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As football people, we often ascribe way too much importance to what happens on the field of play, imagining that there’s nothing more vital in our lives. Then, along comes something to knock some sense into us, making us realise that football isn’t really all that crucial in the scheme of things.

The launch of the Together for Ger fundraising appeal at half-time in the Kerry game at MacHale Park last Saturday night was one such moment. Suddenly, there were other things to think about aside from beating the Kingdom – as Kevin McStay, Stephen Rochford and, on the podcast, Colm Boyle all confirmed – and it’s that appeal I want you all to give some thought to now.

You probably know about the Together for Ger appeal at this stage but, in case you don’t, the story has an inter-county football connection. Ger Brady, a native of Claremorris, played for Mayo, including at Senior level, some years ago but in August 2022 he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. In January this year, his wife Karen gave birth to Dylan – that’s the three of them in the photo above.

The Together with Ger fundraising appeal was launched to raise funds for Ger’s care and his future needs, including the many and varied expenses this will entail for Ger and his family.

Donations to the Together with Ger appeal may be made here. All donations, big or small, will make a difference to what is an enormously worthy cause. Please give as generously as you can.

9 thoughts on “Together for Ger

  1. A great cause WJ.Well done for promoting this worthy cause. Mayo News, Ah ref pod and other media outlets have promoted this cause as well
    Go neiri le Ger agus a clann.
    Bigi le Ger
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  2. A great and very worthy cause it we will definetly support it and wishing Ger and all his family healing and comfort

  3. Thanks Richardmgd and apologies all – that link is working properly now. I’m going to leave the panel in place too on the top right of the sidebar and the photo there links directly through to the iDonate page, as does the text below as well.

  4. Ger is a gentleman. If you asked him if he played football he’s the type of person wouldn’t even mention he played senior for Mayo.

  5. Terribly sad story. Ger is such a popular guy in his home town of Claremorris and farther afield. The community is devastated by the news.
    My thoughts are with Ger and his family.

  6. This isn’t a temporary condition that will resolve itself, the specialised care Ger will need will be an ongoing drain on the family’s resources. I trust we can keep this front and centre and hope peoples’ generosity will continue into the future.

  7. I lost a close relative to Motor Neurone disease a few months back. It’s a brutal condition that can reduce the fittest and strongest of men to mere skin and bone in a matter of months.

    Best of luck to Ger and his family, would urge anyone who has a few spare quid to donate.

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