Today’s action + Rochford only nominee for manager role

Near the Naul 1 Nov 2015

The first Sunday in November it may have been but at times it felt more like a day in high summer today. An ideal day, in other words, for all that club action taking place around the country. It was, once that thick fog lifted, also perfect weather to be out on the bike, as the above photo that I snapped early this morning out near the Naul confirms.

First, a word about the action on home soil, where Hollymount-Carramore this afternoon booked their place in the Connacht IFC final but only following a hard-fought extra-time win over a valiant Melvin Gaels from Leitrim at MacHale Park.  A match report by the Colm Gannon in the Mayo Advertiser is here.  The Mayo champs now face Galway’s Moycullen in the Connacht IFC final on Sunday week.

Today was also the final day of football league action within the county, with Castlebar Mitchels adding the Division 1A league title to go with their recent championship success while Aghamore clinched Division 1B honours. A round-up of the Division 1A and 1B results is here and a summary of all the ups and downs in the various divisions is here.

Up here in the capital, meanwhile, there was a major shock in the final of the Dublin SFC with my local club St Vincents losing out by 2-8 to 0-10 to Ballyboden St Enda’s. Domestic commitments meant that I didn’t make it to Parnell Park for today’s decider – I did the Kerryman trick in inverse, going to every match except the final – but by the sounds of it, Vinnies can have no complaints about today’s result.

Boden got off to the perfect start, leading by 1-5 to 0-0 by the end of the first quarter, and when they scored their second goal after the break their lead stretched to ten points. Vinnies eventually cut the gap back to four but never came close to reeling the Southsiders back in and so it was the Marino lads’ hopes of a county three-in-a-row that went south instead. Remarkably, it’s Vinnies first loss in the championship in either Dublin or Leinster since 2012, which is a hell of a record, though sadly one that ended today.

Finally, some significant news on the vacant position of Mayo manager. It was confirmed a short time ago tonight by Mayo GAA (here) that Stephen Rochford was the sole candidate nominated for the post by today’s deadline. “Formal discussions” are now set to take place between Stephen and Board officials, including in relation to his backroom team. No timeframe has been put on this part of the process, with the statement saying that this will happen “over the coming weeks”.

As the County Board’s statement indicates, there’s still a bit to be done before Stephen can be confirmed in the role. That said, it’d be a major surprise at this stage if the discussions fail to end in agreement. It’s in everyone’s interest at this stage that his appointment is confirmed at the earliest date possible so hopefully the discussions can be wrapped up without too much delay.

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  1. Commiserations on the loss today Willie Joe. I was surprised to hear it, though maybe not as surprised as you! My only real (though relatively tenuous) club connections in Dublin were with Ballyboden and they have been working very, very hard. End of an era for Vinnies but what an era it was. At least you won’t have the guilts this year if it’s a Mayo Dublin decider 😉

    The very best of luck to Stephen over the coming days and as you say it would be good to wrap this up sooner rather than later so we can start getting on with things. Time is ticking. But while on paper it looks like a done deal I can’t help feeling a bit jittery about it. I hope there is nothing outrageous in his “package” that might derail the negotiations …. 🙂

  2. Good wishes to S.R in his future role with Mayo team.
    Only one nomination for one of the highest profile GAA management jobs in the country sends its own message to players —- no one left to look to ( or blame ) anymore, if it all does,nt work out in the end. Time to “walk the walk” (not talk the talk) from here on in. Best of luck to all !

  3. Too many are making an issue of there being only one nomination for Mayo senior manger. I suggest that the reason is that Stephen Rochford is the outstanding candidate and that this is accepted by all. So why would anybody else put themselves forward? When his time is done there will be others.

  4. Don’t think the fact there was just one nominated for the post is necessarily a bad thing, Stephen Rochford was the favourite from a long way out, Anyone with mayo in their heart knows he’s the best candidate and why prolong the affair by putting names in just for the sake of it! This way, we get the person who 99% of people want, and let’s get it started immediately!

  5. Spot on AndyD. It’s been very clear for a couple of weeks that it was Stephen’s job should be want it. The nature of these appointments and their process is that people are not going to put their name forward for a job they have no hope of getting for fear of humiliation. Also, with the job almost certain to be filled by a Mayo man, there are only a very small number of people with the relevant skillet at this very top level.

    Finally, outside the pale I think that is a low blow to the players who a) have walked the walk as you say for 5 years now and given us some of the greatest days out and b) remained extremely dignified throughout this whole process despite all sorts being levelled at them both personally and as a group through the media. They felt that they could not win the big prize with the management in place and would have been literally wafting putting their lives on hold to suffer more inevitable heartache. These things are never pretty but we should be very thankful that it was all resolved so quickly (remember cork and Limerick hurlers and now the situation in Galway) with minimum bloodshed. H&C deserve credit for that, no question..

  6. Well said John, I agree with you 100%.

    Roll on the FBD League games with the best possible management team in place. The very best of luck to Stephen and whoever will be his lieutenants for the big battles ahead in 2016!

  7. To those not happy about their being only one nominee – who else that is realistically available, would you have?
    I say realistically available because, yes Jim McGuinness would probably be a great choice but he has a full time job in a different country already.
    Its a very logical, sensible choice, and if we didn’t take him I guarantee you he would be the next Galway manager. That’s not a reason alone to get him but it would have been a disaster if we had gone back to the future with one of our previous management choices or taken someone from the celebrity circuit

  8. Agree with ECE, once Horan pulled out there was no other viable candidate. This is a high profile, high pressure, time consuming role, where winning big games in Croker is the min expectation.
    Hopefully there’ll be no last min hitches and SR can get on with the job quickly, he doesn’t have a whole load of time to get his setup and philosophy in place before the league kicks off.
    as we’re well used to now, exciting times ahead in Mayo!

  9. I’m delighted that Rochford has cleared the first hurdle by actually being nominated. Now begins the difficult part, negotiating with the county board and trying to finalize his management team.

  10. This looks like a great result for Mayo. One of our own who from here anyway, seems to tick all the boxes. We can only wish him well in his negotiations with the Co Board. Proper funding for the team will be paramount going forward, and it’s this very area that could be the difference, if Rochard and his Management team are going to be successful or not.

  11. Outside the Pale. Your comment about the Mayo players was below the belt. In fact my admiration for them has multiplied since. Anyone who has followed them as we have feel very grateful for all the great days and great displays over the last few years. I believe SR will have a big learning curve and it could well be his second or third seasons before he gets up to speed. Here’s wishing him the best of luck with the CoBo to begin with.

  12. So apparently ye’re county board is happy for Rochford to double job until potentially Paddys day, have ye any worries about this? With a club like Corofin to manage I would imagine the time involved would be similar to trying to manage 2 counties at the same time. We all know the vast bulk of the football will be played after 17th March but an awful lot of the donkey work and the process of identifying a panel of players will be completed by then

  13. The process of putting SR in place need not take too long. Get on with it and start building for 2016 asap is what I say.
    Best of luck to Stephen and everyone involved and looking forward to FBD already.

  14. Let’s hope that castle bar Mitchell end the corofin year shortly and solve the time problem

  15. If Corofin could win the club title again I think Stephen Rochford gets another long season refining his preferred tactical gameplan. He will also have more time to be thinking about the useage of Aidan OShea within that gameplan. I can’t imagine there would be some major difference in tactics for Mayo. Tactically it solves most of the problems we have had in terms of defence and our slow counter attack.
    The panel of players is realistically going to be the same 34 man panel again. The only difference being high scoring U21s like Conor Loftus or Fionan Duffy being in the mix. They have their shop window in the U21 games in the spring. Might be an odd 22-23 year old gets in.
    Otherwise all the fringe guys were in that 34 man or were sometimes called in to make up numbers in training.
    One very interesting potentially season changing player to try and get back would be Michael Shlingerman. If the county board could get him some kind of goalkeeping coaches role part time. For me he is the best keeper we have produced in the last ten years. He is still playing in the league of Ireland but not with a big club like Dundalk, Athlone I think he is with, he has moved around.

  16. Interesting comment regarding Sligerman, I rate him very highly, Germany and Kilthmagh have both a great reputation regarding goal keepers. He made one of the best saves I ever seen in the 2009 All Ireland minor final V Armagh. A long shot at this stage, still stranger things have happened. Best of luck to Stephen Rockford, he’ll need to play hard ball with the county board, Mayo’s ambitions won’t come cheap and the bar is always rising. Exciting times indeed!

  17. any idea of when he can be confirmed as manager? it can be said that the county board are over the barrel, who else can the get to manage this team and not have the team turn their backs and walk away? a messy situation and i hope stephen rochford will be mindful of the situation and that the county board guys can go out and get the sponsorship needed to keep the fire lit for Mayo.If they all work together from the start then Mayo can go from strenght to strenght, in the coming years. Surely even in these tough economic times there are people or companies out there that would be willing to financially back this team, a top 3 team and one that seems to be very keen on improving themselves.St vincents lost their title yesterday. sorry willie joe, this just shows that its very hard to have the hunger the year after you win a title, especially as amateurs,makes me think dublin may be prone to the same drop in hunger in 2016 and Mayo should be ready to jump in and claim the league and whatever else is available to them. Interesting times ahead.

  18. JP, confused about your post. Why would we want SR to have a long season with Corofin? Surely Mayo would want him as soon as possible to get to work?

    Re. Schlingermann, why would we look to get him back? He was a good shot stopper as a Minor but he isn’t even 6ft and he’s about 12 stone soaking wet. That might have worked at Minor or against Sligo Town but wouldn’t be much use with Paul Geaney or Michael Murphy hanging out of him. Our goalkeeping is the last of our concerns IMO, as you pointed out a couple of mobile, sharp, ball winning forwards like Fionan Duffy or Loftus wouldn’t go astray.

  19. PJB, I would prefer if Castlebar would progress. If Corofin are to progress I think there is a benefit in Rochford testing himself and his gameplan in the white heat of championship against opposition gunning to take him and his team down. The manager gets match day practice as much as the players.
    Schlingerman has no issues with his size. He wouldn’t be long for the league of Ireland if he did. For what it’s worth he’s six foot and well built. As regards Goalkeeping I really don’t think we’ve seen a full consistent season from any one keeper. I’m not saying we are weak there, just saying I believe there is room for improvement.

  20. @ Dave, I would have thought a county the size of Mayo would have no problem getting sponsorship with so many businesses in the county, some of which are big names and native to Mayo (McHale for example), there are counties that have only a fraction of businesses and sponsorship opportunities that Mayo would have including Roscommon, we are just very fortunate to have 3 people backing us that are millionaires and in the case of one man probably a billionaire, but without these men it would be bleak.

  21. PJB – I have to say I DO have concerns about our goalkeepers.

    While we seem to have it all here with three, I think there were questions to answer after every game in which goals were conceded and there are also questions about the kickout strategies adopted.

    Our defensive frailties are well know, therefore rock solid goalkeeping is a necessity for us. I don’t think we got that by any means this year.

    Should Mark Mulligan not be considered as an option?

  22. Schlingermann has been with Drogheda for the past 2 seasons I think , certainly this season , the fans think he is excellent which is some statement seeing they got relegated.

    I think JP was advancing him for a coaching role and I don’t see why not.

  23. Help!!!

    can anyone explain to me why I can’t buy additional season tickets for Mayo?? (most other counties seem to be listed)

    Are the sold out??

  24. And, while I’m at it.

    I see Vincent Neary quoted in Hogan Stand saying Mayo will be conscious of Rochie’s Corofin commitments; fair enough. But then:

    “Just because he’s the only nomination doesn’t mean we don’t follow the correct process.
    An interview committee will be put together [this week] and the candidate will have to be interviewed and his full team put in front of us.”

    I just don’t understand this. The post is vacant, you set up a process, a ‘correct process’ of course, with nomination deadlines and selection deadlines. Why, why, why, has this committee not already been chosen? Why, why, why has a list of potential meeting dates with the candidate not been lined up?

  25. Both keepers from 2013 and 2014 minors were good.

    As regards Shlingerman I only meant if it was seen that he had the stuff to be number one try and coax him back with some kind of role. We’ve seen other counties coax back guys with roles as coaching officers.

  26. Hontheross, there are several big wealthy firms in Mayo, but I don’t see their names on the jerseys or game day booklets, they either were not asked or else they said no. I can think of three companies that could dip into there lunch money and sponsor mayo without going hungry for even a minute. Maybe they will be asked again now that the pressure will be really on to keep the teams financed ?
    Will those billions you speak of help you beat Fermanagh and Sligo if the need arises in 2016? No excuses now, you have your manager and plenty of u 21 stars to pick to help the seniors on their way. For what it’s worth, Roscommon are picking from a small pool of players and that can only hinder them, unless of course a bunch of genuine talent arrive at the same time. The league will tell you if Roscommon are punching above their weight.

  27. dead right catcol , the interview board could have been decided a fair while back , in fairness to vincent the “bombshell”probably set him back !

  28. Catcol, can you tell me one goal where you could say the keeper should have saved it?

    The problems were in the gaping holes in the defence, like in the Dublin games with Dublin waltzing in in numbers on numerous occasions. I thought we were all agreed with that?!

  29. It’s a bit of a simpleton’s statement to say if a team concedes goals it’s the goalies fault!

  30. PJB – second goal v Galway, second goal v Dublin in drawn match. And that’s this year.

    First goal v Dublin in 2013

    I just think we are too complacent by thinking we have no problems at No. 1.

  31. im regular reader on here so decided today to join in. we have had some marvelous days out with this mayo team. we have gone to within a kick of the ball from landing the big one. alot of counties will hardly ever see that. we need new additions to the current panel. few sharp forwards to get scores at vital times. composure. leadership. class. three vital components and bit of luck too would not go astray. SR was favourite for the job from the outset so no great surprise no one else showed much interest. hopefuly the wrinkles will get ironed out as to what led to the h+c resignation. i saw corofin play vinnies and slaughneil last year and they seem well drilled outfit. sure he has good footballers at his disposal but he knows how to get the best out of them. best of luck to sr if/when he takes over. tis a big step up but thats how experience is gained. as a bank manager he knows about investment. its big one for him. one i believe he thinks is worth it ….

  32. Ciaran 2, how would you know that John Cuffe was a little down in the dumps at that time? Are you his spokesperson

    I agree with you totally Mayo McHale. The new manager should be left to do his job. He should be free to adjust the panel without fear or favour and not be constrained by the cosiness with players that existed prior to 2015. P&N started this process. Now let’s see Stephen finish it off. Hopefully the charter will pave the way for him to act freely.

  33. Hello Magic Mayo, thanks for getting back. I made an assumption based on the tone and date in 2013. I am not his spokesperson.
    Ironically what irked me was for you to make a post in his name. Did you consult John Cuffe?
    I certainly would not like someone to put my name on a blog from 2 years
    I really felt he was being used for your own rant under his name.
    If i am wrong please accept my apologies. With all good wishes. Ciaran 2.

  34. My concern is that our full backs are too nice we need a hatchet man or two .I think the captains role affected K H game.good luck to new manager. I hope he is ruthless

  35. At last we see a new dawn in the management of our Senior team, I hope this will bring an end to the McStay /PH&NC bullshit and the JH/SR crap that was going on this last while. I wish Stephen Rochford and his management team all the best. People are still on about SR and Corofin. When SR took over the management of Corofin for 2015/6 there was not and seemed unlikely to be a change of management in Mayo senior setup.
    When a vacancy arose it only was right that SR would be show an intrest. Going forward SR was hardly going to win back to back Club AI titles, as no club has done this for a while, and it was his opportunity to step up to a higher grade of management. If he did not do this now, he may never get the chance again. We have now seen a new beginning on management side and as the County Board have always given the last managements all the finances the required this will not change now. The new problem now is the PLAYERS from 2015? They now have to own up or shut up, and if SR makes big changes with dropping some players and other player having to take a subs position will they again revert back to last months joke. If some lads think that what is being done and they don’t like it , perhaps it would be more sensible if they quit. Their can only be ONE BOSS. and he must obeyed. Its no point having the lunitics running the asylem. I also see where a great servent of Mayo GAA, Mr J P Lamb has decided not to seek re election for treasurer, I suppose the day of the bag on the back for collecting monies is coming to an end, and going forward its plastic cards and computers, Time and tide waits for no man. I wish JP all the best.

  36. Hi Ciaran
    Not sure where the ambiguity is coming from.
    In my post I start off by stating “Great words by John Cuffe in 2013. They are equally valid today.”
    I then reposted his 2013 post with his name and date and time he made the post.
    The purpose of posting was to show that not much changes in Mayo football. Still talking about the same old issues in 2015!
    If I’m on a rant its in support of John Cuffe 2013 comments!

  37. From reading the above I don’t know if we have a goal keeping issue ,

    I don’t think slingermann has played gaa in years ??

    Clarke and hennelly are more than adequate keepers.

    Clarke no 1 , what do you think will Joe ?

    It’s key that we try blood new forwards next year

  38. Hello Mayo Magic,

    Not to worry. I accept what you say in good faith. I am a bit put out because James Horan is not back. Now like yourself i just hope that all goes well in 2016.

    We will know more next year. C. 2.

  39. Give it a rest outside the pale lets just let the new management (when ratified)get on with it and leave outside influences and everything else in the past. Forward to the goal of victory

  40. I agree with the posters saying that Schlingermann should be approached. Also need to find another hi energy wing forward and would like to see COC tried at center forward. [Deleted].

  41. tRUE gRIT I find your last post very naive., one of the most such for a while. “County Board have always given the last managements all the finances they required this will not change now.” Where is the evidence over the last 10 years, perhaps I have missed it. Trust me on this SR has a real battle on his hands with CoBo as Horan had over the last few years. He is inheriting a hard working ambitious squad that have shown us great times, commitment and courage. Respect has been earned whether you would be willing to admit it or not. Great summer days in Croker every summer since 2011, inspite of and not because of the group you are so willing to support.

  42. Vincent Neary and the rest of them, will ye get on with it and get the man ratified.

    There are steps to be climbed and a cup to collect on the Hogan stand on 18th September by men in green and red.

    Let the man get started on the journey. No more messing about. No more bombshells.

  43. Outside of the Pale – I think that particular debate was done to death on here last week and I’ve no wish to see another one start up on it so I’m with Backdoor Sam’s suggestion that it should be given a rest.

  44. Centerfield – if you’re going to make critical remarks about individual players, you need to back up what you’re saying with some proper arguments. You haven’t done this so I’m deleting that bit of your comment.

  45. Mayo magic , quote me when you want where you want. Honoured sir.

    Is the below statement from Mr Neary for real.

    “Just because he’s the only nomination doesn’t mean we don’t follow the correct process.
    An interview committee will be put together [this week] and the candidate will have to be interviewed and his full team put in front of us.”

    Wind the clock back 12 months when we had two applicants for the managerial role in Mayo. Ask yourself one question. How far into the interview did Kevin McStay get or does this Mayo county board reside in a cuckoo clock?

    This is Fr Ted stuff. Firstly the two senior board men never saw any thing amiss in the squad. Then we listened to a statement where we heard of grown men crying at a county board meeting. The words of Eamon Mongey scream out again tonight re 1950-51 team. “What we achieved was despite them (county board), not because of them”. Amen I say to that.

  46. Well said pjmcmanus, and I couldn’t agree more. Some guys are so anti the players, they would have them taken out and shot at dawn. And as far as the Co Board are concerned, sure they can do no wrong. Well I hope when Rochford sits down with them, he will lay his cards on the table and insist that proper support structure be put in place from the start. As for dealing with the players, I would say that will be the least of his worries.

  47. A number of posters have raised the issue of finance and the funding of the Mayo Team, There is an interesting piece on RTE Sport by Jim Mc Guinness.

    While we talk about our hard luck stories of lost All Irelands and our shortcomings on the field, I feel our future success as a serious intercounty football force will partly be tied into our ability to stay the pace with our ability to fundraise and finance the present teams and future teams.
    Rather than complaining about the cost of funding the county team, the county board should look on our current standing as a golden opportunity to raise the necessary funds to support the team to perform at the highest level. As the article above points out Kerry have raised €3m in the last 12-18 months. Why cannot Mayo with one of the best supported teams do the same.

    While Cairde Mayo is a good system aimed at Mayo supporters within the county, there is nothing aimed a mayo people living outside the county or country. A system like Club Tyrone could be worth a look. Skilled fundraisers would need to be employed and technology such as online membership and social media should be used. Mayo associations, Irish Clubs, GAA clubs could be used. Two types of membership could be promoted. An individual one with a contribution of say €200 with a target of 5000 members would yield €1m per year and a corporate membership of affinity sponsor of €1000 x 500 members companies would raise €500,000. I use the term affinity sponsor so as not to conflict with the official sponsor and I would see member companies restricted to the use of an official logo on their websites and promotional materials.

  48. Re Michael Schlingermann, he should be available for the FBD and early league rounds as soccer players, with a few exceptions, are not on contract during the closed season in Ireland. With his club Drogheda relegated he will probably be seeking new pastures next year. I wonder did he come into James Horan’s consideration in 2013 when Clarke and O’Malley were both injured and Brendan Walsh had to be brought in?

  49. Hi All…’s looking like you have your new manager and I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck in the future. Like you Willie Joe I am reeling over yesterdays loss for Vincent’s…….although not my immediate club I am a proud Northsider and all my hero’s came from the club.

    Kind regards
    Martin the Dub

  50. PJ, Since you have brought this topic up and called the following comment from another poster that the ‘County Board have always given the last managements all the finances they required this will not change now.’ the most naive for a while, can you back this view up by providing even one example of something that was requested and denied to the management in its preparation of the team during the last campaign?

  51. Should the pieces of the jigsaw fit together and I think common sense will prevail and the will, I think SR will be a good manager and will be a popular choice with the players.
    But Connaught is going to be a hell of a battle as Galway have a wrecking ball in Comer and a real star in Shay Walsh. Sice performs well for the county and only Lundy has failed to live up to his talent this year possibly because Leroy has the marking of pretty much any marquee forward come championship time.
    If we get through that (home draw is a help)
    Ros have a shrewder manager who knows all about Mayo, the benefit of League 1 games and quite a bit of young talent coming through.

    So yes, I feel positive but there really are no guarantees in sport.

  52. Totally agree, Westportman.
    Our new manager’s time and energy should not have to be spent scrounging for resources.
    We need the same professional level in place to resource the team as to train prepare them.
    Between small and big money is can be made happen.
    We can not let this tide go out without a good boat (we have a great crew)

  53. As for new players a lightening fast corner forward would be my number 1. Maybe Loftus has that x factor we need or else Either we pick Keane FB and stick with him or convert SOS. Caff has a role as corner back and replacement full back or horses for courses games where speed is preferred over aggression.

    For goalkeeper I think we have three of the top 10 in the land in last year’s players, what we need to focus on is trying to emulate Cluxton’s legacy. Clarke is still a top keeper probably #2 in the Country ahead of Durkan and Keally. Hennelly isn’t far behind and hearing him interviewed on Radio sounds like a lad with a lot of leadership traits. He is also probably the 3 best keeper in the country at long frees so ability to find telepathic communication with players from kickouts is probably there. He’s still young enough to improve. I’m convinced Dublin are using signals or else the coaching is top notch on everyone’s role for kickouts as they’re not the tallest team out there.
    For midfield Barry Moran looks a very polished player at club level and Gibbons will hopefully be back leaving a decision on possibly upsetting the O’ Sheas by dropping Seamus as we can expect Parsons to be a nailed on starter going by 2015. SOS does dog hard work and can be inspirational at times but decision making can let him down. Really worth looking at him as full back if he’s willing to sacrifice his role for the sake of the team.
    We haven’t found that full back with combined aggression and mobility. Maybe Drake or Coen will emerge. Drake looks the safer bet going by the first semi this year. Coen looks more of a centre back.
    Would be nice to see Carolan back if he’s around as he has pace, bit like K McMenamon in style.
    Gibbons may also be an option for CF or FF.

  54. The main thing will be the strength and push on of the fringe guys and any new U21’s.
    An example would be Neil Douglas who seems to be pushing into consistent form. Another example would be Stephen Coen who is a real leader of that Hollymount team. We know what Leeroy, Cillian and Aidan can do. Obviously there will be a change of tactics and formation as well.
    But the main thing will be the strength of the match day 26. I foresee it being very hard to make the backs next year as Stephen Coen and Patrick Durcan will be trying to nail down spots. There is no need for late career conversions of guys into full backs or full forwards.
    If your team is competitive even two improved positions ramp you up a lot.

  55. From the Leitrim GAA website I see that Ardnaree conceded a walkover to Leitrim’s Aghavas in the Connacht Junior Championship at the weekend.
    I had wondered why nothing appeared on the Connacht website re the fixture and presumed that since Aghavas were out of the Leitrim championship since mid August at least that they had conceded. Apparently not. What is happening in Ardnaree? They have waited a long time to get their hands on the Mayo Junior title and now they concede in the Connacht Club? Anybody from Ardnaree on this blog?

  56. AndyD it is the other way around. The Leitrim champs conceded. Ardnaree will play Clifden in the Final.

    Congrats to Stephen. Great to have him on board and his backroom team is more or less in place.

    The players should be comended too. They let the County Board know that they were not happy with the set-up but left it to them to pick a successor. Every club in the county had a possibility to have a say. That is important because this year’s panel is not necessarily the panel that Rochford will want.

    Of course the elephant in the room is financial backing. Jimmy McGuinness spoke about the need to get money outside of the county board to keep things at a high level. the same is needed in Mayo. Only players and management really appreciate what it takes and most people are reluctant to support the county board.

    Would love to see how much is being raised by the Players Lotto and where the funds are going.

  57. AndyD not from Ardnaree, however seems it was Aughavas that conceded the walk over to Ardnaree as they are playing Clifden in the Connacht final on Sun 15 at 2pm in McHale Park

  58. Westport Man Enjoyed your analysis regarding funding. I believe the CoBo see the Cairde project as a success and we can all agree on that. But as you rightly point out where’s the next step and the one after that. Other than the players lotto I cannot name one. I believe we will be lining up to buy our 5th Cairde tickets soon. We should have several channels in place for funding different projects. I live in hope and confusion.

  59. Magic Mayo. I didn’t make the comment you are asking me to justify. So I cannot justify it for you. We have some people on here with mor experience and insight than I have and I thought I was missing out on something that’s all.

  60. Looks like Rochford will be sending in his negotiation team into action over the next few weeks. The tensions between the CB and Horan were well known so it will be interesting to see how Rochford’s plans are met.

    We could really do without another cack handed transition.

  61. Ger, you say that the players should be commended. They let the County Board know that they were not happy with the set-up but left it to them to pick a successor.
    Are you saying that the players did not look for any involvement in the selection of the new manager?

  62. One of the main driving forces behind the introduction of the Cairde scheme was narrowly defeated at last years county convention when he ran against JP Lambe for Treasurer. Now that JP is standing aside this man will hopefully stand again and succeed this time. The current vice treasurer announced during his acceptance speech last year that “I’m not a great man with finances but I’m a mighty man on a gate”. There is of course need for the men on the gates and it will always remain a vital role, however, the position of Treasuer needs to go to someone with a financial and marketing background.

  63. PJ, you called another poster naive for stating that the County Board had given the previous managements everything financially that they had asked for. You are therefore insinuating that the County Board did not provide everything that was asked for. You should now be prepared to back this up with examples, even one example, where this did not happen or else withdraw your remark.

  64. Magic Mayo – that’s two posters now this morning (PJ McManus and Ger Bohan) that you’re picking arguments with. Can you please refrain from doing this? The comments section is there for people to provide comments and opinions and, if they want to engage in discussion but tackling others aggressively on what they’ve said and/or attempting to put words in their mouths (i.e. “Are you saying that …”) isn’t allowed so please back off from doing this.

  65. Hi WJ, I was playing the ball, if I was to say

    Ger, so the players didn’t want a say in the selection of the new manager?

    PJ, just one example please?

    Would that be ok?

  66. It’s like you’re picking at a sore, Magic Mayo. If they want to reply they will, if they don’t, they don’t have to. There’s no requirement on them to engage with you if they don’t want to. And that rephrased question to Ger is still putting words in his mouth.

  67. I dont like the delay in appointing Stephen Rochford, because we need some new players, and they need to be on S and C now so that they are up to speed for the team,otherwise we will be saying they are not good enough. It is now the preparation needs to be done,I do feel we need much more finance in place if we are serious about even staying in our present position, never mind the next step,it means we try keep all our players within the country in good employment or study, eg the Hanleys, or Tom Parsons who was working in Wales, and who has my complete respect for how he kept fit and up to speed to be one of the best midfielders in the country, so yes I think the county board has more to do with raising finance so we keep all our young players on board

  68. Magic Mayo I didn’t say that the players didn’t want a say. They did have a say. Every GAA member in Mayo had a say. If you had a candidate or wanted to go yourself you just had to be nominated by your club. Stephen was. I don’t know if he would have been the players preferred choice but then there would be different views in any group of 30. However, there is no guarantee that any of them are the players that Stephen will want in their club. If the players wanted a say they could have gone to their club and asked for a person to be put forward. It’s very democratic and I think we have got the best suited candidate.

  69. I’ll try again….

    Can anyone advise??

    Are mayo season tickets sold out?? I want to buy an additional ticket for the young fella, but can’t seem to do it. I had no problem renewing mine, I went for the Club+ option.

    How many season tickets do the county sell? Is there a limit?

  70. TonyK, the Mayo allocation of Croke Park season tickets has been sold out since last year, so no further tickets are available at this point. There is a limit per county and ourselves and Dublin have both sold out our allocations.

    There is a waiting list however, so if people decide not to renew, they will apparently be offered to people on the list. I would email as soon as possible and register your interest – I assume it will run on a first come first served basis but they will be best placed to advise you.

    You can still however buy Cairde Mhaigh Eo tickets as far as I am aware – they haven’t gone on sale yet for 2016 but I am sure they will be available from Mayo GAA soon enough.

    Hope that helps!

  71. TonyK
    as far as I know the Mayo season ticket has been sold to its limit for 2 years running. Only open for renewals.

  72. Tonyk

    Croke Park season tickets for Mayo which includes Juvenile season tickets are over subscribed for the last few years. There is now a limit of 1000 ( I think) season tickets per county and Mayo have something like 2500. Even if some people do not renew their 2015 Croke Park season tickets they will not be available to others because the existing season ticket holders are over the Croke Park threshold.
    There is no limit on Cairde Mhaigheo\Club+ tickets but Croke Park do not issue Juvenile versions of this ticket

  73. I think they’re issuing renewals only till the end of November. If there is any surplus they’ll offer them for general sale. As has been mentioned though, Mayo or Dublin have sold out for the last two years.

  74. Piece here in the Indo by Martin Breheny on Rochie.

    I think it’s not bad and contains (for me), a bit of new information,, but I’m withholding my name and address to protect me from the potential wrath of posters:

  75. Am i correct in saying that the Clann na nGael v Castlebar game is live on TG4 next Sunday?. If so, it’s bound to affect the attendance figure.

  76. Good old Mairtín, gets the dig in every time.

    “They couldn’t possibly object to anything he (Rochford) proposes, lest they be dubbed an unmanageable group, whose talents don’t match their ambitions.”

    Not too much new in there that wasn’t in the locals last week, but sure it’s a good excuse to take (yet another) swipe at our players. Even Breheny’s turntable is sick of the record at this point.

    But the man is entitled to his opinions, of course, and I suppose as has been said here many times it shouldn’t matter to us what he thinks of us.

  77. Ger Bohan, you are right, almost. Being nominated was one thing but for the nomination to be considered by the county board it had to be accompanied by a signed letter of acceptance from the nominee, stating that should he be selected he would take the job.
    Where you are totally correct is that we have got the best suited candidate. I just hope McEntee is part of the set-up also, as rumoured, as he is an innovative shrewd thinker of the game. Tactically he thinks outside he box and a prime example is his “inverted blanket” or “blanket attack” that he instilled and has worked so well at Crossmaglen.
    Mayo for Sam 2016??? Anyone??

  78. I wonder if Stephen gets nominated who would he pick as captain be very interesting interesting times ahead am excited

  79. The cairde ticket renewal notice was received a few weeks ago and early booking is advisable for pre Christmas delivery (for your favorite Christmas stocking). I don’t know what the story is with new tickets buyers. At one point early last year they had about 1200 sold, and there has to be an upper limit so I suppose the smart thing to do is purchase as early as you can.

  80. To add to Anne-Marie’s bit above, Breheny’s “Holmes and Connelly are gone, having been ruthlessly ousted by a mutinous squad” seems a bit dramatic!

    This isn’t ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. As far as I know, none of the players were brandishing bayonets.

  81. My advice on Breheny is just don’t read him. Am happy for SR. Hopefully he gets named and backroom tram in place asap. Jimmy Nallen in any role again?! Excited for 2016. Jesus 20yrs since 96! Getting old…..

  82. Brehony’s piece isn’t too bad compared to previous articles posted here.
    As the the Mayo for Sam 2016 question one of ye put out, seems a bit premature for that. I feared Dublin would dominate for a decade both last and this year from their league performances. They got ambushed last year and we nearly took the this year but they still have a strong resources and player numbers advantage. We’re closer than almost all other contenders but it all depends what SR and his team can unearth during the league. A semi and or final appearance would be good for blooding new players and hope then we get over round 1 of championship. 2 extra games a benefit in a season with only 2 provincial championship games. H&C have shown that there are no guarantees of unearthing a new star and didn’t have faith in some lads who did well (Keane and Ronnie). Would love to see Loftus or some new lad explode onto the scene.
    Obviously a front door route would be the best as someone could ambush Dubs again (Kerry?) and the gap narrows a lot from quarters on. But the other 2 contenders in Connaught will be closing right in especially Galway with Shay Walsh who’s worth a lot to them. Both challengers have had some good runs underage.
    Fundraising a subject which bores me is important so the ambition is backed up. With a county as fanatical as ours it should be possible to raise quite a bit.

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