Trevor appointed captain for championship campaign

trevorTrevor Mortimer has been appointed Mayo captain for the forthcoming championship campaign, taking over the role from Ronan McGarritty (see Setanta’s story here).  The combative Shrule/Glencorrib man made his Mayo debut at the start of 2000 – in a league match against Clare down in Kilmihil in February, to be exact – and this means that, apart from James Nallen and David Heaney, he’s the longest serving member of the current playing panel.  He’s been, mercifully, free of injury so far this year, after three years which were blighted by injury and, as a result, he has played a prominent part in the recently concluded league campaign.

Trevor follows in the footsteps of big brother Kenneth, who was Mayo captain ten years ago, and I think he’s an excellent choice of skipper.  There have been hints in the league campaign of a harder edge to the team (new rules notwithstanding) and Trevor will certainly be no shrinking violet in his new role as leader on the field.  His first appearance as captain will, of course, be our opening championship fixture against New York on Sunday week.

All the best in the new role Trev – just continue your well-established policy of taking no prisoners!

6 thoughts on “Trevor appointed captain for championship campaign

  1. Definitely our best player in the league so on that score he deserves it.

  2. A real leader and one of our most passionate and physical players. We don’t have many players with the hard edge to their game that Trevor has.
    However, he makes a lot of unforced errors – misplaced passes etc, hopefully that was just rustiness during the league.
    Either way, he’s a good choice for captain and best of luck to him.

  3. i am not happy with that mort as captain its a bad choice by o’mahony jimmy nallen is more of a leader then mor is any day

  4. Not so sure about Morts appointment either. Aren’t captains meant to be able to make important decisions under pressure???? Mort is a fine footballer for sure but is he the type of fella that will inspire those around him with wreckless wides & kick passes?? I suppose there arent too many alternatives either but i think i would have been more inclined to go for someone like Cunniffe….a proven leader when the going gets tough. I was surprised at mcgarritys demotion although maybe the decision was made to allow him time to rediscover his form. Best of luck Trevor!!!

  5. Cunniffe!? A good young player, but this is only his second full season at senior level and he’s equally likely to give away ball as Trevor – he carries the ball into tackles far too often.
    He could be a player for Mayo for years to come and may be captain in a few years, but it’s far too early for him yet in my opinion.

  6. i know cc. there arent an awful lot of alternatives i guess. Anyway he’ll have my full support and hope it works out for him

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