Today’s action – a tale of North and South


Photo: Colm Gannon (via Twitter)

North and South is a theme that runs strongly through the sporting action I want to discuss briefly this evening. I’ll only mention the rugby in passing, but here too the same thread was evident, as the World Cup morphed into a four-cornered Southern hemisphere tournament.

Closer to home, today’s action at MacHale Park – where, sensibly, the start-time for the junior and intermediate county finals were put back to avoid a clash with Ireland’s rugby match – featured two local clashes, with the junior crown being contested by clubs from the North of the county while neighbouring clubs from the south scrapped it out for the intermediate title.

First up was the junior A final, featuring North county neighbours Ardnaree Sarsfields and Killala. Both clubs had come into this decider in good form but Ardnaree blew their opponents away today, galloping to a facile 6-14 to 0-7 win. The victory ended a 44-year wait for them for a county junior title and it also surely went a long way to make up for those junior final losses in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Colm Gannon’s match report on this one in the Mayo Advertiser is here.

Today’s second game at MacHale Park, the intermediate football decider between Hollymount-Carramore and The Neale, was a far closer contest. As well as seeking to claim the prize of senior football next year, Hollymount-Carramore were also surely chasing redemption in today’s final, having lost out in last year’s decider. In a tough, low-scoring contest it was perhaps their greater experience that counted as they won the title on a scoreline of 0-11 to 0-7. Match report here.

Up here in the capital, meanwhile, the senior football championship is down to the final four. I was at Parnell Park this afternoon to see my local club St Vincents get the better of Lucan Sarsfields in their quarter-final tie, where they won by 2-21 to 2-11. Match report here.

Na Fianna beat St Jude’s in the curtain-raiser and when the draw for the semis was made this evening it was the near neighbours from Glasnevin that the defending champions pulled from the hat. Ballyboden St Enda’s (who beat Plunkett’s by a single point yesterday) are the sole Southside club left in the competition and they’ll face Clontarf in the other semi-final next weekend. Boden will be strongly favoured to make it to the decider so, unlike the rugby, the club final up here looks like it could well be a North/South one.

47 thoughts on “Today’s action – a tale of North and South

  1. Happy for Ardnaree. I remember their last win. They had some great players back then, Joe Corcoran, JJ Timoney All Ireland minor winner 1966, Johnny Culkin All Minor winner 1971 and winning U21 captain in 1974. Eamon Campell and Noel Mullen were great too, a badly broken leg in school stopped Mullen being a county player. Well done folks.

  2. Well done to Ardnaree and Hollymount Carramore on their win today. I listened to Midwest radio and by the end of the first game the commentator and analysts had Ardnaree in the hunt for Junior All Ireland honours next year. No pressure lads.

  3. Well done to ardnaree, it can’t have been easy coming back after so many near misses in the last few years, remind me of the county teams in that respect. Maybe it’s a mayo thing!

  4. Mayo 51 he was very very good,but small nearly impossible to get the get the ball once he was in possession, I believe he is related to David Brady

  5. Joe Joe was indeed small but good enough to score a goal v Down in the ’66 final. A large number of that Down minor team won senior medals two years later v Kerry. Corick bridge is correct, once he had the ball you couldn’t get it of him .

  6. Very happy for the Ardnaree lads – they have had their share of heartache down the years and they outclassed a Killala team who never really got going unfortunately. I have no fare of them playing at intermediate. Congrats also to Hollymount-Carramore.

    The less said about the rugby the better – pretty disappointing stuff.

    On the bright side, county final weekend is nearly upon us.

  7. corrick bridge and John Cuffe – Did Timoney ever play senior for Mayo ??

    Or was he ever at that Level ?

    After winning the junior in 1971 and playing intermediate, when did they get relegated back to Junior ?

    How many years have they been playing Junior Championship ??

  8. Pj2,I dont remember him playing senior, skillwise he was certainly at that level, but I think he was out of the country for a while which would have not helped him

  9. Attended both games. Ardnaree are a classy team and could go far in the Coonacht and dare I say All Ireland series. Happy for Hollymount-Carramore too after a few difficult years.
    Is there a county board meetings tonight? Oh to be a fly on the wall!!!

  10. Joe Joe had the skills but funnily enough and I know I’ll get killed for this but here goes. Mayo had great forwards back then. They lacked a plan but the players were there, minor champs in ’66,’71,”78, finalists in ’74. U21 champs in ’67, ’74, finalists ’73. League champs ’70. Finalists ’71,’72 and ’78. No senior Connacht title after ’69 until ’81.

    Forwards like Joe Corcoran, Tom Fitzgerald, J J Cribben, Willie McGee, John Gibbons, John Nealon, Mick Ruane, Johnny Farragher, Seamie O Dowd, Sean Kilbride , Mick Connaughton, Joe Langan . Coming through or around were Tommy o Malley , Billy Fitz, Jim Smyth, des Griffiths, J P Kean , Sean O Grady, Burns, Mick Gannon (rip ) amongst others. Corcoran, McGee, Fitzgerald, Gibbons , Kilbride , Cribben Langan were as good as what was around the country then. So Joe Joe had a tough fight for a spot but he had ability in buckets.

  11. Agree completely John, shows our age I am afraid, but some of the posters who complain about poor management recently, would certainly have a field day back then. In fact looking at that lineup it is shocking that we did not get a title that time

  12. For sure Corick and we hadn’t bad defenders either, Rooney , Carey, Prendergsst, O Connor, Early, Morley and Flatley . Ray P and Morley were top class. Carey was on first All Stars. Showing our age all right sir.

  13. John, do you think we should put the last stone in place when the cup crosses the bridge,you will know what I am talking about

  14. Hard to imagine the welcome live tweeting of County Board meetings will continue today.

    The need to spin the story to save Pat and Noe that began with the Chairman’s insult of Mayo supporters failed.

    Now the blame game starts and revenge is a worrying thing for any Mayo supporter. Attempts to suggest that others forced the hands of the players is embarassing. The lads stood before the County Board and delivered their message loud and clear.

    If thinga need investigating maybe time to review last year’s shennagins in appointing Pat and Noel!

    Hopefully personal bitterness and disappointment will be put aside. That can be done by the Chairman stepping away from the process

  15. Did anyone see second captains on rte 2 they where supposed to have the Mayo players on on does anyone know

  16. I hope this nonsense stops yesterday, the players who are young and intelligent, who have put their lives on hold to achieve success took a decision, and were strong enough to carry it through, unfortunately for two decent men took the correct decision with great dignity. So let us select our new management team with the same dignity, by all means find out what was wrong this year but there is no need for everyone to no what was wrong so everyone can laugh at I have said before I believe we need an independent panel to interview whoever is interested and hopefully we get the best candidate

  17. Corick Bridge, i think i understand what you mean, but why should Mayo people worry about other ” counties” and media laughing at them. How many other counties are in any position to laugh at Mayo.. When i hear people say that the cause(s) of all this unrest doesn’t need to ”come out”, i automatically think of the loyal Mayo supporters who spend their hard earned money following this team in all weathers, not to mention supporting every kind of draw and fundraising effort. Are we really saying that these people aren’t entitled to know why the Mayo players ousted a management team that almost reached an All Ireland final in their first year. Or for these people, is it a case of pay up, but shut up?

  18. Yes,observer 2,without the players we would not need any supporters,and not many supporters turn up in December, January, or February

  19. Contradictions, Contradictions;

    – We need openness, and above board decision making by county board. Vs The players are correct to conceal the reasons for the vote of no confidence, even from the management team and county board.

    – The recovery overseen by Solan between both Dublin games was not adequate Vs The players had no issues whatsoever with the S&C team all year.

    – The replacement of the previous medical team was a problem Vs Cillian O’Connor giving a ringing endorsement of the current medical team, coupled with the most injury free season in years.

    – The proper process to appoint the next Mayo manager must begin in earnest now Vs The players were correct to abandon the processes put in place to avoid the 1992 situation from happening again.

    – The players have outlined the reasons for the vote of no confidence in an article by Damian Lawlor Vs The players have not released any information to the press.

    – The players revolt was meticulously planned and executed vs The players only turned their attention to seeking new management after they were knocked out of the championship.

    – Any scribe that criticises the actions of the players is writing bs Vs Any critic who backs the players is a runner for the poet laureate. (2 legs good, 4 legs bad scenario unfolding now that the coup has taken place).

    – It may end well or it may end badly but it is another step up the mountain. –> how can it be a step up the mountain if it ends badly?

    – The players have maintained their silence Vs There have been rumblings throughout the year.

    And we could go on and on……

  20. No sean,I believe the players will outline their concerns to tne county board , it is then up to the county board to act on these concerns, without everybody known the problems, by the way I don’t think it was very clever of the county board to appoint the chairman as the liaison officer because of conflicts of interest

  21. Interesting news to hear that Michael Solan is the new manager of the Mayo U21 team. I wonder who will be part of his backroom team.

  22. Corick Bridge, who would be talking about going to games in December? I’m talking about games in Feb, March and April. Away league games in places like Derry and Cork.. Don’t tell me that those men and women aren’t entitled to know what the hell is going on and why.

  23. John Cuffe,

    Do you remember Ivan McCaffrey of Ardnaree? I sat beside him in Muredach’s and well remember him doing a Jolson impression the day the news broke that Jolson had died. Yes, we’re showing our age all right!

  24. I think the players may well have to go training in December, it is not just games that players turn up for,so maybe we should give them the benefit of training when we are not there

  25. I am not going to say anymore on this subject, I think Willi Joe has a lot better things to do on this brilliant site than monitor us and our opinions

  26. As someone who spends their money going to games from January-September I’d like to know out of pure curiosity (as would every single one of us) but would far prefer if it never came out.

    Looking at the bigger picture it will achieve not a single thing on the quest for Sam. Apart from satisfying the curiosity of thousands, of course ….

  27. According to the Mayo GAA twitter account:

    U21 Football Management Team: Joe Keane (Coach/Selector), John Ginty (Selector), Liam Moffatt (Head of Medical), Head of S&C: Barry Solan

  28. Michael solan reported as new u 21 manager by mayo news…and what have they planned for john maughan ?

  29. Well John Maughan talked himself out of that job.. S&C: Barry Solan confirms he will stay with Mayo for another year at least.

  30. Can anyone see what’s about to happen??

    j maughan will be given senior job as CC gives the players the two fingers!!

  31. Zero chance of Maughan becoming Senior manager again. Not getting this U-21 job will probably spell the end of inter county management for Maughan i’d say.

    Michael Solan can someone fill me in on his CV, i know he managed his own club and was replaced by Eamon O Hara.

  32. Maughan didn’t get the u21 job!!!! Wow! Is that true?
    That’s interesting to say the least. I sincerely hope they’re not thinking of ……………oh god no!

  33. strange move micheal solan getting u21 job no record never heard of ginty ya Joe Keane is a positive over all v surprised

  34. The closing date for nominations for the position of the Mayo senior manager is the 1st of November according to the Mayo GAA twitter account.

  35. Tonight’s county board meeting consisted of the following;
    A large number of delegates did long term damage to their lower backs and knee caps while throwing themselves prostrate on the floor in front of the chairman in ritual acts of devotion.

    A number actually made repeated points of singling out the NYC trip last year as a fundraising success that was only thwarted by outside influence (I’m not joking). One delegate went so far as to wonder was all this trouble being orchestrated because the chairman was so effective in curbing unofficial fundraising.

    The chairman was adamant that the best way to deal with crisis like this was to deal with them as they happen, not try and prevent them.

    Mayo GAA has a serious issue with either the Freemasons, the Communist party or subversive Rossies. All night long “outside influences” were repeatedly blamed for all our wrong doings.

    Don’t worry if you missed any of the embarrassing shite that happened this year or the last, the CB seem to have every intention of repeating their blunders on an annual basis.

    Jesus Christ I despair.

  36. That does not sound good maybe the county board and the iaba could merge into one powerful organisation and rule the world!!!
    How can any delegates think that the fundraising in New York was a success is beyond me.kerry lead the way to show how to fundraise properly in New York and they weren’t playing out there!!!
    I said it here before that certain delegates are afraid to go against the status quo as they may be looking for positions on the board in future and don’t want to get a slap on the backside for being bold!

  37. Sometimes I despair, we have an U21 management team proposed tonight by County Board and not one delegate asked about their credentials. I wish them luck, but this is the most important grade apart from Senior. We will have debates, rows and the Fatima over a Senior Manager in this county but throw the U21 job to the first applicant.

    The new incumbent managed his club to relegation to Division 2 and was promptly replaced by the Sligo tanned one. He brings a sidekick from his own club and his own brother to the management team. Honestly, how many posters knew either M Solan or John Ginty before this process started. Kerry bring in a manager with 19 All Ireland Titles under his belt.

    So we end up with 3 Ballaghadereen and 2 Crossmolina men named tonight. These are replacing N Heffernan and T Duffy before him. We need to put more thought into this grade.

  38. Liam … There are no words. If bringing a biscuit tin (or a plastic bucket, the memory escapes me) to the door of a pub and charging every third person depending on how much they like the cut of their gib (or not) is how this board views a successful fundraising venture, then I have to hand it to them, they did a top-notch job. The mess-up on the Friday night in NY was also something that would have merited a little introspection, but it appears that such an a activity is beneath the group.

    The “outside influences” accusation is frankly laughable and a complete irony fail. I do however take some heart in reading that it was agreed that the reasons for the heave should be kept in-house.

    Here’s the latest:

    Redcol, it has been widely reported that Anthony McGarry and John Maughan were also in the running for the job and to the best of my knowledge neither had withdrawn before tonight?

    Christmas can’t come quickly enough; this whole sorry affair has driven another wedge between supporters in a county that has experienced its share of divisiveness down the years and is festering as the days drag on. My main hope at this point is that we get to January with all our key players still on board

  39. Liam That’s excellent and very funny. Hold on to your hats lads a general election is just around the corner

  40. Well done Liam , for filling us in on the county board,although I am not surprised .we need an independent panel to interview the candidates for management, and a independent go between for players and management, the county board should have nothing to do with the teams apart from funding, and I am loathe to say it fixtures, because they have proved totally inept

  41. Liam
    I was taken aback by the comment that the co board strategy is simply to react to crises as they arise. This strategy guarantees that you will have plenty of crises……to react to.
    I was always of the belief that when it comes to crises you are better to;
    “Predict and prevent rather than find and fix”.
    I really hope his comments were just off the cuff remarks / reactions.

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