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Tyrone named their team and subs for Sunday a bit earlier on tonight. Here are the full details:

Tyrone (NFL Division One v Mayo, 8/2/2015): Niall Morgan (Edendork); Aidan McRory (Errigal Chiarain), Ronan McNamee (Aghyaran), Cathal McCarron (Dromore); Ronan McNabb (Dromore), Mattie Donnelly (Trillick), Peter Harte (Errigal Ciaran); Colm Cavanagh (Moy), Padraig McNulty (Dungannon); Tiernan McCann (Killyclogher), Ronan O’Neill (Omagh), Peter Hughes (Eskra); Darren McCurry (Edendork), Sean Cavanagh (Moy), Niall McKenna (Donaghmore). Subs: Michael O’Neill (Clonoe), Rory Brennan (Trillick), PJ Lavery (Clonoe), Connor McAliskey (Clonoe), Danny McBride (Strabane), Conall McCann (Killyclogher), Shay McGuigan (Ardboe), Emmett McKenna (Eaglais), Ryan McKenna (Eaglais), Justin McMahon (Omagh), Cathal McShane (Owen Roe O’Neills).

Mickey Harte largely keeps faith with the side that suffered a seven points reversal at the hands of Monaghan at Healy Park on Saturday night. There are only two changes to their starting line-up, with Peter Harte coming in at wing-back instead of Barry Tierney while Tiernan McCann replaces PJ Lavery at wing-forward.

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  1. If we can keep Harte hassled and try turn him over every time he gets on ball same for Sean Cavanagh.No reason why we cannot win 2 from 2 if we put in a solid performance.

  2. Sean Cavanagh will give Kevin a real solid test. It’ll be a interesting dual and one which I hope Kevin will pass provided he plays.
    Can still see them playing a sweeper, regardless of what some people say we have struggled against it. Tyrone used it last time in Cbar and Roscommon used it last year. We lost the first game and narrowly won the second.
    It’ll be a good test, a big step up from last week and should give us an idea of how the new management deal with negative tactics.
    Cant wait.

  3. Why do different Mayo managements always b*****k around with naming the teams?Kerry,Tyrone,Derry all name theirs tonight but Mayo must wait til tomorrow(paperwork again maybe).It might be only league but the same thing goes on with them every year in championship.Everyone in Mayo and Kerry knew Alan Freeman was starting last years semi but not officially named til 5 mins before throw in, even when we played Cavan in qualifiers years ago a dummy team was named and everyone knew who would start or the Chris Barret/Keith Higgins fiaso from 2 year ago.Maybe other teams do it ,it just seems to me Mayo are trying to be smart but have a serious leak in their camp.

  4. Decent Tyrone team. considering last weeks results against Monaghan, can’t see them being as bad again. I’m sure they’ll keep it tight, try and frustrate us playing an Ulster style defensive game. We should learn plenty from this especially considering there are 4 Ulster teams in Div. 1 this is an important game from that perspective. Have to agree with St Pats Oldie, big step up for Kevin Keane if Cavanagh stays in. Looking forward to it.

  5. Agree with greenandredblood on this one. Name it late, name it wrong, name no subs seems to be a County Board policy – consistent for a long time now, though I do seem to remember O’Mahony’s 1989 final team being named the Sunday before the match! But isn’t this behaviour now outlawed?

    On a different note – and Willie Joe mentioned this – looked at the Laochra Gael programme tonight on Liam McHale (TG4 Player). Bloody good. Some monumental fielding, but frustrating in the telescoping of so much of his career. Still, great memories including that one handed catch against Tyrone in ’89.

  6. People need to chill regards when the management name the team…so long as the right team starts come throw in that’s the main thing….look at premier league teams naming their side one hour prior to kick off…

  7. Cavanagh at full forward will be a big & welcome test for Kevin Keane. Kevin was great the last day and this will represent a further step up in class. Cavanagh is class & Kevin will need to be all over him like a rash to prevent him carrying on his left before turning back in on his right to score. Every faith Kevin can do it. Up Mayo.

  8. Presumably it will be named on Friday because that’s when they have their final training session before the match? We don’t have the luxury of having all of our players resident in the county during the week.

  9. What’s the big deal about when the team is named? Thursday, Friday or Saturday doesn’t matter a toss. There might be niggles and knocks in certain players that management may not be sure will be cleared up in time to play, so they might be giving those players as much time as possible to be fit before they name their team. Remember, that fabled corner forward of ours for years, A.N. Other? Well he can no longer be named so management need to be a litlle surer of their starting 15.
    As for naming the bench?, there has been a tightening of the rules regarding matching jersey numbers and names that appear on the match program. If the two don’t tally, or if a name not appearing on the program takes to the pitch in another players number, the game can be forfeited and the points lost.
    These might not answer all the queries but they are some of the protocols that management must be aware of when naming their side.
    The team will be named soon enough, no need for panic.
    Hon Mayo.

  10. I honestly don’t care when the team is named – be it four days before a game or four minutes, as long as it is the best team it can be. Really looking forward to Cavanagh v Keane on Sunday.

    I think it’ll be a tough battle all over the pitch – Tyrone have no fear of Castlebar or of us, and will be smarting after last weekend. If we get a slow start as we did against Kerry we might end up playing catch-up as we did up in Omagh last year, and playing catch-up against Tyrone is no walk in the park …

  11. Name your team early, make a point and back your men early. I have yet to meet a manager that doesn’t know his first 15 in his sleep. No one buys the so called suspense. Horan was like Eddie O Sullivan, 15 from a core 17 until poor Feeney slipped from it. Treat the team like men and treat the supporters like grown ups. Name the effing thing early, who are we afraid off or who do we actually think we are codding

  12. John,
    Maybe they are not trying to cod anyone, maybe there is a genuine reason for it. I certainly cannot see them being afraid of anyone! They named the team to play Kerry on the Thursday and if there was any game to call for “mind games” in team selection it was that one, particularly when you consider that Kerry were all talk about all the retirements and missing players!
    I do agree that every manager, at every level, knows his starting 15 but how often can you put your starting 15 on the field? Take injuries, form of players in training, trying different tactics, experimenting, blooding younger players, etc. etc. I think we should all just settle and leave it to the lads. We’ve all Summer for getting excited 🙂

  13. Don’t care when the name gets named TBH I just wonder what the printers do about the programmes?

  14. Agree that the timing of team announcement has little impact on how I enjoy the game.
    A few people look forward to the Keane Cavanage tussle. I do too as I think Keane will do well on a fellow bigun, however I suspect we may be treated to the Keane/Mc Curry dish instead, that young buck did us damage in Omagh lest year. Looking forward to this one as Im sure it will be a battle not in any one, but all lines of the pitch.

  15. The game is Sunday afternoon, not Thursday night,not Friday or any other time.Just because ‘other teams’ name their selection at such times,so what-fuck them.It is in the hands of management, and I for one happen to think that they’re in the best position to decide when the team should be announced.

  16. I’m not too bothered about when the team is announced. However at this time of year it’s not a case of picking your best 15. It’s trying to blend experience and youth and still come up with a winning formula so it’s likely management have to sit down and give it some thought. Especially if a manager is giving his co selectors any voice at all.

  17. I see that CoC was held to a single point from a free in the college football thing, will he be available for Sunday? A strange thing when you consider the damage he inflicted on Kerry and donegal in Croke park. Anyway, sin e, I think naming the team tonight is time enough, what difference does it make? None, it’s the itchy feet and getting ahead of ourselves as fans that want it named sooner, a good sign I suppose. Lots of counties don’t care when or if the teams are named at all.
    Any news on cathal Carolan? I’d like to see him in a few league games, just to get it back going again, he has that aggression that we badly need against the big teams.

  18. Eddie o Sullivan knew his XV , stuck with them too long and then they made eejits of themselves in France. Horan often pulled a few fast ones with team selection , before the Connacht final v Sligo for instance. Keep the opponent guessing , keep them worrying and let your own lads know as soon as possible.

    Great idea to name the team on Twitter , the mid west lads can announce it then , viva la revolucion.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, I think there was something brought in where both teams had to be named on the Thursday night. Or was that for Championship? To do with match programmes I think. Keeps us yapping I suppose 🙂

  20. Talking of match programmes, all I ever need in a match programme is the team sheets….that’s it! No auld bladder from an cathaoirleach or recounts of previous encounters or ads etc etc. One single A4 sheet, large print and €1 would do me just grand.
    A lot of interesting selection issues, does Adam Gallagher get another rattle, how about midfield, will Micky Conroy be fit to start, will AOS start, what about Clarke in goals, who else of the ‘newcomers’ might get a run?? Interesting times.

  21. Oh crikey I hope Gallagher does get another run , I’m only guessin here but he looked a lot bulkier in Killarney maybe he’s been putting in a lot of gym work and that might explain why he was a bitten stuck to the ground the last day.

  22. My selection for Sunday:
    D. O’Connor
    C. O’Connor

  23. A Tyrone team very much in transition and off the back of 7 point home defeat to their neighbours. Tbh Mayo at home should be winning this game by 4 plus points.

  24. 45 are you serious, there’s no Jason Doc in that selection. One of our most consistent performers all last year and great game against Kerry.

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