Tommy Breheny’s exit from Sligo

For the second year in a row, the reigning Connacht champions have parted company with their bainisteoir. This time, however, there’s no dark mutterings about anyone being “butchered and slaughtered” with Sligo’s Tommy Breheny proffering the more prosaic excuse in the Times of work and family commitments for his decision to quit while he’s ahead. (Mind you, there wasn’t much choice involved in Mickey Moran’s departure this time last year, as I recall). As is de rigeur in Connacht, a number of Mayoman – Liam McHale, John Casey and David Brady (isn’t he still a Mayo player?) – have been fingered, according to the same report in the Times, for a spot of exile activity on the Sligo bench. The smart money, however, appears to be on Donegal’s Charlie Mulgrew, who recently finished up a creditable spell as Fermanagh boss.

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