Tribesmen make us pay the penalty

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I wasn’t at the game myself but, by the looks of it, there was a bumper crowd at Tuam Stadium this afternoon to see this pre-season derby between ourselves and the neighbours.  It may only have been an FBD League tie but, listening in from home on the radio, it seemed to me to have all the feel of a full-throated contest between these two great rivals.

A dramatic contest it proved to be as well. We led by six points early in the second half but Galway gradually reeled us back in, the game ending all-square at 1-9 apiece before the home side then snatched victory 4-2 in the resultant penalty shootout.

It was our lads who took the game to them early on. We got the day’s first score too, with debutant Conor Diskin claiming a forward mark and shooting over.

Soon after Diarmuid O’Connor was dragged back out the field by Ciaran Duggan and Jason Doherty pointed the resultant free.

Galway were finding it difficult to make headway against a hard-working Mayo backline, where David Drake won two good balls to snuff out the danger. Up the other end, Fergal Boland combined with Brian Reape who came around on the loop and fired over.

Confusion with the new rules then cost us a near-certain goal. A long ball in was claimed by Jason Doherty who had the goal at his mercy but ref Paddy Neilan incorrectly stopped play for the mark. That blunder meant that Jason had to be content with a free shot at the posts for the mark and he make no mistake from it to send us four clear with fifteen minutes on the clock.

A further three minutes passed before Galway finally got the scoreboard moving. When they did it was via a free from John Daly.

The exchanges were tasty enough from the start and the first card was produced when Colm Boyle was felled by a hit from Frankie Burke. This resulted in a black card and ten minutes in the sin bin for the Galway forward.

The home team, though, bagged the next score. We coughed up a needless turnover and then compounded this by conceding an unnecessary free within range, which Barry McHugh drove over to reduce the gap to two.

We hit back quickly, however, with Brian Reape coming out to take the pass and firing over. Soon after Jason Doherty collected another long ball in. This time there was no whistle and the Burrishoole mane wasted no time as he crashed the ball to the net to put us properly into the driving seat.  

A second Barry McHugh free reduced the deficit to five points. It was Galway’s third score of the day, all three having come from placed balls.

Galway sought to cut the gap further but were unable to make progress through the massed ranks the visitors had pulled back. Eventually we turned the ball over, with the half-time whistle sounding just after.

We made one change for the second half, with Andy Moran coming on for Conor Loftus. Galway replaced Ciaran Duggan with Peter Cooke at the same time.

Our first attack yielded a free for us when Jason Doherty was pulled back. The infraction took place in a good scoring position and Jason made no mistake from the free.

Galway’s first score of the half came shortly afterwards. It was their first from play too, with McHugh bagging the point. The same passage of play resulted in Donal Vaughan heading for the sin bin for something the ref spotted.

Another Galway free – converted by McHugh – cut the gap to four, as they upped the pressure on us. Brian Reape got turned over as he bore down on goal but Galway ran foul of the three-handpass rule as they broke forward. Jason Doherty pointed the resultant free.

We made our second switch then, with Conor O’Shea coming on for Fergal Boland. As Donal Vaughan came back on, Jason Doherty – dropping deep – collided with one of their lads. The free for them cut the gap back to four.

Andy Moran used all his guile and experience to win a free for us over fifty yards out the field. As we moved the ball forward, Michael Plunkett made ground before offloading to Conor Diskin who fired over his second point of the day.

Another attack for us broke down, as Conor O’Shea fumbled an off-load from Brian Reape. Galway broke quickly and John Daly fired over.

Our next switch saw Stephen Coen coming on for James McCormack. Galway, now showing far more urgency, broke again. A shot for goal took a deflection and cannoned off the post before Rob Hennelly scrambled it away to safety. 

Galway continued to press hard. Another attack forced Robbie to make another save, the ball going out for a ’45, which McHugh nailed to cut the deficit to three.

Brian Reape steadied the ship for us with a nice point from play. Michael Daly responded in kind straight away for them.

Ten minutes left to play now and another attack for us broke down as Stephen Coen failed to hold possession. The same player made amends just after, though, putting his body on the line to break up a Galway attack.

Our fourth change saw Lee Keegan join the fray, replacing Jason Doherty, both players getting a rousing cheer from the big visiting support as the switch was made.

A big chance for Galway was spurned, the shot going across the face of the goal and wide. That was the home team’s eighth wide but it was also their third clear goal chance in quick succession. A ninth wide for Galway came soon after, this time a bad one from a free in a scoreable position which Michael Daly drove wide. 

Into injury time and it really sounded like we were now doing what we could to hold on, with the board signaling that five additional minutes would be played. Midway through injury time we made our final switch, with James Kelly coming on for David Drake.

Then what seemed inevitable in this game for a long while finally happened. Michael Daly punted a long diagonal ball in, Barry McHugh gave Keith Higgins the slip as he took possession and fired to the net to level the match up.

So it finished all-square and, for the second time in a week, we found ourselves in a penalty shootout.  This one, though, wasn’t to prove as productive for us.

Diarmuid O’Connor missed our first one, Silke got their opener, Brian Reape netted our second, Heaney sent Robbie the wrong way for their second, James Kelly fired high to the net from our third, McHugh hit the bar but it bounced behind the line for their third, Andy Moran’s effort was saved by Breathnach and then Flynn scored to win the shootout for them on a 4-2 scoreline.

Last Sunday we experienced the joy from prevailing in a penalty shootout but today we got to see what it’s like to come off second best in this type of tie-breaker.

The frustration at today’s loss will, no doubt, be deepened by the fact that we controlled the game for long stretches and led from early on right the way into stoppage time. For sure, it was a game we should have closed out and James Horan – suffering defeat against Galway as manager for the first time – will, despite the many positives from today’s display, be none too pleased that it was a victory his side let slip late on in such dramatic fashion today. 

Mayo: Rob Hennelly; Keith Higgins, Brendan Harrison, David Drake; Colm Boyle, Michael Plunkett, James McCormack; Donal Vaughan, Diarmuid O’Connor; Fionn McDonagh, Conor Loftus, Fergal Boland; Conor Diskin (0-2), Brian Reape (0-3), Jason Doherty (1-4, four frees). Subs: Andy Moran for Loftus, Conor O’Shea for Boland, Stephen Coen for McCormack, Lee Keegan for Doherty, James Kelly for Drake.

137 thoughts on “Tribesmen make us pay the penalty

  1. Just back in the door.
    As a neutral, it was a pretty decent spend of a tenner. Good crowd for a pre-season competition semi.

    Both teams a little disjointed, but hardly a surprise for this time of year. Breathnach did well on the penalties, esp on both Morans and O’Connors shots.

  2. Very frustrating to say the least. Killed by another high diagonal ball. Will we ever learn. Everybody in the ground knew Galway needed a goal and what do we do but leave a man free inside!! Laughing stock once again and I will have to listen to the usual shite at work tomorrow. We were trying to play keep ball again at the end only to turn it over time after time. Too many players still afraid to shoot in good positions. Conor O’Shea? Enough said. Diarmuid O’Connor was too tired to take a penalty. No excuse for Andy. Too pissed off to look at the positives as a loss is a loss.

  3. Feck it anyway, game in the bag and another late goal conceded. Looked good for a long time with lots of positives and some very good performances from the newbies, but winning is a habit, and sadly in recent times we seem to have lost our way v Galway.

  4. Boyer is some man, it’s gonna take something to replace that man when he goes, Zippy was caught out for MCHughs goal, hate loosingto them again, but if we could stick it to them when it really counts I’m ok with that, Diskin did well as I thought did plunket and Reape, McDonagh also did well, so fair enough, league now next Maigheo abú

  5. You can’t win Higgins gets slated for trying to defend by being out in front of his man and Cafferkey gets slated by myself and others for letting his man get out in front of him. I don’t know how the lads put in the effort they do it’s a fairly thankless task

  6. Keith Higgins is a bit long in the tooth to be making the same rookie error of standing way off his man and watching the ball sail over his head. A fantastic player, not a fantastic corner back. Very frustrating.

  7. A little frustrating we lost, however over the last two Sundays a boat load of positives. Several new players or fringe players get a good run out. Two solid games that will serve us well. A lot of players yet to be introduced for the year. In the grand scheme of things not the end of the world we are not playing Roscommon next week with playing them the following week. We will get it right yet. Glad we are all back, it was a long six months waiting for this

  8. Positives are trying something new in fb and ff lines including drake, Diskin and Reape. Tight man on man marking to close out game would seem to be a no brainer.

  9. Perhaps the real story today was the attendance…..7000…..for an FBD semi! Dublin’s third team attracted a crowd of over 10000 for their game last night in PP.

    Prior to 2011 you’d be getting 2/3000 for LEAGUE matches.

    I hope we have a good season to maintain such great interest and justify the optimism of Horan’s appointment.

    Higgins has always been a bit loose as a defender but no need to be sending anyone to the gallows over an FBD match.

    Still they beat us again, didn’t they?

  10. Good displays from the new lads

    Mcdonagh looks a good footballer who could be an asset in the summer
    Diskin big strong and aggressive and very game
    Reape can take a score and will only improve

    On the down side same basic errors and inability to close out a game

    Had great hopes for Loftus but didn’t take his opportunity today and might not get many more chances

  11. It’s very frustrating to lose it the way we did but now I’ve calmed down I think far more positives from this years fbd then previous. Boland, plunket, McCormack, reape and Diskin have all played well. Drake is a good option at corner back and Diarmuid is perfect for midfield. Horan now has to figure out how best to play the league. In my opinion the new most promising of the newcomers need to get as much game time as possible irrespective of results.

  12. Was chatting with a few lads after and we all agreed our best lime was our our full forward line. It’s a long time since I remember that for Mayo. Diskin had a promising game, as did Reape and Doc. None of them set the place alight but all can feel satisfied with their respective contributions.

    Loftus didn’t feature and it didn’t help when he fluffed his opportunity off his right 10 meters wide just before half time. Still time for him to come good. Looks like a lad who needs an arm around the shoulder approach.

    Mcdonagh had a decent game. Rangey sort of player who could be very effective when he fills out. Boland didn’t do anything today. Have the ball away a few times. Can’t be great everyday. Hope he bounces back on next appearance.

    Diarmuid put in a big shift even if by his own standards it was an average performance. Vaughan started ok but got worse as the game developed. Silly blackcard even if the ref failed to dish one out earlier to a Galway midfielder who was boxing Diarmuid on the ground. Thought the ref was poor. Didn’t allow advantage when we were clean thru on goal in the first half and was generally very inconsistent.

    Boyle had a great 1st half. Plunkett was comfortable at no.6 and looks pretty useful there. Things didn’t go well for Mccormack. Was caught out a few times, just never got into it.

    Harry did grand at full back. Harry always does grand! I felt overall that burke got the better of drake; he was turned a couple of times. In the other corner zippy did reasonably well, got on a lot of breaks until….that horrendous goal.

    The goal. Everyone in tuam knew there were 2 mins to and being a goal ahead you DO NOT leave yourself exposed. Brain dead stuff. Let Galway have the ball if they want out on the 40 but you drop your team back and protect the house. Instead we did the complete opposite. You shouldn’t need a manager on the line to tell you that. Thought Hennelly could have been .ore vocal and demand players drop back. He didn’t.

    Galway had been threatening though at that point. Hennelly did well to push one effort off the post and Galway had two other goal chances which we defended well. Coen did very one point to stop Michael Daly.

    Of the subs, best was probably Andy. He won a lot of ball whereas O Shea lost a lot of ball, unfortunately. 3 times I believe, the first a crucial turnover when we were on the attack and had a bit of an overlap. He lost the ball in tackle. Galway stormed downfield and scored. It was the score that shorten momentum in their favour. Don’t like being harsh on the lad but today wasnt good for him.

    Lee did nothing when he came on. Probably should have tightened up our defence at a time when Galways tails were up, but he didn’t. If anything we played this awful lateral football when a more direct approach was paying far more dividends. It’s frustrating to watch and dangerous too because when you lose possession you leave lots of space for the attacker and Galway punished us.

    Kelly wasn’t on long enough.

    Hennelly made one very good save. Kickourd normal, nothing spectacular. Frees, didn’t land any effort. For me Clarke is still out best option.

    In one way it’s good we don’t have any fbd game next wk. Focus now on getting a victory in Castlebar…and making McHale park a difficult venue for away teams.

  13. Any good previous corner backs commenting here, I can tell ye for sure that a high ball with a good wind behind it can be very difficult to judge, one Golden rule for the last man back, never get caught in front of the forward, where was the cover, is the full back, must have been brought out the pitch by his marker, we have seen this so many times before.
    Conceeding goals, late goals is an ongoing problem for Mayo.
    Here’s the list
    V the Dubs semi final of 2012, 9 point lead reduced to 3.
    Quarter final v Cork 3014, 2 late Cork goals almost defeated Mayo.
    Final v Dubs 2013, 2 soft Brogan goals.
    All Ireland drawn match v Dubs in 2016.
    Donegal early goal in final of 2012, Donegal set up a one on one wiht on Keane.
    Connacht championship v Galway in 2018, an ageing defender caught for pace by the very fast McHugh.
    Caught napping in first few minutes of final v the Dubs in 2017.
    Still good performances today from the newcomers.
    Let’s not forget Horan went for Hennelly in goals last time as manager, Clarke was always a sub, if I was to put a bet on, he may persist with this option.

  14. I don’t mean this as a wind up but more of an observation. It’s hugely psychological for Galway to win today, there has been talk on here and rightly so about Horan never lost, Aidan O’Shea never lost to Galway as well as the scars of 2009 to 2015 on players like Gary O’Donnell, Conroy, Bradshaw. I never was convinced by those guys when they played mayo in that period, I always felt Cillian O’Connor, AOS, Keegan believd they were going to stuff Galway and more often than not did. I now think that has shifted completely and the likes of Johnny Heaney, Barry McHugh and even Kevin Walsh believe they will beat Mayo.

  15. Just found, Man U in the lead v Spurs.
    What a difference one man ( manager ) can make to a team in such a short time.

  16. We shouldn’t care about the loss. Expected a close game anyway. What matters is a sign of new talent for one or two starters, strengthen the bench and there it looks promising.

  17. Mayo88 Hennelly was dropped by Horan. Clarke was number 1 and O’Malley number 2. Hennelly left the squad as he wasn’t willing to be number 3 which is fair enough. Then both our keepers were injured on the same day against the castlebar in the connacht championship. That’s when Hennelly came back. Clarke was then injured for a very long spell.

  18. Big Mike..Its January and there’s plenty of stuffing that can be done in the next few months.
    Buoyed to hear the newbies stepping I didnt make the game today..Losing a game that you have lead for its entirety is a right royal pain but as already stated I would rather have 2 weeks to concentrate on league game in C bar.

  19. All in all I think a relatively successful pre season. Reape looking good today. Conor diskin showed well. Drake I thought showed well at FB.

  20. when will Mayo learn that you cannot defend a lead in Gaelic Football , is it the players or Manager that decides to play keep ball with a one score lead , why cant they keep playing attacking football till the final whistle goes. Soft goal again today nothing has changed there either.

  21. Does anyone know why the referee didn’t allow advantage when we were clear on goal in the 1st half? It was a key moment which would have put us about 6 or 7 clear.

    Big Mike it was a good psychological win. But not hugely important and I’m not sure it’ll have much bearing. Deep down in many mayo players and amongst many supporters there s a belief that this Mayo team is better than Galway…even if the results over the past two yrs show differently. I guess it’s the overall record of the mayo team reaching multiple finals. Key too that none of the defeats to Galway were knockout.

    In my opinion there a now very little between the teams and it’ll likely be nip and tuck over the next couple of years.

  22. Firstly, a lot of the above comments refer us losing to Galway and Galway beating us again,it was a draw FFS.
    For sure we should have won but there are a lot of positives to take from today.

  23. – Agree with other posters positive comments on Reape, Diskin and Drake
    – A draw was actually a fair result as that Galway goal was threatening for the entire second half, while we actually never came close to scoring a second goal
    – We were also well beaten at midfield for most of the game.
    – James H. Mentioned that we turned over possession 35 times. That in plain language is losing the ball because of fumbling, nerves or lack of concentration. Unfortunately it is the same players who are the main offenders whether it’s January in Tuam or August in Croke Park.
    – Have to say Daly’s superb 45 yard footpass into McHugh for their injury time goal shows that great footballing skill can overcome boring tactics.
    – Penalties to determine winner – no thanks next thing we will have John Delaney as GAA president.

  24. Good to see new players getting a chance with quite a few of them certainly showing that they ccsn add to the squad. However, failing to win both games in normal time by throwing away substantial leads cam hardly be viewed as a successful FBD campaign. Was very surprised to see Conor O’Shea make an appearance today as had been of the understanding that he was no longer with the panel from what I had seen published in local papers. However, his display did nothing to change my opinion. A few hard calls to be made by Horan ahead of finalising the league panel.

  25. Fair play to drake today I was delighted for him. He has been much maligned for years by many including myself. He got a chance today in the full back line after an impressive club campaign where he was brilliant against ballagh and was very good against breaffy. He was being brought on by rochford at crucial times in games when we needed scores . He wasnt the man to be brought on at thise times but what is the most satisfying for me is 99 percent of fellas would have pulled plant on playing for mayo after the abuse he received. But he didnt and now hes getting another shot. A valuable lesson in life for any man or woman. I’m delighted for him he las showed bigger balls most.

    Our full forward line was exciting today. Strong and tall fellas . Reape worked hard off the the ball which is part of his game that was being criticized by many.

    7000 at an fbd game mental stuff.
    Connacht council are a disgrace charging 15 into it after the fiasco of no tickets being available online the day before.

    Looking forward to the rossies now in 2 weeks hopefully McHale is in good nick.

  26. The main worry for me from today is that all our scores came from the full forward line. Thought Reape should have gone for goal when he scored his 3rd point I think he will be a great addition to the team.

  27. That gave me a good laugh “Deep down in many mayo players and amongst many supporters there s a belief that this Mayo team is better than Galway”.
    “I guess it’s the overall record of the mayo team reaching multiple finals” You LOST all of those finals though so getting there mens jack shit tell it to Galway hurling fans! Mayo people patting themselves on the back for losing finals I just dont get it and you wouldnt see any Galway people at that malarkey.

  28. I wouldn’t be that hard on Conor O’Shea. I thought he was ok for the slot he got.
    As regards crowd estimation, if last Sunday’s attendance in Carrick was 3,000 ( in reality and by most people’s estimation 6,000 plus) then there must have been at least 1,000 or 1,200 in Tuam today.

  29. Well the thing is with Conor OShea he had two turnovers in a row. It killed our momentum. We’d likely have popped a score if he retained those. He’s an u26 this year and still hasn’t displayed the composure necessary for this level.
    Major work has to happen on the training ground. The established players reverted to lateral play and picking out Andy. We’re not used to having two inside men who can win a ball and hoosh the first defender out of the way.

  30. Experimental rules did nothing to discourage blanket defence or uncontested cross and back field passing. Interesting that the two goals came from long passing. Maybe more direct football at times may reap rewards.

    Some of the 35 turnovers were related to players having to kick pass.

    I was particularly impressed with Diskin, hard grafter and very confident player. Like other posters, I agree that Drake did well, caught a great first ball under pressure, and generally got to the ball fast and showed good pace. Reape knows where the posts are, I thought he should have had a penalty in one of his second half bursts, but he’s definitely going in the right direction. McDonagh, McCormack and Kelly when introduced all showed promise even if to a lesser extent.

    Players are generally going to have to take on shots when the opportunity arises, rather than move it on to player in less favourable position. Taking on the posts is a more valuable statistic than being turned over.

    Nothing between the teams so we are in for an interesting league/championship

  31. Yes the ball into Andy was predictable and yielded very little. In fairness, he won a decent amount of it but defender had him figured and he was zero threat as he was being pushed out wide all the time. I’d have preferred to see another forward given a chance. Keep Galway guessing.
    Our forward movement was much better in first half. Very similar to last week so fittness must be playing a part given the time of year.

    Definite positives include Drake at FB in first half, reading the position very well and anticipated ball in and got out in front.
    Reape is close to nailing the FF position and should be started in league for sure. All the attributes are there.
    These are two crucial positions for us so hopefully they continue to drive on.

  32. Reamonn. The reason we think that Mayo team is better than Galway is because they are. Do you honestly think that Galway have had a better team than Mayo over the last few years? When Galway got to Croke Park where the real football began they were shown up for what they are…distinctly average. The last two championship meetings between the two, Mayo played both matches with 14 men for the majority of both games…to be honest don’t think Mayo would have lost either had they kept 15 on the field. Personally I dont know anyone in Mayo clapping themselves on the back for losing All Ireland finals…are you saying tho because they lost practically all of those finals by the bounce of a ball that they are not a brilliant team and should be acknowledged as such. What I found funny was last year when Galway were trounced by Dublin there were Galway fans who couldn’t understand how Mayo had ran them so close…If you think about it you wouldn’t need to be a genius to work out the reason why.

  33. If Mayo’s second half tactic of playing keep ball is to be the pattern for 2019 I have little hope for us. That is a tactic totally unsuitable for Gaelic football where you cannot invite any sort of competent team to come at you and attack. Further if ever there was to be a case for playing a sweeper it was the last ten minutes today, defending a small lead against a strong wind and a team using the long ball tactic against you.
    Finally, for a ref on the national championship panel last year, Paddy Neilan was at his most incompetent today. Apart from pulling back Jason Doherty when through one on one with the ‘keeper he gave at least three yellow cards to Galway men for blatant pull downs when black cards were fully merited.
    On the plus side I was very encouraged by the displays of Reape and Diskin in particular and also by McDonagh, McCormack and Plunkett. Regards Boland, I remember he started very well early in the year when he first came on to the panel and then faded badly. His stature is also against him so I’m not convinced by him but hopefully he will prove me wrong. Incidentally can anybody say whether McDonagh features among the scoring lists for Westport? He strikes me as reluctant to go for a score, preferring to lay the ball off.

  34. Reamonn we are immensely proud of our lads for getting there. You call it malarkey, I call it pride. I have loads of family from Galway and they are the finest, but it’s shite like that that makes me glad I’m a Mayo man

  35. walterwhite – You need to move on from how mayo performed in 2016 and 2017 against Dublin. It has little or no relevance for the year ahead. As of now we are clearly behind Galway.

    I don’t believe there’s much between us but they clearly have our number.

  36. Strange how James Durcan didn’t get a run out in either of the 2 games. I was expecting him to go close to starting this year.

  37. Why do you think that wide ball…is it because we lost an fbd match to them on penalties?

  38. Thanks Walter, for spelling it out to him , but aside from that his comment was just insulting and shows his true sentiment toward Mayo. There’s other Galway supporters who comment here and do so in a much more respectful manner.

  39. Walterwhite, it would be strange and I mean area 51 strange if the better team could not beat the inferior team in 6 attempts, Galway lost to Mayo 2009 to 2015 because mayo were the better team.

  40. It will be interesting to see who Horan will go with in the league. Lads who impressed in the FBD. What does that mean for the likes or Hanley and Durcan who were starting championship games last year? Also where is Eoin O’Donohue? Throught he was our best find last year.

  41. I think we are much better off not playing Roscommon next week and I didn’t come away from that match too disheartened. Yes a lot of work needed in our game management at the end of games is needed but we have time to work on that and Drake in full back seems to be working quite well, even though I was fairly critical of him last year, you can’t expect a more natural back to come on and get your scores at crunch times in games.

    As regards Reape, I think he is exactly what we need. Looks very confident on the ball and not afraid to take on his man and holds possession very well. Accurate shooter who should have a penalty for being pulled down in the square.

    In terms of the newer players being some of our better players, it was a positive campaign and I can’t wait for Roscommon in two weeks as it’s only 13th of January and there’s already a bite in these matches!

  42. Big Mike. Let me think for a second…did you watch the 2017 AI final? You think because Galway squeeked by Mayo in Connacht having a man advantage for most of the game that they were a better team? Do you think that Galway had a performance like that in them?…not a chance. As far as FBD and league games…not even worth considering in terms of measuring the teams against each other. Anyhow I promised myself earlier I wouldnt waste anymore time responding to shite. If you Galway followers think Galway are a better team then fair fucks to ye…I respectfully disagree.

  43. Very disappointing end but let’s face it. A top team would have buried 2 or 3 goals prior to the equaliser. Hennelly pulled off 2 great saves and Galway tried to walk it in. We had an awful last 20 and it was all Galway. Do players not have the cop to stay back and mind the house. We all went forward and left a one on one in ff line…inexcusable and something you would not see a Dublin or Kerry team do. Once a good forward wins a ball in a 1 on 1 in ff line its game over.

    Horans substitutions were clearly to our detriment. Conor o Shea was awful. Fumbled 2 balls and got in way of a shout or a pass (whatever it was) and should have gathered it after it came off his foot. Didn’t do enough and has been tried too many times. Likewise bringing Cohen in for mcdonagh who was having a good game was bizarre. Cohen is not a forward or a midfielder and had a costly fumble in attack. He should be left in the backs for a while. Lastly Andy was poor so 3 poor substitutions by horan. It’s worrying the amount of goal chances in 2nd half by Galway.

    It’s only January but I liked the looks of mcdonagh reape and diskin…who needs to be nearer to goal but put in a good shift. Today is a learning day for mayo and our management and league will tell a lot more

  44. Mayonaze – that comment was a clear case of playing the man rather than the ball and has been deleted because of this. There was, in my view, a small element of wind-up in the comment you were responding to but it didn’t merit the response you posted. It’s only January so I’d ask all and sundry to relax a bit.

  45. Also didn’t take advantage of Galway fb line. One high ball in results in a goal and then we don’t expose it again…Good God can we practice diagonal balls into big men ahead of summer

  46. Not sure he hit the man half hard enough Willie Joe…but you are the ref and it’s your pitch!?

  47. OK Walter, Mayo are the batter team because they played a stormer in the 2017 all ireland final ….which they lost

  48. Fergal Borland is technically a beautiful footballer. He has wonderful talent, not least his peripheral vision. His laying off, despite one suicidal offering today, is of the top drawer. Neither was sod was in his favour. All that said, in what he late Enda Colleran described as “the white heat of championship”, he is a boy among men.

  49. OK Mike, Galway are the better team because they can beat an undercooked Mayo early in the championship with a man advantage…sorry let’s not ignore the FBD either where they have been far superior…They are a super side and I am sure they will really put it up to Dublin this year if they play them just like they did last year….in the league.

  50. Lads, relax, its a pre season game jn January, two experimental teams giving their all. For me as a Tuam man, it was great to see the stadium with a large crowd, i had Mayo lads parking in my driveway, and the banter was great beforehand. In fairness ye travel in great numbers so on behalf of Tuam fans who are working hard fundraising to redevelop Tuam Stadium i say thank you.
    The game… I was impressed with Brian Reape, definitely looks the business, Mayo outplayed Galway in the first half but two things swung the game, Donal Vaughan getting sent to the bin stupidly, and Galway introduction of Michael Daly, he caused Mayo serious problems and how we didn’t get at least three goals in the second half i do not know. Galway deserved the draw and winning on pens. They will need the extra game next weekend. Mayo’s fitness was superior today but i agree with another poster thought Keegan looked
    a little unfit. Anyways it was enjoyable, long season ahead, and Reamon cop on with the ridiculous comments.

  51. You sound like a Galway hurling supporter Walter. Ballintubber are the best team in Mayo, Corofin are the best team in Connacht and Ireland, Galway won Connacht and Dublin won the All Ireland, all won by the better teams, all have the medals to prove it. Nothing on the back of a medal about undercooked opposition/down to 14 men/the ref/the near miss/ the Tony keady affair etc etc etc

  52. It’s worse than a wind up Willie Joe..I think he actually believes what he’s saying…anyhow time for my yoga and meditation followed by a cup of chamomile tea while listening to whale noises.

  53. @tuamstar, Could I ask what’s the plan with the buiding work in Tuam stadium? Myself and a few lads were trying to figure it out if that new part will be a terrace or form part of a new stand.Thanks

  54. You are right Mike…I asked some of the Mayo lads and they said there was no such thing written on the back of the five in a row connacht medals they won…asked them if there was anything about some of the hidings that were dished out in that time…double number embarassing hidings given to close neighbours on their home patch…not a mention they said…funny that.

  55. You are right Mike…I asked some of the Mayo lads and they said there was no such thing written on the back of the five in a row connacht medals they won…asked them if there was anything about some of the hidings that were dished out in that time…double number embarassing hidings given to close neighbours on their home patch…not a mention they said…funny that.

  56. I remember those games well Walter, Mayo were by far the superior team, the performance against Galway in Pearse Stadium and against Donegal in 2013 were 2 of the most complete performances I have ever witnessed. I applauded that team and gave them credit. Galway are a decent side now and that is the only point I was trying to make originally, apologies WJ, not looking to wind anyone up. For what it’s worth I thInk Mayo will win Connacht but Dublin will win the All Ireland.

  57. Whatever about the debate as to who the best team is at this moment, either Mayo or Galway, both will improve as the league progresses, good to have competition in Connacht, alot to do to reach the Super 8’s.
    Alot of good players yet to feature, makes for an interesting league campaign.
    Wouldn’t it be great if one of those two teams knocked the Dubs out in the race for Sam, preferably Mayo.

  58. Just off to drink some chamomile tea and stick on my cd of whale noises. Fair enough Mike. Nite

  59. For heaven’s sake will ye leave off arguing about who is/was the better team in year x. It does not matter a whit now. Mayo or Galway may have been the better team on a particular day a game was played but over a year the better team was the one who progressed furthest in the Championship. From 2011 to 2017 that was Mayo, for 2018 it was Galway. Who it will be in 2019 we have yet to find out. We did not learn much today about who it will be and when 2019 is done today will not be considered important.

  60. Maybe some of the Galway supporters can focus their energies on the following question:
    Why were the corofin lads togged out today? It’s very unusual to see a team in an all Ireland club semi in a couple of weeks with lads playing pre season county games. I think it’s a positive thing actually. I found that interesting, as the perceived wisdom is that club players, even inter and junior should not play county if in all Ireland semi finals and finals.

  61. Fw. What you saw today from across from the stand was all new terracing and the new dressing rooms 4, referee rooms, media and physio rooms are behind that terracing. Thats phase 1 due to be ready in Spring for the national league game v Kerry.. Phase 2 is a new roof and seating in the stand, 3 is the continuation of the stand over that terracing and eventually hopefully floodlights. Its a long term project based solely on fundraising and grants. Nothing from the GAA. A great crew of Tuam people and sorrounds involved.

  62. @tuamstar well done to the committee there.Tuam is a fine ground/town for football and that is where the Gaa should have pumped money into for the football people!

  63. Horan still unbeaten this season, expected Galway to beat us, but the draw was a good result for Mayo, considering it was away from home and the amount of rookies through out the field. Couldn’t give a bolloxs about the penalty shootout, was secretly hoping we’d lose it, stick the head down now for the Rossies on the 26th. A good start to the league is imperative, im sick shit of the now annual do or die in the last round of the league, would like to be safe nearing the end and give fringe players a game or two without pressure.

    Higgins to blame for the draw, but also Paddy Neilan had a stinker, wtf was he doing pulling Jason back and he clear on goal? Honestly we’d have won it had that play been allowed. Reape and Diskin gave the gingers in the fb line plenty to think about, add in Aidan, Kmac, Cillian and Doherty and theirs potential to have a lethal forward line. I’ve slated Drake on here before, but when I saw him for Ballagh this year I ate humble pie and realised Rochie had him out of position all this time…fair play to him a serious option now at corner back. Midfield still a worry. Looking forward to playing Galway in the league now and hopefully summer. As for the debate above about Whos the better team, jesus I cant stop laughing..Galway win one game in Croker in 17 yrs and the arrogance out a them is brilliant! Yeah yer a truly a great seasoned team lads…(even let the Rossies trounce ye 20 months ago in yer back yard lol)…better team me hole, keep on dreaming.

  64. That’s great news, Tuamstar, about the development work at Tuam Stadium. I couldn’t get there myself today but from the photos and video I’ve seen the place was obviously rocking. It’d be great to see League games played more regularly there again.

  65. Forgot to mention how great of a ground Tuam can be when fully developed. The real home of Galway football, handy commute form South Mayo aswell ;), always brings back memories of those knockout championship games in the ‘90’s…good times.

  66. Willie joe the late great Tommy Varden who only passed away last year was instrumental in deciding to start it ourselves 3 years ago. The Galway Gaa havent got involved so its all up to ourselves. Many Mayo people purchased DAFTs tickets for the car draw over the last few months and we are eternally grateful for all support.
    Connacht finals in Tuam in the 80s and 90s were great occasions.
    I’m sure Tommy Varden was having a proud smile looking down today at the crowd.

  67. @Tuanstar, I was looking at the formwork done on the stand side. I was wondering if the stand would be extended. I assume the old roof would be taken down and new roof over it all? Great atmosphere there today, brought back great (and not so great!) memories of battles between the 2 counties there. Best of luck with the redevelopment, league games should really be held there.

  68. I was impressed with Mc Donagh, Reape and Diskin but they need to get a lot more game time during the National League to give them a real chance to develop. I thought Drake did well also, why was he taken off? We have to learn how to deal with the high ball into our square, it has cost us dearly over the years. Galway had a lot of goal chances in the second half. I firmly believe that Clarke is the better option in goal. Players should not be mouthing at the ref, it nearly always results in the free being brought forward.

  69. With the caveat that I said we wouldn’t need PKs today = wrong. I like the set-up going forward. No Rossies two weeks in a row — get them off a physical game while we stay hungry and get prepped. Wanted FBD to get me excited about some new lads. Check. JH gets to save the “beat Galway” for later this year when it really matters.

    Fun way to wake up today. 5:30 start in CA, thanks MId West Radio. Saw the pictures of the crowd. I’m getting truly worried what NYC is going to look like, lol.

  70. That’s the plan Mayomick with the stand.. please God some day soon. Agree on the Atmosphere, a great days entertainment.

  71. @tuamstar – the old hurling board Mountain South fiasco has been bad news for any Galway Gaa Tuam Stadium funding. Bought a few DAFTs tickets myself recently.
    Love going to game in Tuam Stadium be they club or county.

  72. Team for Roscommon
    7.Boyle captain

  73. Team could be for that Roscomon game.

    Robbie Hennelly
    Eoin O’Donoghue Brendan Harrison; Keith Higgins
    Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle Stephen Coen;
    Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan;
    Diarmuid O’Connor Jason Doherty, Fergal Boland
    Brian Reape Andy Moran Evan Regan

    Aidan O’Shea,Kevin McLoughlin,Durcan brought on as impact subs for their first appearances of the new year

  74. TH, who is the second Doherty you have named on that team for the Rossies? I can’t recall a second playing for Mayo in recent times.
    Re the Tuam Stadium redevelopment, good luck to all involved. It was a disgrace not to make it the HQ for Galway football twenty/thirty years ago instead of Salthill which is a nightmare to get into/out of regardless of where you are from. Logic would have Athenry/Lohghrea or Ballinasloe developed as a hurling HQ at the same time. But money counted and as we have seen since counting money has not been a Galway forte in recent years.

  75. Today’s attendance at a FBD match must surely be a record, at least 75% of whom were from Mayo… …….Fair Play to ‘Mayo Mick’ for putting footage from the game itself and the Penalty shoot out on ‘YouTube’…. I shared it Via ‘What’s App’ with a few fantastic Mayo supporter’s living in Philadelphia and California, greatly appreciated by those who would love to be there, but it was a small bit too far to travel for a FBD match…. I can’t say that I love the new Mayo Jersey tough… Maybe we should have changed to the Black and Red for the Penalties!

  76. Andy D, fair play to ya, you nailed it…OK Galway might not be as good at counting money as the time way back when ‘The King was in the Counting Room, counting out his Money, and the Queen was in the Parlor eating Bread and Honey’… But last year and the year before, when I was at League Match’s in McHale, I was far from certain that the amount of people going trough the turnstile was counted accurately either. … I wonder could there be a course ran at the Connacht Center of Excellence in counting for the seemingly innummerate …. It’s really quite simple…it goes 1….2…3 and so on… hopefully the Counting will go better in 2019…. Those responsible for ‘Counting’ how many GAA supporter’s can safely fit into a GAA stadium, would need to go on a ‘Counting’ course as well… I specifically referr to the Mayo/Galway Championship Match in Castlebar last Summer when due to some bullshit ‘safety concern’s’ the capisity of Mchale Park was resticted to 30K. .. leaving at least 5K empty seat’s for the fixture…. similar happened for the Connacht Final in the Hyde, and again, yes you guessed it …. St Conleth Park ‘Newbridge’… whoever came up with figures, should be seen ‘Nowhere’ near any GAA Stadium… It’s actually amazing just how many people can’t count!

  77. I enjoyed that game yesterday,handy venue for traveling good atmosphere for an fbd game and even enough teams.
    Galways changes were the difference kelly cooke daly and kerins.
    Our midfield is going to be a big problem this year.diarmuid cant be running himself into the ground every game he is not a machine.
    That game yesterday was crying out for k mac.
    Kevin wins alot of breaking ball plus tracks runners.
    Couldnt understand why the ball was played into andy time and time again on that side of the pitch when we had no left foot kickers there.
    4 points in the second half was a pretty bad return.
    Galways swarm tackling worked well yesterday
    We need to move the ball alot quicker to prevent this.subs are still our biggest problem the timing of them and the right man in the right position.
    A lot done a hell of alot more to do.
    Reape diskin and mcdonagh are going in the right direction,

  78. It was a draw – the main thing is some new talent emerging. Good to see Boyler back in action and not being hooked just when he got into stride. Finally some semblance of a FB line and a few alternatives to Andy M at FF.
    C’mon Mayo!

  79. The fact of the matter is we threw it away by not being brave enough to push on for a point that would have put us 1-1 up, or even having the cuteness to work a free in a score-able area that would have taken another minute off the clock at the very least. Playing the ball over and back in our half forward line trying to wind down the clock is not something we can do (see Galway last year, Tyrone in Croke Park the year before) and, we are consistently showing a total lack of ability to finish out games. Example, in injury time, a free kick 70 m from our goal, the wind blowing down into our faces, Galway need a goal to draw level and what do we do? We stand looking at Daly while he sends in a long ball, instead of flooding our back line with 3 or 4 extra men back to compete and clear out the long ball! If that level of naivety with regards to defending happened in an U14’s game you would be pissed off but at this level it is pathetic.
    To be honest, Horans bullshit excuse about the rules forcing “bad decisions” in his players was a total cop-out. The rules are the rules and they are the same for both sides. Mayo were in a strong position at half time but 4 scores in the second half was a terrible return for the amount of ball we had. There was 9 mins between our first and second scores in the second half, then a further 6 mins to our third score and another 6 mins to our fourth and final score. We didn’t score for the final 13 mins of the game! For a team that are supposed to be back in training for as long as they are I would love to see what they are doing.
    The facts are, it’s Horans second game in charge and in both games his side have blown commanding leads in a competition he publicly stated that we wanted to win. All 3 goals came from long direct balls in and in both games we went long periods of the second half not scoring while being leaned out in midfield.
    A couple of final points…
    1. Hopefully yesterday sees then end of the experiment that was the Conor O’Shea project. Just what he offers is beyond me. This is his 5th year on the senior county panel and Reape, Boland, Diskin and Loftus have shown more in their brief outings that Conor has in 5 years. 3 of the first 4 balls that he got ended back in Galway hands and the result from those dispossessions was 1 point from play, a scored ’45 and a point blank save on the line by Hennelly. Add to that he then cleared a Doherty shot that seemed destined for the back of the Galway net and he was Galways best substitute by far yesterday.
    2. Is there not a Galway blog?

  80. Disappointed not to have seen Slingerman in the FBD. I think Clarke after watching Hennelly yesterday has to be our no 1 keeper this year, otherwise it will be a short summer again this year.

  81. Pebble master – good post and I agree. Is midfield though now a major problem? Who is mobile enough to operate there?

    I thought it was madness bringing on Keegan and Moran.

  82. Well ya know what, I’m happy that the lads will likely get to play a challenge game (that’s right, a pre-season January challenge game) that few will know about and do it with the freedom of knowing their performance won’t be picked apart. God almighty.

  83. Wouldn’t be reading too much into our 2 games, these will mean nothing in the long run.
    The man thing I wanted to see was a few new players putting their hands up for possible selection. I think we’ve seen that.
    Plunkett, McDonagh, McCormack, Reape and Diskin have done their chances no harm over the past 2 games.

    Now let’s get the heads down and get ready for the Rossies. A good start to the league is vital, as is finally sorting out our shite recent record at MacHale Park.
    It would be good to see a few of the younger lads persisted with in the league, particularly McDonagh, Reape and Diskin.
    Hopefully we don’t just go back to relying on the same tried and tested players once again. A good mix of youth and experience is required, with players like Barrett, Higgins, Boyle, S O’Shea and Moran used sparingly and from the bench.

  84. Dissapointing to throw away a lead yesterday but hopefully we can learn from mistakes, as a number of people have already commented it’s a bit frustrating to see a lot of our older players playing this time of year, should be wrapped up in cotton wool till after the Dublin game in my opinion. Team I’d like to see start against the Rossies (a game we should be winning) is as follows:

    Crowe Harrison (needs game time, lot of injuries last couple years) O’Donoghue
    Durcan Plunkett McCormack
    Keegan Ruane
    Boland Loftus D O’Connor
    Reape Diskin Colm Moran

    With all due respect, I’d consider the Rossies at home to be our most winnable game of the league. Highly youthful team I accept (with experience of Harrison/Keegan/D O’Connor and Paddy Durcan thrown in) but a team I feel that could seriously do a job. Could never understand why the Keegan at midfield experiment was abandoned after his performance against the Rossies in 2017, time for Ruane to step up now too, has been on the fringes a long time now though been cursed with injuries, between the two of them and DOC that’s a highly mobile midfield. I’d persist with Plunkett and McCormack for now to give them valuable game time, full back line is solid enough. Boland I think can be a huge player for us, very very intelligent footballer, just needs a run of games, likewise Loftus. And the full forward line, whilst very young has a huge amount of potential, never know till you try (remember COC in 2011)

    God mix of subs to bring on then in James Durcan, McDonagh, Coen, Vaughan, Aidan O’Shea, James Kelly (v impressed with this fella in club championship) and Doherty.

  85. We are without doubt a disproportionately interested bunch but people really need to relax (and ignore the wind-up merchants), some of the commentary above is bordering on a bit hysterical when the season hasn’t even started and Horan is only two games in. Relax, enjoy the week off, let the lads get on with it and focus on the fact that for the past two weeks we have actually looked like we pose a stronger threat up front, a refreshing prospect compared to previous years. Yeah it’s disappointing to concede leads two weeks in a row but if you’re getting your knickers in a twist already you’re in for a stressful year ahead.

    Really enjoyed being back in Tuam yesterday; it’s “rustic” for sure but the nostalgia factor was high, and by god you won’t get an atmosphere like that in MacHale Park or Pearse Stadium (officially the two coldest places on earth). Tuamstar, great contributions and good luck with the redevelopment.

  86. Eyeontheball. Id say the team you picked to face the rossies would be a team more suited to have started the fbd game aginst Leitrim. Some players there with very limited game time at senior level. The rossies are no world beaters but aren’t pushovers either. And they would like nothing more than to end their losing streak at Mchale which i believe goes back to the late 80s. (Might stand to be corrected on that one). But its without doubt a must win game for Mayo if theyre to have a good run in the league.

  87. The only disappointing thing about yesterdays result is that there is two weeks of people writing about a game that has no relevance what so ever, making it into something it isn’t. FBD is a total waste of time. If FBD was a guide to the coming year then Leitrim would have an All Ireland by now. Horan would get much more out of the weekend through training and AvB than having to travel for a challenge game.

    Eyes on the Ball, while I do see the need to integrate younger players into the team I would disagree with playing an experimental side v Ros. We have Ros, Tyrone, Cavan first three games, each very winnable. IMO Mayo should be fielding the strongest possible team for these fixtures. Get Div 1 status secured early for once, then there is plenty of time to experiment without the pressure of relegation. Maybe for once we can plan our league campaign strategically and not the usual Mayo way of total mayhem in to final two games.

  88. Eyesontheball – If Ruane and Schlingermann weren’t tried in the last 2 games they won’t be starting against Roscommon. We can only assume they didn’t perform in training. The Keegan in midfield experiment was most likely abandoned because he’s only 5′ 10″. About 6 or 7 inches smaller than the Galway midfielders yesterday.

    I think that named team is very disrespectful to the Rossies. We have won very few games since the Kerry semi final in 2017. Starting 4 or 5 unproven players is fine but we need to make sure and get the win first and foremost.

  89. Eyeontheball, no chance half of the Mayo team to play Roscommon is going to be newbies when it comes to playing NFL. In reality the strongest and most experienced team will be picked and the only new or young players that will play are the ones that performed well in the FBD r.g Reape!

  90. @Wide Ball, I didn’t necesscarily mean against Galway, meant over the course of a season, he’s never fared badly against Enda Smith or Michael Quinlivan in the past and they’d have a few inches on him. Plonk a big man like AOS/SOS beside him for latter stages of the league and see how it works. @mayomad I can see your point but no point sending these lads out against Dublin then on the 23rd without any real experience and getting a hiding, no good for their confidence. Better to give them exposure now and see who’s cut out for it. I’d imagine the Rossies will have a fairly experimental team out also factoring in new manager/players leaving panel etc.

  91. Enda Smith is a more natural forward which is why Keegan did well on him. However, with the mark in the game now I don’t think you can afford to have Lee in midfield. His opposing number would win 90% of kickouts clean up against him.

  92. @Dave johnson: Did the Rossies not beat us a couple of years back in the FBD in Mecca Park? Seem to remember them losing their stuff over it altogether.

  93. Eyesontheball, everyone has their opinion but Mayo really need to wrap up Div 1 early and then build for Championship. First half of the League, Ros, Tyrone & Cavan are very winnable so Div 1 status could be secured before we travel to Croke Park, which would be ideal. As Wide Ball mentioned the team you named is disrespectful and likely to lose first 3 games. Saying Ros will have an experimental side out is very foolish, history shows that promoted sides go very hard at the beginning of the league (Galway last year, Ros year before). Mayo need results in these games so strong team required. We don’t want to be heading into the second half of the league, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Monaghan desperate for points, sooner or later we will get caught out, relegation is not ideal preparation for championship.

  94. @Wide Ball on that basis you could make the same argument for not having Diarmuid O’Connor in midfield, not much of a height difference, if any, between himself and Lee. Point I’m making is that the ball doesn’t always have to be lumped in the air (if it is then we have AOS for that), mobility in midfield sector is every bit as important if not more so nowadays

  95. Diarmuid is a fair bit taller than Lee, has a better leap and longer arms. Most people would agree with that. What’s to stop the opposition keeper landing every kickout down on top of Lee and a big midfielder? Doesn’t matter how quick and mobile he is, the opposition would win a mark every time.

  96. We were very loose in 2nd half and stood off them.Higgins was a mile off his man when ball came unfortunate but we all make mistakes.
    I know it January and younger lads in team but we have to start to learn to close out games. Wind or no wind we should not be given away 6 point leads . This has being an issue for us for a long time now .
    The other frustrating thing that keeps occurring is lads not taking shot when it’s and instead recycling the ball .
    Anyway enough of the negatives great to see talent coming through .The future is bright.

  97. @Mayomad maybe so but without the two Murtagh brothers (and 3/4 others that I’m aware of) available I think they are severely weakened up front in particular, hence why I said they’d be fielding a very much experimental side, I don’t see how that is foolish? What’s to say our newcomers won’t be busting a gut to prove themselves too and get themselves on the championship panel? Don’t see any reason why that team couldn’t get a win against the Rossies all things considered. Wouldn’t expect us to get anything away to Tyrone even with a full team at this stage of the year, Cavan be a bit tougher but with the guts of the team named above and a few adjustments they’d be capable of giving it a good rattle.

  98. @ it means nothing to me. You could be right there. Probably just league and championship results im thinking of.

  99. @Wide Ball an inch, two inches max taller, still doesn’t alter the fact that majority of inter county midfielders will still be taller than him regardless. Majority of oppositions kickouts tend to be won by their own players anyways, What’s to stop Lee dragging a big man out to the sideline as a kickout is being taken to create a one on one situation with AOS and opposition midfielder for example, seem to remember Dublin doing something v similar to us when they were getting cleaned out in the air. Also creates space for our runners to burst through the middle onto a breaking ball for example

  100. eyesontheball-Keegan is about 4 inches smaller than Diarmuid O’Connor, there is no chance he can play midfield. He’s far too small, fielding is probably one of the weakest parts of his game too. As for the Dubs they’ve used McCarthy in there who’s about 6’1.

    Midfield is a problem, doesn’t look like there’s anyone to step up.

  101. Is Jason Gibbons still on the panel? I think he is our best option at midfield with Diarmuid.

  102. Best of luck with the fundraising Tuamstar! Fair play to ye! have great memories as a child going to Mayo v Galway matches with my Dad it’s a special place & always had a special atmosphere ! There was more there yesterday than the connacht final last year I reckon! As regards the match yesterday thought mayo played the better football had some lovely scores from play and the young guns didn’t disappoint was a pity we didn’t hold on but happy overall! 🙂

  103. Reamonn – I’ve just deleted that latest childish comment from you. I repeatedly called last night for an end to the wind-ups comments so you can’t say you haven’t been given fair warning. You’re on moderation watch now as well.

  104. Yes tuamstar, great to see work being done on stadium n besta luck with it….hopefully ye get championship county games back again, no much time for salthill, nightmare traffic alone….
    From Erris man.

  105. Thanks for the kind comments guys.. the match aside yesterday was a special day and it was really down to the Mayo supporters who as always came in numbers with great colour , lovely to read about people’s special memories of games in Tuam.

  106. A draw with Leitrim followed by a draw with Galway, in Galway – whatever about relinquishing a lead to me that’s progress. Galway have some handy players now!

  107. Best of luck with the Tuam redevelopment Tuamstar but I think that Mayo fans should be careful what we wish for.

    Our championship record has been much better in Salthill than it ever was in Tuam so I think that the pain in the ass of traffic congestion is well worth it if we have a better chance of victory, surely what we all want as Green and Red supporters.

    I believe that when Mayo beat Galway in Tuam in 1997 it was our first championship victory there since 1951. So all those happy memories must relate to league or challenge matches ?? The best I can remember is a getting a draw one year in the late 80s / early 90s. Other than that it was misery piled on misery.

    Tuam was a fortress for Galway football so as I say better to keep them in Salthill where the city folk don’t have the same passion for the game and Galway are more vulnerable.

  108. 97 indeed the town was packed and of course in 99 when ye dethroned the then All ireland champs and John Maughan was carried shoulder high..

  109. Pebblesmeller best post on here by a mile, telling it as it is as usual. Those saying there is a lot of positives going forward are missing the point, how much better would the positives be if we had the guile to close up shop at the back and gone on to win the game. It was there for the taking and instructions should have been passed on from the sideline for a few lads to hold the line and the game was ours. As I said above winning is a habit and we’re thrown away too many matches by three-putting the eighteenth green.

  110. 2019 is starting off as 2018 started.
    Here are the similarities
    The Dubs coasting in the O Byrne Cup with a 2nd / 3rd choice team.
    Mayo fans getting irritated at some players.
    Mayo management not giving instructions to lock down the goal area in the final 5 minutes.
    Lateral passing in defence with a strong wind in your face.
    Galway fans coming on this blog to befriend us and then only to stick the knife into old wounds.
    We are all looking for something to get excited about.
    We all must be aware that Horan needs players he can trust in the forthcoming tough and very competitive league games, the few young lads coming in need all the game time possible.
    I say to the genuine Mayo fans, lighten up, don’t be drawn into a silly argument with outsiders that like to mock us for the failures of the past.
    I also say this to the players, as a former determined footballer myself, do your best and don’t forget to settle old scores if the opportunity presents itself in a game.

  111. Let’s face it LK is not the answer for midfield – he may even have difficulty keeping his position in the backs, based on current form and injuries. Time to develop some new guys.

  112. Anyone know what the story is with James Carr?
    Also surprised Ciaran Treacy, Darren Coen, and James Durcan haven’t seen much game time!!

  113. TH, We’ve played only two games so far and eight forwards have started with four making appearances as subs. How many do you think should have we seen?

  114. John Martin – not part of the panel this year I believe.

    Tuam Star – good luck with the development of Tuam. Always a great atmosphere there. Galway bay commentators though were almost sneering at the amount of mayo fans that showed up for an FBD game…despite many of us buying those tickets to help the redevelopment.

  115. No problem with LK at midfield.Tom Fitz from Ballyhaunis was not big but was effective at midfield as was John Keenan for Galway.Watching DoC in Connaught club final i noticied he had a tendency to run into cul de sacs

  116. What is the storey with some of the u20 players last year? Ryan o donaghue, cathal Horan. Paul Lambert Westport?

  117. All the Mayo subs backfired yesterday.
    Andy won plenty of ball but ended up beside the player who passed it to him (no ground gained) should have presented putting the ball into reape and diskin who where far more dangerous bring andy on with 10 to go
    Stephen Coen attacked to much up the field and took the wrong option and lost possession on a few occasions. he should have defended and laid the ball off earlier
    Conor O Shea lost a crucial ball when set up by Reape with no pressure on him at all i think Galway scored from it.
    Did Lee Keegan touch the Ball
    Taken off Drake who was having a stormer and bringing on James Kelly to my understanding isn’t a full back line merchant back fired big time.

    On the other hand the Galway sub Daly had the real telling impact on the game. he is quality. Mayo where very slow to recognize his impact and should have been aware of his talent.

    Serious lessons to be learnt but we have to start learning quickly or we will be out foxed at this level very quickly

  118. Thx yew_tree – I’ve seen Nally pick off points from all parts of the field but I’ve never seen Coen score anything in years of watching the lad – he dithers, freezes and usually takes wrong option – always a few scores result from his indecisiveness. the COS experiment has likewise failed – both have been overated. Andy M gets ball in worse positions but nearly always makes use of it (last Sun an off-day I agree but unfit?) – young guys should learn from him – but fast – we all agree!

  119. John Martin, “always a few scores result from his indecisiveness” Stephen may not be achieving his potential he is however a very capable player and I can’t remember many scores conceeded directly from a mistake of his. Remarks like that should not be made without examples to back them up. These guys give an incredible amount to Mayo football and could do without those remarks form their own supporters. Also Stephen is a defender, it’s not really his job to score SOS, Parsons, Harry not exactly heavy scorers but still integral parts of the panel

  120. John Martin…I agree with MayoMad…Stephen is a defender, not an attacking midfielder. Also I seem to remember him scoring our first point v kildare last year.

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