Tuesday news round-up

Even in the depths of this long, long, perma-frozen inter-county closed season, the good old Mayo News is still bulging at its online seams with GAA-related news. Here’s a brief summary of what they have to say with the usual handy links thrown in for good measure.

First up, there’s confirmation of the rumour I’d already heard from my Clare sources that Liam McHale is set to follow in John Maughan’s footsteps by packing his bermudas and heading off to prowl the sideline down in the Banner County.  The Clare County Board is meeting this evening to ratify a new football management team and Liam, along with the former Clare footballer Colm Clancy, is part of Micheál McDermott’s proposed ticket for this particular gig.  McDermott is currently jefe of the celebrated Kilmurry-Ibrickane club and it would appear that he’s a shoo-in for the county job.  Liam is quoted as saying that he sees this role as a stepping stone to his ultimate goal of becoming Mayo manager at some future point.  A few more steps would be needed, though, before he can consider himself to be a credible candidate for that position, I reckon.  He’s also hoping, by the way, to continue managing the Stephenites next year.

Next, here are all the match reports from last weekend’s provincial club action.  The Voice of Experience got to party on down with the Kiltimagh lads in Charlestown, Mike Finnerty was in Kiltoom to see the Sarsfields eke out their extra-time win over Castlerea and Michael Duffy was at McHale Park to watch Westport easing their way into the intermediate provincial decider, where, incidentally they’ll face Galway’s Leitir Mór in Tuam Stadium next weekend.

What else is there?  Mike Finnerty reports that Our Kev is going to be the Guest of Honour at the Club Stars bash in Westport at the end of the month.  And Daniel Carey tells us that a good time was had by all at the recent County GAA Forum.  And that’s about the height of it, hombres.

Oh, before I forget: Mayo Mick left a comment on the site earlier on to say that season tickets for 2010 are now on sale.  He’s right, you know: they are and here’s where you need to head to if you want to buy one.  Thanks for the heads-up, Mick.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday news round-up

  1. Your welcome wj. Just renewed my season ticket this morning and also got one for my young nephew, who came with me to every game this year.

  2. €75 for all the league matches and the Sligo match in the championship looks like a good deal, even in these gloom-filled times. I’ve already got free entry into the home league matches as a result of my Club Mayo Dublin membership (providing I renew it which I intend to do) and I don’t like the look of too many of those long away trips in the NFL so I might give the season ticket a miss for next year, though it is tempting just to get it and be done with it.

  3. Nothing personal in my comment but God preserve us from McHale ever managing Mayo. When he was Maughans side kick he seemed powerless in getting the great man to bring Dave Brady back into the fold…remember 2003 and all the crap associated with Brady playing a few games of rugby during the winter. Cannot see what he will bring to the table, underwhelming at Ballina so far. Clare might have worked for Maughan but that particular bolt of lightning aint going to strike twice.

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