Two changes for tomorrow evening

Mayo team v Fermanagh

We’ve just named our team for tomorrow evening’s Round 3B qualifier clash with Kildare at MacHale Park (throw-in 7pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland Qualifier Round 3B v Kildare 16/7/2016): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Kevin Keane (Westport), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

So it’s two changes from the side that took the field in the previous round against Fermanagh last Saturday. Out from that one go Stephen Coen and Alan Freeman, while in come Donal Vaughan and Andy Moran.

It’s Donie’s first championship start since he lined out in the All-Ireland semi-final replay last year. He featured in various positions – from the full-forward line (against Cork) to the full-back line (against Kerry) but it’s in midfield – where he had a few run-outs in the early stages of the league last year – that he’s listed to play tomorrow evening. If named positions mean anything nowadays, which, let’s face it, they don’t.

Andy Moran is named to start at full-forward and it’s the Ballaghaderreen veteran’s 136th appearance for the county. It’s also the first championship match which he’s lined out for us in since last year’s Connacht final against Sligo.

Once again, we’ve opted not to name our list of subs at this point but sure you’ll have the match programme in your hand soon enough.

Best of luck to the lads as they head into another do-or-die qualifier clash tomorrow evening.

48 thoughts on “Two changes for tomorrow evening

  1. Hmmm cant see this team starting to be honest.
    Programmes a complete waste of money anymore.
    Any member of the panel starting or coming on is ok with me but dont think that balance is right

  2. Best of luck to the boys tomorrow a win would be nice hope all comes together tomorrow evening what ever mayo person is waiting for mayo by a point would do and on to the next game

  3. That team was put up on Mayo gaa Twitter account Wednesday evening and taken down straight away!

  4. What do you mean Niall? Anyway if that team lined out as selected I’d be happy enough tho I suspect they’re will be positional switches. If have kept Andy in reserve but anyway best of luck to the team and management and as ever we’ll be there roaring them on

  5. @backdoor Sam.

    Harrison is missing from the list.

    I’d expect 2 changes in the day. Don’t think Andy will start.

  6. Vaughan has to be on the team–perhaps Durcan will drop down.Good luck to all on sat

  7. If the team does line out like that, it says to me, if the management don’t think that players have done enough to justify their position then someone else is brought in. It seems to work for Jim Gavin. So we have seen Jason Doc and Freeman starting in previous games and now maybe it is Andy’s turn to try and make an impression. We have seen Clarke replace Robbie and Vaughan replace Coen. Again if the team lines out as selected. Maybe the mantra is perform or make way for someone else. We’ll see how it goes anyway. Best of luck to all involved!

  8. Not a bad team, Vaughan at midfield is a smart move. Barry being kept in reserve, which is the right call. Andy is an interesting pick, IF he starts. Personally I think Regan has to step up a bit, the likes of Mickey Conroy must be wondering why he was dropped from the panel, as to be fair, Evan has’nt offered much yet. But hopefully he explodes into life tommorow!

  9. Yeah, good point there HSE, if that is indeed the line out. On that basis Paddy Durcan might not start. If so who? Could be horses for courses too.

    We’re still in crisis mode at midfield. Seamie is not at full throttle yet, Gibbons gone, Parsons not fit for this one anyway, Stevie Coen trying hard, but maybe a little light. Barry’s impact last week really heartening, but he’s still a bit rusty and not fully match fit. He will definitely be needed for 25 minutes. Donie’s midfield forays have had mixed results, but his strength, running power and sheer presence will be useful.

  10. Glad to see DV getting the start. Plays midfield with his club so no bother to him, he operates in that area most games anyway. It’s good to see fellas getting a chance to prove themselves if they’re going well in training or the last fella didn’t shine to bright. HSE said it and it seems to be happening with SR and Co. which is good. Competition for places, ala Cody and Gavin, is great in a squad. Men getting to line out based on merit is levelling the playing field for all. Up Mayo!

  11. Interesting selection. I doubt it won’t be tweaked before tomorrow evening but that’s what we have to go with. Parsons is a loss because he’s made himself a certain starter when fit. We’ve decent options on the bench and Rochford has shown he’s happy to make changes early in the game if required.

  12. a good looking team. Could turn out great, middlin or poor, have your pick! I’d go for somewhere between great and middlin! Surely the poor is behind us.
    A good move to go without a right corner back. How many times have I heard people say …we de have been better with fourteen from the start….makes the others push on! This is good management!
    Looking forward to this trip big time . Best of luck to all..

  13. Rochford seldom plays the team he names for match program, so id expect a few changes. Patrick Durcan has being average at best so far, Regan not much better. I think Barry Moran could come into midfield with Vaughan going to half back. Andy and Evan wont cause any sleepless nights in Kildare or any other team thats left in the All Ireland Series if they continue to play the way they are at present. Maybe a fit Conor Loftus might improve matters in the full forward line, unfortunately Liam Irwins not deemed good enough at this stage, which is a shame because big, stronge left footed forwards are scarce in these parts. Still think (hope) we can beat the lily whites.

  14. Kildare not going well beaten by Clare,Sligo in the league knocked out of Leinster by Westmeath and were less than convining against Offaly.

    Fermanagh was a tough or tougher nut to crack because they are a well organised div 2 team. I expect a comfortable win for Mayo tomorrow night and should beat the handicap.

  15. I think regan has played well over all this year.
    He’s making endless runs and by the time the ball is let into him he’s getting swamped.
    He’s good enough .. Hopefully Sunday he’ll get the goal that will help him really kick on

    Duncan lucky to start .. has struggled badly with the basics in the 2 games

  16. whats the chance we get another crack at Galway or do we have to wait for the final 😉

  17. Yeah catcol and joet, it will be interesting to see if that is the policy alright, perform or make way. I actually thought that Vaughan might start for Durcan instead of Coen losing out, as Paddy’s pace I thought would have been a good asset late in the game, if he was brought on as a sub. I’m sure Paddy was a bit disappointed to be taken off in front of his home club support, so tomorrow will be a chance for him to make up for that. Shane Nally could have been a player that might have come into contention at no. 7 as well.

    Vaughan actually hasn’t played that well for us in midfield in the past, he has been a bit hit and miss there, I remember he started at midfield in the hammering by Dublin last year in the league. Hopefully he will do okay tomorrow, he did well for us when he came on against Fermanagh. I actually thought that I would have loved to see Lee Keegan play in midfield for us sometime, to see how he would get on, with Vaughan filling in for him in the half-back line. We’ll see how it goes anyway!

  18. regans problem is that he coughs up too much posession. He may improve on a drier day.

  19. Ps hopespringseternal I agree Shane Nally well worth a look at, Jury out on DV at midfield

  20. Yeah Sarah, Shane has a sweet left boot and you’d think that he would be a great man to find Aidan O’Shea or Barry Moran in the full-forward line if we use the long ball approach during games.

  21. Strong team given the injury situation. Increases the likelyhood that we’ll see the likes of Shane Nally, Barry Moran , Jason Doherty being introduced in the second half to add more power and pace as the game enters the final 20mins.

  22. WJ. Surprised at you! You omitted our clubman Harrison from the first 15

  23. Thanks for that, Mayoman in Tipp (and all others who pointed out my mistake in omitting Brendan Harrison from the named team). More hurry, less speed and all that. I’ve restored Aghamore’s honour in the post now.

  24. I think Vaughan Starting is a great move.
    Has anybody got news on Tom Parsons or Chris Barrett injuries? hopefully see them listed as subs.

  25. Everyone knows this is NOT the team that will line out tomorrow so why announce it as such. Is it just for the printers of the match-day programme. It still continues to baffles me why the subs are not listed. Are management trying to hide the panel from Kildare even though everyone in the country knows our panel? Or could it be, as Willie Joe suggests, just to sell programmes?

    I believe Andy will not start until the second half. A place is being held for Stephen Coen but where he will play is another matter. I don’t think Donie Vaughan, if he starts, will be at midfield. Thank God, we have a strong panel with Barry Moran, Alan Dillon, Freeman, Doherty and, hopefully, Carolan, one of our most under-rated players, ready to be sprung.

  26. The jury has come in in relation to Vaughan at midfield. He has not made any impression in that position. In addition the modern game demands that a centre half back maintains that position and forms the first line of defence instead of leaving a motorway for the opposition to our goal.
    In my time as a supporter we have had three great centre half backs , Henry Dixon, whom M. OHeheir described as the old stonewall of the Mayo defence, John Morley and James Nallen. There is nobody on the panel or in the county at present who comes close. That is the measure you need if your ambition is to lift Sam.

  27. Jesus , feels sorry for Vaughan IF he starts mid field . He is an out an out half back . Barry obvious 1 st choice at MF .actually would not mind seeing Andy in the full forward line , clever in around the box and could work well off Aiden . Anyway let’s get there again in huge numbers and get behind our lads .safe journey to all .

  28. Regans problem is not his problem. That problem has its origin out the field with those who continue to send in inappropriate ball! Regan is a smasher and will blossom when the rest do!
    Came on K McLoughlin today in town and couldn’t believe the height of him….said O Sheas and B Moran etc make him look small.Nice lad.
    Gra thu..Evergreenandred…go mbheidhimid go deo!!
    And if we win by ten or twelve let us not be losing the heads …its Kildare. And if it’s two or three we ‘ ll just have to motor on into the uncertain future of the next challenge. Must say all these games are growing on one!

  29. Bill Connolly, Vaughan is as near the standard to win an All Ireland as most of the panel. (besides we are not playing an All Ireland tomorrow) I think he was there times nominated for an All Star. Who ever wins the, All Ireland final they won’t have 15 All Stars, or 15 All Star nominations for that matter! If Vaughan is anyway close to his best I for one wouldn’t like to go into the trenches without him. Similar things were being said about Barry Moran last week. Anyhow in the absence of a fully fit Tom Parsons, I think midfield is a good option for Vaughan. Personally I think the same as allot of posters here, I doubt very much that the team will line out as selected.

  30. Why oh why can’t we just play AOS at midfield that’s his best position. Just think back to the Horan years and the performances he put in. It’s the middle of July and we don’t know our best team or even what positions our best players should play in. We had an indifferent league and lost to Galway in championship then struggled past Fermanagh. SR asked for patience…its going to be tested in the next few weeks. …

  31. Patrick Durcan is lucky to get another chance because his display the last day fell well short of what I think he is capable of. Fair play to SR for sticking with him. It would have been an easy option to drop him. I had great hopes for Patrick and still believe he will come good. I hope he takes his chance tomorrow and has a blinder.
    Not too sure about midfield that’s IF they line out as selected. Seamie is only returning from injury and DV hasn’t played there much for Mayo. Could be crucial!
    I wonder will Andy start? I would start him and replace him when he’s out of juice. He may be fitter than we think and we definitely need a change in attack.

  32. First time on since border boy took my name imitation & all that. A question that I haven’t seen discussed is the lack of full back cover now caff is out. What are the options if Keane injured or has off day. What about Parsons? Mobile, good fielder, big presence minding full back line. moving cormac mcanallen for Tyrone from midfield worked for them

  33. Bill Connolly,
    I think in Lee Keegan, a 3 time All Star, we have someone who is close, if not equal.

  34. @One Hop One Solo, in short we would be rightly screwed if anything happens Keane. I would say Vaughan or Coen would be our other options and neither would inspire much confidence there.

  35. Looking at last last weekend games that teams that played the quick accurate ball into the attack were more successful. shane nally is one of the best foot passers of the ball we got. His league displays were a lot more encouraging than what we are seeing from round Durcan.

  36. Not trying to antagonise any1 here, but Nally seems to have picked up a dose of Richie Feeney syndrome these last few weeks. Imo, hes too slow for IC football, granted he has good pass and a fine boot, but again Donegal in the league, he was caught out for pace on a few occasions. I agree he has a good footballing brain, but in the wide open spaces of Croke park, he’ll be left for dead.

    In the short term, if anything was to happen to Keane, I think Vaughan or Keegan would be put back to cover.

  37. Best of luck to the team this evening. If I were starting DV it would be at midfield. I dont think he is an out and out half back. Paddy is lucky if he starts but he is one for the future I am sure. It will be fast and tight up front. Kildare very strong at midfield and full back. I was very impressed with the team’s fitness levels last week,compared to the day we played against Galway, or were they peaking for mid June? This could go down to the wire.

  38. Crowd were decent the last day , lets get it goin again today. Stick with the lads too especially younger lads like durcan , we cant be moaning at them during the game .encourage and raor them on.

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