Two changes for Sunday

We’ve just named our team for Sunday. Here it is:

Mayo (NFL Division One v Tyrone 26/3/2017): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis), Chris Barrett (Belmullet); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Lee Keegan (Westport), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields), Danny Kirby (Castlebar Mitchels); Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Conor O’Shea (Ballintubber); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Andy Moran (Ballaghadereen), Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites).

So it’s two changes from last time out. Into the team come Chris Barrett and Evan Regan, out go Donal Vaughan and Conor Loftus.

Looking back to our most recent clash with Tyrone – last year’s All-Ireland quarter-final – the team we’ve named for Sunday contains five new faces compared to then. Chris Barrett, Danny Kirby, Fergal Boland, Conor O’Shea and Evan Regan didn’t line out for us at Croke Park last August and they replace Donal Vaughan, Seamus and Aidan O’Shea, Alan Dillon and Jason Doherty who all did. Chris, Conor and Evan did, though, appear from bench for us in that game.

As usual, we haven’t named our subs for Sunday but, as is already being discussed in the comments, it’s clear that the list won’t include Liam Irwin. The Connaught Telegraph has reported this evening (here) that the Breaffy forward has been dropped from the senior panel.

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  1. I suspect that McLoughlin will be back to sweeper for this. I hope Evan regan can show his class. He was dropped for Tyrone last year due to his size but hopefully he can prove a point to some people.

  2. Tyrone are togging powerfully built 6’3″ Sean Cavanagh and 6’1″ Mattie Donnelly in a two man inside line. This could cause us some trouble.
    Keith Higgins at full back again, predictable that selected but I can’t see the justification. He cannot win ball or stop up Cavanagh or Donnelly. It hasn’t worked so far.

  3. Feel sorry for donnie but good to see Chris back. Definitely see a sweeper being deployed. Hope evan takes his chance .time to man up for this one. Okay if we are beat by a better team on the day fair enough but let them know we are no push overs . Controlled aggression and a bit of luck we might scrape a win. Understandably alot of negative stuff about the team at the moment but we owe them more than they owe us. So let’s get behind the lads

  4. The continued absence of certain players is concerning.
    Not sure that this team will start and no disrespect to those named but I hope it doesnt.
    Worrying times both on and off the field with all that is being reported.
    None the less we have to try and keep the faith.

  5. Supporters travelling would like to know subs. Playing games again. Common sense has prevailed re Durcan. We need players who can score from the 40. A new freetaker for 45m. An assertive manager who will make bold substitutions when required. No great physicality about our full forward line so direct play into that line unlikely to cough up many scores. Unlikely to create goal chances.
    Lets hope we play to some sort of a plan. Very disappointing that very talented Liam Irwin is no longer part of the squad. Obviously issues going back as we have not seen him for any length of time.

  6. That’s 2 fairly strong teams. Good point about their taller men inside though they’re both too good to stay in there when their strengths are in the middle 3rd of the pitch. I would have thought Donie would be a full back option. Expect to see Leroy detail Cavanagh again and take our chances with Donnelly who in fairness a top player but at least nullify one of the 2. Meyler needs watching too. It will take a big effort to beat them especially with Tyrone bruised egos though our lads have that too.
    Can’t beat that shower without a sweeper.

  7. That’s a big surprise to me, Liam Irwin dropped, didn’t get much of a chance, did he?. I wish the management would be as proactive in addressing, the non performance of certain player’s on the pitch, Liam contributed as much as one particular star player without playing at all last Sunday. Don’t expect Mayo to line out like that at all on Sunday, but hope Paddy Durcan can be allowed to play in the half back line. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Donal Vaughan at full back. Mayo need a bit of height and strength in this position! If we play with the conviction last seen in the second half versus Kerry? , we are capable of getting the two points.

  8. Conor Meyler is listed in their subs.
    Niall Sludden runs hard at defenders and has a good step.
    Mark Bradley is like Conor McHugh. Agile and a good snap shooter.

  9. Ontheditch, Irwin came on v Ros and was on the bench last weekend, there has been no word on him or any other player leaving the panel. Also insinuating there is some long standing issue as to why he isnt playing is also baseless.

  10. @FBDinashui see Connacht Telegraph, may have made token appearence but in truth very little game time.
    However, Irwin, who had been in the 26 Mayo match day squad for their national leagues games this year, including the game against Cavan last Sunday, has been dropped without featuring in any of the matches.

  11. No full back, entirely dependent on a 33yr old full forward, a forlorn looking captain and an opposition who are the masters of the counter attacking blanket defense. The only way is ………up??!!

  12. Ontheditch, is the Connacht telegraph the official spokesperson for the Senior team. A list of players was announced after the FBD which were released back to their clubs. A similar list will be announced after the league. I will wait until the offical work comes from Mayogaa on players leaving the panel.

  13. For the record Liam Irwin brought on as a sub against roscommon in the 67 minute, so yeah, he got 3 minutes plus additional time!

  14. OnTheDitch da Connaught wouldn’t be da most reliable of papers and they say along with a number of other players but fails to name anymore!! IF it turns out to be true it’s a shame and a mistake imo.

  15. And no subs list have been announced for years going back as long as I can remember!! It would be nice to know but it’s not essential!! We have bigger issues than that I’m afraid!!

  16. I agree with you DJ if its true, Irwin is definitely a loss. A talented player, goal scorer, 45m free scorer and if he is not the most straightforward of characters, thats where the man management skills of our management team come in.

  17. The fact that no subs havent been announced doesnt make it right. To me its a pathetic service to Mayo supporters. And with emphasis on panel of players rather than the fifteen starters, it deprives us of healthy discussion around that panel. What exactly is the logic of not making the subs available to mayo supporters

  18. As usual players who don’t play are world beaters in this forum. If Liam Irwin is dropped is obviously because he wasn’t good enough at this moment in time. Conor loftus was touted for great things if he got a chance but I thought he was very poor (along with Many others admittedly) last week. There’s no conspiracy. If Irwin was that much of a standout player he’d have forced his way onto the field by now. He may well be a great player in future as hopefully will loftus, but obviously not ready now. I haven’t seen much of Irwin but I’ve felt he looks accurate but lacks pace at the very highest level. Management have made mistakes to be sure in terms of tactics this season but we have to trust them on this one.

  19. Lads read previous comments esecially those by the boss WJ.Obviously something going on!

  20. Seeing what happened to Seamus Coleman playing for his country tonight really puts sport into perspective. Best wishes to him and here’s hoping that he makes a full recovery.

    Best of luck to all involved with Mayo GAA teams at the weekend. There are a number of teams in action for us in the next couple of days. May they all give it their all and have no regrets by Sunday evening. That’s all we can ask for as supporters of the green and red.

  21. It’s not a big revelation that liam Irwin wasnt at the level to realistically impact at senior level yet. But lets wish him well and hope he mskes it in the future. In general i feel there is an unreistic burden of expectation being placed on the under 21’s. It takes time to get to the levels required and they desrve the chance to develop without the exprctation of being instsnt world beaters.

  22. lahanman, Donegal brought in a good few u21’s to their first team, it doesnt seem to be impacting them judging by their league position.

  23. Good to see barrett back…….dont understand persisting with keith at fb.At least Durcan back playing in position. I’ll be heading up to omagh but hard to see us getting anything out of this.

    Does anyone have any idea about whats happening with the Cairde Maigheo gear this year? No info anywhere…..

  24. Haven’t read the posts but I hope ye bring the fight to Tyrone. They are playing division 1 next year regardless and I so so sincerely hope that Mayo will be in the top tier as well.
    It’s strange but the most dangerous path is one that Mayo stand in when their backs are to the wall. I hope ye win but I hope more than that, if ye lose I hope that ye learn how to tear the blanket. Ye have two very difficult teams to play football against as they both set up in a manner that tends to nullify skil and when they close you down they are hard to deal with on the counter attack,, but there is great learning there for the months ahead !!
    The TY and DL pit crews are getting the results in February and March, the 2017 ticker tape is currently only in the design phase,, start saving the hotel money for at least August, it could be one of those years ,,

    Backs to the wall, who would like to meet ye,,,

  25. Players get in and out of panels. Irwin may get back in but more likely now it will be another year or 2 as he’ll be missing county training this year at a vital time. I’d guess management know what they’re doing. We heard something in the media a few weeks back that they were trying to get him up to county pace. They probably feel he hasn’t the conditioning for championship. If he plays very well for his club management may re-asses.

  26. As for the Tyrone game I don’t think we were as bad at all as some media claim in Cavan game and they played very well in the 2nd half. The scores by both teams were excellent. You could see the absolute wall of players Cavan had up and several Mayo players after scoring some sweet ones had a few more long range pops that didn’t work.. Keegan COS and Nally.
    That said I think we’ll need to really focus on our defense for the last 2 games. I think we need to focus on getting a full back setup that can cope with the likes of Geaney in FF as that’s the standard we’ll end up having to cope with later on in championship if we get that far. Keith was a bit loose and managed to force a few wides by not diving in but some of those wides would go over on another day.
    For me COS had his best game for Mayo, Boland good for 45 mins, Andy very accurate off his left foot too and midfield wasn’t beaten at all it’s just that McKiernan took his chances and positioned himself very well. We had something similar with Danny Kirby kicking some really excellent scores so it almost cancelled out and anyone who suggests Tom Parsons was beaten should look back at the video again, had a very high work rate and a few turnovers.

  27. The main difference was Cavan are totally enjoying their time in Div 1 whereas Mayo less inspired more looking at it as a job to do and so Cavan finished it like a championship game. Could see how delighted they were with the win. I don’t think any of the lads lacked in commitment, we scored plenty, just too open at the back. Stats say we’ve actually scored more than Dublin this league.
    As far as I’m concerned Management are working on a kicking game because that’s how you beat the 15 man defense, fast kick passes and long range shooting. It didn’t fully work and will be more balanced come championship but they are totally right to be working on it but in many cases the pass did stick so we are improving. Despite the loss I think it was our 2nd best performance as the Kerry game was more one of 2 halves against weaker opposition.
    Hoping the players view Tyrone and Donegal as cup games and go out with the attitude of really going for it as if their lives depended on it. Despite Boland doing well this league I think we need Keith Higgins named in the forward line and playing as sweeper and Kevin McLoughlin back to his ball stealing and more forward role. It’s not that Kevin didn’t do the job very well last year just that Keith for me is a better fit and becoming less suited to playing in the full back line though I didn’t like David Brady’s Tweet. With Barrett back we can try moving Keith out and one of Nally, Donie, Coen could be tried at full back. Diarmaid may lose his place to Conor OS who is looking now like a good player. I think Keith is too good a footballer and has too much pace to leave off the first 15 but we need the right role. Cillian and Conor Loftus were quiet the last day but I don’t think it was any lack of effort, the ball just didn’t seem to head their direction. In Loftus case maybe he wasn’t presenting the kind of target Andy does so the ball went to Andy far more often and that’s something to learn. The Cavan defensive setup presented a significant challenge. Regan is around a bit longer and may be better able to figure it out. Getting his chance again so hopefully the competition for that position will spur the competitors on.

  28. Shuffy Deck, Diarmuid O’Connor is suffering from a hamstring injury at the moment. Connor OShea has an awful lot to do if he is expected to take DOC’s place if DOC’s returns to his best. Seems to me that Danny Kirby is much nearer the mark, Connor OShea has been around the Mayo panel an awful long time, his performance’s to date have been less than stellar. Saying that, he was very good last Sunday, particularly in the first half. But he has had allot of chances and to my mind it was his best game yet for Mayo. But in any case, if DOC ‘s is close to his best hard to see anyone in this Mayo panel of replacing him,. But if you go on the evidence we see before our eyes, his older brother, Cillian could and maybe should be replaced until when and if he rediscovers his best form. I sincerely hope that the reports of Liam Irwin demise in the Mayo panel, turn out to be an exaggeration, we badly need inside forwards,. The Freezer’s departure in parallel with The Bear at the edge of the square, (if it turns out to be true?) both inside forward’s, both free taker’s deprive’s Mayo of much needed talent in an area of the field where we are already struggling!

  29. kop/Mayo 5 – you’re either drawing conclusions in the absence of the facts or else you do know the facts and you’re being disingenuous in what you’re posting. Either way, you’re out of order. My advice would be to inform yourself about the facts before posting again on this issue.

  30. Gremlins in the machine, Mac’s left boot – you’re not the only one this is happening to. Frustratingly, it’s happening to the wrong people all the time at the minute. Apologies!

  31. Just a quick question, how many people here have seen Liam Irwin play since the u21 final? He’ll have many years with Mayo but it won’t be this year nor should it be.

  32. Always been impressed with Nally even though he lacks a bit of pace but he’s a very good footballer. Surprised he isn’t getting more gametime

  33. Well said niall . . Seems like there are alot of people lining up to have a pop at Rochford. Maybe the end of the year would be the time to judge him and the lads

  34. Two young fellas that have made their way into the team the last year or so – Paddy and Diarmuid. They’ve done this because they’re really talented, committed players that can compete at the highest level. Young Coen too. I don’t feel there’s any conspiracy against individuals. Maybe there’s been a history of that going back but I don’t think so anymore. Young Irwin hasn’t been banished in disgrace either or told not to come back. Just for the foreseeable future he’s not part of the plan and in a few more weeks he’ll be joined by another gang that won’t be playing in the summer. It’s all part of the deal.

    I sincerely hope that Mayo skin them bucks in Omagh tomorrow and we can relax for a few weeks at least!!

  35. One of the harder things to do is drop lads from panel. The management team rather than just the manager would decide so I reckon they know what they’re doing regards Irwin. Regan has had a few years and they probably think he’s better equipped at this stage for 2017 championship football. Same with Loftus, been in there a bit longer than Irwin and more game time. Similar style player to Kirby who is getting games and scoring well though not sure he’s a championship pace midfielder, definitely could be very good as a roving FF. Nally looks like he can kick points too as well as being a good footballer though it hard to know where to play him. Centre back if we use sweeper but that’s only if moving an existing back into the forwards. Our poorest forward in last two games was Cillian who I think management should suggest he enjoy himself more on the pitch. If he’s still based in Jordanstown probably hard to motivate for the level of travelling early in the year. Maybe relieve him from captaincy as we have lots of leaders.

  36. Bitterly disappointed re Irwin if it’s true and I suspect it is. I have been watching him since he first joined Mayo underage development squads and I think he is the best pound for pound footballer in Mayo. Unfortunately despite Gaelic football being a much better spectacle than 30 years ago one of the downsides has been the emergence of the gym bunny as a player of substance.
    Like the u21 team today I suspect the team tomorrow will show some changes but I have a bad feeling for the league but remain confident for a good championship.

  37. If it’s a discipline issue, then that’s fine with me. If it’s not then I see no logic dropping a lad with the undoubted talent that Irwin has. Saw him play with his club and county since he was minor and am fully convinced he is good enough, both in open play and his free taking abilities. We are not blessed with forwards of his ability or if you want potential ability.
    Also I don’t see the logic in the oshea brothers playing full MW league games while their county needs them. Surely 20-30mins v Cavan would have been more beneficial for all concerned.

  38. We have seen Fergal Boland, an U21 player from last year, get plenty of game time so far in this league campaign. It could be argued that after Andy Moran, he has probably been our most consistent forward. So he must be doing something right that other players aren’t doing.

    Best of luck to involved with our minor, U21 and ladies team today.

  39. Loftus dropped from the 15 and Irwin gone from the panel. Hopefully its all smoke and mirrors and we see the pair of them take down Tyrone tomorrow.

    Also hope our players are well prepared for the sledging they will face tomorrow and how to react / not react to it.

    Along with spitting, pinching, punching, dragging, choke tackling, pulling hair, scratching, gouging and even the odd bit of attractive football which they might encounter.

  40. Get to Tuam today. 5 pm start with the curtain raiser a minor league game between us and Galway. Galway’s two corner forwards are from their minor team of 2016.

  41. I expect Loftus will see time. Irwin may indeed.have the talent Corner Back speaks about but have to say I trust the management. I’m sure they have their reasons and just because a lad dropped doesn’t mean no door back. It’s possible for a lad to be very good at lower and mid level but find the top level difficult to compete in. Any weaknesses are found out. Only those inside the panel and team and the player himself know. He’s plenty young enough to add lots to Mayo football.

  42. Re Irwin if its a discipline issue, then I for one expect the management to have the skills to deal with it without the player walking away as has happened in the past.
    As regards being ready for senior football, I would always have regarded Irwin as one of the more physical of our u21 and one who would make the transgression to senior level fairly seamlessly. Also with u21 and senior club like breaffy he would not be short of S and C.

  43. Disapointed for Irwin not sure why he was dropped but if he really wants to play for Mayo he’ll put down the head get fit and come again. We really are short of talent In the forwards could have done with him anyway good luck to the U21 lads today we could be seeing a lot of them on the Mayo panel next year.

  44. Mayo u21 subs.
    Scott Kilker
    Jason Forkan
    Seamus Cunniffe
    Gerard Holian
    Tj Byrne
    Ryan ODonoghue
    Fionn McDonagh
    Colm Moran
    Jordan Flynn

  45. I might be going Sean Burke Will you make the sandwiches and give me green for diesel ? 🙂

  46. Is that money for diesel or will I bring a drum of green diesel with me ?

    Anyway if you’re serious I will most certainly give you money towards juice , ill get ya a breakfast roll though rather than make ya a sandwich .haha. 089 415 5894 if you’re serious give me a text

  47. Well beaten in the 21’s. 2-13 to 1-10.

    Peter Cooke destroyed us in the middle.

    The 6 point win flattered us and anyone who was here in Tuam will agree.

    No fluency in our play, laboured moving forward.

  48. Congrats to the Mayo ladies on beating Dublin 1-10 to 1-09 in Croke Park. Hard luck to the U21s and Minors on losing to Galway in Tuam.

  49. One point win for the ladies in Croke Park against Dublin. We were five or six up at one stage, were reeled back in to leave it level but managed to snatch the win with a late point. Gutsy performance!

  50. If we take a snapshot of the past 5 years at u21, we’ve been fairly poor with the exception of the glorious flash in the pan last year. Otherwise it’s a worrying trend and one many have not given much heed to due to our relatively successful senior team throughout this period. Let Mayo supporters be sure, our dominance at senior in Connacht is going to be really tested. We’ve struggled to bring players through, particularly in attack where apart from Diarmuid O’C we’ve had no new player make a significant breakthrough.

    Here’s hoping we can win a minor this year to stop Galway getting 3 in a row. Going on today’s game in Tuam we’ve our work cut out.

    Mayo need to get the conveyor belt at underage up and running again..with immediate effect!

  51. We could be entering a difficult few years. Il reserve judgement until the summer on our enjoy side but if it does not go well we are done for.

  52. Not surprised with the result. Too much talking up of average young players on various outlets compared to Galway who have been quietly working away at developing some serious footballing talent over the past few years. The table is turning and soon. Between 2004 and 2010 we were consistently competing at a high level nationally at either U21 or minor and through this period seen some excellent players come through the grades who have formed our present senior squad. But that conveyor belt has become more sporadic in recent years with the exception of 2013 minors and last years successful U21’s. Galway have become much stronger of late at these grades which will fuel their overtaking of us as the kings of Connacht over the next 5-6 years.

  53. Minors will improve. Full strength Galway team, Mayo minus Ballinrobe Community school contingent, 6 key players from what I hear…all to play for.
    U21s well beaten. Disappointing, just didn’t fire.

  54. Defensively we are OK for the next few years at senior, we’ve no shortage of defenders but it’s upfront that’s worrying and at midfield. Diarmuid will likely be deployed there. But we could do with him up front too!

    Anyway, a very disappointing day in Tuam. We weren’t at the races.

  55. You said it ’45. Far too much talking up of average players.

    It’s crucial that we win minor and win a couple of underage provincial titles over the coming years.

  56. Still no news of subs bench for tomorrow? I cant see how we can create goal chances without a physical ball winner in the full forward line. Our scoring chances will be confined to kicking long range points. Looks to me like the ideal game to give Kirby a twist at full forward. Donie could do midfield.

  57. Dubs mixing short hand passing game with very accurate foot passing. Some lovel points taken from acute angles. Roscommon not looking all that bad either…. definitely the playing field in connacht is levelling up.

  58. I fear when the Super 8 kicks in we will no longer be super and may not make the last 8 That would be such a pity. No doubt we will look back then on the fantastic team we had between 2011 and now for all the wonderful days they gave us. Fact is so few guys are coming through to bolster the older lads. We talk up some young lads as if they were brilliant and bemoan the fact that another lad was cut from the panel . If these guys are as good as some make them out then surely they would have got more game time and allow the likes of Keith Andy and Boyler a bit of a rest in the league. Winning the monor in 2013 and U21 last year was brilliant, but the fact is that over the last 6 or 7 years its Galway and to a lesser extent Roscommon who have produced the better underage talent. It will filter through to the seniors.

  59. Its true we have not exactly got a conveyor belt of players coming through for us but its hard to make sense of our campaign to date. We have some half decent young lads who are just getting very limited opportunities. Adam Gallagher looked comparable to michael Daly in FBD. We havent seen him in A mayo jersey. And there are others. Instead we have persevered with tried and trusted players, who look tired or havent the apetite for football at this time.

  60. Super 8s? are you well in the head. did you see 2.29 scored by dublin tonight? I cannot understand how nobody is asking questions as to how this level of fitness is possible for an amateur game.
    From the outside looking in, its so lopsided that its beyond funny.

  61. 45 Your lads have not won a senior championship game in Croke Park since the time of the Rad Indians, what a load of HS

  62. Liam Irwin is in danger of being turned into a player of Ciaran McDonald levels on this and other forums due to his abscence form the squad !
    We are not blessed with many forward options so if he was ready he would be there . When he is he will be ! There is obviously something holding his progress back and it’s not the manager

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