Today’s match switched to Bekan

There’s been a last-minute change of venue for today’s FBD match against IT Sligo. @MayoGAA have stated that Fr. O’Hara Park in Charlestown is unplayable and so the game has been switched to the Centre of Excellence in Bekan. The throw-in time has also been put back to 2.30pm.

33 thoughts on “Today’s match switched to Bekan

  1. Couldnt make the game myself…..dying with flue. Draw game….were we lucky to get a draw? Not scoring for 35 mins sounds like an awful display. Either way wouldn’t be too bothered but you would think young new players would be chomping at the bit…?

  2. Lucky draw for Mayo went 35 mins without a score were leading 1-8 to 0-2. Evan Regan should be starter on Horans team why he was cut last summer makes no sense.

  3. Not scoring for 35 minutes??? That’s shocking even if this was an experimental team.Not good enough to be honest.

  4. Jeepers, it’s hard to explain 35 minutes and no score. Against a college side, not a great idea if you’re trying to convince jh to give you a chance.

  5. I agree David.I believe the weather is shocking but still its no excuse at all.they would want to pull there socks up.if i was JH id be ripping

  6. Terrible day in Bekan today got soaked but a good turn out. Apparently Regan has declined an offer to join the senior panel after being cut last year?

  7. A total and utter disgrace today, and I’m not talking about the performance. That game should not have been next nor near Bekan. One of the worst days of the year and they put the game, last minute, to a ground with zero spectator facilities.

    Today, like many others, I paid €10 to walk through a muddy pitch to watch a match from a muddy hill. Pathetic. Once they moved the game it should have been free entry, and if they had any real cop on they’d have moved it 20 minutes down the road to Castlebar where they had 10,000 available blue covered seats.


  8. The scary thing is that many of the more established names were on the field during that scoreless period i.e Messrs Conroy, Doherty, Varley, Carolan etc

  9. I was disappointed to see kevin mcloughlin was starting, like last year he had nothing to prove, than he was ran into the ground between FBD, club and league matches, and in the championship he was only pale shadow in comparison to his performance the year before, I can only comment from what i see from the sidelines but he appeared to me to be suffering from fatigue and burnout through out the championship,

  10. All I have to say is lads its January! Leitrim are unbeaten so far…it counts for nothing come may

  11. Glad we got the goal at the end, even if we didn’t deserve it. It would be nice to get to the final. An extra game would be a nice bonus.

  12. I agree MayoMark – with the squad just back to collective training from this week we need all the competitive game time we can get before the heavy duty stuff begins in Feb. A very difficult task for the opening games of the national league facing Kildare & Tyrone in their own back yards in a few weeks time – and on the evidence of today’s display there is some serious work to be done.

  13. I’d be worried that Kevin McLoughlin got a black card. Our players need to be coached in avoiding being dispatched to the side-line in big games. Joe Brolly has laid the groundwork for Mayo being regarded as a cynical team (which we definitely are not) and the black card has been launched to fight cynical play.

  14. To those of us who didn’t bother going, (I know, I’m probably going to go down as not deserving of a ticket etc) why did McLoughlin get the black card? Who else got black-carded and why?

  15. Excellent work early on with quick forward play and scores taken efficiently. Then as so often before we started to over elaborate, solo into blind allies and give hospital passes.
    I wouldn’t worry about Evan Regan’s absence from the panel just yet, he has lots of time to prove his point in U21 and I hardly think he will miss the chance to be involved if his performances are good enough. Trying to combine study, college and U21 football is enough to occupy any young man.
    Again Mayo supporters showed their commitment with a fine turnout on a horrible day at a short notice rearranged venue without any spectator accommodation. It was my first visit to the Centre of excellence and I have to compliment John Prenty in getting such a venue into Mayo. It is a pity one of the pitches does not have a simple shed which could accommodate maybe 2,000 people for days like this. It could also benefit from some signposting from the N17 and from Ballyhaunis. I had to do a bit of searching to find it.

  16. Surely to god Evan Regan is not refusing a place on the panel because he was cut last year? Please tell me this is just rubbish? He is still u21 for fecks sake! Whole career ahead of him. If he’s good enough (which it sounds like he is) he will get game time in the league and a chance to stake his claim like everyone else. I find it very hard to believe a 21 year old would refuse to play for mayo

  17. Can we stop this stuff with Evan Regan, you’d think we would have learned our lessons about rumours after the fall-out from September.

    I’d very much doubt he’s refusing to join the panel because he was cut last year.
    The lad is young and has a lot on this year between studies and various teams to play for – maybe he just had a quiet chat with Horan and asked not to be considered for the time?? It could be as simple as that.

  18. You’re right, Dan – all this talk about Evan Regan is all based on rumours about what may or may not have happened between him and James Horan last year and, as such, is best avoided.

  19. I wouldn’t make too many judgements on today’s performance. It was an awful day. Subs in particular had a raw deal with no dugouts. It was hard to come on and give any kind of performance after standing in the rain for 40+ minutes.

  20. Donegal ran out of steam in 2013 after an exhausting 2012 season.

    Id advise all players to have a look and see are they at the same levels as they were this time last year and keep doing it.

    I have a horrible feeling some of them are behind , this is what happened to Donegal and the first phase of the decline in intensity came through relegation .


    we wont know anything about Evan Regans situation till horan decides to go with whatever angle he sees will benefit the team the most, the journos in Mayo are pretty much afraid to ask him any difficult questions and thats just the way it is; maybe horans method is correct , time will tell on that one.

  21. I wouldn’t panic about the fitness levels this early in the year. I remember seeing Mayo play Roscommon in Ballyhanuis in last years FBD at they could barely see out the game. The training programs they are on probably include a lot of weights and resistence training more so than stamina and speed.
    As regards Evan Regan, you are spot on. Let the hare sit and see what happens. If he is good enough and has the right attitude he will get his chance. The last thing we need is another Mort.

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