Tom Parsons included in Boylan’s Aussie squad

Sean Boylan named his squad today for the biff-bash-boom trip Down Under later this month and, somewhat surprisingly, there will be a Mayoman there to risk life and limb in the latest two-series instalment of that bastardised this-is-what-you-get-when-you-cross-a-kangaroo-and-a-donkey pursuit.  I had thought that Pierce Hanley was the only likely candidate from within the county to make the squad but instead it’s his U21 colleague from last year, Tom Parsons, who has got the nod from Sean Boylan as the Meathman – like Heffo did a generation ago – has chosen to pack his squad with big lads who are well able to look after themselves.

It would be curmudgeonly in the extreme not to congratulate the young Charlestown man – arguably our best player in 2008 (well, those pollsters on have him well out in front as their player of the year and I’d tend to concur with this assessment) – for his inclusion in the squad so well done, Tom, on that score.  That said, I hope that (a) he manages to avoid getting involved in anything like this when sporting the country’s colours later this month and (b) he hates the weather, the food, the pissy beer and those awful grating accents out there, so ensuring that he’s back at home well in time to play some real football in the 2009 campaign wearing the Green and Red.

7 thoughts on “Tom Parsons included in Boylan’s Aussie squad

  1. mixed emotions. Delighted for him and amazed he was spotted although boylan always had a good eye on him. He must be showing well in trials. i just fear where this all could lead. Hanley is gone. O Shea and parsons could follow and if they do our all ireland aspirations with travel with them. I know if i was a scout i would have been parked outside the oshea household when in breaffy. Of course scouts are now not required for parsons..the gaa will be funding that particular “viewing” themsleves. If we manage to keep these 3 in Mayo i am 100% convinced we will be slugging it out with tyrone in the early part of the next decade for ultimate honours. You can accuse me of over reacting but now is the time to react…not when its too late. Bin this so called sport. We cant even compete with these scum bags. Send the rugby boys down and im not so sure even they would have it all their own way either. rant over

  2. Ah yes, we have to congratulate them as they are representing their country after all…what an honour it is and apparently some of the players (not the Gooch though!) enjoy living dangerously and risking life and limb.

    I agree why can’t we just get on with the real thing back home?

  3. The thought of losing Tom and Aiden O’Shea as well as Pierce Hanley just isn’t worth contemplating. Maybe they’ll cast their beady eyes over the Tyrone and Kerry lads instead – we can only live in hope. But what a joke it is alright that we’re sending over there all those talented footballers while they’re already busy doing their best to poach the cream of the crop.

  4. they should have parsons sharing a room with Cavanagh….a few words from the bould Sean would set him straight

  5. Great photo, Ma-Yoman – I think it was taken after the 1989 All-Ireland semi-final win over Tyrone. The real WJ’s jersey is all blood-stained – remember the head-band he had on after that injury he got?

    Ray looks fairly fresh faced too!

  6. I quite like this paragraph from the article: “There is no place for Kerry’s Colm Cooper, as Boylan has opted to go for size and strength over skill.” Glad to see that Sean Boylan seems to have realised that brute force and ignorance are the only things that count in the International Rules. Please God Mr. Parsons will stay stuck to the bench throughout!

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