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Okay, it’s Dublin Sunday three weeks so it’s time to get focused on what’s now top priority for those of us looking on. Forget all the gushing about the Greatest Game of All Time (for those with short memories, it’s worth recalling there was the same fawning after the Dublin/Kerry semi-final in 2013), from our point of view the only point of relevance is that it produced a winner against whom we’ll battle for Sam on 18th September.

What was really striking – in my detached demeanour sitting slap, bang in the middle of the Lower Hogan yesterday – was the numerical advantage Dublin had in relation to supporters in the stadium. They had all the Hill, of course, but they also appeared to have the vast bulk of support in the stands.

As I said in yesterday’s piece I’d reckon they had (at least) a 75:25 advantage in terms of support there yesterday. In a stadium the size of Croke Park, that’s quite an advantage.

I’ll get around to the top priority I mentioned above in a bit, but this point I want to make first is relevant to what comes after. Which is this: despite all the support they had yesterday, when the going got tough for the Dubs shortly before half-time the serried blue ranks went missing on them. For all the world it was as if someone had pressed the mute button and the volume wasn’t restored again until the team had dug themselves out of the hole Kerry had planted them into.

Okay, they didn’t go completely quiet but there was precious little in the way of encouraging noises from the Dublin support when they were under the hammer. Instead I heard plenty of expletives directed by blue-shirted supporters at their own players. Sure, by the end they were all singing again but when the going got tough, the support went missing on them … again.

In this regard, I think it’s fair to say that we tend to beat ourselves up a bit excessively about our own performance as supporters. I know, we DID all go too quiet in the second half of the 2013 final but the decibel levels we reached at matches since then – in particular the two Kerry games in 2014, the two Dublin games last year and Tyrone this year – bordered on spine-tingling.

Which brings me back to the top priority issue for us today: tickets. The share-out of tickets for finals isn’t like other games so Dublin won’t have three-quarters of Croke Park roaring from them the next day. They’re still likely, given demographics and all that, to have more support there than we do but, on the basis of past experience, we shouldn’t be that badly outnumbered on the big day.

The key thing now is for everyone to do what they can to get hold of as many tickets as possible and get them into the hands of our supporters. Every ticket counts, every additional voice roaring the lads on is important so the more tickets we can hoover up the better.

In this respect, there are a few draws for tickets that I want to bring to your attention. First there’s the Mayo GAA Players Welfare Lotto, the weekly draw for which is on tonight. There’s over €10k in the jackpot at this stage but more importantly there are also two tickets for the final included in this week’s draw. These will be drawn separately so two people will win a ticket each in tonight’s draw. Play the Lotto here.

Breaffy GAA club have a draw for six tickets – details here.

Donegal GAA have a draw for four tickets – details here.

UPDATE: Drumconrath GAA club in Meath have a draw for two tickets – details here.

UPDATE: Club Rossie have a draw for two tickets – details here.

I’ll post information on other draws as and when I hear of them. If you’d like some eye-ball attention for a draw you’re aware of or want to promote (daily hits are topping 11,000 here on the site and rising by the day so you’re guaranteed a large, receptive audience) then just let me know. Either post a comment with the details (if there’s a link included it’ll go into moderation, this is an anti-spam safeguard) or else mail me with the details and I’ll do the rest.

This battle needs to be fought and won on many fronts. For supporters, the frontline is now all about tickets. And more tickets. And more tickets. Mayo forever. #MayoForSam.

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  1. Spot on.
    This game will be won by boxing clever, and that applies to ourselves also. The battle is on. We need to be on the frontfoot, getting as many tickets as possible. We also need to split the hill. A full hill is an advantage to Dublin – that is why they guard it so much. We need to take that away from them from the get-go. Imagine the lift that will give the players to come out and see us giving them no change in the hill, that would set the tone and maybe even spook the dubs.

    Another advantage we have is that galway are contesting the other final. They might not travel all that strongly, so anyone who knows anyone involved with a galway club, get onto them and get in there first. The same goes for Kerry.

    Finally, forget the talk beforehand, the songs and all the rest of it, let’s leave that to the Dubs. But when the day comes, let’s raise the fucking roof off the place from start to finish. No regrets.

  2. Well said WJ. We absolutely need to get as many tickets as possible into Mayo hands! And everyone, EVERYONE that does manage to get a ticket, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring a flag and wear the Mayo colours. A little wristband with your Sunday best, IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  3. Season tickets were one of the best things that happened in the GAA in the last few years. Thankfully all the people I know who attended games all year are all sorted with tickets for the final.

  4. Exactly TheMaestro. I know people are deterred from the Hill because of the behaviour of some of the Dubs, but if we get in there in numbers, there is a bit of comfort. None of this “leave them the Hill” rubbish – we have to dilute that wall of sound.

    WJ is right, they go dead quiet when things aren’t going their way – we need to ensure that even when they are making noise that the effect is tempered. We need to be in green and red too – pink or navy or black and lime doesn’t cut it – just look at the photos of Croker yesterday. Blue and nothing else.

    What happens on the pitch is the important thing but these are small marginal gains that can have a cumulative effect.

  5. We will (hopefully) be written off by the media and i’m sure the management won’t say anything to disagree with that assertion. This will be built up as Dublin’s Double coronation and the dubs will be ready to party. The team will set the tone from the start of the match but the Mayo supporters will set the tone earlier by lifting the team when they come out. As stated above we need to grab tickets where we can, put the colour on and shout!!

  6. We as fans can’t effect what happen’s on the field but we can offer support. I would like to see Mayo fans who secure hill tickets, pick an area (The hill is split into three sections) to stand together and get in EARLY.
    Personally I would let the Dub’s have the hill IF the Davin lower was all Mayo and had the 40 euro cost as the hill does. There used to be something special about fans in opposing end’s with all their colour.

  7. Free competition in AIB for tickets, fill out the form and drop it in the box by this Friday. Anyone with contacts in AIB, Eir, Supervalu – now is the time to make a call!

  8. So far today I have been assured by 4 different people that Mayo have absolutely no chance in the final, I just smile and say “I’ll head up for the pints anyway”.

    We have a chance here to wipe the smirk of Brolly and Spillanes faces, off every Joe soap who laughs and goads us despite not knowing the name of their local club!

    To quiet the hill and defeat the so called greatest team to ever play the game despite them having every possible advantage a team can have.

    It really would be the sweetest of all victories. Mhaigh Eo Abu!!!

  9. Totally agree with Anne Marie and Mayo Mick we need to wear green and red and bring the flags I certainly will and will be urging everyone I meet to do the same

  10. Winning Sam would be a dream come true and doing so by beating the Dubs would be the icing on the cake.I was hoping we would get the Dubs to be perfectly honest.I havent forgot how some of their fans started waving at the Mayo supporters as they left.Would be a sweet victory indeed.

  11. Funny how O Neills decreed that Mayo polo shirts/tops be navy blue with a subtle red and green stripes on the sleeves……wear jersies for the final!!!

    And for anyone worried about the hill, get in early and take over one or two entire sections. And no online “we’re going to take the hill” campaigns….just do it and say nothing unlike the last time where it was all over social media.

    And if you hear of anyone attempting to raise money for charity by releasing a Mayo for Sam song, please punch them right in the face

  12. Whitey – Couldn’t agree more. Those “fans” (I use the term lightly) on the Mayo Banter page should tone it down too and keep the slagging and campaigns until after the game. No need to incite the excitable section of Dublin supporters…just do it.

  13. That’s two nice tickets you have a picture of here ‘Willie Joe’. I can feel my mouth salivating just looking at them. Just wish they were real tickets and in my pocket. I’ll settle for one, which I hope to get because of the Croke Park seating season ticket.. Last time I heard, from some official source, Mayo had 3,700, season ticket holders, Cairde and Croke Park.. I think it’s too late for 2016, but surely there is a far bigger demand for season tickets than that from Mayo supporter’s. Why don’t the GAA just sell more to Mayo supporters, it’s up to the individual supporter to attend 60% of the league and championship matchs, With the Croke Park option you are only allowed one opt out for the season in any event. It’s a great way of getting All Ireland tickets into the hands of ‘GENUINE SUPPORTERS :. Is there anything fair in life,? NO is definitely the answer! While Mayo have lower Cusack ‘season tickets’ The Dublin have lower Cusack, Upper Cusack, and Hill 16 season tickets!. Last All Ireland final I attended, I managed to get a Hill 16. ,ticket for the centre of the Hill, I duly went there early like most of the Mayo supporter’s to support the Mayo minors that day,. However we were all herded into the Hill Cusack to the side of the terrace, definitely not as good as a central position. Now that’s something that should not happen, there is no way Dublin supporters will be herded into inferior positions. Anyhow there was a row or two between some Mayo supporter’s and the Dublin men operating the styles . Some Mayo supporter’s explained that their young children were in the Central section and they too were entitled to go there, these guys ‘,, (supposedly operating entry to the hill) you go where your told or you don’t get in, The Guards came and these Dublin wide boy’s were put in there place and these Mayo supporter’s got to there rightful place. I have advice for any Mayo supporter’s who get Hill central tickets for the upcoming All Ireland, I think their called Hill Dineen,. Be there early, demand your right for the central section, even if the Guards have to be called,. You will get your rightful place, get the highest position in the Hill as possible, while most of the Hill supporter’s are OK, some a obnoxious small minority think nothing of bringing in cans of Larger, when their finished drinking them, throwing them at opposition supporter’s. Your Green and Red flags will look better the higher up they are in any event! Let’s see them wave!

  14. Yeah, definitely need to take control of the Hill. Get in there with the biggest green and red flags you can get.

    Smoke bombs that give off green and red smoke to be let off during the parade and watch the smoke drift over towards the players as they go by. Kerry had at least two in the canal end at the 97 final. Donegal had at least one on the Hill in 2012 and the Dubs let at least one off on the Hill in 2013.
    I cant remember ever seeing a Mayo smoke bomb going off anywhere.

  15. We have played the Dub’s 5 times in the championship in the last 10 years. Winning twice, losing twice & last years draw.
    We didn’t play them in the 20 years before that.

    So in 30 years, they have only beaten us twice in the championship and the 2 times we beat them, we were massive underdogs.

    in 2013, they beat us by one point and last year, by 2 goals (at which point, we didn’t have a midfield and were down to 14).

    My point is, this game will be close and will be won by one or two points, so fear should not be one of our emotions. If our team can stay focused and our management can keep up with what’s going on, then we can be confident.

    The dubs have a lot to lose and we have a lot to win!!

  16. Jim flag , at the Tipperary semi final this year 2 mayo supporters were thrown out of the hill just before the match started for letting off a smoke bomb , be very careful

  17. Lads in my experience the best supporters I have come across have all been from Dublin. And that is in victory or defeat. I usually park in Ballybough and have great craic with the Dubs in the pubs there. Some of these pubs are rough but I have found the people in them to be genuine and good natured. Whilst I dont mind a bit of banter I would hate the GAA to go down the line of the hate filled soccer supporters that was evident at the weekend in England and Scotland.

  18. Sorry, have to diverge sharply from the party line here.

    I’ll be chasing tickets of course for myself and family, but here’s the rub; immediate family means 3 Dubs. And, if other years are anything to go by, I’m likely to get my tickets from a close Kerry friend. The Mayo lot – brother and nephews are likely to be fine, but mutual support will be called upon if necessary.

    OK, so why didn’t I do the Càirde season ticket? Because, (a) I wasn’t sure I could get to the matches, and (b) I go to most of the big matches irrespective of whether Mayo are playing or not (this AIF will be my 39th consecutive since ’77). So, why not get a GAA season ticket? Because I want to go to as many Mayo matches as I can!

    In the event I went to most of the league matches and all the championship ones bar Fermanagh – was in the air at the time. Yesterday, I picked up a great ticket for the Upper Hogan in the Bridge Bar – much better than the Càirde ‘friend’ ticket I got for the QF v Tyrone. So, it’s a funny business tickets.

    Meanwhile, I’m on the hunt for a hurling final ticket!

  19. From a supporters point of view, what about hammering the hammer?

    “Cooome on ye booooys in bluuueee” anthem is getting a bit sickening.

    mayomayomayomayomayo isn’t much of a retort.

    One for the craic, if it could be coordinated for say 3.15
    “The hiiiilll is fuuuull of w@@@@@nkers”

  20. As regards flares, I love seeing them especially if they are Green and Red, but are they legal and are they safe? . Be aware that the stewards may want to take away anything dangerous from supporter’s. I’m all for it so long as they are safe and legal. There was a time when sticks for your flags would not be allowed into Croke Park. Don’t worry I’ll be all Green and Red for the big day, I won’t be mistaken for a Dublin supporter, I might be mistaken for someone totally insane, on the other hand, that might not be a mistake!……………….. Do any of ye remember the entertainment for the replay between Dublin and Mayo, last year, Christy Dignan and Aslam. Inciting the Hill 16, ‘We won’t take it’ shouted Christy to the Hill, he might as well have shouted (the insolence of those Cuiltees for Mayo, even playing on the their, pitch).. We got to do this for ourselves,! don’t be expecting any favors,.. A very Bullish Keith Barr, with all the way eloquence of a school yard bully, on the ‘Marty Squad, yesterday ‘ that’s the way opinion of many in the Capital have of Kerry, they have a worse opinion of us. Time has come to stick it in them. No backwards steps, no sentimental auld shite. There’s always a big game in the ‘MEN from MAYO!

  21. Just got notice of my Cairde Maigh Eo ticket. There does not appear to be an option of an additional ticket as in previous finals. Has any one else got their notcie?

  22. Just got that nice email from season tickets confirming that my attendance is strong and that I qualify for a ticket. They do give an opt out option which is funny.

  23. Anne-Marie,
    i stand corrected. Limerick 2014. How did i miss that?
    “They make a serious statement”. Too right they do.

    Mayo/Meath man and Leantimes. No, the GAA dont want people letting off flares. A steward would probably take one off you if he knew that you were in possession of one. Not sure if its classed as illegal.

    I would be surprised though if we dont see blue smoke billowing from somewhere on the Hill on the 18th. So if its good for the goose, its good for the gander. If there is blue smoke, should there not be green and red smoke too?

    Then again, as far as i’m aware, smoke has never won an All Ireland for anybody!!!
    However, as we are taking over the place for the day it might be no harm to put down a marker.

  24. Ive never had to watch a mayo game on tv but this time ive accepted it . Will they have big screens in the city centre somewhere?

  25. Tks WJ for above post.
    For last 6 yrs and more yrs for some of us
    We have followed our county teams. This team is like an extension of our families with all the great games we,ve shared together.
    If any team deserves our support in huge and loud numbers it is these guys. We have to be loud and bold and to be forceful in our belief that they can do this. Even if they’re behind show stronger support.
    Oh how sweet the win will be!!!
    Keep calm for next 3 weeeks.
    Now for the tickets….

  26. We’re attending a coronation…one that we’re going to f’ck right up – if there is any celestial being up there!!

  27. Thanks for getting back Mayo.Mick.I know it happened in 2013 so thought it might be on again this year.

  28. No, Croke Park took over the running of cairde tickets. Those tickets come out of the county board allocation, they did have that offer for people that renewed their cairde tickets again. There will be fierce pressure on all clubs this time, both in Dublin and Mayo. With all the season ticket holders in both counties there will be less available to allocate to the clubs.

  29. They sending our tickets out (Cairde holders). An expected date of delivery????? This is one time where I’d sooner collect it. I know it is an Ireland but how is it any different to a semi final that is a sell out? The onus is always on us to print our tickets and now we have a potential fiasco of tickets ending up at the wrong address. Preferred collecting at McHale Park despite questionable organisation. Maybe I am over reacting but why don’t they send us our tickets for other games? Seat numbers aren’t any different on All Ireland day.

  30. It’s Croke Park that are handling the tickets, Near Hand In, there’s no Mayo GAA involvement in distributing them. Because it’s a final they’re going with old-fashioned, paper-only tickets and not computer print-outs.

    The mail you’ll have got from them today asks you to log on to the season ticket account and check that your credit card and delivery address details are correct and up-to-date. Providing they are they’ll send the tickets to the address listed. There’s nearly three weeks to go so there shouldn’t be any issues with on-time deliveries and once you make sure they’re sending them to the correct address there really shouldn’t be any problems on that front.

  31. Paul, whilst I like your retort, it is a tad ‘blue’. How about;
    ‘Boom boom boom, let me hear you say MAYO’
    or The banana boat -‘MAYOH, MAYOH, Sam McGuire is coming home to Mayo’.
    Actually, I love the ‘Banana boat” it’s just a pity the crew back in 96 did such a crap job of what could have been one of the great fan anthems.
    Of course we could all learn Icelandic claps in 3 weeks.
    BTW, any decent young Deejays out there? Surely somebody can mix something together which isnt MWR friendly.

  32. Jim Flag, I have nothing against flares at all, just wouldn’t like to see any Mayo supporters put out of Croke Park after moving might and maine to get their hands on a precious ticket!

  33. If ye want to see Big Bertha @ Croker on the 18th then please keep me in mind for a ticket. Thanks!

  34. Boom boom boom is always great and it sounded brilliant coming out under the canal end after we beat Offaly in 97. That was the only time I heard Mayo supporters properly sing a chant… We have absolutely no hope of starting a song now – it’s just not realistic. It was difficult enough getting our fans to open their mouths st the Tipp match. As a terrace man I love football songs… But we only have Mayo Mayo Mayo and it’s a while since I’ve heard us sing that one properly, ie: loudly and in unison.

  35. I’ve had to update my Cairde account with my visa debit, I was using my credit card up to now. Does anyone if theres an issue with using a debit card instead of a credit card???

  36. I don’t know, NiallMc, but from looking through the info in that mail from the GAA ticket office and the FAQs on the season ticket site I see they talk about debit/credit cards so you’re probably fine. You might want to mail them or phone them to confirm, just to be sure to be sure.

  37. Although I thought David Gough had a good match yesterday, mayomanindublin, I think the Kerry lads have a point there. Would Dublin, for example, be happy with a Cork ref living and working in Tralee who was involved on the ground with Austin Stacks? I don’t think so.

    As regards the ref for the final the usual drill is that the two semi-final refs don’t get the gig so that would rule out Coldrick and Gough. I guess it’s a choice then between Hughes, McQuillan, Deegan, Hickey or Kinsella (though he got it last year) or a wild-card like Cork’s Conor Lane. I’ve heard his names being whispered in dispatches and so wouldn’t be surprised if he got it.

  38. Does anyone from Mayo own a fireworks firm? Set a load of green and red fireworks off somewhere like clonliffe college or somewhere which is behind the hill! Start at 3 o clock!!!

  39. Well according to bookies and expect all Dublin have to do is show up, but I have feeling Mayo could unsettle Dublin.

  40. Aidan that is not a bad idea. Maybe 3.25 would be a good time to set them off. Players might still be in dressing room at 3 and not see them going off.

  41. Any Cairdre members still get lower Hogan tickets? Also it’s sad to see the County Boatd and New York in a collision course over funding. All funding should be welcomed with opened arms. If the Mayo CB are not on board with the one taking place on sept 10th in Manhattan are they organising one over there themselves? If not it’s a disgrace in a city with so much Mayo heritage. Between this and the club row there are always too many side shows going on when we are in a final it seems.

  42. Mayo not going to show up to loses the more that jump on the Dublin band wagon the better give us no chance that will fire up this team even more we have been wining playing bad what will we be like playing good I have a good feeling about this game down here in Donegal they want nothing else but a mayo win trying to get tickets ill go anywhere the hill is were I want to be all in green and red

  43. I’m not sure the collision course is with “New York”, Yew Tree! It’s clear from the Mayo GAA statement on the issue (here) that this fundraiser isn’t an authorised one. In fact, from the report I read in the Western it’s not even clear what organisation is behind it, aside from one high profile Mayo person in the city.

  44. I think the idea of getting elverys or other corporate entities funding flags for the final is a great idea. This is a no brainer that other teams in most sports have used and is very effective. Win win for all parties.

  45. In 2013 final there were loads of Mayo people trying to swap hill tickets for the stands. Yes there are a few bad eggs in there but most dubs in the hill on final day are sound out. We have to convince friends/family not to do the same this year, as well as getting in early and bringing flags. Very interesting about the guards been called in 2013. If they try this again are (most of us) going to be the shy culchies that do what we are told? My understanding is a hill ticket is a hill ticket. If we are there early enough we cannot be stopped oxcupying a central section. Also considering what the players put in, would it be really such a sacrifice to be in the 1st quarter of the minor game and to forego a couple of pints in the big tree? This is our chance to make a difference. Also if you are isolated and the dubs nearby start their “boys in blue” I found that simply roaring Mayoooooooooooooooooooooo on my own was enound to put them off.

  46. This night 3 weeks she will be making her way up Main Street Castlebar. Glistening in the rain with 50,000 Mayo folk gathered round. Pausing briefly outside Mick Byrnes before heading on to Mchale Park where 50,000 will pack the terraces and the pitch area. At last she will have returned home after 65 years. The roars will ring out as each one of our 21 who contributed the day before are introduced. Special roars for the ones who scored the 4 goals that blew the Dubs away. The shock of it all starting to set in as we see with our own eyes that piece of silverware in Mayo hands. Not a priest from Foxford or funeral in sight either.

  47. Banana boat is my all timw favourite but only the traditional Mayo Mayo chant will get any kind of critical mass. Too many are seemingly embarrassed to join in and bringing a flag is not cool either

  48. If my memory serves me correctly, the CP season tickets were sent out the week after the hurling, so I am hoping my arrives Thursday or Friday week. A full 9 days before the game

  49. Are juvenile croke park and cairde maigheo ticket holders entitled to a final ticket (obviously 60% attendance required for croke park one)?

  50. WJ – yes sorry I should have been more clear. it’s one Mayo person who is well known. He has been a financial backer for many years. I hope they can work things out as fundraising in NYC should be high on the list in my view. Kerry do it to great effect and we have as many if not more expats than Kerry over there.

  51. No fireworks going off at 325 please. All teams will be our on the pitch preparing for the parade.

    I got my email today. Cannot remember exactly when I got it in the post but I do know there was still a mad scramble for tickets and I had mine with my name on it which was a nice touch.

  52. There aren’t any juvenile Cairde Mhaigheo tickets, Mayomagic, but, yes, juvenile Croke Park season tickets with the required attendance levels are entitled to buy a final (adult) ticket.

  53. On the Hill in 2013 the only issue I had was with one of our own being too negative. Had a great spot but was tempted to move.

  54. Robbing some of Man United’s chants about liverpool and changing them to suit us. Not that I see us even chanting anything but the odd Mayo ,Mayo but a reply to come on you boys in green would be nice.Getting sick of hearing that chant over and over.Here is some just for the banter of speaking about chants.

    They knock on the door when they want something to eat,
    They find a dead rat and they think it’s a treat,
    In the Dublin slums.
    In the Dublin slums.

    sh1t on the boys in blue
    sh1t on the boys in blue
    (repeat for as long as necessary to when they start their own one)

    Stand up if your from Mayo
    Stand up if your from Mayo…
    (reply to their own for the boys in blue)

    These ones can only be sang if we are winning :

    Your not singing…
    your not singing…
    your not singing anymore
    (in the direction of the hill)

    (to the theme of Bear in the big blue house)
    Good-bye ,
    Goodbye Dublin
    We will see you next year I’m sure
    Next Year I’m sure.

    And if we are losing heavily :

    Your nothing special ..
    Your nothing special..
    We lose every year

    All in the name of banter

    Like I said , highly doubt they will be taking off anytime soon ,but something like this would add a bit of atmosphere.Dublin have enough rhymes ,we could do with something of our own to get the place going.

  55. Are there any functions/Mayo supporters club meet ups on the Saturday night in Dublin planned or is it just a “meet in coppers thing”.

    Arrivng back Saturday evening 20,000km and 29 hours of travelling to get there but id be cursing myself if id miss this one.

    Ticket allocation is always a hot topic come final time as the allocation to bothsenior finalists is always ridiculously low even if you take into account season ticket holders (cairde maigheo) etc.

    On the issue of Dublin Supporters, 99% of them are true gents who enjoy the craic and banter as good as any other. its the other 1% that are ejits and we have some of them also.

  56. Good effort final countdown but I would hate to see soccer type chants creep into Gaelic football we are better than that one of the great things about the GAA is you can sit next to the opposing team supporters and still have the craic with them and bring your kids family etc without fear of trouble long may that continue. By all means shout and roar on Mayo I will be hoarse for a week after the final

  57. Dont agree backdoor sam, on final day when one team used to get hill and the other the canal end that made for the best atmosphere .

    You mark my words here and now sooner rather than later there will be an incident in one of these modern day rivalries like ourselves and dublin. If youre lucky enough to get your hands on hill tickets , ye should organise on internet and on match day have organisers to bring all mayo to one section. Makes sense on many levels.

  58. Lot of talk about songs for All Ireland and chants at match. What about chorus of that great song Boys from County Mayo ie Boys pull together in all kinds of weather. Don’t show the white feather wherever you go. Be like a brother and love one and other. Like stout hearted men from the County Mayo..this could be followed by Mayo Mayo chant

  59. aodan, what about the ‘”sorrowful mysteries” or we could have “flaglatlion”. Do you not think Mayo supporters have suffered enough? I think We need someone to inspire us,! It’s hard to beat “The Green and Red of Mayo “” besides we have already got a bit of practice in the last few victories in. Croke Park, all be it at the end of the match. Just sing it before and during the match this time! Those young MEN that represent us on the field won’t e referred to as ‘boy’s’, leave that to the Dubs!

  60. Looks like I could be looking from the outside for the first time this year ,my normal sources seem very doubtful but still haven’t given up hope. Not going to ask my old club as they have to look after their current players and officials . Best of luck to all in getting tickets .

  61. The finalcountdown I’m loving your chants!!! I like ‘boom boom boom let me hear you say Mayo’.

    Could we do ‘Stand up for the Mayo men’ to the rugby tune of ‘stand up for the Ulster men’ when they come out and when they win. Would be so easy to do and tuneful. Few examples at matches coming up. Imagine putting Mayo men in instead. I really think it could work.

  62. Sinead37 I’d have no problem getting stuck in there – anything to make a bit of noise. Would recommend doing it during the game though – I doubt anyone will have any interest in a co-ordinated effort when we win!

    And don’t mind the negative comments – fair play to you for trying to start something. There will always be knockers. If people don’t want to join in, there’s no obligation. Plenty of people won’t even bother joining in with chants so it’s not like you’re inflicting anything on anyone.

    Mayomagic – radio silence from Elverys so far on the flag front. You can bet your life AIG will be there handing out hundreds of them. I suppose it’d be a novel idea for us supporters to bring our own 😉

  63. Thanks Anne-Marie, a lot of the supporters pages have tried to support it – sea of green and red and Mayo banter and another I can’t remember. I just feel there will be so many dubs in there as usual and want us to be heard and maybe reserved people would find it easier to have an easy tune to repeat. I’m definitely one of those fans that does not like the sound of her own voice esp when quiet all around. Shouted myself hoarse st the Tyrone matchbut that was tight and exciting. Fermanagh was exciting enough. The Westmeath and tipp one were never in jeopardy in my eyes – Shouted st times but the Mayo chant would die out in seconds. Maybe what I’d like to do might be easier to keep going longer. I’d like to do it when our team come out and during the match. They would never expect this so if it was loud enough could really make them proud and appreciated. I’m going to try and get it going wherever I’m sitting. I’ll be shy about it but I’ll make sure I have a few pints in me! I don’t know where I’ll be yet but nearly positive I’ll have a ticket coming from cork. It’s easy and as a catchy as the dubs one. Some friends in diff places will do it too. I better get practicing!!!!!

  64. I assume that alot of the season ticket holders will be located around each other in the lower cusack. I think the onus is on us to get the chants going and make as much noise as possible

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