weaknesses.

    Even with two weeks to prepare, you could see that Mayo were not as well prepared as they were for the game in Killarney. A lot of that was from our lack of familiarity with Louth, and probably having one eye on a quarter final.

    We’ll have a better idea in a few weeks time but imo two weeks between games makes for a better spectacle

  74. FrostT in my opinion, they set up exactly how best to frustrate us.
    They just lacked the couple of additional forward/scoring threats some of the other teams left in competition would have to punish us. The players they were missing were a big loss for them as not same squad depth as ourselves.
    While I agree it makes for a poor spectacle, the game changes and evolves over the years. Sweeper/keepers the newest tactic in vogue, something else will come along in time.
    It’s very hard to figure what rule changes could be implemented that would counteract it, so it’s up to the opponents to figure out a way around it e.g. players who can kick the ball over from 45m, or leave target men inside and hit them with high diagonal balls from distance.
    Our biggest problem is in the games where we have came up against it we looked bereft of ideas on how to overcome it and reverted to our old bad habits e.g. Aido drifting out, not moving the ball fast enough etc.
    We have been out thought by Davy Bourke and Mickey Harte so far.

  75. I thought our management were shocking on the day. Very disappointing from them. We need to wake up big time if we think we are going route one to the quarters. I expect cork to ask big questions

  76. @1985 haha I laughed at that Galway will win an all Ireland by boring the living daylights out of everyone
    haha so true to !

    What a game of hurling there you’d have to feel sorry for clare though ! Packed house as its an open game none of this defensive stuff your seeing in the football Atm.

    Davy& mickey heart I wouldn’t be bragging about their style of play if I were them but guess they won’t care once they win.. Glad we are still entertaining to watch though when we are playing an open game!

    As an article said mayo played exciting champagne style of football in killarney .. I never want to see Mayo playing how louth did anyway.

  77. No one’s bragging about it Clare, or saying it’s exciting. But it can be very effective if no plan to counteract it, that’s where we falling short currently.
    Mickey has the medals in back pocket to prove its effectiveness when mixed with attacking plan. But if by playing it we won one I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.
    Champagne football is easy done when a team doesn’t defend against you and allow you play game on your terms. But unfortunately teams will get more defensively structured from now on in. We have a very experienced, management team and a lot of money invested, so hopefully we can start to see some semblance of a plan for it next day out.

  78. @Gizmobobs pretty sure Davy was bragging about it and the rossies after :p haha

    It is killing the game though total bore fest watching it . I don’t think we will see mayo ever playing that style of football Mickley heart may have the medals but at what cost? For a lot of people loosing interest in games when that style comes into play.

    Yes hopefully we figure out a plan for the defensive style or I fear other teams will use the same park the bus style against us to.. : / haha

  79. I have been attending Mayo games since we played Dublin in a challenge match in swinford in 1979 and I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on Gaelic football but surely there are rule changes that could limit this mass defending.possibly enforcing that at least 3 or maybe 4 players must stay in the attacking half of field at all times .two officials posted on the half way line should easily be able to monitor this.lord knows we seem to have plenty of officials that appear to do nothing.possibly more scrutiny on this surrounding of a player in possession.a huge percentage of these are very clear fouls but referees almost always give the benefit of doubt to the defending team .the extraordinarily stupid mark rule was brought in a few years ago and has added nothing to the game .the laughable situation where a pop pass into a forwards chest is rewarded with a free shot on goal is completely ludicrous and now teams have dropped even deeper to prevent the kick pass in being an option.I am amazed that the genius that is the northern lad who campaigned for a summer festival of football hasn’t come up with anything of note to change the rules

  80. @1985 totally agree with you ! I think if this continues some kind of penalties need to be introduced or frees for the other team need to come into play if this defensive system keeps on going.

    We saw it in the hurling today packed out house and unreal atmosphere ! As was a total open game. As @willie Joe says doubt it will be packed out house next week for our game against cork . Agree with you something needs to change or it’ll kill the game completely!

    It will be sad day if mayo ever adopt this style but as I said before doubt we will ever do that we love the game to much and actually want to play a proper game … haha

  81. 1985, whatever rules brought in will have to be very easy policed, as it is it’s an extremely hard game to referee as it is.
    Rules above would only work at inter-county level also as they’re already struggling to get enough officials for club games.

  82. @Gizmobobs well something needs to change or else people will just turn up for the hurling

  83. Inter county is already very different in every way .inter county players are now effectively professional in everything but name.what is the alternative.continuing to watch this dire spectacle of a game become even more dire .giving the advantage to an attacking team is not a major difficulty for referees.At the moment numerous referees have completely different interpretations of the tackle.5 players surrounding one player all with hands left in cannot be deemed to be legal tackling but the easy way out is signal free out to the defending team and a crazy round of fist pumping and screaming in opponents faces because another foul has been gotten away with

  84. Like everyone else i hate this style of play to the extent i may not go to the game in limerick and watch it on tv but then i think about a comment by an ex County manager who said people have no problem watching the same style for 90 minutes in a soccer game. I wonder is this the road it’s going. Regarding the 3rd round games there’s something at stake for most teams so hopefully we’ll see better entertainment next weekend. Regarding mayo I’m expecting an improvement all round and this has the potential to be a good game one where I’d expect a mayo win. Hurley is definitely their main threat tho I know they have a few good players but our lads should be able to keep tabs on them.

  85. @No doubt agree with you! I’m very optimistic for this match I think mayo will come full force cork are a good team not disregarding them at all.

    But I feel mayo will want to make a statement win after the louth display either way I’ve no doubt we will see a different mayo team show up v cork….

  86. 1985, only in a small number of counties. Some counties lads carpooling and other teams having to get trains as cannot afford overnight stays isn’t exactly professional.
    We are lucky we in the bracket you allude to.
    Agree on the tackle, in hurling as today shows the definition is even more undefined or hard to fathom.
    It’s dire to watch, like no doubt and most other fans I’ll likely not travel this weekend and take in some club action instead.
    Coming up with rules to counteract it is not easy, have you been to 13 a side games and seen the exact same thing where everyone drops back?
    In your idea If 3 or 4 players stay up does that mean the same number of defenders have to stay with them? Does it have to be the same designated players stay up? If yes do they have a different shirt to distinguish them and help officials and To prevent confusion for viewers? E.g. an attack breaks down and ball released quick and breaks along the half way line and it’s there to be won By one of two lads and both go for it and cross the divide is it an indirect free etc?
    Under current set up, the only real way is to have lads able to kick over from distance like Clifford does. Again easier said than done.

  87. Yea obviously it would take some working out but surely worth trying some alternative to what we are being subjected to .I am getting more and more disillusioned with the game.if you go back to that never to be forgotten 2006 all Ireland semi final and extraordinary noise and excitement it’s a million miles away from dreadful silent mass like vigils we witness now .yes it was all a bit naive and innocent with a lot of mistakes but that’s what Gaelic football was supposed to be about .i agree on the hurling.a blatant free in not given to Clare yesterday at the end .as I said I believe alot of this surrounding a player is actual fouling with sneaky little pull backs and hands being left in which referees generally ignore

  88. @ 1985. Agree 100%. The swarm tackle is a blight on the game. A tactic made famous by Mickey Hartes Tyrone team of the noughties. Maybe there is scope to change the rule and limit the number of tacklers to two. Third man in is an automatic free to the attacker who must take the free himself. Its surely something refs can easily adjudicate on and would be fairly easy to implement at club level aswell.

  89. Cork is a must win game for Mayo. We need to go full out for a win.
    Win and we have a 2 week preparation time for quarter final.
    Time to be putting our best foot forward and bedding in our best 15.

  90. Have 2 tickets for sale for the Cork game, can be collected in south Mayo or I can post if paid online. We are 2 season ticket holders that cant make the game.

  91. @JR totally agree! And I think mayo will come full force on Sunday hopefully the 2 weeks break will be good for them to get over the frustration of louth!

    Id say cork might opt for going a bit defensive as they know we struggle against it but they aren’t as good as the blanket defence and louth . Cork are good but Mayo by 5/6 points

  92. Exactly Jr. Time to get serious with a settled starting 15. Margins are tight in championship games. Lucky against louth. Look what happened galway hurlers. Rochford renowned for sailing to close to the wind. Time for mcstay to take control and do what we done all year. Let the ball in early… not this back and over possession rubbish

  93. Will the draws for 1/4 finals done the same time as the draws for preliminary 1/4 finals ?

  94. @JKEL88

    no. They need to know the winner’s because of the stipulations on avoiding previous pairings

  95. When everyone is back the ball in isn’t an option. Only way that works is with turnovers when they commit forward and teams will be really tuned in for that (remember as well that long balls were being used by Mayo in Horan’s last year in the league – Dublin win was a good example). We’ll have to have a Plan B which might have to involve over and back – it’s just going to have to be a lot more effective than what we’ve seen to date.

  96. Two issues we had against the Louth blanket that we need to improve on.
    1. When we did turn over the ball we were way to slow getting the ball into the full forward line. There were times when Louth hadn’t the blanket set up that we could have used the fast ball. But we showed no urgency in trying to exploit this.
    2. With none of Durcan, Hession, Eoghan Mac, Fionn or Tommy C starting – we lacked real pace and line breakers in the middle third for most of the game. The type of break Paddy D made for his point. Hopefully three of the above five will start v Cork to increase the pace and intensity in that area.

  97. Is our team not fairly settled folks? Bar the dead rubber league game and a game we thought we would and did win v Louth it’s been pretty much same team bar injuries every game.

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