Two more years for James

There’s been a fair bit of loose talk over the last 48 hours or so about James Horan’s position as manager and his relations with the County Board and so the following statement, issued a short while ago by the County Board, is worth quoting in full:

Following a very productive meeting last night with the Mayo Senior Football Manager, it has been unanimously decided to recommend to the Coiste Banistí of Mayo G.A.A. that James Horan be given a 2-year extension to his 3-year term contract. This recommendation will go before next Monday nights County Board Meeting.

Despite UNCONFIRMED and UNWARRANTED reports earlier this week, the Mayo Senior Football Team Manager and Mayo County Board have always had and will continue to have a very good working relationship. Mayo County Board along with the Mayo Senior Football Management are committed to ensuring that the Mayo Senior Footballers receive the best available resources and facilities in order to help them fulfil their full potential.

The Mayo Senior Team under the management of James Horan have made tremendous progress in the last 2 years. Mayo County Board are delighted to have a manager of the calibre that is James Horan and remain extremely confident that this team will realise their ultimate goal in the very near future.

I’m going to resist the temptation, difficult though it is to do so, to say “I told you so”. This was always, to my mind, no more than a storm in a teacup and I’m not in the least bit surprised that the outcome hasn’t turned out to be the kind of Armageddon one that some were confidently predicting would happen.

It’s obviously great news, in particular the part about the two-year extension to James’ term. We’ve made enormous progress since James was appointed just over two years ago and the potential is clearly there to go further. The knowledge that James is being offered the opportunity to continue at the helm for an extended period is obviously very, very good news as is the County Board’s commitment that the best available resources will be made available to James and the lads as they seek to fulfil the dream we all share of seeing the county reclaim Sam once more.

Now that this issue has been resolved (or will be once it’s been definitively confirmed that James is staying on for the extended term), it’s time to move ahead and start thinking about the future and, in particular, what 2013 might hold for us. You’d never know, at this rate they might even let us back into the FBD!

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  1. A few positives from this namely 1) Extending the contract for two years will ensure the continuity required to hopefully build on what has been great progress todate.
    2) Good to see that Horan & Co are planning for next year already a mere two weeks after the AIF which is what you expect from an ambitious management team.

    As for the mini-spat over Hotel accomodation in Dublin, the Mayo team should be staying outside of the City Centre. There are plenty of Hotels with excellent training facilities within 30 mins of the City Centre, dare I mention Carton House in Maynooth which has top class facilities, it comes at a price BUT you get what you pay for.

    However all will be in vain unless we can get two new natural forwards onto the panel, we have coverage in almost all other positions but why do you think Alan D was not substituted in the AIF ?, there was simply no better forward sitting on the bench …..

    And while it kills me to quote a P. Spillane ‘ Forwards win matches’ it has to be addressed before the League kicks off so we have more forward options. Roll on Feb. and Kerry.

  2. I think its great news the county board are offering JH a two yr extenion but it must be remembered JH has to accept.. The issues that were obviously leaked to the media yesterday by someone on JH’s side could be all about covering face or a power struggle. Its possible he might be stepping down as coca cola mightnt be prepared to be so accomodating going forward. Also it must be noted that 2 selectors left the management team last year along with cian o neill this year with jimmy nallen rumoured to be stepping down. is it reasonable that Jh is power hingry and nobody can work with him? finally, I think Jh is fronting a power struggle between the county board and a few former dublin supporters club members who were supposed to be in charge of logistics this year. There were a few statements issued by the dublin side that wouldnt have pleased many in mayo county board. Finally i hope a bit of cope on prevails and james horan rains in charge and hopefully we progress and win Sam.

  3. So there’s water at the bottom of the ocean! Jeez..
    Agree magic, it’s up to Horan, no word on whether he accepted the offer.

  4. So none the wiser.. the County board were hardly going to come out with negative statement against Horan were they? James wants alot of change if think it’s not going to happen he may decide to leave.

  5. Great news for the team. As Willie Joe said from the start much ado about nothing. We are all a bit tetchy after loosing the AI. In fact the county board deserve praise for their handling of affairs. Most clubs were delighted with their ticket allocations. Receiving more than ever before. They have a mountain of debt to deal with and the AI was an opportunity to fundraise. They now have a few quid in the bank to give them breathing space. I mean what do lads expect, it’s so easy to bitch and moan.

    Let’s give James the space and resources he needs to land the big AI fish.

  6. Samuel – I’ve deleted that comment of yours due to the fact that it led off with a personal insult aimed at me, one that I resent and refute utterly. I would have thought that someone like you, who has been commenting on the site for a long time, would have the cop-on to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t when commenting here. Clearly this isn’t the case.

  7. Jeez Willie Joe, you have put me on the spot here. My old mate Samuel whom I soldiered with for many years has had the hurley pulled across his shins. Like myself old Samuel has indeed being commenting on this excellent site for a long time and the attraction is that its a site about our great county and its engrossing team. I always felt that it was and hopefully remains a place where we can express our own and honest and deepest feelings about our native land.

    I missed what Samuel said nor do I wish to see it but I suppose the site has become a go to place for us all and attracts diverse opinion. I am sure Ann Harris of the Sunday Independent would not agree with everything Gene Kerrigan says but he still pens his column that attracts the likes of myself, those that dwell on the margins of minor rebellion and insane ennui.

    The story in Donegal, indeed the only story was before the all Ireland. It was about where the big cup would come to first, Donegal Town or Letterkenny. Nothing else has emanated from up there. We , however have been unable to kick the traces free since the big day. Whether that’s a hangover from losing to a team that I personally believed we should have beaten or whether its a hangover from internal dissent is a moot point.

    I would disagree with you about loose talk. Someone somewhere close to the Mayo manager felt that all was not well. That’s not loose talk, that’s factual, trivial and much ado about nothing but definitely not loose talk. That journalists with impeccable reputations sniffed it out cannot be denied.

    All is well for now. I am at a loss as to why the county board statement felt the need to big print two words i.e UNCONFIRMED and UNWARRANTED. It wouldn’t take Einstein to unravel the first one and the second big printed one is a matter of personal opinion. I am reminded about the last manager given a three year extension in Mayo, he lasted 10 months. My wish is for James Horan to see out and finish once and for all this damn journey many of us have been on for too long.

    That journey will throw up all sorts of comments and opinions. The glory of this site, the reason that this site became a roaring success was because that opinion was allowed to breath air, be digested and then pass away. Again I am at a loss as to what Samuel said but I do know the man, anytime I met him at Mayo matches he had in his charge a gang of kids from the next generation, showing them the ropes of what lay ahead, a loyal clubman.

    Many other sites have disintegrated from hit and run tactics. This one never attracted that type of person. I myself have had praise and had to defend my patch here on occasion. I found it enjoyable and overwhelming at times but that’s what made the site. I am sure Willie Joe that perhaps on reflection and taking into account Samuels undoubted loyalty to the cause, that you might see how big your site has grown, how it has thrived and with that goes issues and territory that you may take umbrage with but still have to swallow.

    I am certain that this site almost regulates itself and if Samuel or indeed as I myself found out in August, the contributors will quickly give a verdict either damning Samuel or taking issue with my comments. Again as I said I find myself on tricky ground here. I have had great relationships with both of you and it is easier to say nowt but unfortunately whilst Leonard Cohen was born with the gift of a golden voice, I was born with a big mouth.

    Put bluntly WJ, I think you are bigger and bolder and stronger than you give yourself credit for. The site is healthy and thriving and can take, digest and cast a verdict on all reasonable contributors. Sam said what he said whatever that was, let it compost itself, its only an opinion and more will come and go. Take it as a tribute to the verbosity, independence and energy of

  8. John Paul in his piece above appears to be away off the mark. James Horan is well able to look after himself and HE gets the team that he wants to have with him whether they are for carrying the jersies or being the doctor. It is unfair to say that the logistics person is the cause of any animosity between the Board and James. That is dangerous Willie Joe.

  9. glad to hear he has been given a good extension. to be fair its easy to see why he would be annoyed by the accomodation thing in dublin, having a settled place where the team is familiar with would only be a good thing.
    James Horan should be the one with the final say on where to stay after the money side has been cleared by the county board.
    Sometimes I wonder about us Mayo folk, here we are, with one of the best teams we have ever had and all we hear is nonsense about hotels and training grounds.
    Mayo should have their hotel and stick to it, and the training ground should be set up and left to horan and his players to prepare themselves, also, the main pitch should be kept solely for games with weather we get.

  10. Very sensitive souls in Mayo, always were always will be. “Much ado about nothing” but still getting hot and bothered all the same. This will not stop until Mayo win the ultimate prize, anything less is failure, its a hell of a burden to carry around. You will let me know when the lambs stop screaming Mayo Gaa Bloggers?
    John why on earth do you think Mayo should have beaten Donegal? I watched the game with a slight preference for Mayo to win, (as I am married in Donegal I would nort wish any ill will towards these good skins) after 10mins I had to watch it from behind the couch, such was the potential massacre that was unfolding. Truth is Donegal switched off a bit, Mayo to their credit came back a bit, but Donegal were always in control. Mayo are in my opinion still a bit behind Donegal, Cork, Kerry and probably even Dublin. To get to an All Ireland final Mayo had only to beat Dublin, Donegal on the other hand had to negotiate the usual landmines in Ulster as well as putting Kerry and Cork to the sword, they did all of that with great aplomb. So John and some other Mayo bloggers I don’t know if this is delusion or showing a natural biased loyalty towards your county, the latter I can probably forgive you guys for. Take care and leave the bitching to the ladies and ladettes.

  11. John – I’m not going to dwell on the incident but just to repeat that it was a personal insult aimed at me and, for obvious reasons, I’m not going to allow anyone – regardless of who they are, what their bona fides might be or how long they’ve been commenting on here – to use the site for this purpose. Samuel is of course welcome to keep posting comments, with the simple caveat that they’re at all times within the house rules. That’s really all there is to it.

    PJ – I don’t necessarily endorse John Paul’s theory on what’s been happening but it’s only one of many to have been posted on here over the last few days. Strangely, none of the other theories have been called out by anyone yet! Incidentally, John Paul doesn’t make any reference – as you do – to a “logistics person” and neither does he claim that any such person “is the cause of any animosity between the Board and James”. As a result, I think perhaps you might need to examine your own paraphrasing before accusing others of making incendiary remarks.

    James – thanks, as ever, for your frank, external input. It’s always good to hear voices from outside, especially when the debate starts to get fraught. I wouldn’t agree wholly with your assessment of where we are but I can see where you’re coming from. Surely, though, the fact that we beat the Dubs in the All-Ireland semi-final means we deserve to be ranked above them at this point in time?

  12. James Joyce “This will not stop until Mayo win the ultimate prize, anything less is failure, its a hell of a burden to carry around.” this much is true and in hindsight we probably looked at another All Ireland final defeat with too many positive vibes. Some think we’ll be back in another All Ireland final soon enough however in 1997 the same would be said but we had to wait 7 years for another final.

  13. Willie Joe. I’m no English Scholar but at the same time my paraphrasing is o’k, to my mind.

    Secondly [Deleted – WJ]

  14. 1997 was really the one that got away, on paper Mayo had a much better side than Kerry. All the other finals Mayo’s opposition would have started favourites.
    Next years odds with PP for All Ireland Donegal 10/3, Cork 7/2, Dublin & Kerry 4/1, Mayo 11/1 ie its not just me that thinks Dublin are better (slightly imo) the market does to. Mayo have also developed a complex about finals, finding a solution to that is not easy. Our club neighbours Clan could bate any other club team in an all ireland semi final however they were beat out the gate in four finals in a row. The head is a strange place.

  15. PJ – as regards your paraphrasing, I think it’s far from okay. As regards your second point, you’re well out of line and I’ve deleted it. Please don’t test my patience with this kind of nonsense in future.

  16. Willie Joe – Delete this too. You don’t like the truth. It is bitter you know. You and I are now parting because of you not liking the truth. Publish all or nothing – no in between . You will survive without me . Bias is not good. Good luck!

  17. James Joyce save us your tired opinions. We dont need to hear this rubbish about what you think. Its not worth reading and quite boring. Give it a rest and save your expert views on your own 2nd Division team.

  18. Remember51 – I disagree completely. James is more than welcome to provide an outsider’s view on where we’re at and we should be big enough to take it in the spirit it’s being given. And Remember51 you’d do well to remember that there are rules about commenting here, ones that precludes aiming personal insults at other posters. Please bear in mind for future reference.

  19. Actually PJ I’m not going to delete this one as it’s worth an airing just to show others the kind of rubbish I’m increasingly having to put up with from people like you. I’ve no problem with the truth and I think my track record on here over the past six years in creating and developing this site as a resource for genuine Mayo supporters bears that out. What I do have a problem with – one that’s increasingly come to light over the last 12 months or so – is the inability of an increasingly vocal and strident minority to accept that there may be more than one side to certain stories and I think it’s no coincidence that it’s those who believe there is only one version of events (i.e. theirs) also tend to be the ones who then resort to the kind of half-witted insults that you and others have attempted to post here of late.

    For the record, I’ve never had any problem publishing whatever gets posted on here, providing it’s within the bounds of acceptability. That continues to be the case but I’ll never make any apology for refusing to allow others to use a facility I myself have created to post lazy-minded insults at me or other posters. This has nothing to do with bias and it betrays a rather staggering degree of unjustified entitlement to view it as such.

    It goes without saying that you’re still welcome to post here in the future, providing what you post is of an acceptable nature and conforms to the same rules that apply to everyone else who does so.

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