Today’s match is ON

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It was announced a short while ago that, following a pitch inspection earlier in the morning, today’s match against Meath at Páirc Tailteann is ON. Here’s the official announcement from Meath GAA:

The decision facing those walking the pitch in Navan this morning was whether or not the surface was okay for the game to be played on it and they’ve deemed that it is. Whether or not it’s advisable for supporters to be driving across the country on a day like today for a football match is, of course, a wider issue. It’s up to individuals to make up their own minds on that one.

The venue for the LGFA match that was to be played before our clash with Meath has, though, been shifted. That game, between Meath and Monaghan, now goes ahead at Dunganny at 11.45am.

Some supporters will, quite sensibly, decide not to travel today. If that’s you, then don’t forget that TG4 are streaming the game live on their YouTube channel – details here. If you are heading to the game, travel safely.

5 thoughts on “Today’s match is ON

  1. Thanks for update WJ. And reminder that game is available via TG4 YouTube streaming.
    Could someone post subs bench from official programme or when available.

  2. Thanks for the update, all underage Gaa and Soccer games are cancelled here this morning in Dublin, alot of rain here overnight
    Is there much cover in Pairc Tailteann ?, I’ve never been there.

  3. I hate these weather warnings. I wish they wouldn’t make them if they are ok to let people travel to matches in it. Creates such uncertainty.

  4. 16 D. Clarke
    17 J Stretton
    18 D Kenny
    19 L Keegan
    20 E. Mc Laughlin
    21 B Walsh
    22 C Treacy
    23 C Loftus.
    24 D Coen
    25 B Reape
    26 A O Shea

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