TV3 counting down the days

Not just the days in actual fact but, by the looks of this, the hours, minutes and seconds as well.  You’d have to conclude that they’re keen to get going and when they do so this Sunday, it’s with a tasty Munster hurling clash between Waterford and Clare.  The first football match they’re doing is the Dubs v Louth meeting on the following Sunday where, with all those injuries and suspensions that De Boyz En Blew are having to cope with, there’s a teentsy-weentsy chance of the Wee County recording what would be quite a sensational victory.  Were that to happen, it sure would get TV3’s football coverage underway with a bang.

The station’s magazine programme, Championship Throw In, also gets going this week, with the first programme on Thursday (throw-in 10 pm).  That’s a good sensible time for it, with no excuses for not having the weans safely tucked up into their beds by then and the beers lined up.

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