Twelve All-Star and two FOTY nominations for us

The list of the 2017 GAA/GPA football All-Stars have been published and, as you’d expect, we feature heavily on it. We’re well represented in both All-Star nominations and on the Footballer of the Year shortlist.

Dublin, predictably, lead the way with 13 nominations, we’re next on 12, then it’s Tyrone (6), Kerry (5), 2 apiece for Roscommon, Kildare and Down, with Monaghan, Donegal and Armagh getting one each. The full list is here.

The list is broken down by goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards and we’ve players in all four categories.

David Clarke, All-Star winner last year, is once again nominated for the goalkeeper position. In the defender category we’ve got Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle, Brendan Harrison, Keith Higgins and Lee Keegan.

Tom Parsons gets the nod in the midfielder category. In the forwards Jason Doherty, Kevin McLoughlin, Andy Moran, Cillian O’Connor and Aidan O’Shea are all included.

Moving onto the Footballer of the Year award, this time round it’s been decided to have a shortlist of four. The rationale given is “so as not to prejudice what the final team selection may be” but I’d say what that really means is that they want to avoid a repeat of last year where one county gets two nominees and the votes – cast by players – end of getting split between them.

For the FOTY award, we’ve two nominees and Dublin also have two. Ours are David Clarke and Andy Moran while Stephen Cluxton and James McCarthy of Dublin have been nominated as well. Dublin’s Con O’Callaghan is one of three players shortlisted for the YFOTY award and he’ll obviously, and deservedly, scoop that one.

The All-Star team and the FOTY and YFOTY awards will be announced live on RTÉ TV and the players will be presented with their awards at a gala black tie banquet in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Friday, 3rd of November. Best of luck to all of our nominees and congrats to them on getting nominated.

163 thoughts on “Twelve All-Star and two FOTY nominations for us

  1. If there`s any justice in this, Andy Moran will be Player of the Year..It would be a remarkable achievement for a player in the twilight years of his career..
    Needless to say, Con O Callaghan will win the Young Player award.

    Re the All Star nominations…….who would have thought last June when Galway beat Mayo in Salthill, that by the time the year was over, we would have 12 All Star nominations, and Galway would have None !!!.
    Considering that they played in the Connacht Final, and an AIQF, its not goodthat they couldn`t even muster one nomination.

    Dublin and Mayo will dominate the All Star team, with no doubt the obligatory All Star award making its way to Kerry and Tyrone.
    I just hope that those Mayo players who really deserve one, will finish up getting one, because funny things happen with the picking of these teams.

  2. Well done to the lads nominated, think Andy is easy money to land Foty. I see the All Star team being:
    1. Cluxton
    2. McMahon
    3. Cian O’Sullivan
    4. Higgins
    5. Boyle
    6. Barret
    7. McCaffrey
    8. McCarthy
    9. Parsons
    10. McGloughlin
    11. O’Callaghan
    12. Harte
    13. Mannion
    14. Geaney
    15. Andy

  3. The nomination of 4 this year for POTY is to stop people assumjng who is getting the goalkeeper award. If only one goalkeeper got a nomination for POTY it would rightly be assumed that he would also get the All Star. So this year instead, we are practically certain to see a person who gets a POTY nomination but leaves without an All Star.

  4. I think Doherty made a bigger impact this year than mcloughlin.
    Overall the biggest issue rochford has to deal with is the size of the squad – we had 17 players last Sunday who were up to the standard, and that with a fully fit squad. Sadly the remainder of the squad aren’t as good. So he has to bring that number up to at least 21. The likes of seamie, Higgins, Vaughan need to be impact subs next year. I would also change captain, and take pressure off Cillian. Leeroy would be my pick.

  5. @Puckout. I would advocate getting 2-3 more seasons out of lads by changing them into bench roles. There is a quadruple boost.
    – We oversolve our bench issue
    – We extend the careers of important players
    – We are more likely to replace players tactically than purely because of fatigue/cramp.
    – Young players would learn for longer from more senior players

  6. Sean Mullooly Roscommon is an absolutely shocking leavout from the All star defenders list.
    He should have been in ahead of Conor Devaney.

  7. Are the footballers announced first this year or the hurlers? As in the Thursday morning?

  8. Puckout…Personally I thjnk Cillian has been an excellent captain and tbh Im not sure if Lee would want the role..Understand the reasons behind the suggestion tho..As for the 3 impact subs suggested thats three from.our starting 15 this year to replace..Cant see Higgins playing a bit part role..Hes vital for us imo.

  9. Great news and if there is any justice Andy Moran should win FOTY. Still feeling a little down but much more optimistic than I ever felt after a defeat. Everyone including my Mayo hater Galway work colleague was nice!! It just shows the amount of respect there is for these boys. Myself and all our family went in to Athlone train station to see the boys on their way to Castlebar on Monday. Rochford, Keegan, Barret and Parsons got off the train to sign autographs, Jerseys and take photos. They were so nice and such gentlemen. Couldn’t be prouder and have to say it cheered us all up no end. Mayo forever and already looking firward to next year’s season. Hon Mayo

  10. McLoughlin was robbed in 2012 due to the absolute cop out of having to include a player from every losing semi-finallist. Paul Flynn was the only Dublin player worthy so sadly Kevin – arguably Mayo’s best player in 2012 – lost out

  11. I agree that we need 2/3 extra subs if we’re to push on next year. The problem is finding these lads and more importantly getting potential candidates up to the level required. You’ll see club players lording it during the league and all of a sudden they’re anonymous in the championship when the county lads come back. There is potential within the county but you cannot expect lads to come from club straight into county and make an impact, it takes years of S&C to get to Keegan, Boyle and co’s level.
    I do think that we need to look at the panel with a cold eye though. There are a few there who have surely had a chance at this stage. Reading through the program I saw a name on the development panel who I don’t recognise at all and he’s 27, surely at 27 your development stage is passed. I’m still deeply upset over Sunday and while the black clouds are starting to lift a little, my one big fear is a exodus from the management. I have absolutely no information that this may happen, it’s just my biggest concern. Under the current management team we have evolved into the best ever Mayo team. The influence of Buckley and McEntee has created a Kerry/Tyrone hybrid that has brought the best of both counties into our own running style of play. Mike Connelly and the county board need to do everything, and I mean everything possible to keep the current management team in place.

  12. Congratulations to all the all star nominees from Mayo.

    There was a time when we would be delighted with 2 or 3 nominations.

    Think Lee should get his 5th. He negated kilkenny Sunday, got his goal and got us back on track when we were 7 down to the rossies.

    Redmonds garbage yesterday might have been an attempt to make sure Lee.didn’t get a poty nomination. I really hope Lee gets another all star.

    It’s a great achievement when we can have 12 nominations from our population of 130,000 and Dublin have just 1 more than us from their population of over 1.3 million and their supposed best team of all time.

    It’s a shame that the number of subs got extended some years back. If we were still going by the old format we would have multiple all irelands at this stage.

    6 subs is a huge advantage to the counties with the bigger populations and deeper benches.

  13. a bit surprised Clarke got nominated for FOTY

    I really hope management cut a good few of the hangers on for next year, that they bring in and develop a bench

  14. Jeez a bit harsh on Galway having no nominees. They did beat two powerhouses of recent years in fairness and it took one of the “top 3” to knock them out. They’d a good year all things said. Much better than feckin Down and Kildare

    That said YPOTY nominee Michael Daly is certainly one for the future and looks a serious find for them. Peter Cooke has been flying it at club level this year also

    It’ll be interesting to see how the draw pairs us off in Connacht. Already looking forward to that one – will be a big test

  15. “It’s a shame that the number of subs got extended some years back. If we were still going by the old format we would have multiple all irelands at this stage.”

    I think that’s an extreme reach to be honest..

  16. Oh sorry Revellino misread – thought you were referring to the increase from 5 to 6.

    You’re right, 2013 and 2017 especially would have been much more winnable without Dublin’s endless bench impact. Didn’t they have 5 subs used after 50 minutes in 2013 on a real hot and humid day?

  17. I think Doherty will be massively unlucky and lose out to Harte, just like kevin in 2012. WJ, any chance of a vote on a Mayo player of the year?.

  18. @Puckout & @JP…
    Thats the challenge for management to solve before next September.
    5/6 plsyers need to get up to the necessary excellent standard required.
    Also, players need to by into the 21 man team on the day mentality.
    Looking at Sunday, we need two more top class forwards …. possibly Reape, Gallagher, Boland & Carr. There may be others, but the opportunity is there I believe.
    Midfield. … possibly Ruane, Scott & Prendergast.
    Defenders. … Cuniffe, Plunkett, Arram. Maybe Nally can get game time in the full back line.

    Hopefuly the local championship can throw up a fewe others.

    The good thing regarding the round robin quater finals next year, a full panel will be required and also give them necessary game time.
    Going to war with 18 players will not get it done.

  19. I wouldn’t call it an extreme reach Ciaran, how could it be ?

    Everyone knows that all of Dublins All Ireland wins were won by running their bench.

    I believe that if Mayo’s starting 15 were left on the pitch with Dublins starting 15, no subs, we would beat Dublin 8 times out of 10.

    There is no question that the great Kerry team would beat either Dublin or Mayo. They would also do it by playing pure football.

    Dublin have got their hands on Sam in recent years due to having those 6 players coming on. They wouldn’t have won too much with their starting 15 though.

  20. Morag.. Same as that.. Although as mentioned it takes years of S and C to get to the level that the first team are at..And the lads on the fringe have had the benefit of this over two years with Rochford..Bit of a catch 22 in some ways..Can I just add how much seeing the word optimism pop up over the blog over the past few days has really lifted my spirits..And God knows they were sagging.

  21. Brilliant honour for Clarke towards the end of his career & very well deserved. I thought Rock paid him the ultimate compliment when he popped that point instead of going for goal !!
    Andy though surely must win POTY if there is any justice !!

  22. Great stuff WJ. Regards Andy, I think he’ll win it no bother. Highest scoring player from play and done it on the biggest stage. He’ll be getting no votes from the Dubs (obviously) and probably Roscommon. But the other players will see he was the best all year.

  23. Thats right Ciaran,

    I just feel that the more subs allowed, well it really plays in to the hands of these counties with the bigger populations. Imagine If Mayo had the population of Dublin how many more Keith Higgins (well I know there is only one Keith), but you know what I mean players of the same caliber of our top players there would be. We would be able to replace like talent with like.

    Its hard enough for most Counties to get a decent starting 15. If they do have a good group of players at any given time they are still fighting a loosing battle. They might live with the likes of Dublins starting 15 for a big part of the game but because of the 6 subs allowed, thats where a lot of one sidedness in a lot of these matches comes in to play.

    If the number of subs allowed was cut to 2 or even 3, it would address in some small way the imbalance which is been caused by the likes of Dublin been able to load and run their bench, which they have stacked with talent due to their massive player pool from within their county.

    Dublin can run the lungs out of their opponents knowing that they can replace 43% (goalie not included) of their team with their 6 top quality subs. The top quality subs is due to their lopsided player pool. I think reducing the No. of subs allowed would help address the imbalance and make the championship a little fairer for all the other Counties.

  24. Andy for POTY imo, he was outstanding again on sunday.
    Would expect Geaney and Colm Cavanagh to be the only non-dub/mayo allstars

    in my opinion…(bad year for fullbacks, COS by default)



    Con o’callaghan


  25. @Claremorris native I don’t think Clarke is near the end

    the way he has played the last couple of years he could play for years yet

    cluxton is 3 years older than him and he wont retire, there is v little between both in my opinion

  26. The ever lovely Des Cahill announced the All stars this morning with the headline – Dublin Dominate the Allstar Nominations, then he goes on to say Dublin have 13 nominations and Mayo have 12, that’s not domination in anyones books but its just rows in with RTE medias love in with the Dublin team, On Monday Darren Frehill heralds Dublins win and went on to say that Dublin where by far the better team, He then went on to say that they would be talking to some of the victorious team later in the morning Ireland show and also to talk to a sports psychologist about Mayo (as if we are some kind of basket case) This Bias in reporting is sickening!

  27. @nally_stand

    this paranoia at bias/des cahill/reporting/imelda may/refs/conspiracy theories really isnt good for the soul.
    Lifes too short to be getting outraged about non-existant conspiracies

    The Mayo players have been universally acknowledged by all for their outstanding efforts, this will be reflected by a player of the year award and 6-7 allstars

  28. @Nallystand.. Breathe in and exhale slowly 5 times.. It isn’t worth it.. Channel your energies into some form of prayer that our players and mgmt don’t let this setback get the better of them.. Otherwise…Desperate dancing Des will be the least of our worries ..And that’s the truth

  29. @Neutral_observer

    There isn’t any delusion in my thought process I’m merely pointing out facts, I couldn’t care less about Imelda May, what I would like is that a national broadcaster could be a bit more measured in its reporting.

  30. @Regina – I’m not one for prayers I’m afraid and I hope the team aren’t either when they do get to look back and analyse this final they will see that we probably kicked it away in the 1st half when we were on top we had the opportunity to drive the advantage home and we missed 4 x points that would have given us a cushion knowing that Dublin were about to throw the kitchen sink at us.

  31. Nallystand..So true and well they know it.. Regarding broadcasting until we get a Mayo bull in the media we are at a complete disadvantage in that area.

  32. Its already been mentioned on the ladies final thread but its worth re mentioning here, if you want to rise yourself up a small bit from Sunday have a listen to Cora on the off the ball podcast.
    Her record is outstanding, in fact its so outstanding people may not realise. She played senior intercounty at 13! Starting and scoring. Played an U-16 all ireland final, minor semi and senior semi all in the same week!
    Whats more impressive is the way she speaks about her commitment to her club, what sport has given her in her life, the death of her mother and her general ethos to sport and living a full life. It would make you proud, if you werent already, to be from the same place as her.
    You owe it to yourself to listen to what is a remarkable interview, and if you werent going already, do whatever you can to get there and support her and her teammates on Sunday.

    The only sour note from it all is the absolute chaotic mismanagement of ladies football in the county from 2003 to 2010, it sounded to me from listening to it and remember some of the details that Cork would have had no where near the level of dominance they had if our ladies county board at the time hadn’t messed things up royally. I was thinking when listening that its a cautionary tale that we have with the senior mens at the moment is a fragile thing and needs to be very carefully managed.

  33. Ciaran, in relation to Galway, nowadays, unless you win a provincial and get to/past a q final you wont really get a nomination, but i see your point, i thought possibly Johnny Heaney may have got one.. It goes to show how far Galway are from Mayo at the moment when we are hoping for 1 nomination and Mayo will get possibly 6 All Stars. I know for ye looking ahead to next year is not something ye probably want to do at the moment, but we in Galway are. And honestly i see a tough , very tough league campaign coming up and Mayo will be red hot favourites to reclaim the nestor cup.

  34. I don’t follow Mayo club football as much as I should and I don’t mean to ridicule David Drake at all, but can anyone please tell me what he’s supposed to bring to the table? I don’t feel very inspired when I see him coming on. I also have my reservations about Kirby.

  35. That’s right Revellino. I know it doesn’t matter or won’t change anything but a sixty minute game with three subs and we’d all be in a different place now.
    I am slowly drifting towards the acceptance/hope phase although I expect over the next few days I’ll float back and forth to anger, depression and bargaining. Still, it’s shite.

  36. @Maigh Eo go Deo.
    He’s probably brought on for his breaking ball ability. Rochford mentioned it in relation to him. In order to score you need the ball and to get more ball you need someone quick and strong to win breaking ball.
    That is the reasoning I believe.

  37. IMO they have extended the POTY nominations to 4 to get more of a spread and try and avoid a Keegan situation again….there can be no other reason. Like Clerke was 100-1 to get POTY yesterday!! Andy should still get it, in fairness however he has had way more games than any of the Dubs to earn it.

    Cant understand so many leaving Keegan out of their lists, on the Sunday Game also, the man has been incredible. Cant understand why McCaffery and O’Sullivan is in all lists? But I guess they will have to at least give Dublin 1 more than Mayo.

    All Stars are tokens anyway. Its the fckn All Ireland we want!!

  38. KL, id have Keegan in my team all week. I was only trying to guess the way they’ll pan out. It’ll be 7 dub, 6 mayo, 1 kerry, 1 tyrone. Agree their only a token. But still nice for the players.

  39. @Maigh Eo go deo
    If you were to look at the two teams on graph you would see them level pretty much all the way to 16/17 on the panels, thereafter ours would drop sharply south while Dublins would continue steady or actually rise all the way to 21. David Drake comes in for a fair bit of stick but in fairness he’s never going to kick you scores, but that’s not what he’s put on for. His job is to inject pace and pin back the wing back. Now if we had the depth of panel to allow us place a few men off the current 15 on the bench then you can start causing havoc. Imagine Andy coming on for Loftus with 20 minutes left, Keith Higgins replacing K McLoughlin in the half forwards running at you, Durkin replacing Boyle. That’s the caliber of replacements Dublin have coming off the bench.
    Loftus needs to be starting every game next year, James Carr needs to start making in roads into the match day squad. Ruane, Gallagher and O’Donaghue should be getting league games. We can either embrace the Super 8’s or get left behind by them, because it’s going to suit larger panels. You can be 100% sure both Dublin and Kerry will know this and embrace it.

  40. Maigh Eo go deo, to be honest I’m not up to speed on local Club and certainly not at Senior level.
    Drake and Kirby probably haven’t shot the lights out at Intercounty but I think the difference between what we have available in the County and what Dublin have available, and that is the stark reality. They’re quite honestly probably the best we have after our starting 15 and Diarmuid, Coen and Loftus from Sunday. I know a lot of people are probably wondering why Nally did not get on instead of Drake. I don’t think Nally is as physically imposing as either of the other 2, hence why he did not get the nod ahead of them.
    We did need some of our physically strongest and most athletic individuals on the field and they would be the 2 that were left on the subs bench that fitted that bill.

  41. I just can’t see the All Stars meaning too much to Mayo right now….. Doubt if it’s a priority for Dublin either….. The 3 player’s from Mayo that I would like to see get them more than any other, are Chris Barrett, Tom Parsons and Kevin McLoughlin.. seeing that they were surprisingly overlooked in previous years….. I think we will get more the 3….possibly 5,or 6…..Then again, Higgins, Boyle, AOS and Andy are definitely in the best 15 in Ireland… It’s hard to know…. Last year before the final… Kevin McManamon was favourite for PotY and didn’t even get an All Star…. This year before the final, Kieran Killkenny would have been one of favorites and his eclipse in final would have downgraded his chances of even a All Star… Way back in 2006, Ciarán McDonald was shortlisted for PotY, but he didn’t get an All Star…. Although he won PotY from the GPA…. Now the All Stars and GPA are allginanted….. So it’s very hard to say…. With both Cluxton and Clarke nominated for PotY and only one of them can get an All Star…. It’s very hard to predict the outcome… I think the PotY and YPotY are voted on by the members of the GPA…. And the All Stars by journalists…. And of course it’s sponsored by PWC, the people who said our banks were all solvent….. Between PWC and the Journalist’s, It’s no wonder that Philip Clifford who is the best Minor and Young player I think that we have ever seen, didn’t even get a nomination for YPotY….. I think PotY is between Cluxton and Andy.. Obviously I hope Andy gets it…. Being picked by the Sunday Game panel for PotY is not a good indicator…. Gearoid McEnerney was the Sunday Game pick for Hurler of the Year, but he didn’t even get nominated.. Surely it is time Joe Canning finally wins this one.. One of the greatest hurler’s of the modern era!


  42. Is it true Kevin McLoughlin doesnt have an allstar? Thats incredible if true…he should be a shoo-in this year

    A massive player for Mayo, i would put him in the top 3 of Mayos most important players
    Was watching the match back again last night and KMcL was outstanding, especially in first half where he was everywhere, popping passes and running at the opposition

  43. We only need one or two extra.

    Remember all the talk at the start and indeed throughout the year: too many miles on the clock, playing on muscle memory, there’s only 10 minutes in Andy, if that (that’s Andy Moran FOTY nominee), midfield a wasteland, play Keith anywhere but LFB, he’s not a defender, should Donie Vaughan be on the panel at all, yes we have no marquee forwards.

    It’s interesting that David Drake, whom nobody talks about, is one of the go to subs. He’s obviously able to slot in seamlessly to the way the game is being played – he doesn’t have to be showy.

    More game time for the likes of Kirby, Loftus, Matty Ruane, Coen, Regan is a must. And, I still can’t help thinking that Freezer has something to contribute.

    It takes quite something to blow our stalwarts off the panel. That’s why we’ve got to 4 AIF since 2012.

  44. Watched last 5 minutes earlier…
    Mayo had one super position to go at Dublin hard up the Cusack stand side….
    Barrett, Keegan, Coen & Durkan hugging the touchline…..
    Coen gives the most difficult handpass …. infront of Barrett & among three Dublin defenders. … Crazy pass given the time & score.
    Make sure ball is retained at worst. Mayo need to appreciate pocession is key.

    Dublin go down the field…. hit a wide & force Clarke to go long.

    After Mccarthy gets pocession …
    both Aiden & Tom could have held on to Mccarthy and taken a card. The free would have been a further 20 meters out and much nearer the touchline.

    Such little things …

  45. I cant imagine how sore dublin fans would feel had they lost if they feel this bad and nasty when they won. Too much of a good thing it seems!!!

  46. Think ledinamyo you should start by learning how to use your keyboard.

    Yea have a good team but the next time yea should try and win the all ireland by playing football.

    Kerry had a great team, natural footballers but yea unfortunately will never be a great team. A great team never has to resort to eye gouging, referee calls or wrestling to hold on.

  47. Ledinmayo, I would disagree with you in relation to POTY should never go to a losing team. Its not called the “player of the year from the winners team,” by that reasoning Leeroy wouldn’t have won last year when he was obviously the standout player. Bernard Brogan won it by only reaching the semi final (he was on fire that year so possibly deserved it). The award should go the years standout player irrespective of where his team finishes.

  48. Ledinmayo – I’ve asked you twice now not to post with cap locks on but you’re clearly not listening. Maybe I should shout. In fact I think I will. IT’S OFF TO MODERATION WITH YOU. UP MAYO.

  49. HI Can anyone tell me why doesnt the Runners Up in All Ireland Final not get Runners Up Medals like the Runners Up in the FA Cup Final do?
    It Baffles me why hasnt the GAA Given Medals to the Runners Up Surely they deserve it
    I am just putting it out there and see what ye think Ladies and Gents

  50. On the bigger picture, two things:

    Firstly, since 2011 we have created a profoundly different Mayo senior squad ethos than had existed before, thanks I think mainly due to James Horan. The famous phrase ‘consistently competitive’ has indeed transpired to a degree none of us would have ever envisaged. We talk about issues with underage, structures, funding, etc., but what has been created here is the most valuable condition of all by far and it is critical that this is harnessed and nurtured carefully to become the master blueprint to ensure on-going and future success. Critically, what was masterminded by JH has now transcended across two successive management teams. And despite the general comment that this is the same team on the road since 2011, in reality we have seen players like Harrison, Durcan, Dairmuid O’Connor, Coen and to a lesser extent the newer members on the extended squad come in and buy-into this ethos that has been created. To me this is critical for the future of Mayo, basically we need to carefully manage this squad succession plan to ensure that we are consistently at the top table and competing in semi-finals and finals like Kerry or Dublin. We have the playing numbers and support, so there is no reason that we should not be consistently up there and we need to ensure that we are. People this week are mainly talking about the short term, but it is far more important to plan for the long term.

    Many of these newer players like Durcan or Harrison have not been on successful underage teams, however they are way more advanced now in their early twenty’s than say their Ross or Galway counterparts at that age, not because they were successful at underage but because they have been fed into this system. Think we are obsessed with the U21 winning team – what we need to ensure that the best players, whatever year they were born, are brought into the system and developed into top senior players. I think we have the model now for that. To emphasise the point – I think its arguable that this is the best squad of players we have assembled, but it is certainly the best performing one and that is because the best structures have been put in place.

    This should be extended down to underage so that we are developing the right kind of rounded footballers required in the modern game. James Horan had an excellent article in the Mayo News last week on it. Underage success will fall out of that, but it’s the player development that is critical. I think we are crying out for JH to be put in to a position as say director of underage football in Mayo and I think the Co. Board need to act on this (rather than him spending his valuable time advising a hurling club in Galway!)

    Secondly, on a more specific note and following on from a comment I made yesterday…..over the last 6 years, there is a very uneasy thread through our results and that is generally, whatever the game, be it Galway or Roscommon or Kerry and Dublin, we seem to always be able to raise up for the task or in other words ‘match’ the opposition in the challenge presented. I mean generally there is very little between us and say Roscommon, yet there is nothing between us and Dublin either. To me there appears to be a fundamental issue here in that, despite the success of this team, we have never mastered the art of finishing games, end game management, call it what you may. Everyone is saying last Sunday was the best display ever of this team, but in 2016, 2013 finals or the semis of 2014 or 2015 better end game management and we would have won at least 50% of those games. I absolutely think that this is the number 1 issue that current management need to address, otherwise we will continue to be nearly men.

  51. Watching the game again and I’m absolutely ripping that the penalty wasn’t given to Keegan. Just before that Barrett does brilliantly to win possession back, the Mayo fans are going mental after Barrett’s turnover and we start moving the ball up the field at speed and you can sense that the momentum is very much with us. We were fucking robbed by prick McQuillan as far as I’m concerned. What a fucking joke.

  52. I wonder if Joe McQuillan got nominated for an allstar would that bring Dublins total to 14. I suppose it would.

  53. @KL
    Another great post. I get the sense that despite how we feel about Horan, certain elements within the county still resent the way he shamed them into doing things correctly. It goes without saying that he would be an ideal director of coaching, but he would demand things be done right and that costs money. A commercial director has to be our first stop and I believe that Kevin O’Neill is back working in the country. There’s a man with a background in finance, is steeped in Mayo GAA, would get doors opened and could talk the language of big business.

  54. As regarding media bias (which isn’t a non-existent figment of our imagination – it is very real among certain sections of the media, far less so in others) it’s incredibly striking just how loyal the ex-Dublin footballers are to the cause.

    They are willing to stake their own reputations on speaking out against any mistreatment of their players – perceived or otherwise – and are more than willing to attack ours. With some degree of success, I might add.

    Quite a contrast to our own ex-players. Where’s the loyalty here? Some even join in when it comes to taking a pop. Instead, it’s left to supporters to fight the corner of team and management (think #ThingsLeeDid) against the might of media giants. It’s entirely the prerogative of our ex-players not to engage with it of course, but it is worth remarking upon. Small margins, and all that.

  55. As for the free before HT, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the time. I feel the same way after watching it again.

  56. Imagine a team with – Kevin O’ Neill as commercial director, James Horan as underage development officer and Andy Moran (he can provide a gym and all at a fee) as Development officer for lads just over 20 years old – Akram, Mattie Ruane etc.
    If our county board put that package together and a proper plan – they would have no problem getting the finance.

  57. Anne Marie.. You have literally taken the thoughts out of my brain and worded them far better than I could have .After last years debacle with Keegan I hoped that our Mayo reps in the media would come out fighting this year. Nope..Charlie Redmond, that yoke Vinnie Murphy and they have even managed to pull Sean Cavanagh on board.. AFTER making a show of him three weeks ago.. You couldn’t make it up..
    South Mayo Exile.. Imagining is all we ever will be on that mouth watering combination of ex players…

  58. Re Media, in some way I understand some of the reaction to us because I think we have led them up the path so many times, we have still failed to deliver the dream story. They admire us, but I think they are also a bit ‘sick’ of us at this stage in that we have not delivered on the big day.

    Fair play to the Dubs and all that and the likes of Redmond, etc. wouldn’t bother me, but its the fawning by the likes of O’Rourke, Brolly, etc, over the Dubs as the best team ever and always brush aside the issue of fairness within the GAA and the advantages given to the GAA, especially when their own counties are in the doldrums. On the Sunday game the last night O’Rourke goes on again about splitting Dublin into 4 or more, I hate this argument and Whelan rightly sayd that it should be a non-consideration as it would strip the GAA of one of its core values, following your county. The real issue is that the GAA is fckn obsessed with money and they know Dublin is their only big cash cow and they are now reaping what they sowed. They should be dancing up and down that Dublin are getting 200+ euro per player and players on their own counties getting 20 euro.
    On a basic level, McStay mentioned the issue the home advantage that Dublin are given (I think this is actually the very biggest issue as it is in your face wrong), but it was dismissed out of hand. If the likes of Meath are ever going to compete with Dublin again. if they continue to have to play Dublin away, then they are adding 30% to the task. Can anyone, genuinely, tell me another sport in the world whereby one team always has home advantage?

    Finally Brollys public dissing on AOS on the Sunday game is a disgrace. I think its absolutely shameful that Mayo people still continue to invite him to events and hang for selfies with him

  59. I think Clarke should get the All Star ahead of Cluxton. He’s made a catalogue of brilliant saves all year (his second save from Andrews in the league game was miraculous). He also commands his area very well and overall did well with his knockouts. I have always believed that Cluxton is overrated by the national media. Clarke is better in the air and a better shot stopper (which really makes him a better keeper). Interesting to note also that his much vaunted knockouts are not so hot when kicked long against quality midfield opposition such as ourselves and Kerry (instead resorting to short kick-outs). I see no discernible evidence to suggest that Cluxton should receive the A star ahead of Clarke.

    My worry for Andy is that MCarthy might get the nod for PTY. Andy deserves it but may not get it. McCarthy had a good second half but where was he in the first half on Sunday?

  60. Mayo go deo, and Ann Marie.. I agree with both of ye on yer separate points.. Last week I watched a number of match’s all involving Dublin in All Ireland finals, all won by Dublin by a single point… For me anyway there is a huge question mark about the way Dublin match’s are reefed, especially against any team capable of beating them.. 2015.. Philly Mcmahon /AOS.. 2016 John Small escapes a black card… James McCarty takes Donal Vaughan out, straight red card offence ignored, several others, go back to 1995 and Tyrone…. But last Sunday was definitely the worst, if you look back at the game and just call the decisions objectively… I know only too well our own failures during the match, Dublin made mistakes as well. For me anyway the refereeing performance, and non performance by umpires and linesmen, is only a shade better than Cormac Reilly in Limerick.. Maybe we have been brough beaten by repeated failures and think we deserve no better… But I’m saying we do deserve better… Ann Marie is correct in what she says about media bias.. The non inclusion of some of the more controversial aspects of the refereeing performance, in ‘The Sunday Game’ is self explanatory… And Anne Marie is right in saying that so much that should be said and done is left to the loyal Mayo fan’s… And Definitely, Mayo go Deo is right in saying that McQuillian screwed us… I know that I posted this link yesterday, but I would like if some of ye would take a look at it.

  61. @KL really good post on structures/development and continuity, that being the concept of buying into the ethos that now exists at the senior level. There are a group of supporters putting ideas together…would you be interested in being on the email? It’s open to anyone but I’d encourage you to drop a line with your name/location and number to

  62. Just got a msg from a Kerry friend commiserating and reminding of their 1 pt loss to Dublin in 2011..Reffed by????!!He did admit they threw it away but boy in black did favours..

  63. To all the faithful, I am going to watch the match in full tonight and try and look at is in a balanced way, ( couldnt bring myself to look at it yet ). I will report tomorrow with an honest assessment. Its funny how things look different live, ie, I thought Deegan was very much in favour of Kerry in the drawn game, but when I watched it a few days later ii seemed that he was fairly 50 / 50.

  64. what guys do people expect to call it quits?

    I think [deleted] and a few others May go

    think its time to freshen it up, [deleted]…………………fellas there a few years and not making much of an impact……. have structures in place with a development squad in operation

  65. I hear ya, Leantimes. AO’S was penalised in the 2nd half for taking too many steps so you have to ask yourself why McQuillan wasn’t counting O’Callaghan’s steps too.

  66. [Deleted]..Another prominent member is considering travelling in Australia but this was mentioned a couple of years ago and nothing happened..

  67. its time to move i am really looking forward to next year wonder will a moran will get player of the year the dubs have enough best of luck to the ladies

  68. Woah – steady up there, Regina. I don’t like personal info about players being sprayed all over here so can you please desist from doing so?

    Akso, Morag B, I’d appreciate it if you too could refrain from writing P45s for named players. They deserve better than this and referring to unnamed panel members as “hangers on” isn’t on either.

    Can I make an appeal to all and sundry at this juncture to think before posting comments of this kind? The next time I have to intervene on this I’m going to be less charitable to those in the firing line so take this as fair warning.

  69. Keith unlucky not to get POTY nomination.
    Cillian’s free taking was near perfection 5 years ago, but has deteriorated over last 3 years. Round about time he took over captaincy? Seems common sense to me that free taker needs total focus, and should not be having to divert mental energy into worrying about his next speech. i.e. free taker should not be captain. He’s brilliant at both, but one (free taking or captaincy) should be lifted from his shoulders. I’d bet Keegan could be a good free taker (or captain). Cool as a cucumber. Or Jason of course.
    Also is it worth trying our best finisher of goal chances in the forwards? i.e. Lee….? Makes more sense than Higgins experiment a few years back. Lee is strong fast and deadly finisher….

  70. @KL Great post, reading some of the stuff online from Kerry about David Clifford, and a Scholarship with IT Tralee.

    ” He is in his second year in IT Tralee and I think there is a county board scholarship with the IT so he has that at the moment. That is part of it.”

    I think its absolutely imperative that we nurture our young talent in Mayo and what better way than Scholarships with NUIG etc. Ed Coughlan in his Op Ed piece last year pointed out the challenge that Mayo have in respect to location.

    I for one would gladly contribute to a Scholarship fund for committed young Mayo Footballers that have been earmarked in the way David Clifford has been for Kerry.

  71. KL totally agree bout Joe Brolly. Why do Mayo people continually insist on inviting that buck to functions here. Please stop that asshole coming anywhere near our County. His puke talk bout Aiden on Sunday game made my blood boil as it does the minute he opens his mouth. Let him go to functions up
    North and stay there with their puke football.
    And Morag B what’s your issues!!! We need the experience of this team to get us to AI”s. I for 1 will be praying that Stephen and all the ‘older’ guys will stay with us. We need you all.
    Also if another person says a word to me bout Donnie I swear i’ll do to them what Donnie did on the pitch. He’s been a great warrior for us and dont forget that. Things happen in games and that’s it. Time to look up and move onn.
    Best of luck to all our lads nominated and P.G. our great HERO Andy will be POTY.

  72. A lot of good points made. It is only today I’m coming around again. Can’t imagine the pain the players are suffering but they will come back. They always do.
    Yeah we need more options off the bench going forward but none of the current group need to start think about retirement.
    None of the players care about all stars. They just want the big prize now.
    Jason Doherty deserves an all star…

  73. Mairead, I agree with you – i for the life of me will never ever know or understand why a Mayo person/club would invite that fella (JB) to Mayo. The shit he has spouted re some of our Players is just so far out of order you would seriously have to wonder what his problem with them is. His articles on Rob and Aidan last year made my blood boil. You’re right let him do his functions in every other County.
    Anyway, enough on that.

    How do we get the County Board to appoint a Commercial Director asap?

  74. Personally I think young Clifford should get foty regardless of being minor. Otherwise I think Andy Moran deserves it.

    Certs for Mayo :
    Aidan O shea
    Tom parsons
    Andy Moran
    Colm Boyle

    Likely :

    C Barret
    Jason Doherty

  75. the only blockage to Andy moran getting poty is that keegan got it last year, I just can’t for the life of me see Dublin not getting it twice in a 3 year winning streak

  76. Ledinmayo – your cap locks might but off but I’m afraid your brain has yet to engage. If you want to post crap like that then I suggest you return from whence you came, i.e. Reservoir Dubs or somewhere like that where I’m sure your views will fit in perfectly. Informed and reasoned contributors from other counties are always welcome here, your type I can do without. Oh, by the way, my name isn’t Joe.

  77. I know you’ve picked up on this already WJ but how dare anyone call a member of that squad a hanger on.
    The squad pushes each other to the levels they’re at & ive no doubt each and everyone one of them are as committed as the other or they would not be on that squad.

  78. I am Ignoring the ex Dublin players crap in the media , they just want to distract from the real issue , which is Dublin over funding from gaa and sponsorship etc , as they are scared this will be looked at, ignore brolly , spillane etc., lazy analysis , I’m keeping my focus on supporting the team through thick and thin.

  79. Well I have taken a deep breath for the last 4 days.

    My own personal reconciliation is that I am not going to recognise Dublin as the 2017 all ireland champions.

    The reason is that they were ahead on the scoreboard at the end because of the calls made by Joe mcquillan. The 2 worst been the point before halftime and the penalty that wasn’t awarded.

    I even saw older dublin fans been interviewed after the game. They even said they felt so sorry for Mayo and that we were the better team and should have won. They knew what happened as regards the referees calls.

    This type of thing happened with boxing during the Olympics. It was investigated and the judges were named and shamed and banned. Not goin to happen in good old gaelic football though.

    It kind of makes me sad in a way with good people here on the blog who put forward their ideas on how we can win the all ireland like improving the bench. There was no need to improve the bench last Sunday. We were beaten by a referee who decided he was going to give crucial decisions in Dublins favour.

    How must the tea feel when they look back at this crap. They would now be all ireland champions if the game was reffed fairly.

    What does Rochford have to ponder. No matter how much he improves the Mayo team it might mean diddly squat on the day if we end up with a referee that is going to ensure the other team is going to win.

    This all ireland will feel hollow to Dublin in years to come because they know in their heart and souls that Mayo were the real deal on the day, the real champions. Joe mcquillan won the 2017 all ireland for dublin.

    That is why as long as I live I will never recognise dublin as the 2017 all ireland champions. Neither will a whole lot of other people either. There was only 1 team that were champions this year and that was Mayo.

    And I don’t want anyone telling me, well you cannot blame the ref. Well, I am blaming the ref. He was a disgrace.

  80. Cantini,
    How can Keegan not be considered for an All Star, Best player in Ireland, after scoring another unbelievable goal in All Ireland Final as well as taking Kilkenny to the cleaners.

    This guy should be the Captain for next year and he will pull us across the line, he is our main man and the best player to have played for Mayo and probably the best Half Back to have ever played the game, a must for any All Star team IMO.

  81. Cantini you want to give footballer of the year to a minor player?? Don’t be ridiculous. You wouldn’t give the premier league player of the year to a guy who dominated in league 2 would you? There’s a world of difference between minor and senior as I’m sure a knowledgeable football person like you is all too well aware.

  82. Paddy I think Keegan is a phenomenal player and had a superb final. I have listed 8 Mayo players I genuinely feel are ahead of him over the year. Reality is Mayo are going to get 6, max 7 all stars. I think gps-gate will count against him. Higgins had a black mark against Galway but it’s largely forgotten. Would you have LK before Boyle this year? I don’t think so. On the likelys before Kevin mc? Again I cant make an argument for that. On the possibles ahead of Doherty I think would be unfair…but it’s all opinions….u have to cull somehere.

    But don’t doubt he would be the second name I would have down on any Mayo teamsheet….Higgins being first for sheer consistency.

    Now u could see the rare sight this year of Mayo outnumbering Dublin for numbers purely because of the unpredictable nature of who starts/plays for Dublin. Cooper, McMahonand o Sullivan look very solid bets for Dublin in backs…if u add Boyle and Higgins to that then I feel Tyrone would be next in line for their token 1 of tieran McCann….if not u have jack mccaffrey which only for AI injury I feel would be there….and then I would say Barettt….

    That is my logic. Take a chainsaw if u fancy!

  83. Larr – the comment is tongue in cheek…of course u can’t give him award. I am just tipping my hat to a young lad I have never seen the likes of. I’m sure any genuine GAA fan would be very sorry to see him leave – I hope the pressure that will be heaped upon isn’t too great. I would pay admission alone to watch him play – i used to say the same about Peter canavan and kieran McDonald…x factor players.

    But it’s Moran for me all the way.

  84. what about giving colm boyle the captaincing and taking it off cillian less pressure on him for next season i have boyler ahead of keegan at the moment

  85. Maigh Eo go deo – that’s a stupid and indefensible comment. If you want to make allegations of personal corruption please do so on someone else’s tab.

  86. Right, Maigh Eo go deo, I’m getting more than a bit hacked off with you now. You made an allegation of personal corruption here, something that you could easily face serious consequences for doing. Until you cop yourself on, you’re doing to have to find some other outlet on which to voice your idiotic opinions because I’m not prepared for you to do so here.

  87. I’m a regular reader of your blog but first time to comment. I want to congratulate you on a wonderful site. I’d like to discuss our underage structures within the county. It was spoken about awhile back how poorly we’re doing at U-16/17/ Minor recently. I’d ask the question are they getting the support of the county board or is everything going into the senior team? For example this weekend the Dermot Earley Memorial U-15 tournament is on in Bekan, most important games for this age group. What do the county board do? Put on underage fixtures for the same day, meaning a number of players miss out being exposed to this level of competition. This date was given to them 3 months ago. Very annoyed parent.

  88. How fucking dare you insult me like that you fucking absolute cunt. Go fuck yourself you fucking traitor piece of shit.

  89. Maigh Eo go deo – I’m allowing that comment, needless to say your last ever one here, go up on the site just to illustrate to the wider world (a) exactly why I was right to do what I did in your case and (b) to show what kind of person you are. Goodbye.

  90. Keep the cool willie, still celebrating here in galway with our win, subs won the 2 all irelands this yr, 4pts scored by galways subs and 2 by dubs,

  91. Jaysus maigh Eo go deo. Get some manners. Did your mother never teach how to respect other people. Very insulting. Hope you don’t pay any attention to that type of idiocy WJ.

  92. Willie Joe, fair play to you for demanding appropriate standards of neteqette here. Please continue to keep nasty shit like above out of here.

  93. Excuse me all but where did I say that today was Idiots’ Day in the comments department?

    Ledinmayo – you’re banned too. This is a Mayo site, one that, as I’ve already said, welcomes insightful input from people outside the county but where there’s no place for insulting rubbish from the likes of you. Congrats on Sunday’s win, by the way – do try to enjoy it at some stage.

  94. Its disgraceful to write something like that. You should hang your head in shame maigh Eo go deo.

    WJ has countless numbers of people who have great respect for him and what he does.

    You on the other hand have respect frim nobody after a foul mother attack like that.

  95. Fair play to you WJ …..I was delighted to finally meet you John in Bowes Sat night and all i can say is you are a absolute Gent and if there was a vote for Mayo man of the year well you have mine for all you do and sometimes have to put up with here on your great Mayo Gaa blog.

  96. Three more cheers for Willie Joe. Maigheo go deo get a bit of manners and have a bit of respect.
    On a different note- it was nice to see all the panel of players – including the lads not on the 26 togged out and on the pitch during the warm up. Remember these lads have given the same commitment as the lads that played in Sunday. Thought it was nice touch and well deserved.

  97. Some one better call Fyffes, there’s been a mass break out from the banana warehouse. I suppose we all deal with grief in different ways, some get sad, some angry and some just turn into assholes..

  98. That post from Maigheo go deo is very like my reply at 6 o’clock on Sunday to Hon the Ross.
    Just as well it never got posted

  99. I can’t believe u barred A bona fide Mayo man from Charlestown WJ!

    Bad enough his brother is not talking to him but this is must be a new low for Liam Gallagher!

  100. What a fantastic blog you run wj , awful stuff you put up with also, keep up the good work , it’s been a sanctuary for Mayo supporters this week .

  101. WJ, I just wanted to lend my support to you. Good call getting rid of Maigh Eo go Deo. Disgusting stuff. My God, we’d be lost without you and hope you never quit with this site, despite the (sadly) larger amount of trolls/fools appearing. I suppose the success of the site can have it’s downfalls but we always have your back.

  102. Someone needs to stand up for Lee, point out a few facts about what really went on Sunday. Terrible to see one of our players being hung out to dry by ex Dublin players and nobody to counteract from Mayo.

  103. Justoutsideballagh
    Dead right. The Dublin gene pool players are forever targeting opposition.
    Our guys do nothing to return fire……i just don’t understand it. Is there a way to counteract it???

  104. i believe Andy is popular among players and has a great chance at POTY.

    A lot of people leaving Barrett and Keegan out of the All Star list. These are two of the best defenders in the country and should be certs.

  105. Do we still not have ANYONE with a bit of media pull at all ? The Dubs already preparing for next year by blackening Keegan’s name again

  106. Maybe its my mad Dublin paranoia but it seems odd that there are 4 poy nomination in football this year unprecedented. Yet there is the regular 3 nominations in the hurling. Is the reasoning to avoid the 2:1 split last year that assisted Leeroy receiving the accolade in 2016 ? Much to the dismay of vinnie charlie Ciaran Keith et al.

  107. Re Lee Keegan, yes we need to defend him against ‘ALLEGED’ and unproven actions.. The only thing I seen was a still picture that didn’t prove anything, if there was any incriminating video evidence against Lee, we would have seen it by now… With every TV camera in the Stadium trained on the last free kick.. And that’s allot of TV camera’s. Anyway this is what the man nearest to the alleged incident said, despite the number of leading questions by the interviewer, on a few occasions in this short interview.. And while I am on the subject.. Even if I preferred if he missed,.. You have to take your hat off to Dean Rock and congratulate him, on a wonderful free kick, and his wonderful year.. The guy has undoubtedly a touch of class… Now I can’t say that about Charlie.. He’s certainly not my darling.

  108. Fair play WJ – you’d think that it should be easier to moderate now than early on this week!!!

    Just plucked up the courage to watch back the match this evening and although we 100% should have had a penalty (Kilkenny pulled Leeroy’s jersey in the square and DJ was calling for that all day long on both sides) even then we don’t know we would have definitely scored it.

    Either way, I think we tried to force things a little bit too much in the second half when we may have been better to recycle the ball (e.g. just after the goal) and hold possession until a good opportunity came.

    These are small things that could have got us over the line…..roll on 2018!

  109. Oh my god. Just saw that comment above posted at 9.11pm tonight. Words fail me.

    Still not over Sunday yet and only came in here for a bit of shelter and refuge. Cant get the image of Cillians free coming back off that fucking post in the 71st minute, out of me head. Had it gone over i think we would have made it over the line.

    Instead we now have “Who ate all the cakes” telling us that the mighty Dubs dominate the all star nominations with 13. Miles ahead of Mayo with only 12. Huge difference there alright. Surprised that Dublin Joe didn’t get a nomination. He has been fantastic for them all year and indeed throughout his career.

  110. Revellino, you wrote exactly what I feel! I decided on Monday not to recognise them either. Flag still up and not congratulating any Dub or saying they played well. I was never good at lying so I just can’t do the gushing and well done when I don’t believe it. I just don’t get into it. Exactly what I was afraid of happening in a close match came to transpire once I heard that oaf was reffing. I won’t be persuaded otherwise either. Blinkers and stubbornness.

  111. Who are the best forwards under 25 in Mayo? Obviously Diarmuid O’Connor is there but who should be making there name on the bench and be our top forwards in the next 5 years they hold the future of Mayo football in there hands.Pick your top 5 of Conor Loftus ,Evan Regan ,Brian Reape,Liam Irwin, Conor O’Shea ,Adam Gallagher, Fergal Boland, James Carr, Ryan O’Donoghue,Conor Diskin,Michael Plunkett,James Shaughnessy, Nathan Moran and is there anyone u can think off that i have left out.

    I think Loftus and Reape are real class but they need to get serious game time in the upcoming league.Also Loftus needs to strenghten up abit and put on a few kilos of muscle.Coughed up possesion in the later stages the last day.
    Think Reape could be the marqee forward we have been looking for, real classy and a good finisher.hes our version of David Clifford.
    No doubting Regan has talent to burn but his shot selection and his ability to win possesion in games lets him down have heard rumours he can do no wrong in Mayo training games.

  112. Just a thought. ….
    Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to bring on Boyler, Seamie & Andy with 30 minutes remaining against the dubs in All Ireland final 2018.
    Boyler & Seamie to add drive from half back & midfield. Andy to add clever movement in the full forward line.

    Can the management find a way for this to happen. …
    Definitely I think Mayo can find enough in order to make this happen. …
    Kevin Keane, Seamus Cunniffe, Donie Vaughan. (Backs)
    Loftus, Reape, Gallagher & Carr (forwards)

    Midfield. .. that’s a different matter I think.
    Ruane, Diarmuid, Scott …. all are unproven and require S&C to play in midfield.
    Maybe Tom, Aiden plus a 3rd to play three across the middle. Play with 5 forwards.

    Hope spring eternal & maybe the winter will not be ashown bleak as it looked on Sun/Mon.

  113. Willie Joe – If I may please. A few points:
    – First and foremost, a huge thanks for this blog. Without it we would all be screwed.
    – Would it be an idea to please collate all the ways that we can contribute to the players fund globally. I know there is the lotto but there seems to be a limitation on that nationally.
    – We have Cairde Mhaigh Eo in Dublin, London and New York. How about expanding this to Australia / New Zealand. Happy to facilitate this.
    – The hunger is as ferocious as ever.
    – We are one day closer to claiming Sam. We got a taste on Sunday in the 63rd minute and it was quite addictive.
    – Believe.

  114. In the last few years Dublin have actually had a shortage of traditional midfielders. What have they done? Converted backs to midfield. Cian o Sullivan in 2013. James McCarthy in 2017. These guys started as corner and wing backs but moved to centrefield to fill a gap for Dublin and were major successes. Lesson for us maybe? Leroy at 8 next year? Or even paddy Durcan? Diarmuid o Connor? He’ll be 23 next season and played there in 2013 minor final.
    Need to have options in the engine room.

  115. Willie Joe,.. I have just have gone back to read some of the earlier comments.. Absolutely appalling,… I am shocked that someone would actually say such vile thing’s… I’m obstinate myself in my views, sincerely held and never more strongly held than this week, and I don’t have any problems with other people disagreeing with me… A good debate can be enlightening…. Anyways sorry that you have been wrongly insulted, because you are doing a great job with this blog for so many years now and where an awful lot of, various opinions, comments, joy and heartache has been shared by thousands and thousands of Mayo fans throughout the world. And it’s ridiculous that anyone should be treated in this vile way…

  116. Just reading a few comments and noticed a few raise comments about midfield, but just to add my opinion I know these lads are extremely well conditioned but does anyone feel one or two are carrying too much muscle and not able to last the full game or not contributing towards the end(ie loose a few a kilos of muscle)…..players now need as much endurance as strength, just my opinion

  117. Headline on RTE website this morning. “If a Dub did what Lee did l there would be blue murder ‘.

    No idea who said it. Didn’t read it. But this is a narrative out there currently.

    You know, because the media haven’t constantly been banging on about this for 5 solid days!!!

  118. Chris Kelly, Loftus coughed up possession on Sunday because he done a very inexperienced thing and took it into the tackle against three dublin players. We needed him to score 1 – 2 points coming off the bench which didn’t happen and we were always going to struggle for scores then.

  119. Mayo mark these head lines should be ignored
    I know it’s not easy but if we keep reacting to them they’ll keep popping up.
    Just tell them to enjoy there win,I know if we had won you wouldn’t see that shite.
    Maybe it’s part of Jims process.

  120. “Blue murder” great to see him putting things in perspective – watched the replay last night and on the 69minute 52 second in the lead up to Cillians free did any one else notice a dublin defender spit in the direction of the referee

  121. I find it very hard to fathom all the childishness that the media and the dublin outer circle like ex players keeping stirring up.

    Redmonds article for example was gibberish about lee and the nothing incident of the supposed throw of the gps box. A nothing incident. Seemingly the eye gouging, a criminal offence on the streets wasn’t serious enough for him to mention.

    Personally I’m happy to see this nonsense, this kind of thrash coming from their camp.

    It paints the whole dublin bandwagon in a poor light so let them keep at it.

    They didn’t win on Sunday on merit so why should we expect the chicken skitter they make up about Mayo be taken on merit. It’s complete dublin balderdash.

    Hon Mayo. The real 2017 all ireland champions.

  122. WJ thank you and congratulations on running such an excellent site. You’ve got a beautiful style of writing, fluid and effortless. Would you ever consider writing about any other topics other than Mayo GAA? (on a separate forum obviously)

  123. Revellino, it wasnt a supposed incident, Lee took the gps from his shirt and thew it at Rock in an attempt to put him off, no point trying to deny it or claim it was a nothing incident. It was wrong and if the GAA choose to pursue it then Lee would deserve a match ban for it. I have no time for Redmond and there isnt much point in bringing it up when they won but for example if Connolly or McMahon did it then there would be a bigger deal made of it, if it was thrown at Cillian as he was about to take a free then im sure there would be 100s of posts condeming it.

    What Redmond said pales in comparison to the Dublin Ladies manager comments about Cora and how she intimidates refs. Those are comments which deserve anger and need to be challanged which the Mayo Management were quick to do.

  124. Ok . Moving forward to our youth coming through .
    I’ve been involved with my son at under age levels and although he is barely double digit figures a trend is clearly showing in blitzes and games and that is the expertise of coaches .

    Westport clearly have figures of both management and coaching success . This is not by accident they have all ireland intermediate success and also senior managers . All filtering down to the kids starting by out .
    Recently at a blitz I couldn’t help but admire a young crosmolima team with several fathers having all ireland medals .
    I look then at other teams and coaching is non existent and not developing our youth at that age to prepare them for a future of Gaelic football success .
    Possibly that is why Kerry have been so dominant in years gone by . How many gooches with all Ireland medals have the young footballers to learn off and gain off their esteem and knowledge .

    Mayo gaa need a serious coaching structure at club underage level .

  125. Mayomad,

    How would you compare the gps incident (I used the term supposed because I didn’t see, so cannot say it happend myself), how would you compare it with the gouging incident.

    I still think if you want to compare throwing a small box on to the ground to sticking your fingers in to a players eyes, well quite honestly you couldn’t compare the 2. The supposed gps incident in terms of seriousness when realisimg the damage that could have been caused to the players eyes and sight, well when you try and weigh up the 2 then the supposed throw of the gps box is a nothing incident.

    Where is all the outrage over the gouging. There has been a mountain made over what lee supposedly did and I’m still waiting for the dublin apologies over the assault on colm.

  126. I will keep it simple for all to understand, thank you very much for this impartial wonderful site Willie Joe

  127. Have to agree 100% with left half back above. The quality of the coaching has to be top notch – its not just as simple as appointing coaches – they have to be up to the required standard. The Kerry development system is full of ex-players who young lads have great respect for. We need more ex-players working as coaches with development squads. Kerry have won the last 4 minors and will be opening their Centre of Excellence very soon. This consists of 10 training pitches – some are all weather and flood lit. It also contains a state of the art gym and weights room, a physio room etc. If we want to stay at the top – this is the level we have to be at. The professionalism of the current senior set up is masking a lot of problems at underage level – this will come home to roost sooner than we think.

  128. Revellino

    I wouldn’t compare the two incidents, both should be examined in isolation on their own merits, neither of the incidents has any bearing on the other.

    The Gouging incident should be looked at and imo a ban should be handed out to OGara. The GPS incident isn’t a supposed incident, it happened. Lee didn’t just throw the gps unit to the ground, he threw it in the direction of Rock in an attempt to put him off. The intent was there regardless of Rock scoring or not. It was the wrong thing to do and if the GAA choose to investigate Lee probably deserves a ban also.

    We can use video evidence to condemn actions of the opposing team and complain about incidents but we should also acknowledge the actions of our own players when they do something wrong and not just sweep it under the rug and label it a nothing incident just because its a Mayo man committing it.

  129. @South Mayo Exile.
    Neither Dublin or Mayo have a centre of excellence.
    Tyrone have one ten years and they can’t make a final. In my view all who tell you centres of excellence are the way to go are biased in some way.
    Investment in clubs, schools and coaches is much cheaper and much more likely to bring Sam to Mayo.
    What is it that we can’t do now that we can if we build one?
    You could hire ten part time coaches per year for 20 schools for the maintenance costs alone.

  130. 100% JP. Far better developing 4 pitches across the county, one in each division. Suspend the club levy for 10 years and the €70k a senior club would save could pay for a pitch. The CB could cover the lighting and give loans towards gyms/treatment rooms etc. Far better to spread the infrastructure across the county than to concentrate it in one location. Underage training especially can be rotated around the 4 divisions so parents don’t have to be driving constantly from one end of the county to the other. A CoE is something we could look at down the line, it’s not near the top priority at the moment, coaching is.

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