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We’re inching ever closer to game day but, still hiding out in the long grass, we have to make our own amusement. There’s a bit in the media about the match against Tipp – which I’ll get to shortly – but not a whole pile. After all, the papers have far more pertinent stuff to be talking about right now, for example how Kerry’s bench could be key to their chances of beating Dublin. They are playing Dublin this weekend, aren’t they?

Never mind, back to us and our under-the-radar trip to Thurles.

Let’s start with the practicalities. The Irish Mirror (here) and the Irish Sun (here) both have what those of a less charitable disposition might call an idiot’s guide to Saturday’s game. That should sort anyone who’s looking for really basic information about the game and who can’t, for one reason or another, google the bloody thing themselves.

Tickets, did I hear someone mention? If you’re a season ticket holder you should have got an email by now letting you know the drill. Which is that entry is by way of your season ticket card scanned at the gate. If you want to avail of this option then you have to enter the ground via the Ardán Ó Riain, which also is called the New Stand. The stand opposite is the Ardán Ó Coinneain, which – you’ve guessed it – is also known as the Old Stand. Neither of the two terraces will be open to punters on Saturday. A handy graphic of the stadium is here.

If you’re not a season ticket holder then you can pick up tickets in SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide. Adult tickets cost €15 (it’s €10 for season ticket people) and kids are €5.

Options for getting there clearly depend on where you’re coming from. I’ll be bombing down the motorway from the capital myself and, by the looks of it, it’s an easy drive of less than two hours duration. The train’s another option from up here if that tickles your fancy.

From the west there’s also now a good motorway link, with shorter cross-country routes for the more intrepid traveller. Google Maps (boss, Google is) tells me that the most direct route from, for example, Castlebar to Thurles is 201 km, which you should cover in under three hours. The preferred route here is a bit of a scenic one, taking you off the M17 at the M6 junction then down to Thurles via Loughrea, Borrisokane, Cloughjordan and Templemore.

It might be as handy, though, to stay on the motorway all the way to Limerick, which then takes you back up the N7 towards Dublin as far as Nenagh. This was the route Rob said he’s planning to take – you can wave to him if you encounter him en route – and although it’s a bit longer (248 km on our theoretical route from Castlebar) it’s an easier drive. Each to their own there.

Once you get parked up – details on that Thurles Sarsfields option for parking near the ground here –  thoughts will inevitably turn to the spuds. Well, that’s the way it tends to be for me at any rate. While I’m not planning a D’Unbelievables kind of match-day schedule, I do intend to get to Thurles in good time for chow ahead of throw-in.

I’ve no idea where’s good or bad in this regard. It’s hard, though, to look beyond the place where, in GAA terms, it all began – the iconic Hayes Hotel on Liberty Square, now refurbished and reopened under new management.

Right, back to the bit of coverage that’s there about the game – go on, admit it: you’d forgotten that bit, hadn’t you?

Aside from a truly forgettable (even by his standards) Martin Breheny piece in the Indo (which is here but really it’s not worth looking at) there’s a preview piece on Sky Sports by Peter Canavan – that’s here. The Tyrone man reckons our power in the middle third will be what’ll prove decisive on Saturday.

My favourite piece, though, is one in the Irish Examiner, featuring an interview with former Tipperary selector Tommy Toomey, which is here. He reckons that his county’s best way of getting at us is to sow fear and doubt in us, both out on the pitch and up in the stands. He might be right, though I guess it’s up to us as to whether or not we play along with such a cunning ruse.

He goes on to big up their danger men, Quinlivan and Sweeney, and then rolls out that laziest of old tropes about Andy Moran being “the real marquee forward” for us. He goes on to posit the question – have we someone else like Andy?

Gosh, there’s a searching query if ever there was one. Well let me see, who might fit the bill there? Say, someone who scores a bit? Better still, a lad who scores a lot? You know the kind of player: all-time top scorer for the county type of thing, ideally someone who’s also closing in on becoming the top scorer of all time in the championship. Come on, people, help me out here …

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66 thoughts on “Tipp top tips

  1. Someone should tell Tommy to have a look at the Derry game last year…things not going well but the Mayo support was still vocal and urging the team on…so much so that Joe Brolly remarked on it afterwards….citing the fantastic Mayo supporters

  2. As a Mayo woman who lived in Nenagh for several years and being married to a Holycross man, I would second Rob’s route of N17/M17/M18/N18/M7/Nenagh to Thurles. The Loughrea/Portumna/Borrisokane route is very hairy in spots and not at all a pleasant drive.

    As regards food options, am not totally up to date as regards Thurles, but I remember getting a nice meat and spuds lunch in Ryan’s Daughter café in the past couple of years. It’s just off Liberty Square, near Semple. I’m sure Hayes Hotel would be a reliable option too. And there’s always Supermacs if you get the longing for a shnack box.

    I’m gutted to be missing this one, but will hopefully catch it online from the UK.

  3. ‘You know the kind of player: all-time top scorer for the county type of thing, ideally someone who’s also closing in on becoming the top scorer of all time in the championship. Come on, people, help me out here …’

    That just cracked me up lol

  4. Quinlivan and Sweeney will need minding but their own full-back line was in serious trouble against Cork.

    We only have Andy Moran and yer man (name escapes me) to wander around in there. Now what’s his name again…he’s won young footballer of the year…twice…

  5. Poor Martin B, people just can’t understand the complexity of his article – if we win we’re on a journey, if we don’t we’re not on that journey!
    He’s well on his way to a Pulitzer for this one!

  6. Good advice re travel . Thank you .Might settle for the auld Shnack box when we get there and have the dinner on the way home ! No doubt in my mind Andy + Diarmaid to start . Hear he has any older brother fairly handy … ?

  7. What a brilliant, witty and very informative piece you’ve written there Willie Joe and covering every eventuality for supporters on the day. By the way, I think I know the player you might be referring to but I’m not saying anything, one never knows who might be reading this Blog.

  8. Best of luck to Mayo on Sat. The thing is, it’s difficult to know what Tipp will turn up on the day. Some reports I hear, say they are in disarray, but then you look at the potential they have up front… I know it sounds obvious; but better to focus on their “A” game, and avoid any complacency. Safe travelling to all, and enjoy the day out..

  9. Brilliant stuff Willie Joe, just what the doctor ordered this eve!!!!

  10. My mate lives in a Thurles and is a sales rep going up to Mayo every week.
    Take the motorway to Limerick and then go to Nenagh, Borrosoleigh and then Thurles. The last part has a few bends so be careful on that part. Also they do speed checks on that road so be careful. Thurles not great for food options, there is a Supermacs and also a couple of cafe places in shopping centre out the Cork Rd.

  11. Intresting article in Irish Independent on Tuesday by Colm Keys on the impact on teams play 3 and 4 succesive weeks in the hurling Championship. All teams out 4 sucrsive weeks lost final game teams on 3rd successive game faded badly in last quarter. Thats going to be an issue for us from Sunday on. We need to kill off Tipp early and take off rest key players then. Sorry don’t have skill set to put link into that particular article.

  12. For those able to scroll please do so now .

    Category : V.serious

    Subject :Cheerleading

    Interesting and great piece for sure. It is also something that other counties believe they can get at us by questioning our courage or questioning our commitment. Even in terms of questioning whether we would shout the team on if we weren’t going well .

    What is this ? Why do they think that about Mayo support ?

    The bottom line is they believe it because there is a ring of truth to it . James Horan first referenced it in the 2013 All Ireland Final. More recently it was on our home ground against Galway just last month when it was like being at a library . What is this ?

    I think it’s great to bring large support to these games but if that support doesn’t shout and make noise then Tom Toomey is right , it could be a graveyard. It could be a massive anti climax , counter productive , and add weight to the already massive pressure on the players . He is spot on there .

    Who is supposed to carry who ? We are supposed to be the 16 th man carrying the team . The players can’t carry us too !

    No one really wants to stand up and be the one . You know , be the idiot who will roar no matter what . Or in other persons speak “ you know , be the brave one”
    God knows I’ve tried in my way at games and I don’t mind being the one. I don’t care what others think. Why would I ? Because I really believe in this team who give me and everyone in Mayo so much pride .

    If being an idiot was good enough for the Boston Red Sox players who went on to win the World Series then it’s good enough for me .

    And if it’s to stick it to the pundits who’d take an elbow to our 16 th man then I’ll double down on it .

    I will stand up and be the one ! And I’ll do it with pride . And courage . Not doing so , sitting there being quiet when they need us simply adds to their burden .

    Is this what you want to do for Aidan O Shea , and Andy Moran and Lee Keegan and Tom Parsons and these great warriors ?

    How about someone just stands up and says “ give us an M , crowd Roars M, give us an A , crowd roars A etc ?

  13. Spot on. Can everyone make a conscious effort to SHOUT on Saturday. Don’t be a spectator. Be a supporter. Otherwise you’re zero help to the the team.

  14. Great post Swahili. You could be blue in the teeth trying to get things going. I don’t know why it works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. Maybe supporters are more like the team than we realise, seasoned and used to living on the edge and then turning it on when we feel it’s do or die. Croke Park seems to be supporters favourite stomping ground too. I don’t know. I do think it is hard to keep mayo mayo going but it’s even harder to get something catchier going!!!! Once upon a time quietness in the stands might not have affected the players but now we have a reputation to uphold and an expectation on us to deliver super noisy support. Have a few shots before the match and let it rip!

  15. Surprised Tommy T forgot about the greennred’s freetaker cristiano who’s in great form at the mo.. stand up for the green and red… stand up for green and red…

  16. i hope evan regan starts on saturday, to leave him off would affect his confidence me thinks.Evan is a confidence player and if he could nab a early goal he could take off and start scoring freely .I think he has huge potential and just needs a little spark to fire him up.hopefully we see the best of evan on saturday. the state exams are now over so i would urge everyone that can to travel to thurles to roar on the team and bring lots of colour.it will be my first time at a match in thurles. MAYO by 6 points

  17. What are the ladies at, appointing a “Mayo” ref for the mayo v Galway connacht final, pity we couldn’t get them to appoint our referees ?

  18. Honestly, it only happens when we are staring death in the face. There hasn’t been a single qualifier or all Ireland series match in the last 3 years where the fans were found wanting. Galway games at home have been the black spots for some reason. And let’s be honest, the people who really care are the people who will be in Thurles (minus of course plenty of people who want to be there and can’t make it for whatever reason). That’s why the atmosphere will be good on Saturday

  19. As a Galway man and regular Thurles goer, into Limerick and then Tipp town to Thurles is a great option, all the traffic and parking is the nenagh side

  20. Jimbo – my only concern would be that we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting some more for his potential to be realised for 6 years now. At what point does Rochford call a halt and give the other young guns their opportunity to reach their potential ?

  21. Fighting words Sinead37. I agree it’s not easy. But if we think about the negative effect that silence may have on the players then that too might inspire us a bit more . What is the 16 th man if not a wall of noise ? If he’s silent then basically he’s absent and we are a man down. As someone mentioned in an earlier post I think we should swarm them on the field in the opening half and also on the terraces. Get the kill done and move on.

  22. I think a good rousing rendition of the Shamrock and Heather when things are going quiet in the same way as Munster supporters sing the Fields of Athenry, even though it is not their song, could be a great
    boost to our boys, seeing that the team has acknowledged the support and the confidence they get from it.
    Simple stadium is lovely pitch and I had the pleasure of playing in a Senior football final there
    in the early sixties.
    Tipperary had always good footballers mainly in the South.
    Best route motorway to Limerick Nenagh Borrisoleigh Thurles.
    Best of luck to the boys, and safe driving.

  23. Philor… What about, ‘My lovely Horse’ from Father Ted?… A rousing rendition of the ‘Shamrock and Heather’… Surely an Paradox if ever there was one… Do you want to make a laughing stock out of us,.. Remember that the Tipperary song is something that can only be rousing’ Slievanmon!… ‘Your about as likely to hear the travelling Mayo support singing’ The Shamrock and Heather ‘as you are to heat the Tipperary supporter’s singing ‘ ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary ‘.. I rather be deaf than have to endure that listing to that rubbish!…

  24. WJ Any chance you might give me another clue about the potential Mayo forward player that Tommy does not know about yet. Its keeping me awake at night?

  25. Well said leantimes. Absolute nonsense if I ever heard it. Shamrock & heather! Lord god

  26. Give me a “M” …….. The lord weeps …. Really looking forward to the match now and what team starts .. Think we will win by 4 and a surprise from Rochford thrown in as well … Bit like the Limerick match , doesn’t matter if its a great performance or win by 1 or 10 . Just win and move on .

  27. Motor way bypass Limerick exit signed Nenagh and Thurles. Plenty parking and great town for a match. Not too many great eateries but Noel Ryan’s pub on way to Stadium and Ryan’s Daughter is not bad either. To be honest Hayes Hotel is a bit of a disappointment bearing in mind it’s where GAA was founded. You wouldn’t think so when you enter it though food there is fine. Lots of good pubs and they well used of big crowds for games. Lovely walk up the hill over Railway Bridge to the stadium. Excellent stadium and an even nicer walk back down the hill into town after match when we win. Come on Mayo.

  28. You’re spot on Swahili. Think I was behind you in Limerick. We’re you there with you’re family bottom right in The Mackey stand? You had the afro wig on . You have some roar that I can testify too. Roll on Saturday and as the song goes, “Let me here you Roar!” To Semple and beyond… Entendre A deux. A bit of french I swallowed when I was young and it never goes astray.

  29. Dec M I don’t know the words to “ The Lord Weeps “ ,is that your personal song ? Are there better suggestions you had in mind ? Come on ye boys in blue perhaps ? Now I’ll agree that particular one would not be my cup of tea . What I do know is that the support that will help the team is measured in ( Mayo ) noise . No one ever suggested these were top ten hits . But they are basic and they make our presence felt. But if you’re “embarrassed “ then that’s exactly the timidity the team doesn’t need . That’s exactly what I’m talking about . But if you want to actually help the team , you have to overcome your minor “embarrassment “ and be proud of this team and say it loud and say it proud .I know I am . I know I will . I’m happy to follow your lead if it involves making ( Mayo ) noise. Happy to follow your Hendrix solo with Stairway to Heaven if you’d prefer. As long as it’s loud . As long as it’s Mayo.

  30. Morning all . I might sound like a grump but re cheering on / shouting for our beloved Mayo . I think we are as good if not better than any other county .I know against Galway the crowd was quite but in fairness neither set of supporters had much to shout about as it was poor football and very tense .
    I was beside a lovely couple and they were I’d say nearly obsessed with shouting Mayo ,Mayo ALL the time . I wondered after did they analyse the game as it was going on . Think to themselves , who was on the bench that could make a difference .. No doubt but they meant well but I just found it annoying !!.I for one love when the time is right and the Mayo roar goes up but for me going to see Mayo the match unfold and support the lads. Just because everybody doesn’t roar at the one time does not mean every one with green and red on is not wishing and praying inside for a Mayo win .
    Safe journey to all tomorrow

  31. Good post DecM, i agree with you on that one, everyone supports them in their own way, you can be sure that when theres a break from the half back line going up the pitch on saturday that there will be serious noise and of course noise from the crowd is important and the players feed off it, but saying that i doubt when theres a lull in play and a few handpasses going on and the players dont hear a mayo chant for a few seconds that they think to themselves, hang on maybe this crowd arent bothered f we win here today or not, we’re talking about an extremely experienced bunch of lads here who are trained to deal with any athmosphere.

  32. Swahili. Didn’t say I was embarrassed . That might have been someone else who just might not have agreed with ya .Wasn’t trying to rise ya . Just giving my opinion . We all want the same thing and that’s a win tomorrow . Safe journey and enjoy the match

  33. Willie Joe,is that other forward AN other,for the life of me ,like Tommie can’t figure out who it is but am sure Tippy will find out on Saturday

  34. This constant navel gazing on our support and what fans in the crowd are doing is beyond tiresome at this stage.

    This craic of trying to organise songs and chants is cringeworthy, I mean how artificial can you get? The whole crux of fan noise lifting the players is that it is organic and real, based on raw emotion in the moment. It shouldn’t be akin to a classroom of schoolkids reeling off rote-learned things to make noise for the sake of it. It loses its meaning and is something that has never been at home in the GAA.

    Being prescriptive on how people should support the team is not something we should be getting in to. Enjoy the game and let everyone experience the match in their own way.

  35. Hmm….The blog sounds smug. Hope the lads are not too smug as this could be a real banana skin. We should win but no room for complacency. Its only a couple of years since they gave us a good test in the semi. Still think we need a signature shout as per Shuffly Deck. We will certainly hear plenty of Tipp Tipp Tipp. Safe journey and say a couple of decades.

  36. Maayo maaayo mayo is great but happens after a great score\play, not the easiest one to sustain- we have the best support there is, but if we had another great chant, we’d have another arrow.. fine margins etc.. the chant can demoralize the opponents as much as raise our team.. we won’t sort this for Tipp but we should give it serious thought over the summer:) hon mayo..

  37. In my book all Mayo supporters are equal…those who shout and those who dont,those who roar and those who quietly shake their fists.
    Yes support is great but the strongest supporters are often in my view the ones who turn against their team when things go wrong.
    Mayo.supporters are the best in the land and need no instruction on how to follow their teams.
    No supporter has a monopoly on support or the manner ot is given in.
    I personally dislike supporters who belligerently roar from start to finish and often spoil the match for others.
    It is meant to be sport and fun.Hon Mayo.

  38. Well said Cappadonna!
    I’d be more interested in watching the match than trying to come up with songs to sing and looking down on supporters who aren’t screaming like banshees.
    When there’s a good tackle, score, or the team needs some encouragement, the supporters always rise to it. Having it pre-planned sounds to me like the primary focus isn’t on the match at all, it’s so people can whip themselves into a frenzy and see that can they out-shout everyone around them.

  39. Margo does a lovely version of the “Shamrock and Heather”. Its available on eight track with two free furry dice.

  40. Agreed re trying to organise new chants etc. It’s pointless and unnecessary. You can’t beat, as stated above, a proper, organic, tribal, gutteral roar!! “Mayo Mayo Mayo” was good in 1936, and it’s good now. Its not broke, don’t fix it!

    Huey – “Yes support is great but the strongest supporters are often in my view the ones who turn against their team when things go wrong”

    I don’t know where to start with that one to be honest chief. That sounds to me like the total polar opposite of what a supporter is.

  41. Huey, support in castlebar was appauling, no drive for the team to push on when level. It was like being at a wake. You are entitled to your opinion regarding people roaring from start to finish, however i’m off the opposite view, when the game is in the melting pot, I believe the team needs vocal support and the mayo team are better off without those silent vessels filling the seats, as they will be the same fans saying I told you so if and when this fine team loses.
    I want to see plenty of passion from Mayo fans this Saturday, like the same genuine travelling fans who attended the Cork game last year down in Limerick, when Mayo went 2 points down in extra time, started roaring “Mayo Mayo”, I still get goosebumps from that day, what a proud day to be a mayo supporter.
    I know this Mayo team will give it their all and leave it on the field, and so too should the supporters, give it their all and dont leave any doubt. NO SURRENDER. Maigh Eo Abu.

  42. Well for me sport is supposed to be fun first and foremost. If loads of us came in our Mexican colours, painted moustaches, sombreros, drinking tequila and forming trumpet playing bands I’d be more than happy. Be good to have some craic to be going on with before the teams come out and the game kicks off.

  43. @Pocaimora… Sure anyone can listen to Margo, or any other version of it.. Sure anyone can listen to the Margo or anybody else’s version of ‘Shamrock and Heather’ on YouTube You might learn all the town’s and village’s of Mayo… But you won’t learn how to pronounce ‘Balla’ …I just checked that out she does surely.. I didn’t listen to it, but I gave it a thumbs down.. Just check out how many people actually listened to it on YouTube and compare it with ‘My Lovely Horse’… Now a word of warning before anyone tries to listen to that pathetic excuse for a song.. Make sure you have the telephone number of’ The Samaratine’s ‘at hand… If Mayo have a song it has to be’ The Green and Red of Mayo’ ‘

  44. Huey 2018 – “Yes support is great but the strongest supporters are often in my view the ones who turn against their team when things go wrong.” That’s actually nonsense. When Mayo were playing Derry last year, the teams confidence was rock bottom and we were missing easy chance after easy chance in the second half, the supporters never turned against them they actually roared them on more!! That is why as your other comment says “Mayo supporters are the best in the land”.

  45. Very true Thomas G! I was sitting in the stand that day, and it was electric, we could see our players almost throw in the towel. The noise and encouragment that day gives me goose bumps just thinkin of it. It was as if collectively as fans we knew we had to pull them over the line. If there was under 4k at that match we were bet. The roar when Loftus nailed that goal will live on with me forever whether we win an AI or not! The only thing close to it was Lee’s belter in the 2016 replay.

  46. Support matters…..the players have said it and that’s good enough for me.I understand if certain people don’t feel comfortable roaring at matches…..but he loud and vocal support has without a doubt helped us in the last few years.Fermanagh 2016,Derry 2017 ,cork 2017 both Ireland’s and replay 2016 -17…..if it gives us a .0005 advantage then it’s worthwhile…..I can’t be in Tipp on sat, I really hope ye give it socks from the stands.

  47. Some manure being written here about supporters making noise.

    If you don’t like people shouting on their team at games, then stay at home with the curtains closed and the volume on your TV down if you’re that sensitive.

    And if you don’t think it makes a difference to the lads or ladies on the field then you really haven’t a bulls notion.

    Stay silent if that’s your thing but don’t criticise those that decide not to. They’ve probably paid the same ticket price as you and have gone to an equal amount of effort to be there as you have. They’ve the right to make as much or as little noise as they like.
    And to wave flags if they want to, particularly if it upsets the Twitter freaks.

  48. u17 team has no rep on the team from south Mayo ex Garrymore or from Ballintubber?

    Would that be representative of the playing strength within the county at that grade

  49. FBD
    Everyone pays for their ticket.Supporters are entitled to support in their own way.If that is by roaring from start to finish fair enough.If it is by just being there that is ok too.What gives you the right to tell others stay away? You do your thing and that is fine.Others will travel the length of the country without the need to roar incessantly or sing made up songs.
    I am sure the team appreciate all support and efforts to chastise those of a quieter disposition on here are puerile and childish.
    Incidentally many past players and genuine supporters who attend fbd league and championship matches shout when they can but not roar all through.I find the Davy Fitzgerald approach tiresome.
    Unlike many others I attend every match and give my soul for Mayo so no I wont stay at home.My flag does the talking for me.

  50. @Centrefield, The U17 team has two from Garrymore. Likely there will be two more or so in the subs from South Mayo. I don’t see the issue. South struggles to have strong clubs outside of Claremorris.

  51. I realise some of the posters here have an encyclopedic knowledge of Mayo football and surely someone has mentioned the name but
    I’ve had a few beers with the dinner so I’m gonna take a swing at this……Is it Cillian O’Connor Willie Joe?

  52. Huey2018 you missed the bit where I said :
    “Stay silent if that’s your thing but don’t criticise those that decide not to.”

  53. The sooner the team is announced the better. This blog is a wonderful forum which I thoroughly enjoy but haven’t posted on for ages. But nature abhors a vacuum and in that regard a team announcement would put an end to the wave of useless and time wasting nonsense which has crept in here in the last twenty-four hours about support, chants, shamrock and heather.

  54. JP there was 5 south mayo players on the U20 team.

    i agree though the south is on average weaker.

    i just hope the net is being cast widely around the county at minor level. undeniable that things need to be improved there

  55. JP – Yet years ago when Garrymore and Hollymount were super powers very few of their players got much of a chance without mayo teams but that’s another story.

    Actually Garrymore with their pick are a fantastic club and are constantly at the latter stages….an inspiration for other small clubs.

    Hollymount/Carramore have a good team and hopefully off field issues are in the past.

    Good work being done at underage in Ballinrobe and I think they will improve in the years ahead.

  56. Just as I say that the team has been announced. Hope you don’t mind if I stick it in WJ:

    1. David Clarke – Ballina Stephenites
    2. Chris Barrett – Belmullet
    3. Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4. Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    5. Colm Boyle – Davitts
    6. Stephen Coen – Hollymount/Carramore
    7. Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8. Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    9. Lee Keegan – Westport
    10. Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    11. Aidan O’Shea – Breaffy
    12. Cian Hanley – Ballaghaderreen
    13. Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    14. Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber(Captain)
    15. Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen

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