Time to get those tickets sorted

Just eight days to go now until the Sligo game so it really is time to get those pesky tickets sorted.  The Connacht GAA website has provided handy contact details for their own office in Ballyhaunis as well as for the county boards of the respective counties.  Us pampered metropolitans also have Club Mayo Dublin as an ever efficient source of tickets and, if you’re a member and want to get your tickets via this route, then you need to send an email to secretary@clubmayo.ie before 5 pm next Monday.

Stand tickets for Markievicz Park cost €30 while the terrace is €20.  OAPs and students have to pay full whack but they’re entitled to a refund of €10 (on either stand or terrace tickets for OAPs, on terrace tickets only for students) from the designated stile at the ground.  That arrangement always strikes me as unnecessary bureaucracy.  Kids’ tickets are a fiver but they’re terrace only, which always strikes me as completely stupid, given that kids are mini-adults and so if you stick them on a terrace with full-sized adults standing in front of them, they’ll see fuck all.

Anyway, seeing as the match is a little over a week away I think it’s time to test the waters in terms of opinion on the outcome.  As a result, there’s now a new poll on the site for this very purpose to help brighten up your day.

12 thoughts on “Time to get those tickets sorted

  1. Willie Joe – €30 a ticket for the Stand. Outrageous.

    Other provincial councils are charging €25 – Saturday night in a recession – small crowd I think.

  2. Croke park is only 25 euro for the upcoming Dublin Wexford game and Connacht council is setting the bar 5 eur higher than croke park. Compare and contrast as they say ! …..and a birdie tells me that for Connacht semi finals stand prices will be 35

  3. Got my ticket here in Sligo, locals estimating a crowd of 10,000 or thereabouts, looks like crowds are down all round this year apart from maybe the hurling tomorrow. Sligo are quietly confident….

  4. Sligo are more than confident. I think ever since they “nearly” beat Kerry last year they have been doing a lap of honour around the media as self-anointed All Ireland runners-up. Methinks the emperor has no clothes and that if Mayo are any good they will win by 4 or 5 points.

    Anonymous that is right about the Dublin game – and that is for a double header with Laois/Meath

  5. Aswell as the so called celtic tiger not crossing the shannon, it seems the recession, ( in the eyes of the gaa anyway ) has not reached us here in the west yet. What are they thinking of, charging them prices?

  6. Agree with Miser man- counties with no tradition often find it hard to deal appropriately with relative success- v hard to knuckle down when all around you are saying you’re great. I think Mayo will beat them without getting into 5th gear.
    Mayo.mick is right- €30 is just scandalous- Croker have said repeatedly that it compares favourably with professional soccer- but these lads are not professionals- as the Aussies remind us every few years by lamping the sh1te out of us. As Declan O’Sullivan pointed out the thing that frustrates me the most is the culture of denial in Croker now- The GAA “communication director” is as believable as Comical Ali, and as adept at turning on those who question the offical propaganda line.

  7. I’d agree with ye except for one difference, Kevin Walsh. He knows what hes at lads, make no mistake.
    Anyway after all this talk from the league final about Mayo being poor and Sligo being good I reckon theres going to be a bit of a weight of expectation on Sligo now which is no harm, playing at home, All Ireland runners up, Division 2 next year, playing a team everyone has now written off. Sure if Sligo dont win pulling up it’ll have to be considered a bad day out for them 😉

    In all seriousness. Mayo arent as bad as they say, Sligo arent as good, the truth is somewhere in between. I think Mayo could win by a point or two which will just add to the mejia’s talk about Mayo being poor which is nonsense when some (colum O’Rourke) are predicting that Sligo will win Connacht. Pairc Ui Caoimh yesterday will just show you what the pundits know nothing about predicting matches. They are, much like ourselves all wise after the fact.

  8. V true EastCorkexile, one of my favourite exercises on a Sunday evening is to take up the weekend papers and seeing what was being said and predicted the day before. The success rate of some of these “experts” is a joke- below 50% in some cases-Some of these lads were great players but are not good analysts -Tony Davis, take a bow.

  9. I was wrong, as I often am, when I predicted that Mayo would beat the rebels in the league final, and yes, the performance on the day was brutal, and we could easily conclude that we’re way off the mark. But….. we know full well that we totally underperformed all over the field virtually from 1 to 15. Strangely, therein is my reason for optimism for the Sligo game. Supposing we were beaten by a couple of points with every player doing the best they could, then we would truely be bunched, there would be little room for improvement. On the other hand, Sligo were impressive in winning their div 3 joust with a team that’s already out of the ulster c’ship!! So, if one was to weigh up the relative merits of both teams, it would be reasonable to conclude that mayo should win, probably by something between 2 and 4 points.

    The main caveat I would have with that analysis would be attitude on the day. Just look at what the cork hurlers did to tipp, if our heads aren’t right from the word go we could be in for a rude shock! A performance along the lines of the league final would see us in the dreaded back door, without a doubt, and a major crisis for our manager and at least half the team.

    What I’m looking for on Sat eve is a thorough and clinical performance, with the Mayo boys chomping at the bit, anything less could spell disaster!!!

  10. By that logic Topp D Rite, a comprehensive display on Saturday, with Mayo ticking all the boxes and winning by 6 or 7, would have you worried for the Galway game? Dont worry, I know what your saying, we’re all alike in that – a good performance and the lads are big headed and will think they just have to show up in the next match. i think its gone too professional for that to happen that much anymore, although I’m not sure what exactly happened between Cork and Tipp – did Tipp think due to their final appearance last year that it was in the bag, or was this Cork’s all ireland? Thats the great thing about it lads, its still an amateur sport, anything can and will happen. So long as that thing that happens is a Mayo win, then I’m sure we’re all happy.

    Best of luck to Belmullet GAA club this weekend with the Comorthas.

  11. I had a quick look on Gaaboard and Hoganstand there. The Sligo lads are very confident. I just dont see where it is coming from to be honest. Mayo may not be good enough to win the All Ireland but i think we are good enough to win this game with relative ease. If we lose its because we bottled it as we all know Mayo dont botle it until we at least get to a national final 🙂

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