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As I mentioned in the comments last night, the site is about to hit another milestone at some point today when the cumulative hits total goes over the two million mark. The one million level was reached in early April last year but the team’s run to the All-Ireland final and the generally higher profile in recent times of everything related to #mayogaa has seen the graph rise remorselessly since. At the minute, the total stands at 1,966,664 so it could smash through the 2 million barrier sometime in the early afternoon today.

As I also mentioned last night, yesterday saw the daily hit count record smashed to smithereens as well. The previous high-water mark of just over 7,000 was recorded on September 3rd last year – the day after we’d downed the Dubs in the All-Ireland semi-final – but yesterday saw a surge like nothing I’ve ever seen before with the daily count ending up at a staggering 9,845. I think it’s fair to conclude that this means there’s more than a little interest out there at the moment in Sunday’s rematch with Donegal.

And that, really, is the whole message behind these numbers – the surge in traffic on the site and all the increased activity here in terms of comment and debate and all that is just a reflection of the heights that James and the lads have brought the county side to by all their hard work and endeavour over the last few years. Hopefully their graph will continue to rise and, as it does, the site looks set to continue trotting along in their impressive wake. Onwards and upwards and all that.

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  1. “is just a reflection of the heights that James and the lads have brought the county side to by all their hard work and endeavour over the last few years.”

    While that is certainly true, I think part of the success of this site is due also to the high quality of the articles posted here. Well done WJ.

  2. It’s an excellent blog maintained meticulously by its owner. It has become an invaluable resource to all followers of the green and red, particularly those based outside the county or abroad.

    It’s my first port of call for pre and post match debate. Would actually be lost without it!

  3. Well done and congratulations WJ. The site is a credit to you and is a one stop shop for information, informed debate and intelligent discussion about all things Mayo GAA. I am a relative new-comer as a contributor to this web-site but I always “peeked in” before I gave in to the temptation to have my say and conceeded defeat in my one-man battle against the blog culture.
    There are blogs and there are blogs and then there is mayogaablog.

  4. Congrats on some amazing figures. Starting reading last May and have been ever since. Hats off WJ

  5. That’s pretty impressive to be fair.Well done.Im surprised GAA affiliated companies haven’t being on to run advertising on the site:)

  6. Well done Willie Joe! An excellent blog, that is well managed and provides a fantastic outlet for starving Mayo fans. And, as I mentioned before, your archive is building into a very impressive resource for on line research.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the blog enthusiasm and volume was replicated in Croker on Sunday with proportionate numbers and volume coming from all corners of the ground? I hope Mayo supporters habit of skipping the quarters doesn’t continue this year. We really need to out yell Donegal

  7. Congrats Willy Joe, very good site. I missed out on the 1/4 finals last year, but I will be leaving Achill on Sunday morning to cheer on our lads, I hope we will outnumber the Donegal fans this time, Andy asked all Mayo fans to come to Croke Park and support them. We can do it. Maigh Eo Abu!!!

  8. Well done WJ for a great site. This site is well managed and maintained that is the secret for your success.

  9. The population of Mayo is 130k, this means on average, every man, woman & child in mayo have visited your site 15 times.

    Sorry about that, it’s the bean counter in me.

    Maigh Eo abu

  10. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I’ve had a good few approaches, Mayomaningalway, about advertising (though not many from specific GAA-related ones) but it’s not something I want on the site, to be honest, as I think it’d clutter the place up too much for little return.

  11. I like your principles WJ. Giving big business the two fingers and stickin’ it to the man!
    Anyone know if our lads are due for training this evening in MACHale Park? At a loose end this evening and would go up for a gawk if they were.
    Sad or what?

  12. Congrats WJ on a brilliant site. A site by the Mayo fans, for the Mayo fans! Fair play to ya re. Advertising. The site has come some way since i first found it back in early 2007!

  13. Well done WJ.
    As I’ve mentioned before, this site is invaluable to us Mayo folk in exile.

    I hope you have a contingency plan in place for this site, think what it’ll be like when we finally win the fecking thing…

    Especially love coming on here the week before a big game, really adds to the build up and gets the nerves going early.

  14. A fantastic site WJ , congrats on the 2 million mark.
    More power to you boy..
    This is the year.

  15. Just gone over the 2 million cumulative hit mark on the site. However, in deference to all those sensitive souls from Donegal, that’s the last mention of hits I’ll be making this side of Sunday.

  16. Well if my post above happened to be the 2 millionth, I’d fully expect a prize of some sort WJ.

    Maybe one of those ‘half and half’ county jersey’s they’re now selling, one half Mayo the other Donegal. Something to show the mutual love-in that currently exists between us both.
    Or a nice t-shirt with Saint Jimmy’s face on it, preferably with obligatory halo.
    Or maybe a copy of the current rulebook, not the regular one though, I mean the one ref’s tend to use for Donegal.

  17. Congrats WJ , wonderful site , I visit almost every day and several times a day when we have a big match coming up. Couldn’t live without it now , don’t know I managed in the past. I have often thought we will have to take a week off when we win Sam , just to keep up with all the great comments.
    Well done.

  18. The interest in and activity on this site is testament to the huge investment in personal time that you must put in to maintaining this blog WJ – not to mention the insightful, thought provoking and passionate writing in your posts. There’s nothing more that I enjoy after a long hard days work than to escape into the world of Mayo GAA every evening reading the various posts and comments and diverse opinions on this site. Love it !!

  19. Just to add my sincere congrats WJ…….It’s a great site and long may it continue…..I’m an everyday logger-inner for at least the past year and a half and the Mayo vibe is a joy to behold…..utterly pure “ethnic” Mayo camaraderie online !…..and we’ll considered observations and debates……..always absorbing and definitely great for raising the adrenalin and raising the hairs on the neck in advance of advance of our many Croker outings !

    A couple of points…
    – there’s no other County site/blog I can find that matches the quality of this site
    – Lovely layout and well administered and maintained…always
    – brilliant archival material and professional photos
    – it obviously takes a lot of your time to keep this going to the high standard of presentation etc and again a sincere Thank you for that

  20. Fantastic site, as an exile, have to check in every night and keep up with all that’s Mayo.
    Can’t wait for WJ’s heading ‘We’ve done it’ and see the count go into orbit.
    Thanks and the very best WJ.

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