Two more years for Johnno?

Those well-informed lads on are saying that the County Board decided the other night to give Johnno another two years – on top of the one to come, like – prowling the sideline in his bainisteoir’s bib.  This story hasn’t yet been picked up by what the Yanks call the MSM but I suppose that’s because all the GAA journos have fucked off to Australia to watch the on-field boxing.  Assuming that the story is accurate – and I’ve no reason to conclude otherwise as the lads on the board know their stuff and are well able to interpret the jungle drums – this development, while in one sense a bewilderingly unnecessary vote of confidence for an underachieving regime, shouldn’t really come as any surprise.

It could even be argued that there’s some logic to the decision as, with only one year left to his tenure, Johnno might otherwise be perceived (in particular by the players) as a lame duck.  (Well, as the saying goes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …)  Personally, I don’t think that argument holds water – Pat O’Shea was on a two-year deal with Kerry and there wasn’t any word about his position till after the All-Ireland and I think it’s generally the case that any discussion about a manager’s future plans only starts once his team is knocked out of the Championship.  Instead, the contract extension handed out by the County Board has, as one of the lads on the board has already pointed out, more of a whiff of Eddie O’Sullivan and the IRFU about it.

In any event, I don’t think that this development alters things fundamentally for us next year.  If we have a third year of abject failure under Johnno, I can’t see how he can credibly continue on into 2010, regardless of what his tenure is.  I mean, the County Board couldn’t possibly stand over him if he presides over another year without a Connacht title and a tame exit in the qualifiers … or could they?

14 thoughts on “Two more years for Johnno?

  1. Cop on Willie Joe.

    Your continued rumblings about current management are totally unnecessary and unhelpful at this time. The last thing we need at this time is misguided commentary regarding our current situation. Let the man get on with his work, his record stands up against any manager in any era.

    Do you want to run him out of the county again?

    Would you like to see him in charge of any other county?

  2. I fully accept that Johnno’s record elsewhere is a good one (as was his first with us) but his most recent tenure with us has been a huge disappointment and is one which raises valid questions about whether or not he’s the right man to lead us into the future. Given his poor record of the past two seasons (with just two Championship wins, against Cavan and Sligo), I think it would have been reasonable to see how next season went before extending his term any further.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be too bothered if he did up sticks and I’d be equally nonplussed if he got appointed somewhere else, although I suspect that Leinster House is the only place that matters for him now.

  3. That’s a bit of a pointless question, don’t you think, given the County Board’s decision?

  4. Have to agree with WJ on this one. I couldn’t care less about JOM’s record over the years, all I’m concerned with is his recent record with us. And it’s not good.
    Clearly he hasn’t just become a bad manager overnight, so of course it’s worth perservering with him. But you do wonder how much of his focus is on the Mayo team since his election win.

    Next year will tell us everything. Let’s hope he proves his doubters wrong and then remains in charge of a successful Mayo team for the next 10 years.

  5. Well given the fact that you want him out surely you have someone lined up to replace him?

    Not to compare JOM with Brian Kerr but when the FAI gave him the boot who did they have in line to replace him? No one. And look what happened subsequently.

    I accept his record hasnt been too wonderful the past 2 years but I feel Mayo would be making a mistake to get rid of him.

  6. I didn’t say I wanted him out, I just said I wouldn’t be too bothered if he did decide to go. He was always going to be there in 2009 so the question of who replaces him is a moot one for now.

    Given our lack of progress under Johnno this time round, you could replace him with any one of a number of candidates – even someone with no experience – and still expect the new appointee to do as well. However, as I’ve said, the question of who replaces him only arises when there’s a vacancy and there’s no sign of that happening anytime soon.

  7. Look it, JOM has another year so we’ll all be behind him next year. It’s us winning the AI that matters, not any one individual.
    But it must be clear that he is under pressure to deliver. In my mind we were the 2nd best team in Ireland during 2004-2006. We’ve fallen significantly since then. JOM has to shoulder some of the responsibility.
    Mickey Harte was under pressure this year after delivering 2 All-Irelands, so we all know that JOM will be under scrutiny next year. But as always, he and his team will have our complete support.

  8. Hear, hear, Dan. That’s the last I’ll say on the matter till after our Championship campaign next year.

  9. A number of things need to be noted. O Mahoney should be left to finish his year. Then a review can take place . This type of bull occured in 2004 when Maughan was given three years after a dismal All Ireland. By Aug the following year he was gone. As for who might replace him?, hopefully he will do what he was asked to do and the need to replace him will not arise. However the one thing we dont lack is credible replacements. Any combo from Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly, Peter Forde, John P Kean and Kevin McStay. A rising star is Ray Dempsy. We , thankfully are not dependent on O Mahoney and personally speaking another year of the tripe served up over the last two will finish a lot of us off. By the way on O Mahoneys first coming he had four years failing to win a Connacht title in his last two, add that on to his last two years we note we have only a handful of championship wins with him i.e 1990/91/07/08. That does not auger well. Forget what he did in Galway, different players, different mentalities. I am concerned only with Mayo and am personally sick of rebuilding bull and lowered expectations. One more year and a review.

  10. I think that you are all missing the point of the two extra years for Johnno. It is really not about football atall it is about the next election. Two extra years will just bring him up to the election. He can then do what he did the last time and visit all the club dinners ect. and get his photo in all the local papers every week. Then when he has everyone working for him he will do what he did the last time with the team and that is what everyone knows a big FECK ALL. “The old Akamore man”

  11. The notion of ‘giving’ him two more years is ridiculous as there can be no contract between County board and JOM, just verbal agreements and we know they are not worth the paper they are written on. So the announcement by the county board is totally irrelevant. Watch it being torn up if it suits them next year.

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