Time to test the waters: how will 2011 go for us?

With the football about to return and, with it, the start of the James Horan era for us, I guess the time is right to test the temperature on the bleachers.  To this end, I’ve stuck up a new poll (over there on the right-hand side) to gauge opinion on how this year might go for us.

Will we enjoy a first-year-for-new-manager bounce?  Is it possible that we could do even worse than last year? Or will we, perhaps like the Irish economy, spend another year bumping along the bottom?

Questions, questions – time for some speculation as to what the answer might be.  Have at it, hombres.

5 thoughts on “Time to test the waters: how will 2011 go for us?

  1. Ya, I’d say we will do well to avoid relegation, but we will know alot more about our best team, come c,ship time!!! At least we can,t do any worse in c,ship this year!!

  2. Don’t bet on it. The league is a fraud. Roscommon go down to division four and win Connacht senior and u21. Sligo operated in three and wiped us.Longford footed division 4 from Kilkeeny or London and beat us.
    Ros or Sligo are certain to make the Connacht final, thats a last 12 or last 8 place guranteed.
    O Mahony has left some mess behind him to be cleaned and it will take time. Strange times ahead.

  3. Ontheroad, your assessment makes it sound like the economy. But I think a new approach that would tap into the potential that has ben shown at underage levels could give us back a bit of the pride this year.

    If I see Mayo working as a team showing pride in the jersey and giving it everything they have, I would accept that as major progress. For me this year is not about winning trophies but more about developing a wining attitude.

  4. League certainly wasnt a good baromater this year but generally just being in Div one and staying in itgives you a reasonably good chance of being still around at the business end of things just because of the quality of teams in there.
    If by round 4 we are starting to see a clear and consistent 3, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 14 and are competitive and show like we know what we are doing in terms of a game plan, desire and those other qualities that were generally missing then I’d be quiet happy.
    For no logical reason whatsoever I fear us having a really good league, not saying it will happen, I just fear it!

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