Tom? Tom? Where are you Tom?

There’s a report doing the rounds from Australia, with some discussion on it here, about the current whereabouts of Tom Parsons.  You’ll recall the Mayo News reported last week that Tom was on his way home after the lovey-dovey international rules series having declared he had no interest in trying his hand at the professional game Down Under.  That piece seemed to scotch the rumour, which had been floating around for a while and which the Sunday Tribune had mentioned in passing, that he could soon be heading the way that Pierce Hanley went last year.

It now appears, however, that Tom didn’t board that big metal bird back from Australia last week and instead of pulling up his collar to keep out the cold over in Charlestown, he’s still out in the Antipodes getting a nice tan for himself and, possibly, an AFL contract as well.  But then, if this discussion is to be believed, so too are Kerry’s Tommy Walsh and David Moran, as well as a number of other less high-profile players.

I’m not sure how worried we should be by this development.  After all, the source used in this story is this so-called “players’ agent” Ricky Nixon who, as is rather grandiosely stated in the report, “has sought to become the conduit by which Irish players are introduced to AFL clubs”.  In other words, he’s the guy who is turning a buck from getting Irish lads to sign up with Aussie clubs so obviously it’s in his interest to magnify his efforts in this area.  We have only his word for it that Tom has stayed on to look for an AFL contract.  Maybe he has stayed on, maybe he hasn’t.  Maybe he is looking for a contract, maybe he isn’t.  Maybe Tricky Ricky is talking out of his hole.  I sure hope so.

In the meantime, if anyone spots Tom Parsons anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere anytime soon, you might confirm the sighting here.  Preferably, as the DUP used to say when Big Ian was in charge, with photographic evidence.

8 thoughts on “Tom? Tom? Where are you Tom?

  1. He would, indeed, Mike. Maybe I’m in denial but I’m reluctant to give the story too much credence at this stage. With all the guys that are supposed to be either over there or going over, you’d wonder how many are going to end up getting a contract. I can’t help but hoping that Tom won’t be one as he has all the attributes to become a real legend for the county in the years ahead.

  2. If he isnt back in the country I would worry. He would be due back in college you would imagine and unless something was put on the table I could see no other reason why he would delay the return to his studies. If it was the middle of summer you could understand him staying on but missing mid term in college would suggest something sinister is going on. Anyone out there see the big charlestown lad??

  3. He’s in Melbourne by all accounts, and is trying for a contract with one of the big clubs.

    Based in Sydney myself the last few years, and I’m none too concerned, I honestly, hand on heart can’t see where he will make it in the AFL. He’s not the same type as player as Hanley, Clarke or Tadhg to play as fast half back – he’s not big enough to make it as a ruckman, he could possibly be a relevation in the forwards but I can’t see it.

    Worst case scenario – he gets signed by a club who stick him the reserve VFL to get hammered week in, week out, like Armagh’s Kevin Dyas. And the glamour of that lark will wear off pretty quickly, he’s only 20 so even if he came back in 1 or 2 years with all that full time training under his belt it could be of long term benefit to Mayo.

    That’s my tuppence worth and I could be wrong

  4. Shows up the sham that is the International Rules if true – Tom gets on a flight with the Irish team paid for by the GAA to look for a new job!

  5. Tom is in Sligo IT thank god! Seems the whole story was a load of bull.
    RedandGreenSiper posted this on gaabord:

    However, Mayo’s young talent Tom Parsons, who was part of the Irish team on the International Rules tour to Australia, was also linked with a potential trial in Australia, but which he completely denied yesterday with an obvious sense of bemusement.

    “There were some reports in the papers yesterday saying I had actually stayed down in Australia for an extra week in order to try out with a AFL club,” said Parsons, a student of civil engineering at Sligo IT. “In fact I was walking down the street today when someone passed me and said, ‘I though you were in Australia?’

    “I don’t know where it came from, but it’s absolute total rubbish. I never talked with any club, any agent, nor did I want to. I went to Australia to do my best from Ireland, but I was always intent on coming back, and it never even crossed my mind that I may try out in the AFL.

    “All I was thinking about was getting back with Mayo next year, and I’ve already started into the pre-season weights programme.”

  6. Thanks for that, Tubberman. I didn’t want to sound alarmist when I put the post up yesterday but the story was doing the rounds so I thought it was worthy of mention. It’s great to see that it’s all a load of hot air.

    That Ricky Nixon bloke seems to be full of shit – he’s been crowing about getting the two Kerry lads to come out and train with one of the Aussie clubs but I wouldn’t be surprised if Messrs Walsh and Moran were back in the Green and Gold next year as well.

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