Time for a new poll, I think

Well, with no sign of an announcement about the team for Saturday’s match, what else is there to do?

The poll I’ve just decommissioned was the one on what our aims should be for this year’s league and, with 42% of the vote, retaining our Division 1 status is what most of you think this aim should be, with 34% stating that experimentation should be our primary aim (even if that means relegation) while the remaining 24% said that we should aim to win the damn thing (well, we are the league specialists after all).

If we tank against Donegal on Saturday, that latter option will obviously be closed to us but, after just one league outing, it’s far from clear yet what we’re using this NFL for.  You could argue, in light of the fact that one-third of the team that started against Derry also lined out in last year’s U21 All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry, that we’re using it simply for experimentation purposes but I have my doubts as to whether or not Johnno and his colleagues are, at this early stage, placing a lower priority on Division 1 survival.  Again, Saturday’s result will tell us a lot.

So, given the importance (well, in the sense that any match in the middle of February can be so deemed) of our meeting with the Herrin Gutters up in Letterkenny on Valentine’s Day, how do you feel we’re going to do?  Now’s your time to say.

3 thoughts on “Time for a new poll, I think

  1. I would love to be proved wrong this w/e but I am not optimistic. I think the current panel is limited in some respects compared with the top teams so I don’t expect Jonno to perform miracles. What’s disappointing though is that this current team doesn’t even seem to be able to even maximize its potential under Jonno.

    I listened to DO’C after the Ireland rugby game against France and I thought he made a couple of very insightful points about Mgt (and implied these were things that Declan Kidney had put in place)

    1. He said everyone now new exactly what the game plan was and what their role was in that plan
    2. He spoke about the team spirit and the trust players all had in their team mates.
    3. He spoke about players taking responsibility on the field.

    That’s three thing I think Jonno has failed to do in his current role. I don’t think anyone knows what our game plan is (compare for example with Kerry or Tyrone who have a very defined style of play), players don’t seem motivated or confident and there are no leaders on the field.

  2. Agree Mike the absence of positives around the team is getting easier to spot. There should be a game plan, team spirit and leadership but alas it’s hard to see any of them.

    Makes me think that Saturdays match v Donegal is much more important than just a couple of league points at stake. I can see it turning into something of a watershed for JOM.

    If we win it will be a positive and keep league survival hopes alive as we might hope to bag another couple of points in the next outing at home to Westmeath.

    But….. if we lose I can see an avalanche of sentiment against management and players but most likley it will be directed at JOM. Any discontent with what’s happening (or not happening more like!) under his management will move up a gear or two. Our survival in Div 1 will be questioned (favourites for relegation most likely) and that line will lead quickly to negative speculation on our chances in the championship and so on and so forth … The pressure will be on !!!

    Reading around the online boards there is a frustration that neither the manager or the team are delivering and seem to be just going through the motions. If it’s not working JOM can only be partly to blame – the men on the pitch need to start showing a bit of drive and hunger too. As you say Mike a bit of leadership and responsibility and pride.

    No team spirit, no fire in the belly, no clear direction, no leadership, NO RESULTS!! A lot of NO’s and negativity and the managers inclination to complain, moan and offer excuses is just more of it. We all need to see some sign that the tide is turning and a win on Saturday is absolutely vital in that respect. Win and we can look forward to Westmeath. Lose and …. well let’s say the noise level will go up a few notches!!

    Personally I hope it’s a win – the players individually are good enough, the manager has been there done that and I’m hoping as a unit it can still do on the pitch what it says “on the tin”.

  3. The players do have some responsibility and i acknowledge their shortcomings but the buck stops with the manager if the players are not motivated. With Ireland Kidney achieved a much better performance from the same group of players. They looked like a different team on Saturday. I openly acknowledge that we’re not good enough to win an all ireland but to see them not realising their potential is not good enough. You only have to look back to last summer with the minors and what was achieved with a limited squad with the right attitude. Mayo fans dont demand results….just 100% effort. if we fall short then I can accept that for sure.

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