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I’ve just done a quick trawl through the usual Monday morning sources and here’s what I’ve landed in terms of match reports.  The Indo leads with Johnno playing down yesterday’s win (it’d be safe enough for any journo to set up that headline as a Word template, I reckon) but it’s interesting that this downbeat quote is somewhat at odds with the more positive vibes he was giving off in that interview he did with Midwest just after the match had ended.  To be fair to Johnno, what he’s reported as saying to the Indo makes complete sense, in that you won’t find us bragging about our two February wins over the Tribesmen if they end up kicking our holes come summer, but the notion that his mission (as bainisteoir, not as TD) is one to dispel doom and gloom within the county is kinda nice too.  Here’s to more love and happiness when we sock it to the Dubs in two weeks time.

The Times has a cracking photograph of a grim (and rather hairy) faced Aidan O’Shea coming into close contact with a very resolute looking Finian Hanley.  As one of the lads on said yesterday evening, this particular mano a mano could, if Aidan stays on this side of the world, become the definitive battle in Connacht over the next decade.

Mike Finnerty has a brief report in the Mayo News, though I suspect this will be superseded by a more considered piece in the print edition of the paper tomorrow.  This report also contains confirmation – which Johnno also gave in that post-match Midwest interview – that Mark Ronaldson has appealed his month’s ban and that a hearing on this is expected to take place sometime this week.

Finally, there’s also a piece on the match in Gaelic Rising.  That’s the full load, by the looks of it.

2 thoughts on “Today’s catch of match reports

  1. The following is a quote from today’s Irish Times “Mayo’s win was not unexpected given the strong team named by O’Mahony and the notable absentees from Galway”

    As a Mayo man in Galway, I am delighted and thrilled with the win (plenty of slagging fodder for the next few weeks at least!!) but the above quote is quite worrying if you read into it. Did we win because we were much better or was it because Galway fielded a “weak” team (Mick McCarthy may come looking for ideas on fielding under-strength teams!!) Yes, it is nice to beat the auld gang but it is the summer games that really count. I think it is safe to say that Mayo still have a lot done but have more to do while Galway still have not shown their true colours yet…. or have they?

    The one thing that I have taken from the last few games is the number of players who have scored for us…. surely a good omen for the fruitful summer months to come

  2. It was nice to see two former players (how quickly they move into that category) presented with awards for their service to Mayo at the Mayomen’s Assoc dance in Galway on Friday night.

    It was also great to see an All Ireland trophy won by Mayo footballers on display. The Mighty Mayo Masters had their trophy on show for the night.

    Well done to the Ladies who continue to shine a beacon of light for Mayo GAA in general.

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