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This time next week the final will be over so it’s definitely time for the usual pre-match piece on our opponents. Who in this instance are Tyrone and the prize we’re competing for at Croke Park this day week (throw-in 5pm) is the Sam Maguire.

Let’s start with some broad-brush stats about meetings between us.

We’ve played them a total of just 34 times down the years, our paths surprisingly not crossing at all until 1974. We’ve won 15 of those meetings since then, they’ve won 13 and there were six draws. So we, needless to say, definitely deserve to be seen as favourites next Saturday.

But then look at the aggregate scores in those 34 matches, which show we’ve bagged 33-345 but have conceded 37-369. Which all, of course, points to a win for them.

Focusing in on our League meetings, they have the upper hand, with 12 wins to our 11. All of those six drawn encounters occurred in the NFL too, where, over the 29 games we’ve met, Tyrone outscored us by 35-316 to 31-279. For sure, advantage them.

Zeroing in on the Championship, though, and we’re the ones with the better record. We’ve met them five times in the Championship, first in the 1989 semi-final, then the 2004 quarter-final, Round 4 of the qualifiers in 2008, the 2013 semi-final and the 2016 quarter-final. Our sole defeat from those five clashes was the qualifier meeting in 2008. We won the other four and, on aggregate, we’ve outscored them too, by 2-66 to 2-53.

Our most recent meeting was, of course, in the League last October. We needed a win to retain our long-standing Division One status but Tyrone ran up a big lead on us at MacHale Park and, despite a stirring second half comeback, we came up a point short. Which meant Tyrone it was who relegated us. We definitely owe them one for that.

Our demotion meant we were in different League divisions this year, which in their case meant the Ulster mini-league that was Division One North, where Armagh, Donegal and Monaghan kept them company.

By now, of course, Mickey Harte’s long tenure as Tyrone manager had come to an end. He’d stepped down two weeks after Tyrone’s Ulster Championship defeat to Donegal at the start of November, which was their sole Championship outing last year. Brian Dooher and Feargal Logan took up the reins within the O’Neill County for 2021.

Tyrone opened their League campaign in mid-May this year with an 0-18 to 0-16 defeat to Donegal in Omagh. A week later they beat Armagh at the Athletic Grounds by 2-15 to 2-10 and the week after that, back at Healy Park, they drew 0-14 apiece with Monaghan.

The head-to-head rule saw Tyrone finish second in the table at Armagh’s expense. That yielded them a Division One semi-final meeting with Kerry down in Killarney, where they shipped an unmerciful whipping, beaten out the gate of Fitzgerald Stadium by 6-15 to 1-14.

That was a result that reverberated around Gaelic football for weeks after. It certainly gave the new management team plenty to think about before embarking on the Ulster Championship and it definitely filled a fair few heads down in Kerry with all manner of grandiose notions about their standing in the world, which came back to haunt them when the two sides met again last weekend.

If Tyrone were experiencing any after-effects from Killarney, it didn’t show when they started their Ulster campaign in a positive fashion early in July. Behind closed doors at Healy Park they dethroned defending champions Cavan at the quarter-final stage, winning by 1-18 to 0-13.

Next up was a semi-final meeting with Donegal, who themselves had only managed to squeeze past Derry by a single point at the quarter-final stage. The penultimate round clash at Brewster Park was a full-throated affair, with Donegal missing a penalty before their talisman Michael Murphy was sent off before half-time and Tyrone eventually pulled away to win by 0-23 to 1-14.

The Ulster decider, like its Connacht counterpart, was switched to Croke Park, to enable an attendance of 18,000 to get to it. What they got to see was a keenly contested provincial final, with Monaghan battling back from five down at the break but in the end Tyrone it was who claimed the Anglo-Celt Cup for the first time since 2017, after a hard-fought 0-16 to 0-15 win.

Photo: Sky Sports

Covid was already in their ranks then – joint manager Feargal Logan was an absentee from Croke Park, as were a number of players, including Tiernan McCann, Frank Burns and Rory Brennan. In the days following the Ulster final, the outbreak within the squad worsened, so much so that it soon became clear that their All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry, scheduled for 15th August, would need to be delayed.

On the day we played Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final Tyrone notified the GAA that they weren’t in a position to play Kerry the weekend after. Faced with the prospect of the O’Neill County having to withdraw from the competition, the GAA promptly backed down as so the semi-final eventually went ahead last Saturday.

Like our semi against Dublin, Tyrone’s match against Kerry went to extra-time and, like us, there was only one team in it in extra-time. Tyrone’s 1-2 without reply in the first half o extra-time put them beyond Kerry’s reach as they won out by 3-14 to 0-22 to qualify for their first All-Ireland final since 2018.

Photo: RTÉ

Tyrone’s tactics on the day against Kerry proved to be absolutely spot-on. Andy Moran goes into this in minute detail on the OTB podcast he does with Paddy Andrews, which is well worth a listen. You’ll find that here.

The next episode of the Mayo News football podcast, out tomorrow morning, covers somewhat similar ground, with Billy Joe Padden in in-depth conversation with Stephen Rochford. That’s not to be missed either.

So that’s how Tyrone have made it to the decider, where they’ll be aiming to lift the Sam Maguire for the first time since 2008 and the fourth time in all. We’re also looking for a fourth Championship title but our wait is a far longer one, stretching now a full 70 years since our most recent win. We’re the narrow favourites to prevail on Saturday.

But what do you think – is this, at last, the year we’re finally going to do it? Is this the year when Mayo for Sam does actually happen? Let’s see what you think about that.

Will we beat Tyrone?

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  • No (19%, 288 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,522

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57 thoughts on “Tyrone thoughts

  1. The closer it gets the less confident I am. I have watched the Tyrone Kerry match back 2 times now and I feel Tyrone have not got enough credit for their performance, it has all been about how poor Kerry have been. I feel we beat a very poor Dublin team/performance a few weeks back as well. Tyrone will be fresher.
    Hope all goes well next week. Up Mayo!

  2. I’m actually very confident we will win on Saturday. I think the team is ready willing and well able to win a game of football against Tyrone. Because that’s what it is. A game…of….football. Fun.

    Over the past 18 months of the pandemic that’s the vibe I’m getting off players and management; that they are all just delighted to be able to be out kicking a ball together and seeing where it takes them. Lee Keegan referenced the young lads attitude too and it has served us well these past two seasons.

    Our gang talked before the Dublin game that we needed to go win it by 3-4 points because the Dubs are so good in tight finishes. My gut tell me it will be same for Saturday. My verdict is
    Mayo by 3-4 (but as always, by 1 will do)

    Let’s do this on Saturday and move on to greater challenges in the years to come. To win just once, won’t be enough for these lads. They will want more and more and that’s a great attitude to have.

    Up Mayo!

  3. Thanks WJ for keeping us “fed” with interesting information.
    We are like kids at an U-12s game, you kick out the ball to us, then we chase after it, till we wear ourselves out.

    Looking forward to what Stephen Rochford has to say, he and Tony McEntee formulated a great plan in your above mentioned 2016 game to out-tyrone Tyrone. I thought that day was a tactical masterpiece, although it was tight in the end.

    Looking back on the Kerry-Tyrone game for a minute, the one thing that puzzles me is, why were Tyrone so willing to cede the kickouts, lost several of their own and still won the game. Goes against everything we have come to expect as necessary to win a game?. Were they trying to wear out the opposition or other reason?.
    Their midfield wasnt great either at say winning their own kickouts but Tyrone of the noughties were never traditional midfielders and it didnt stop them winning 3 All-Irelands. Questions for the experts.

  4. @my left foot
    1. Tyrone trusted they could win the ball back from Kerry, they did so a lot. Scoring quite a bit from those conceded kickouts.
    2. The second goal. They could lose their own long kickout battle because they got the second goal for the draw.
    I seen a podcast of experienced ex players fail to mention Tyrones goals as the msin factor which is ridiculous. If Tryone don’t get the second goal, they lose.

  5. JP, I like your analysis, always have. Makes sense what you say, if they were confident of stripping the ball later.
    For our backs to carry the ball upfield, expends a lot of energy, so plays even more into Tyrone hands. They will strip you and you wear yourself out, a double effect as if it were.

    I still think about something you said a couple of weeks back, overload the middle sector with up to 8 pacey players. It sounds logical but is there a catch?. It seems especially our half forwards will need to be mobile, tracking back after Tyrone upfield runs. Kerry’s half forwards like Geaney did little of it.

    Would you agree who plays 6 for us is a key player to stopping the Tyrone runs, Boyler in his prime but probably will be Stephen Coen.

  6. Voted for Mayo but in truth Tyrone’s semi performance was better than ours. I believe Mayo have serious pace but to win we shouldn’t repeat Kerry’s mistakes. The big Croker Pitch helps us. Tyrone were very efficient early on, keeping them in the game and timing of 1st goal was a bit lucky after Kerry’s disallowed one. Morgan’s wonder point on the stroke of half time was significant in the end. Both teams rode their luck, us with retaken last minute free, them with gifted goal in extra time. We need to be at it for 1st half and crowd them out and turn them over plenty which Kerry actually did but didn’t capitalise. Kerry’s backs are not individually as good as ours but in the past we gifted goals. Against Dublin we really kept their serious goal chances to a minimum with Diarmaid O Connor helping the backs but Tyrone went a step further playing backs in half forwards (reducing their scoring but) making them hard to break down.
    I expect Oisin Mullen to be fit and make no mistake he’s a top top player, very clever and rarely turned over. Likewise Hession might get a start and seems to have a sense of adventure without getting tackled much. He could start or come on. There’s another option to play him in the half forwards.
    Forwards for us need to click more than our last 2 games. I think moving Tommy C around could help. McGeary gutsy and got loads of ball last time but has he the pace of a Tommy C? I think not. He also wasted a few scores so MOM for guts. I think Tyrone had 3 or 4 players not at Mayo’s level but their top 2 subs were excellent especially McShane who starts the final. Mullen needs to mark him. That’s the correct match up.
    I think we’ll trouble them with our running game despite the swarm, OK they will turn us over but we’ll do that to them aswell.
    I say 50 50 when asked but that’s actually good odds for Mayo, we’re rarely favourites. Our semi discipline was much the better of the 2; we never retaliated whereas the played 20 mins (not really, maybe 12 because of stoppages) with 14 players so again some luck with that.
    They conceded almost all kickouts which could a be foolish tactic.

  7. Ah lads….. I seriously doubt any team have a tactic of consciously conceding their own kickout. In any circumstances. It might sound crazy but the easiest way to gain possession outfield is to win your own lockout. Not cede it and try to win the bloody ball back. God help me!!

  8. I voted for a Mayo win.

    I watched Ciaran Mc on second captains live a few years ago.
    He came alive when asked about how he would like to have played the game against reinforced blanket defenses.
    He said the tough defences meant that more than ever forwards had to find and see other ways through to scoring positions. He said it was a thinking man’s game. He firmly believes that no matter what is in front, there is always a way through.
    Mc’s imprint has been shining through this year.
    Youngsters developing at an incredible rate.
    Total football.
    Forwards brilliant hunting down opposing attackers.
    Midfielders waltzing around midfield, until the right option opens and contributing on the scoreboard every game.
    Every position on the pitch interchangeable.
    Youngsters breaking through tackles of markers they should be afraid of, but that fear is well and truly gone. Vanished.
    What we have seen develop this year is very special.
    Tyrone cannot know what they face next Saturday.
    We the fans that dissect and analyse every move and every game don’t even know what will he served up next Saturday by our own team.
    Again, there will be a change in tactics and possibly several changes within the game itself.
    Tyrone are a fine team and a worthy opponent for this final but I firmly believe that we are going to bring our A game our B game and our C game.

    Our team is still improving. They are doing it on the proving grounds. They have all year.

    I firmly believe that in one weeks time we will be All Ireland Champions.

    We are going to lay our ghosts to rest.

  9. Expect a different approach from Tyrone mgmt, horses for courses. My take on intentionally giving possession away is it’s half true. You sap the other teams energy by making them run the ball THEN you demoralise them by getting a turnover. If you win possession then you’re closer to the goals. Sort of win win IF your team is aware of the plan. Tyrone are pretty keyed in on the real psychological warfare angle of Championship football as well so don’t rule the notion out.

  10. @my left foot.
    Regards having pacy players in the middle we hopefully will have plenty of that. I think us getting the amount of scores we need comes down to two things.
    1. Most important, our workrate, tackling and kickout performance leaves the Tyrone scores well within reach.
    2. Our scoring in the 30 yard+ range.
    It has been hard all year for sides to have much success inside against Tyrone.
    I think we can have more success late on than early. It’s a game to stick to the plan rather than trying to force the issue. Patience, discipline and workrate.

  11. Mayo’s pace can make the difference IF THEY AVOID TAKING THE BALL INTO TACKLES. If they move it in time
    to players running in support and then TAKE THEIR CHANCES in shooting they will win. I always say that your first chance of taking a score is your best one. Delay, looking for a player in a better position or tying to sell a dummy to a defender only gives defenders opportunity to get back and cover. I can see no sense in not contesting a kickout, your own or the opposition. Where is it more advantageous to win possession than within 30 – 40 m of the opposition goal? With their defence scarce on the ground? You won’t win without making the effort to win. Simple as.

  12. I agree JP that patience is key for this one. Our league game last October was a good example of what NOT to do. Tyrone had a gale behind them in the first half yet we still pressed Morgan like crazy, trying to kill the game early. Tyrone were able to get over our press, got 2 goals and went in 8 points up at HT. We fought back strong in the 2nd half but ran out of time.

    No harm to play it cagey early on next Saturday, keep someone like Michael Plunkett as a spare man. Make sure everyone gets to the pace of the game after a 4 week break.

  13. I can’t sleep now thinking of next week. This time of year most years you do this to me 😉 And I’m bet I’m not the only one!!

  14. Tyrone worry me a bit tbh. They have a very solid defensive set up, with just one goal conceded in the championship this year. And we have struggled in the past against that sort of counter-attacking setup, not least in the league against them last October.

    I would be concerned that the likes of Tommy C and Ryan might run down a lot of blind alleys ago and them and concede turnover ball, which would be the worst outcome. We need to play a patient game and use the full dimensions of the pitch IMO.

    The other thing is our penchant for first half sluggishness and allowing the opposition to run big leads up against us. If we go six points down against these guys the game is over, simple as.

    I think we need a goal to win this and we did not create any chances against the Dubs.

    We can win this if we play to our ability, but we haven’t seen this over 70 minutes in the championship so far, even allowing for blowouts against Sligo and Leitrim. Blowing hot and cold won’t do it.

    The other thing is we need to maintain discipline, something that has cost us at least one All-Ireland in the past decade. No doubt the Tyrone fellas will be in the ear of the likes of Aido from the first whistle.

  15. @Sinead 37 …Revelliino never gets me going at bed time ….just saying… if we wake up this morning week as All Ireland champions, I might even read one of his poems !!!!

  16. Very good piece in this morning’s Times by Michael Foley headed “Mayo and Tyrone set for battle of brain and brawn”. I like the final lines very much…

    “Mayo rolled Kerry over possessed by the same irrepressible spirit that has carried them to this final. For 70 years they have struggled to blend that native identity with the footballing pragmatism and composure that wins an All-Ireland. This year they have. This year, they will”.

  17. I’d advise you all to avoid the Sindo today! Not much hope for us there according to their top two guys….

  18. It must be the poetry that does it, in fairness Revellino has a great way with words, I’m thinking there will be a big finale lined up sometime into the night if Mayo win on Saturday evening next ( maybe some open books will have that final chapter scripted with the pints in full flow ).
    I haven’t voted yet, Tyrone will prove very awkward opponents.
    After beating the Dubs, we all assumed that Mayo should be All Ireland champions, but the final is there to be won on the day.
    I said to a friend prior to Mayo v Tyrone game in 2016 it was “a tricky game”, this time I believe it will also be a tricky game.
    One thing I hear annoys me, some people want to get to see Mayo every year contest in Croker but don’t mind if Mayo don’t win the final, for fear they might go off into the distance and won’t be a force anymore, I even saw comparison being made to Wexford hurlers that went off the radar after winning in 1996.
    This is daft, no point in trying to protect oneself in the event of Mayo not winning.
    It must be a win only.
    Alot of different things come into play,
    We have not won the final in my lifetime.
    A very much different Mayo team when the best young players ever.
    My pattern, its where Mayo lost past finals as follows,
    Cork & Kerry next-door Munster neighbours.
    Meath & Dublin close Leinster neighbours.
    Donegal in Ulster, now up against very close neighbours Tyrone.
    Tyrone are not as ultra defensively as they were under Mickey Harte, Kerry got in for plenty goal chances but fluffed them all.
    Remember the closer any team defends to their own goals the bigger opportunity the opposition have of getting frees, scores from distance.
    There will be open spaces for Mayo guys to exploit, imagine if one or two early goals were to hit the Tyrone net, this would make them attack, holes will appear.
    But putting all things in the mix, I cannot see past a Mayo win.
    My head tells me it’s Mayo’s to lose.

  19. PS, don’t read any newspapers in relation to the final, those guys may have another agenda.
    You just got to go with your gut instinct.
    Must believe it will be won, whatever it takes, sending off’s, etc.

  20. Some of the logic in the newspapers doesn’t add up. They say Tyrone have a better subs since ours are “unproven”. What makes Dara Canavan more proven than Darren Coen or James Carr? His father?

    Also saying Tyrone dominated Kerry from start to finish while we needed a last minute free to force a draw. You could just as easily point to 2 fortuitous goals and relying on Tommy Walsh missing a last second kick to force penalties.

  21. Sinead I chuckled at your post. The things our beloved Mayo do to us.
    I didn’t touch a drop on the day of the Dublin game but still woke up with a sore head the day after.
    Only Mayo could do that to me!

  22. Brolly and his ilk are becoming completely irrelevant with the advent of proper, insightful and knowledgeable analysis in podcasts such as Off the Ball, the Examiner and our own Mayo News as well as proper journalists such as Michael Foley, Clerkin and Keys. Brolly has a huge vested interest in our not succeeding, he has virtually built a career out of it and he’s becoming increasingly aware that his days are numbered. The biggest fear a egotist has is being ignored and his only option now is to shout louder and more outrageous things as he slips back into the primordial ooze from whence he slithered. The ultimate f*%k you to Brolly and Co will happen next Saturday at 6:30pm when Aiden O’Shea walks up the steps of the Hogan stand and lifts the Sam Maguire cup over his head.

  23. The Joe Brolley article in the Sunday Indo is a fantastic read. It really does highlight how lucky we were to get the draw against Dublin in normal time who were very poor in the semi final. On the other hand, Tyrone never let Kerry play.
    Up Mayo!

  24. Tyrone never let Kerry play and yet Kerry could still have won the match in normal time. OK, Peter.

  25. @liberal role in the tie: I generally make a point of not reading the Sindo, it’s a poisonous rag which seeks to stoke divisions in Irish society at every turn.

    As for Joe Brolly, his entire analytical style can be surmmarised in one phrase: whoever wins is wonderful, whoever loses is terrible. Combine that with a penchant for personal attacks on amateur athletes and he makes it on to my ignore list.

  26. I dont read the indo but what was our captain doing in that magazine!???

    I can understand people fancying Tyrone. They have beaten Donegal, Monaghan and Kerry. All of them are arguably better than Galway. Our win over Dublin game was unusual. We were utterly crap in the 1st half but clung in and when we got a bit of luck and momentum in the 2nd Dublin had nothing left, but the signs had been there all season with Dublin. They arent anywhere near as good as they were 2/3 years ago.

    I’ve said it a few times now, Mayo will need to produce the best performance in Horans second tenure to win this one.

  27. Binghamstown, you’re 100% right on Brolly. However, what in the name of God is O’Shea doing in this crap magazine?

  28. Why oh why did I even glance at that bile by the Derry fella. I really wish our captain wouldn’t do these promotions/interview, it only adds to the pressure on him. I did say the same here two weeks ago as I knew this would happen. No doubt Tyrone are going to be formidable. Hopefully no early goals for them or red cards for us. The countdown is definitely on now.

  29. David Brady said in the Sunday World that Oisin returned to training last week, has anyone heard similar?

  30. Was looking forward to reading the comments till I glanced that fellas name as I scrolled down so I’ll be skipping it today. Would prefer to talk about the game. I really wish he wasn’t mentioned so much on here.

  31. That particular “journalist” is a wind up merchant and that’s all im going to say. I just wonder is there one rule for Aidan and another rule for the rest of the panel when it comes to talking to the media I have a feeling this will be Aidan’s last year in a Mayo jersey unless he’s prepared to settle for role of an impact sub in fact I’d say there’s a very good chance he won’t start the next day. It’s a free country but it seems a bit odd to be appearing on a national newspaper 2 weeks out from an all final I’d say Horans heart must be broke trying to manage things.

  32. Brolly may like winding up but he’s right that the Tyrone captain wouldn’t have a two page spread two weeks out from an All Ireland with a photo running along the beach in just a pair of red swimming shorts. It looked like a scene from Baywatch. Maybe it’ll have absolutely zero impact on proceedings but youd prefer not to see it.

  33. Forget about the papers and the Brollys of this world, we have got enough stick over the last 10 years to be immune to it.

  34. The Tyrone captain did in fact appear in RSVP magazine discussing his life and relationship with his partner. So what now?

    Do people actually believe these things makes a blind bit of difference? Do we even know when the interview was conducted? Did it happen weeks ago and is just being published now? In any case, who cares except grudge merchants like Brolly and old fashioned types who still believe players should be seen and not heard?

  35. The Tyrone captain didn’t do an interview about him and his partner. The actual idea of it is laughable, knowing what Padraig Hampsey is like. They just ripped a few photos from his social media pages.

    “While they prefer to keep quiet about their relationship, Padraig loves to show her off on his social media. Olivia also supports her boyfriend by sharing his business posts and attending his matches.”


  36. I was just about to say that too Conor. No way Hampsey would agree to that. And while talking about him, he’s a seriously talented and consistent performer.

  37. Brolly is a wind up merchant who is best ignored, however I have to see I’m in agreement with the few posters above who are aghast at that Sunday world spread and topless shoot and the timing of it. I can’t imagine JH approves of thar type of this

    Ultimately this stuff makes no real difference on the pitch at gametime and I am confident we will win anyway but why make a rod for your own back like that? At least wait til final is over before doing all your media/or work

  38. …. Also in agreement with catcol

    Could do with David Brady keeping his head down for a few weeks too, the dogs on the streets know oisin will be ready to go in final.
    No need to be blurting it out on national media just to pretend to be in the loop

    God I’m in a foul mood today altogether, I’m really struggling to keep the head going in as favourites next week, not taking much to wind me up 🙂 I’m normally far more relaxed when we are underdogs

  39. I can’t believe people still read these articles, give any value to the opinion and truth of what is written.and then are surprised when they find they disagree with what is said and upset even. They intentionally set out to do this to generate some viable readership interest in a void of info. its click bait all of it. Don’t get caught and if you do happen to stumble on this stuff accept it for what it is.. pure and utter shite! Brady may believe what he is saying is true about Oisin but it could be based on rumour. I doubt Aido had any input into that interview or gave approval for it to be printed and Brolly always reminds me of Trump, highly intertaining but I wouldn’t believe a word he says.

  40. I voted for Tyrone because I want to be worng all the talk down here is Tyrone by 6 because mayo never any good on the big days and not able to play good against ulster teams

  41. @toe to hand

    Of course AOS gave his approve for the interview, it wouldn’t have gone to print otherwise, he has provided quotes and everything

  42. @in the hills, do they realise it’s 9 years since an ulster side beat us in championship? It’s the other provinces that have caused us bother since then!

  43. Always love the week leading into the All Ireland when Mayo are involved. Can’t get my hands on enough newspapers to read every point of view, no point in reading just what I want to hear. Especially interested in The Irish News and the Northern angle on the game. Roll on Saturday and Up Mayo.

  44. Just my view all and sorry if it offends, Brolly strikes again by getting ye to react about Aidan. It’s sad that ye did so but it shows how Mr B is so skilled at keeping relevant. Hit people’s emotions, string a few barely believable assumptions together in an article, bang a drum, try to get people to come down on their own and hey presto you have a compelling piece of trash to wind people in.
    Dreamy speaks common good sense above.
    A promotional interview with Aidan was done weeks ago, before the Galway game if I remember. The photos, quotes and articles were all over the media then with Aidan’s own endorsed slant that he was supporting a family-operated Irish small independent company who had helped him during lockdown.
    The fact is that media of different stripes use Aidan to attract readership. The fact also is that nothing is coming out of the Mayo camp just now to satisfy newspaper desire for material – it’s radio silence.
    For my sins, I happened to read some articles about Mayo in today’s Sunday World, and whose photo (not with red shorts, mind) accompanied most articles? Yes, Aidan’s. This will be the case in the Indo too this week, mark my words.
    I don’t think Aidan gives a flying feck about promoting a phone company by wearing red shorts coming out of the sea. If anything, I salute it. We Irish people tend to be too retiring, apologetic and the like. He has the confidence to do it.
    Let the man be.
    I also find it sad all this braying about Aidan not being good enough after one bad day. Let’s see how people adjust their compass and reel things back in when he next plays a stormer, and it mightn’t be too far away either.

  45. @Supermac
    Oh I have no doubt AOS has been posing for photographs and promoting phones and all sorts of stuff which he is well entitled to do and probably getting a few quid for it and fair fucks to him for trying to get something out of been a popular well recognised amateur sports person. Did you ever hear the saying ‘paper takes ink’. We don’t know what he said, we don’t know when he said it and we certainly don’t know the small print of the contract, Media will add and take away as they see fit and are well known for manipulating a situation for their own self interests. Im willing to give AOS the benefit of the doubt here on the timing but once again how quickly our own are willing to turn on him with a poster describing it as cringeworthy stuff and that a big performance is the only hope of vindicating himself. LOL .What gives us the right to set the standard of behaviour of others or better still to support the lofty views of the standard bairers Joe Brolly and likes especially against one of our own.

  46. Masterstroke by Aidan and Mayo. Keep them talking about Aido. Keep it up all week. Aidan is battle hardened to the media. If they keep hounding him it keep them from sowing doubts in Robs head, getting personal with Jordan Flynn and the narrative that Padraic O’ Hora is a hard man. I heard that Aido & The Rock are in the new Baywatch. They rescue Brolly from the Moy after he fell in coming over the bridge in Ballina from Breathnachs. The CPR scene is supposed to last 4 minutes. Brolly looks up at Aido and says “Jeez ya wee big lad yer some fecking hero”. Aidan sya “sure all of Mayo know that”. The end. I also fell out of the bed last night when a last minute goal got us over the line when we were 2 points down and 20 seconds to go. Oh its going to be an awful long week.

  47. Aidan did those ad’s months ago. Before the summer. Who cares what he does in his spare time to make a few Bob. I tell you if he looked like the back of a bus he would be left alone. At this stage I’d say he couldn’t give a flying …
    More power to him.

  48. Hampsey likes to spend Christmas with his girlfriend…..who writes this muck. I’m sure most people spend time with their loved ones bla bla bla

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