Tyrone team named

Tyrone have finally named their starting fifteen for this afternoon’s game. It’s a strong enough team too, by the looks of it, with the bulk of those who featured against Donegal once more on duty today.

Here’s the team they’ve named:

Tyrone (NFL Division One v Mayo, 25/10/2020): Niall Morgan; Liam Rafferty, Ronan McNamee, Darragh Canavan; Tiernan McCann, Kieran McGeary, Michael McKernan; Brian Kennedy, Frank Burns; Mattie Donnelly, Conor McKenna, Darren McCurry; Peter Harte, Conall McCann, Conor Meyler.

The team they’ve picked shows three changes from their starting line-up against Donegal last Sunday. Into the first fifteen come Darragh Canavan at corner-back, Brian Kennedy at midfield and Peter Harte at corner-forward. Out go Rory Brennan, Pádraig Hampsey and Niall Sludden.

They’ve said nothing, by the way, about that reported positive Covid case in their squad. That’s bad form on their part, not least in light of the alarming infection rate up that side of the island right now. It’s another reason, I guess – not that we need one – to go out and get the required result against them this afternoon.

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  1. Mayo will play what’s in front of them, our team is selected and they all know and are more than capable of doing the required job.

    Big game. Big players.

  2. Harte always maintained only a team operating in division one will win the all-Ireland. That should be warning enough for us.

  3. Hi
    Justoutsideballagh, from the ‘2 Changes Post’ has the correct instructions for getting tg4 player for Mayo vTyrone today.

    This is if you have trouble with the App. I do.

  4. James carr not listed on subs. I’m sorry if I’m repeating on this WJ, but it would be great to know why and I’m surprised very few are asking. He has a bit of class that many others dont have. His goal in limerick and his brace of points shortly after HT in Croke Pk v Kerry last year were really impressive. On top of this he is a big lad with pace.

    Does anyone know? Is he injured? Is playing with a small club detrimental to his progress?

  5. Thanks Ciaran 2 and Justoutsideballagh. Sorted the problem for me and a few other households.

  6. Guessing Carr is injured, no way he’d fall that far down the pecking order to be outside the 26.

  7. Monaghan are 3 pts up at HT. Not looking good now. Galway made us look good last week.

  8. we’re not good enough defensively to play without a sweeper.

    more goal leakage in big games as a result

  9. It’s not like we didn’t have the chances, only difference is Tyrone took theirs. Tyrone defense is a different proposition to what we face last week. Mark Moran finding it tough going. Loftus looks lost in the middle. Eoghan McLaughlin needs some work on the defensive side of his game. Mullin great going forward carried the ball into tackle a couple of times and lost it. Also got caught out for the 2nd goal. Would like to see Darren Mchale on in second half.

  10. If you are playing Tyrone against a strong wind you would have an extra defender at the very least. management seems to be sleepwalking through the 1st half. Changes should have been made very quickly.

  11. If you carry the ball in to Tyrone tackle you get dispossessed Cillian a massive loss for us today Week is a long time in football Galway woeful last week but doing well v Dublin We brilliant last week but poor today Still 35 minutes to save our Div 1 status Nothing is impossible

  12. Not looking good and in addition I cannot get to see it on my laptop. Everytime I try to login I get “504 Gateway timed out”. Any ideas on help?

  13. Follow the twitter link WJ put up on previous page Andy. You’ll get it there

  14. To win just once…not to be picky but our defence weren’t brilliant last week. We conceded 17pts. Wake up call today with regard to being far too open in defence. And if you don’t win at least 50% primary possession in the middle then you rarely win.

  15. Time for new goalkeeper and some strength at midfield , and for Manager make the right team selections.

  16. Disaster , anyone who thinks it’s not that’s your opinion but I’d have to disagree, end of an era officially.

  17. Horan has always been accused of slow tactical switches. Well he evidently hasn’t changed much. What did McKenna score – 2-4 or something, before Keegan was FINALLY moved onto him?
    We were unfortunately already in division 2 at that stage.
    Conroy and O’Donoghue were positives but that was a winnable game.

  18. Well it’s Div 2 here we come. And with Galway and the Rossies in Div 1. Did we make a mistake with an over attack minded defence? Durcan, McLoughlin and McLoughlin? Would Colm Boyle or Chris Barrett not have been better at No 6? Three goals would suggest so, would it not.

  19. Lost on the line.. O shea should have been midfield first half. Loftus and Ruane too light at MF.

  20. We lost that game in the first half, lethargic and lazy in defence. Only in the second half did we start to play cohesively and move the ball with purpose, when we do that it’s a thing of beauty.

    The league has been a success in unearthing and integrating new talent. Tommy Conroy and Oisin Mullin are guaranteed starters. O’hora should be too IMO. We haven’t been lucky to stay in div 1 all this time, we’ve stayed there cos we deserved it each and every year. Just like this year we deserve to be relegated based on our performances earlier in the league. Thems the breaks. I’ve seen enough to make me confident we have fellas there who will keep us consistently competitive for a few years to come and no reason we can’t bounce back from div 2 pretty quickly like Tyrone,Donegal, Galway and Roscommon have all done in recent years

  21. We were going good until Clarkes howler. Good comeback but left too much to do after the 1st half performance. Will miss the big games in the league next year against the top teams next year

  22. Goalie situation has to be sorted. This bsckline needs a sweeper. CoC injured more often then he plays

  23. We had some great times following them,don’t be too hard on them,good luck for the next game

  24. Clarke’s kick outs are an absolute liability and will be exposed against any top side.
    He must have kicked 3 or 4 straight out over the sideline in the first half alone. While he’s been an amazing player for Mayo over the years, it’s worth remembering he’s now 37 years old and looked every bit of it today.

  25. We’re too long talking about this goalkeeper situation. It’s going on years now and no sign of it being addressed at all, just switching back and forth between two keepers who have significant shortcomings in big games. Needed to be looked at yesterday. We won’t win important matches without solid kickouts, we just won’t.

  26. Sin é. Take it on the chin.

    Decent effort but opened up at the back too many times in the 1st half. An admirable effort.

    Move on.

    Embrace the challenge. Mayo should really blood the young lads now in the league next season. If they arent good enough to beat other Div 2 teams then they they ain’t good enough to challenge for an All Irl. I’m backing us to get out of that division.

    Parts of today were a wake up call after the Galway game. We simply cannot allow teams to cut us open through the heart of defence.

  27. Really poor performance and very few positives to take. On days like this mchale Park dimensions feel like a shoe box. Suffocating for us. No excuses. The amount of dropped ball especially in first half was hard to see.
    Opened at the back. Clarkie very poor and may lose his place for championship. Does feel a little like end of era but division 2 not end of world. Might give James even more room for experimentation and development of players. We won’t come near the kerrys or the dubs in that form.

  28. Agreed Larry Duffy, there has been lots of positives to take from this. Conroy is here to stay and Ryan o Donoghue packs a punch. Horan has to have learned more from this game that the Galway game. Thing we need more in midfield, maybe another year to rectify this. Though Ruane played well. McDonagh needs to start. Second half is very encouraging. Goals we conceded were bad and avoidable no point saying anymore. This isn’t going to be summer football going forward so we may need the dogs that can bite.

  29. I wouldnt blame any particular player for the loss. Tactics were all wrong and team selection was all wrong which can only be laid at the door of the management team. Tyrone gave us a lesson in street smarts today.

  30. Mayo did there best just not our day its not the end of the world everyone keep safe #Covid19

  31. We are lucky theres no gap to championship and gave to dwell on this result for long.

    Also, if we gain immediate promotion back from Div 2, then how can you describe today’s outcome as a ‘disaster’??

  32. No need for apologies pullhard. They left too much to do in the 2nd half but at least they went down fighting with great performance from Conroy and a few other good performances. Unfortunately the bad kickout seems to have been the difference.. Division 2 not ideal but we have to get on with it.

  33. We played poorly and made bad decisions in a number of positions and really didn’t deserve to win today.
    I’m going to resist having a dig at the keeper but I think his errors were there for all to see, and this is not the first time his kick outs have cost us. If there are any positives to take it’s how we fought back from 9 points down.
    It’s a shame that we’re relegated but Division 2 will allow us to regroup next year and hopefully we’ll not spend any longer than a season there.
    We have a championship to look forward to and hopefully the mistakes made in the league can be used as learnings to make improvements.

  34. Hello Everyone,
    It is disappointing to lose but we found alot of talent in this league. I said to myself at the start of the league if we found 4/5 players that would be a good league. I feel we did. Tommy Conroy a great find, Mark Moran , Ryan D got minutes. Leitrim next up and we will go from there. Best wishes to all and stay safe

  35. This was no wake up call. We were opened up straight down the middle in all our games prior to lock down. Even Meath tore us apart. You’d think Boyler would be worth a half against the wind. Most on here figured that McKenna would need marking right from the off. We should have played defensively against the wind packing our defence. Looks like its the end of the road for Clarke, Barrett, Boyler, Tom P, Sheamie, and Donnie Shoes. Sad.

  36. And the start of the road for Mullin, McLaughlin, Ryan O’D and Conroy all ofwhom had impressive leagues.

    Forget this end of an era shite, Mayo must keep rolling.

  37. Tyrone routinely bypassed midfield and hit the far 45 from kickouts. I don’t have the stats, but the amount of scores & sloppy frees that came from this was way too high. Backs well off their men, McKenna had the freedom of McHale Park before Leeroy was finally moved onto him. To be fair, he looks a class act.
    O Shea was not working inside and would have been far more useful out the field today, especially in first half. Tommy Conroy was excellent, and his pace & direct running is going to cause many headaches for defenders.

    Most worryingly though is that we were wide open up the middle of the field. I’d have someone like Barrett or Boyle at 6 to try and plug that hole. Needs to be fixed though or we we won’t be seeing Croke Park this year!! A lot of avoidable mistakes, which surely can be worked out & perhaps are to be expected due to lack of games played.

  38. Comiserations to the team on relegation. Over the course of the season it was a fair reflection on our performances. I think we will come straight up if we focus on it and it’s only a few months till it starts again. 17 scores conceded last week 17 scores conceded today…goals win games 3 got 3 last week conceded 3 today..should have had at least one if not two more today. For a long time now JH sets up un a way that leaves us open down the middle and until that changes those killer goals will keep going in!
    Roll on Leitrim and Roscommon…

  39. Agreed with goalkeeping issue, it’s there for all to see. Like last week we were cut open through the centre far too often and its looking like we don’t have anyone putting their hands up for that position other than Boyler. Maybe Coen is worth a few more go’s there, also Leeroy could be of more use there than at corner back.

    It’s a big experience for our younger guys, Conroy a bright spark, thought McLaughlin showed well at times also, they will learn, games like Galway aren’t worth a shite in the long run. Horan will have huge takings from today.

  40. Talk of end of an era is nonsense. You’d swear we were withdrawing from the championship for 2 or 3 years the way some people are going on.
    Plenty of good young talent coming through. Conroy is the most exciting forward we have seen come on the scene since Cillian.
    Few old soldiers at the end but that’s life.

  41. What a difference a week makes. Last week we taught we were invincible today we are finished. Neither correct. We need to look at things as a whole. Over the course of the league we deserve to be relegated simple as.

  42. We conceded a big score last week as well which was an indication of things to come this week.
    Horan seems to be able to develop players but it doesnt seem he can make changes on the basis of what is happening on the pitch. This seems to be the case today as well from what I am seeing on the blog.
    This is not new. Was same in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Croke Park and Limerick.
    We know what he is. It wont change.
    Maybe he can still do it the way he believes in and we just have to hope he can

  43. By the time this coming championship is over the league will be nearly upon us hopefully by the time that’s over we’ll be back in division one, and straight into championship again. So plenty to look forward to. Hon Mayo

  44. Subs brought in too late, however when they did come on they didn’t make a huge difference from play.

  45. Hard to understand how Mayo management decided Kevin Mac was the right man at the start on McKenna. Physically there was no contest. The obvious start was O Hara at corner back, Leeroy at centre back and Kevin Mac in half forward line.
    A Kerry or Dublin would have walked in 3-4 goals against us in first half.
    Where is Eoin O Donoghue gone – is he injured.
    Harrison a big loss at corner back

  46. Being torn up the centre is worrying and will be encouraging to opposktion in the championship.
    Second division will give Horan a chance to give new talent plenty of game time and rest more experienced players with miles on the clock. Should help rebuilding process so not the end of the world

  47. If we could stretch Ryan o Donoghue 6” he would be the perfect midfielder, you can’t teach bottle. Surprised Darren Mchale didn’t see the field as he has it and he can take a score. Move Aidan to midfield. Mchale and Ryan o D at 11 and 14.

  48. Km79. He’ll be fine. Just heard James horan on midwest and cillian was nearly fine to play today. Carrying a small knock from Galway match.
    James not too down in dumps. Looking forward to next week. Chin up folks!!

  49. James also mentioned that Mark moran was carrying a knock so had to be withdrawn as precaution.

  50. Agree with Mayomessi Darren Mc Hale should have come on instead of James Durcan. Mc Hale has had Motm performances and scored goals in big games. Give the lad a chance. Moran wasn’t in it and Mc Hale was obvious replacement. We need both O Donoghues on the pitch. Mullin could be a great sweeper

  51. Not the end of the World Mayo kept fighting to the end and nearly pulled off a great comeback.maybe relegation is a blessing in disguise as we need to blood a new goalkeeper fullback and midfielder that can command their area. Hopefully we can come straight won’t be easy but realistically with the Possible exception of Cork and Kildare we should be too good for the rest of the teams in that division.

  52. Well that is disappointing especially after last week. Third goal cost us – there was just too much work to do after that. As always the players did battle to the end. Hard to go down for the first time in 20 years. This has to be very bad news with loss of revenue for the county board (and that LOAN still having to be paid on McHale Park)

  53. Left ourselves too much to do in this one, league tables don’t lie. Today probably realistic of where we’re at rather than last Sunday.
    To be honest even before it starts this championship has an depressing inevitability about it.
    Dublin and Kerry well ahead of the rest, hard to see anyone else in the final, unless they get a catastrophic COVID outbreak.

  54. This is pretty much a young team which is better suited dry hard ground which will be hard to find from here on in look we were heading down to division 2 last March so it is what it is there still a very good chance of getting a connacht title this year anything afterwards is a bonus new league starting few months time get momentum going with young lads we will be up again next year with a new renerigised team keep the heads up

  55. Next year we have Cork, Kildare and Meath in Div 2.
    We weren’t convincing against Meath this year.
    When is the last time we won 2 games in a row in McHale Park.
    The Revenue loss from being in Div 2 will be damaging.
    This is a bad result for Mayo

  56. How much revenue will be lost with little or no crowds allowed? That’s not going to change drastically in the next few months

  57. If we have ambition to win an all ireland we should be beating those with Cork the exception the revenue will still come because we will still be following nomatter who we play

  58. Can some people please get a f****n grip and stop being so negative. There’s worse things happening in the world and we didn’t decide our fate today, we done so 8 months ago! Glad to see some positive posters seeing the bright side of having used this league to blood new players. We’re not the finished article yet but we’ve been in transition for a couple of years and even won the bloody league during that time. Think some people unrealistically expect that to be a seemless process. We’re well able to win div 2 next year and have no reason to fear any teams.

    We can’t dwell on this too long, championship coming thick and fast to focus the mind. Maigh Eo abú

  59. Love the optimism of people talking about revenue. I’ll eat my hat if there is more than 500 allowed at league games after Christmas!

  60. Look, this was coming a long long time. I said earlier in the week we needed a ‘Worldie’ from Cillian in 2013 to keep us up when we were at our peak! We’re not as good as last week, and we’re not as bad as today. Its not the end of the world. Lets use it as a positive, I gurauntee ya if we beat the Rossies in 2 weeks time, todays result will be easier to digest. The only game that matters! Could be the best time ever to be relegated, takes the heat off us going into championship, the turn around to D2 is only 3 months, no revenue loss for Co board, if we cant get out of D2 first time of asking then we might aswell admit we’re a middle ranked team at best. Horan can lay into them now and galvanise them even more. Im sure the media and our rivals will go town on us! All music to our years. Lets lick the wounds and go fucking all out in the championship this day week!

  61. Horan has a lot of questions to answer after that disaster. What a complete hames !! e.g. whats the point of having the county winning captain on the bench if you wont pick him. Or an untried goalie who’ll never get a game ? Or OHora. he brings on James Durcan instead who does nothing from play.

  62. I’d rather be relegated the way we were, having uncovered 6 or 7 new players some who will start in the Championship than staying up in Div 1 and having tried out no new players. Sadly we havent “blooded” a new goalie, especially seen how some have played in the County championship ( Reape ). As said by previous posters revenue wont come into next year and if crowds are allowed back games will be well supported.

  63. Without a designated sweeper we could be needlessly gone in a couple of weeks against the Rossies

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