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This is just a quick one as I’ve a full plate of work to munch through today but, to be honest, there isn’t a whole load in the media this morning to detain you as the focus switches to the team announcements, which are due to happen later on this evening. Well, our team should be named then, I’m not sure if the neighbours will follow suit as well.

Most of what I’ve got for you today, in fact, comes from the neighbours. This piece by Kevin Breslin in the Better Bettor column on John Mulholland’s website will undoubtedly raise a few hackles but it’s an interesting take by an outsider on where our lads are heading into this championship. As Darragh Ó Sé noted yesterday, we’ve no idea yet if we’re as strong a force under Noel and Pat as we were under James and this guy clearly feels we’re not. He’s entitled to his opinion – even if he’s wrong on a number of points, not least the bit about Colm Boyle’s hit on Damien Comer last year being in any sense “late” – but I’d be hopeful our lads will give him their answer on Sunday.

Sticking with the opposition, this week’s Galway Independent has a piece with Gary O’Donnell, which is much the same as the one featuring the same player that appeared in the nationals the other day. The GAA website, meanwhile, has a feature with Galway manager Kevin Walsh, who, as you’d expect, says everything and nothing about Sunday’s showdown.

The only article I can see relating to our side of the fence is this one by Mike Finnerty in the Irish Examiner who talks with Keith Higgins about the frustrations of trying to be a dual player, in light of the hurlers’ appearance on the undercard at Salthill on Sunday.

Right, that’s your lot. Back later with a post on the team announcement, whenever that’s made.

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  1. Got a whisper of the team, interesting enough if my sources are correct. I think on all known evidence and all going well I can see us winning by 5 or 6.

  2. Chris if you got something let’s hear it, then we’ll all know how reliable those whispers are 🙂

  3. The fact that Mayo are being mentioned less and less among the list of AI contenders for this year can only be a good thing. It takes the pressure off them a little bit, and should allow them to focus on nothing other than their own game. There have been many areas of our game to work hard on over the past 10 weeks so lets hope we see a winning performance on Sunday.

  4. Chris – I’d prefer if you kept the details under your hat until the official announcement is made. The team is due to be named later on so there’s not that much longer to wait.

  5. I’d be a bit concerned if there are ‘whispers’ (i.e. megaphones) going about.

    Seems to me that in the Horan era everything was mostly under wraps until official announcements. Wouldn’t like to see slippage on that front.

  6. There has been “whispers” for years, under Horan as well. They usually amount to bugger all. We probably won’t know the exact team till 4pm Sunday when the ball sails into the middle of the park.

  7. Team i heard was:

    Clarke, Cunniffe, Keane, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, Barrett, SOS, Parsons, K McL, Diarmuid OC, Doc, Andy Moran, AOS, COC.

    Andy a big surprise if thats the case, No Vaughan and AOS at 14..

    Im skeptical that this is the team that will start

  8. Obviously that last plea fell on deaf ears. I’m sceptical about some of that selection too so it might be worthwhile leaving it up to confuse the opposition. Can this be the last one posted, though, before the official one is named tonight?

  9. Close to the one I heard as well, a couple of differences but along the same lines.
    You better delete it before they get wind of it WJ 🙂

  10. Ready to print the boarding pass for the flight tonight! Last trip for a match of consequence was of course to Limerick for probably the most incredible sporting occasion I have ever attended (albeit with a sickening result)-roll on 4pm sunday I have a feeling Mayo will tear out of the blocks for the first ten minutes, but it wont be a cakewalk by any means. I dont think at times people would credit how much events are followed in far away places at times-plenty of banter with Galway heads all week here in a godforsaken part of the world, ‘foreign’ lads wondering what we’re talking about! This website is a godsend at times WJ! Cant wait!

  11. Galway Exile, were you one of the lads caught filming the Mayo team training in Pearce Stadium! Wasn’t that meant to be a bluff team ????

  12. Jesus lads if you truly know the team then what good will it do naming it here? We’ll all know, as was mentioned earlier, at the throw in on Sunday.
    Expect some serious physical encounters right from the off. Would not shock me if we see a black card within the first 10 mins.
    Mayo by 3 no matter what team is named

  13. Is Vaughan even eligible for sunday, I was sure after the donegal match I heard that he would be suspended for the Galway match because of the black clard?

  14. 3 yellow followed by 1 black is a 1 game suspension. Donal got yellow and black against donegal, had he picked up 2 yellows in earlier games??

  15. Is the practice of dummy teams still allowed? I know there was talk about trying to clamp down on it.

  16. To stick to the media coverage for a bit, don’t suppose the Mail is on your radar WJ (nor mine), but I snuck a look in the local Spar.

    Michael Clifford had the guts of a page; not bad though nothing earth-shattering. He did throw out the stat the only Cillian of a likely starting 15 is under 25, which jolted me somewhat.

    But, surely Rob, Keane, Lee, Donie? can’t be much more than 26?

  17. @cancel
    Dc 31
    TC 28
    KK 25
    KH 30
    LK 25
    DV 26
    CB 29
    Bm 29
    SOSE 29
    KML 26
    AOSE 25
    JD 25
    COC 23
    As 27
    Ad 31

  18. Should read @catcol
    Jesus there won’t be a bit of work done till Sunday is over.

  19. It was mentioned last week that Donal Vaughan got a bit of a knock, so maybe he might not be 100% fit. Also in relation to naming dummy teams, I think that the new rule is that the 26 man squad must be named on the Thursday night and no changes can be made to that listing.

  20. What I’m shocked about is nobody is taking any bloody notice and continuing to leak out details of the team! Any chance ye can wait till the damn thing is named formally before the discussion starts about the merits of who has been picked and who hasn’t?!

  21. Thanks SPO for that.

    Reasonable balance, but still getting on a little.

    Of course if Coen, Durcan, Loftus or Diarmaid O’C get a run, at any stage, that reduce age profile considerably.

  22. No one listening to ya Willie Joe! What time roughly will team be named ? Jesus it’s a long week……………….

  23. Conor Mort is back…..what?-oh ya sorry ….and WJP midfield wit Sean Maher-but its only a whisper!!

  24. @ Opt2missteek, you should have kept that quite. That was our secret, well hidden weapon and now it’s public. We’re fucked now!!!!

  25. Trouble in the camp, lads dropped for goin on the beer…….i feckin love this time a year. Roll on Sunday

  26. Sorry,Joe Mc, it was Paddy Prender that told me……and he shud know–he’s full back on Sunday????????

  27. Thanks Steve, just seen that – I’m going to be offline myself in the morning (pretty much all morning) so fire ahead everyone and leak away once the team announcement has been made!

  28. Pat Holmes is in at full back and noel Connelly is back on the wing. Pat Fallon is captain and has been given the task of picking up Kevin walsh

  29. Connaught Telegraph already have team announced on their website…although they’ve thrown in the caveat “expected” in the article posted earlier at 5pm.

  30. Just to let people know that James Horan and a few other lads are on Newstalk after 8 for a preview of Sunday’s game.

  31. You know my position on unconfirmed rumours but once the media go public with a story then all bets are off so here is the Connaught Telegraph piece announcing the team for Sunday, replete with a denial from the County Board that this report is unconfirmed and that no team announcement has been made yet. Make of it what you will.

  32. Connaught Telegraph…wasn’t that a credible newspaper back in the day?.They should print on tissue paper-least then it would be of some use!.Aidan Henry prob had the piece about the team named,to continue with the shite he spouted in 2014.

  33. Just read the piece by Mulhollands. Don’t know what ape wrote but seems like he is trying to add a few lies to try in get the Galway lads up for the game. The “late” shoulder from Boyler can be seen here. Was the best shoulder seen in the championship all year.

    Also the management laughing at the Galway midfield. Sure Galway people themselves were laughing at their midfield. I know cos I was sitting beside a couple of Galway lads at the game

  34. Why don’t they just announce the team and quit this auld nonsense. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

  35. Have to say I am very unimpressed by this mullarkey. County Board must take responsibility.

    They could have announced that team last Sunday. After 10 weeks if they can’t name a team, WTF?

  36. Really enjoyed watching that bit of video again, hoofit! How a shoulder can be “late” when the player shouldered still has possession as he rolls on the ground is beyond me. Perhaps some Galwayman can explain it. These mysteries do get to me and do my head in.

  37. Will it be too much to expect the full 26 panel to be announced when they finally get around to it? Also I hope that the CT team proves to be inaccurate when the announcement is made since the CB have gone to the trouble of denying its accuracy. If it proves to be the correct team somebody’s credibility is in question.

  38. AndyD, they denied Andy was wearing No.15, he will probably be wearing 14. and playing at 15. Aidan will probably wear 11 and play at 14.

  39. Pity they aren’t as quick to clarify their own false statements. It’s not about publicity for County Board officers, it’s about the team. Just get on with it. Some people
    Probably have the programme already

  40. Jeez,everyone so tetchey…chill-The team will be announced after one more sleep!

  41. I’m waiting for the team until they hit the field on Sunday. That’s when it is really current.

  42. I’d be happy if that turns out to be the team. Feel sorry for the lads outside the 26. No doubt there will be some very good players in that list.The others will include Hennelly, Dillon, Vaughan if fit, Barry, Coen probably, Caff, Ronaldson probably and just like starters very tight call for the rest.

  43. Disappointing if team was leaked if turns out to be true. If named should just name it to media. Leaks just a distraction.

  44. “Mayo football is littered with the debris of shattered All-Ireland dreams, but it is not just titles they have let slip through their grasp, great players who were there for the taking were also allowed wither on the vine.”

    John Fallon in today’s Irish Indo. He cites the story of Jimmy Duggan and Dermot Early. Both saw themselves as the Mayo minor midfield. Mayo didn’t though. He forgot to add in Dan O Neill and Seamus O Donnell All Ireland winners with Louth. John Nallen played ’51 Connacht final for Galway + ’59 AIF for them. In addition he lined out for Meath and Cavan too.

    Just to remind Fallon that Galway let a few slip away as well. Meath ’67 AI winning team had native speakers from Conamara on the flanks , Mattie Kerrigan and Mick Mellett. Tomas Tierney gave service to Mayo as did Ray Niland. Tony Reddan slipped to Tipp and onto the team of the Millenium but it’s Mayo Fallon focuses on. Worry about Galway John, we will mind ourselves, always have done.

  45. At last team announced



    D o con

    Jason Doc

  46. A holder of a number All Ireland medals told me he and many others believed that
    Mayo followers and players were not as good as they thought they were.Has this been
    the reason for the lack of success?.
    Maybe we talk too much.

  47. The PRO posting a picture of that exact team before the Cork Challenge match wasn’t the bright move ever.

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