Tyrone trio suspended

It’s now been confirmed – by both the BBC and the Belfast Telegraph (but not yet by RTE, who are still busily scratching their whats-its or whatever it is they do when they’re not reporting the news in anything remotely approaching a real-time manner: there’s a nice job now for George Lee and his monstrous ego to get on with once he returns to Montrose) – that one-month bans have been handed out to Tyrone’s Conor Gormley, Justin McMahon and Martin Penrose, as well as Derry’s Eoin Bradley, arising out of some argy-bargy that occurred in last weekend’s televised (well, of course it was televised otherwise the GAA beaks wouldn’t have got wind of it) NFL opener between the two counties.  According to that BBC report, Tyrone are going to contest the bans and will (or ‘wool’ as they say up there) request a personal hearing on the matter.

The issue for us is whether or not the GAA’s creakingly slow bureaucratic machinery is capable of getting its shit together in time to hear and adjudicate upon any appeals this side of 2.30 pm on Sunday.  You’d have to think that they’d be unlikely to do so, in which case Mickey Harte will need to find a new full-back, centre-back and full-forward.  It kinda puts Trevor’s absence into perspective, doesn’t it?

On a wider scale, this once again raises obvious concerns about the rather arbitrary nature of the GAA’s justice machinery.  If the match in question isn’t televised, then anything goes but if it is and especially if any incident gets picked out in the course of the TV programme, then retribution from HQ tends to be swift and fairly merciless.  There was that example a few years ago where the Dubs and Meath got their tenders roasted following the so-called Battle of Parnell Park but the same day Cork and Armagh spent the afternoon kicking lumps out of each other in a non-televised match and they faced no sanctions for their actions.  You could soon see counties shying away from having TV cameras at their grounds if this is the crack that results from allowing their matches to be broadcast.

There’s also an issue of proportionality: four players suspended for a month for a bit of handbags in a league match?  Strikes me as a tad OTT, even if they are all Nordies.  Free the Tyrone Three (and the Derry One), I say.  Oh and let off Mort too while ye’re at it.

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  1. Willie Joe much and all as I hate the indiscipline that goes on in the game at times I have to say that part of me agrees with the attitiude of the counties that are serial contestors of bans.Tyrone have been here before, so too have Dublin , Kerry and Cork of the big ones. As far as I can see only Mayo never seem to appeal against often stupid refereeing decisions. We then wonder why we get the type of officaldom that reffed our match v Meath last year or that the likes of John Finn got a broken jaw but no one ever done for it. If you are seen as a guy that fights the corner on a regular basis you might be seen as a pain but they tend to get their way. However if you accept every bit of s***T that thrown at you then expect more shafting as the season goes on. On re-reading the above does any of it make sense or am I gone bitter and senile?

  2. Losing three players for a month arising from an incident that didn’t seem to amount to a whole load does seem unduly harsh and I think Tyrone have no option but to appeal. If the same happened to us, you’d have to think that we’d do the same (we probably should have appealed Mort’s ban too just for the hell of it, I suppose). The perpetrator of the John Finn incident most likely wouldn’t get away with it now, given all the cameras that they use nowadays. Bitter and senile, ontheroad? Never. Twisted – definitely but senile is taking it too far!

  3. I dunno WJ. I don’t know the whole story here, but if this is to do with the incident I saw on the tv last weekend, then this action seems more than reasonable.
    I saw one Tyrone player (better not name him) punch a Derry fella on the ground and then knee and kick him. I think he got a yellow for it. To be fair, I was watching this in the pub and I’d had a few pints by then, so maybe my mind is playing tricks with me! I’m assuming this is what one of the suspensions is over.
    Feel free to delete this if I’m making any comments that might get you in any trouble, but what I saw was pretty brutal and I’m glad they’re taking some action.

  4. No, you’re absolutely in order Dan – I have to come clean and admit that I didn’t actually see the game but I was told that the incident in question didn’t amount to much. The point remains, though, that it’s only in relation to televised games that action is being taken and that creates obvious issues regarding fairness, consistency and all that.

  5. No, fair point WJ. I know there’s a lot worse that goes on in club games that never get’s punished, simply because they have no video evidence (as we know ourselves from the McGarrity incident last summer – did anyone actually get punished for that, even though most people know the culprit?).
    I’m sure this incident was seen by the ref though, as I think the Tyrone fella got a yellow. I have no idea about the other suspensions however, I can’t remember any other red card worthy offence. This one incident though, no question in my mind he had to go.
    I think we might be seeing the beginning of a spate of retrospective bookings/sendings off…

  6. Agree with much of the above: Sadly it’s yet another example of the hit-&-miss discipline system we have, which contributes to a victimisation ‘why are they pucking on me’ attitude and spurious appeals when guilty men get done for something others get off. That said, the system is better than before- but not good enough yet.

  7. On every GAA pitch you have 7 officials if you count the umpires as well who should also be looking out for incidents off the ball and indiscipline perhaps not caught by the referee.
    Saw the Martin Penrose and yes he did dererve it – hit a fella in the jaw (with a punch) while going for the ball.
    It was towards the end of the game and Tyrone were going to lose – and chances are he knew it. Makes you wonder why he did it then ?? Perhaps he thought he would get away with it ????
    My point it I think the bans are correct however as you say WJ – how come they are only really prevalent in televised games ??
    The answer is that again this comes back to the referees report and possible infringing players being cited after the game.
    However again the fact remains that there are 7 officials there to cite them so if stuff does go on (especially off the ball) then it should be reassonably easy to spot.

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