Tyrone review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E5

Mayo supporters become accustomed in recent years to enduring tough National League campaigns, where wins invariably prove to be hard-fought ones. James Horan has only two competitive matches under his belt back since taking up the reins once again as manager, however, but already he has brought his Mayo team close to Division One safety. Yesterday’s nine-point win over Tyrone up at Healy Park in Omagh was an impressive one and the Mayo News football podcast was there to capture the action.

Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I open this latest podcast episode by reflecting back on what was a very satisfactory day from a Mayo perspective. Then, just after the final whistled had sounded in Omagh, I got the thoughts of Mayo News columnist Seán Rice. Rob checks in with Billy Joe Padden to see what he thought of James Horan’s melding of young and old and where he reckoned this game was won.

Then the focus switches to the Mayo News HQ in Westport where Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal widen the lens and look ahead to how Mayo might approach the forthcoming challenges starting with next Saturday evening’s clash with Cavan. We end the episode back at Healy Park where I chat with my Irish American cousin Daniel Fitzmaurice about seeing a Mayo match in the flesh for the first time. 

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud. You can also listen to it on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right-hand side. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Tyrone review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E5

  1. Having a great Monday I must say all thanks to those guys yesterday! Then I saw Mayo Micks video of just one of the incidents of the battering Aiden got. He is going to get seriously injured. And the ref standing right beside it. Tyrone get the free. Mayo Gaa Foundation have information posted regarding a fundraiser the friday night in New York of May bank holiday weekend. (Willie Joe just to mention another poster is using same username as me since this morning)

  2. Been thinking since yesterday’s game in Omagh that Keith Higgins is the best argument against the defensive football so in vogue at present. Anybody inviting him into their goal area – as you do when a corner forward goes back into defence – is asking for trouble – which Keith will usually deliver

  3. Enjoyable Podcast… But I don’t think we can give the job of resurfacing McHale Park to Billy Joe….at a cost of €500K, it’s only 137, Meter’s X 82 Meter’s.. that’s aprox 1.12 Hetacres…ask any farmer?… they may have spent millions on Páirc Ui Cáoimh, they have still a dreadful surface!

  4. I usually save the league podcasts until the day of the game so we can listen to them in the car on the way (and get into the zone, ya know?). I was too impatient last week and had to settle for the GAA Hour on Sunday on the way to Omagh. One hour and ten minutes of Woolly giving out, god help us all. He’s no Rob Murphy! Mind you he did tip Mayo to win. Keep up the great work lads. Looking forward to hearing what Sean Rice had to say.

  5. Very enjoyable podcast and Billy Joe is right. We need to follow this good work up with a win over Cavan. Once we are on 6 points and almost guaranteed division 1 status then everything after that is bonus territory and is up for discussion and the quicker this happens the better. To not build on this momentum would be disappointing. Cavan will throw everything at us as they desperately need to be getting two points on the board and we can expect a full blanket with counter attacking football in MacHale Park. It will make for lovely viewing..not. Cant believe Tyrone went without a sweeper. The young lads wont find the same space Saturday night and I expect to see Kevin McLoughlin getting some more game time. A win, however we get it is all that is required. No champagne football necessary in the first week of February against Cavan on a narrow field with a heavy surface

  6. When listing to the podcasts does any one else have problems when the phone times out so does the podcast, i listen to other podcasts and this doesn’t happen

  7. Joe – can you please stop using the ‘Joe’ handle? It’s already in use by another long-standing contributor. I’ve only now noticed that you started using the same handle recently so, to avoid confusion, please find another one. I’ve added a ‘2’ to the handle for now to differentiate it from the other user.

    On that podcast issue you’ve mentioned, it’s impossible to know from the information you’ve provided why you’re having this problem. Any additional information you can give about how you listen to our podcasts versus other podcasts would be helpful in establishing the problem you’ve described. Do you, for example, listen to other podcasts in the same way (e.g. via iTunes) as you listen to our one? If not, it might be worth trying this.

  8. WJ, listen in browser, like the gaa hour, but this podcast I always to keep my finger on the screen so podcast wouldn’t stop

  9. Joe 2, if you download the podcasts using either the iTunes or the Soundcloud app this shouldn’t happen. It happens to me as well when I listen via Soundcloud in my browser, especially if in battery saving mode. Hope that helps.

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