Two months and counting

It’s exactly two months to the date until the competitive inter-county action, in the form of the 2008 NFL, gets underway again. For the purposes of making this point, I’m ignoring the FBD League, which is only a warm-up job with many of the lads playing for whichever third-level institution they’re diligently attending.

So it’s only sixty-two days before the team trots out under the lights up in Derry and, what with Christmas and all that in between (Q: What will we not feel till Christmas? A: It, i.e. “we won’t feel it till Christmas”. Ah yes, the old ones are the best, aren’t they?), we’ll be back in the thick of it before you could say ahforfuckssakerefyahfuckinbollixyah or some other such cheery match-related ditty.

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